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This story takes place during the chunin exam, part 2. Naruto gets separated from his teammates and meets other women.
Naruto was walking back to his apartment from the hot springs. Today had started out horrible. His sensei had ditched him to train Sasuke and given him the closet pervert instead. Then an old freak appeared and interrupted his training. But in the end Ero-sennin decided to train him and helped him complete the water walking exercise. So, in all, the day turned out all right.

He had also heard that Anko was going to be training Hinata until the exams ended. Kurenai hand wanted to do it but somehow Anko convinced her that she should concentrate on Shino.

When Naruto got to his place he opened the door and was shocked. The place looked clean! There was not a spot of dirt or empty ramen cups to be seen. Everything had also been rearranged so that there was now more space.

“Naruto-kun, is that you?” asked Hinata from another room.

“Hai,” said Naruto. “Hinata-chan, did you do all this?”

“Hai,” said Hinata. “I left a note with my tou-san and explained to him that I got engaged and about you qualifying for the clan resurrection act. I also told him that I was going to be living here.”


Over at the Hyuuga household, Hiashi had not read the note yet. He was busy dealing with another problem that seemed to be much more important.

“Neji, who defeated you?” he asked his nephew. “Was it someone from another village?”

“No Hiashi-sama,” groaned Neji as he held his side.

“I see,” said Hiashi. “Please don’t tell me it was the Uchiha.”

“No,” said Neji. “It was Hinata-sama.” Hiashi blinked.

“I didn’t know there was another Hinata taking the exam,” he said.

“Hiashi-sama, your daughter did this to me,” said Neji. A moment later the head of the Hyuuga clan fainted due to shock.


“Really?” asked Naruto. “That’s great!”

“I’m glad you’re happy Naruto-kun,” said Hinata as a door opened. “Now I can give you your surprise.” Naruto looked at Hinata and his jaw dropped to the floor. She was wearing a black corset that revealed her breasts. On her arms were elbow length gloves and nothing else. Naruto could see her wet pussy and erect nipples even from across the room. “I take it you approve?”

Naruto said nothing but right towards her. Once he stood in front of her, he wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her in for a kiss. As the kiss he turned them to the side and pressed Hinata against that wall. He was ready to take her then and there when there was a knock on the door. Naruto planned on ignoring it as he took off his jacket and shirt but the person knocked again.

“I better get that,” he said. He then gave her a quick kiss. “Then we’ll pick up where we left off.” With that Naruto went right for the front door and opened it. There, on the other side, was Kin. Her hands were behind her back and she was looking ever nervous. “Kin-chan?”

“Naruto-sama,” said Kin as she got on her hands and knees. This caused Naruto to look both confused and embarrassed.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“I wish to swear my loyalty to you Naruto-sama,” said Kin. “I have come to realize that you are the only person who is worthy to by my master.”

“Ah, how about you come inside,” said Naruto, not wanting anyone to see this. Sadly for him, Jiraiya had followed him home and was watching everything with a notepad in hand.

When Kin entered the apartment she saw Hinata and Hinata saw her. The moment had become tense.

“Naruto-kun,” asked Hinata in a fake sweet voice. “Who is she?”

“You remember Kin,” said Naruto. “She lost to Shikamaru.” Hinata nodded as she remembered that fight.

“So what is she doing here?” she asked.

“I have come to pledge my loyalty to Naruto-sama,” said Kin as she got on her hands and knees. “I should have known someone as wonderful as Naruto-sama would have a girlfriend. Please forgive me if I have interrupted anything that you were planning on doing. It’s just since that time we met in the forest I have not been able to stop thinking about him. I need to be at his side. My life in Oto is hell and I wish to change that. Please, let me be Naruto-sama’s slave.”

“Ah Hinata-chan, I can explain,” said Naruto quickly.

“Naruto-kun, I know,” said Hinata as she moved next to him. “Anko-sensei told me that you were with other people in the forest during my training with her. I was also with you when we had sex with her, remember? I was just surprised when I saw her.” She then turned to Kin. “Why do you want to be his slave?”

“Because he was the only person who has ever been kind to me,” said Kin. “I was going to kill myself and he stopped me. And when he made love to me he was so kind and gentle. That’s why I need him so much.”


Outside, Jiraiya was writing Kin’s words down when he noticed to others heading for Naruto’s apartment.

“Are you sure this is the right way?” asked Temari. She was carrying a large brown paper bag in her hands.

“Hai,” said Tenten. “I looked up his address when I got home.”

“Alright let’s hurry,” said Temari. “I hope Naruto-kun will use some of these toys on me!”

“I hope he does it in my pussy this time,” admitted Tenten. They then stopped at his door.


“Who is it know?” asked Hinata when she heard the knocks. She activated her bloodline and saw two more girls.

“It’s Neji-niisan’s teammate and that girl from Suna.”

“Wow,” said Naruto. “Hey, I got an idea. Kin, could you please answer the door. Hinata and I will be in my bedroom. I want you to take them there.”

“Hai Naruto-sama,” said Kin as she got up. She waited until Naruto and Hinata had closed the door to his room and then opened the door. “Are you here to see Naruto-sama?”

“Hai,” said a confused Tenten. Temari just nodded.

“I will take you to him then,” said Kin. She let the two of them in and brought them to Naruto’s room. When she opened the door, they saw Hinata sitting on Naruto’s lap with her back on his bare chest. He had taken off the rest of his clothing and was playing with Hinata’s nipple while kissing her neck. Hinata’s eyes were closed and she was moaning loudly. The three girls just stood there and watched. Then, Kin spoke up. “Naruto-sama, you have visitors.”

“I see,” said Naruto as he pulled away from Hinata’s lovely neck. “I’m guessing you both came here to have some sex.” The two girls nodded. “Well, I’d like to make you both an offer. There is an act that will let me have multiple wives. So, would any of you three like to be included? Hinata-chan as already agreed and will be my first wife.”

“Naruto-sama,” said Kin with tears in her eyes. “You wish to wed a lowly person like me?”

“Hai Kin-chan,” said Naruto. “I don’t want a slave, but you can keep calling me Naruto-sama if you really want to. So, how about it?”

“I’ll do it Naruto-sama,” said Kin. Tenten and Temari, however, waited a moment. The idea of being his wife didn’t sound so bad, it was just that there were going to be others. Then they thought about the benefits. They would be able to have sex with him whenever they wanted! Since the first time they did it with him, they had been horny as hell. Temari couldn’t imagine how bad it would get if they lived in different villages. Tenten also wanted more if marriage meant she could get it then so be it.

“I’m in,” said Temari.

“Me to,” said Tenten. Naruto smiled.

“Then let’s celebrate,” he said. “Hinata-chan gets to go first of course.” He then gave Hinata’s left nipple a squeeze, causing her to cry out. “But first I want you all to get my cock wet.” Hinata got up and then sat down in front of his cock. Her tongue licked the tip and she tasted the precum. Kin then got in front of Hinata and began to suck on his balls. Temari began to lick the left side of his cock while Tenten took the right. Naruto groaned as he felt the four tongues lick his dick. Hinata had now taken the head into her mouth and was circling it with her tongue. Kin had taken his sack completely in her mouth. Those along with the licking on his dicks sides caused him to cum right into Hinata’s mouth who swallowed it all.

Naruto then stood up and the girls did as well. He grabbed Hinata and had her lie down on her back. He then touched her pussy with his fingers and felt how wet she was. She was ready. As he lined his cock with her slit the other girls began to take off their clothing.

“Yessss,” hissed Hinata as she felt his cock enter her. Naruto moaned at how tight she was and began to slowly thrust inside of her. She was so hot and wet that he had to fight himself to keep from going all out. Then, he saw Kin place her knees at both sides of Hinata’s head.

“Hinata-chan,” said Naruto. “I want you to get Kin-chan all nice and wet for me.” Hinata nodded and stuck out her tongue. Kin moaned as she felt the Hyuuga princess’s tongue lick her slit up and down. Kin then began to play with her breasts as the feeling between her legs got better and better.

Not wanting to be left out, Temari and Tenten went over to Hinata’s breasts and began to suck on them. Temari was rougher as she sucked and bit on Hinata’s nipple. Tenten had her tongue circle around Hinata’s tit and then flicked it with her tongue. After doing this for several minutes both girls began to play with themselves.

Hinata felt like she was going to have an overload. Kin’s juices tasted so good that she was licking harder and faster for more. The attention to her breasts caused her to arc her back from time to time as she did her best to keep from coming. But the best was Naruto’s dick. It had increased in speed and now Naruto was playing with her clit. It was too much for her. She screamed into Kin’s cunt causing her to cum as well as Hinata. Naruto felt her walls clench around his dick. The feeling was so intense that he came right into her until she was overflowing with cum.

“Alright,” said Naruto as he pulled out of Hinata. “Next is Kin-chan. Hinata-chan, can you get up?” Hinata nodded and slowly got to her feet. She, Temari, and Tenten got off the bed as Kin got on all fours and shook her ass at Naruto.

“Please Naruto-sama,” begged Kin. “I need to feel you inside of me. I want that hard cock of yours to pound me into the ground. I’ll do anything you say no matter how perverted it is.”

“All right then,” said Naruto as he began to rub her ass. He smiled as he decided to play a little role playing would be nice. And since she wanted a master, she would get one. He then brought his hand back and spanked her.

“Who is your master?”

“You are Naruto-sama,” she cried out. She then began to moan again when he began to rub the spot where he had slapped her. He then moved his cock and slowly entered her pussy.

Hinata slowly sank to the ground as her legs were tired. As she watched the love of her live fuck Kin, she spread her legs and began to play with herself. Temari and Tenten saw this and grinned.

“It’s so mean of you to hog all that cum to yourself,” said Temari as she moved so her face was right in front of Hinata’s pussy. A moment later, Tenten’s face appeared next to hers and the two of them spread Hinata’s legs a bit wider.

“We can’t get the cum you swallowed but we can get it from your lower mouth,” said Tenten. With that, the two girls began to lick and suck on Hinata’s pussy.

Little did they know that they were being watched by Ino. She had seen Tenten with Temari and thought something was up. She had followed them to Naruto’s apartment and saw them go in with that Kin girl. Deciding it was worth taking a look, she realized the door was unlocked and went inside. She heard noises coming from a room in the back. She opened the door just enough to see what was going on and saw everything. By the time she saw Naruto cum in Hinata, Ino was playing with her pussy as she watched.

“Naruto-sama, please go faster,” she begged. Naruto stopped and slowly pulled out his cock from the girl’s hole. “Naruto-sama, why did you do that? I haven’t cum yet.” Naruto said nothing but gave her other butt check a smack. Kin winced in pain, but then moaned as Naruto began to rub it.

“Don’t worry Kin-chan,” said Naruto as he began to line up his cock again. “I just want to make sure you have as much pleasure as possible.” Kin then felt his dick press against her asshole. “Now I know you said I could do anything Kin-chan. But, I feel I must ask you if you want it in your ass. After all, I am a good master.”

Kin turned her head to look at him and smiled. Orochimaru had never been that kind as to give her a chance to reconsider. She was a little afraid of having something that big in her ass. However, she wanted to please Naruto and trusted him completely.

“I trust you Naruto-sama,” she said. “If you can make me feel good from my ass then you can do it whenever you want.” Naruto laughed as he grabbed her hips.

“What a good little slave you are,” he said. “This will hurt a bit, but then it will feel good.” With that, he entered her slowly. The strength in Kin’s arms faded and she fell to the ground while Naruto held her hip up. Tears were running down her face. Naruto slowly pulled out a bit before pushing forward again and getting deeper.

“It hurts,” cried Kin.

“Do you wish me to stop Kin-chan?” asked Naruto.

“No Naruto-sama,” she said as she slowly got back up on shaking arms. “Please continue.” Naruto nodded and continued thrusting, but much slower. Soon, the pain Kin was feeling vanished and was replaced with pleasure. Soon, she was moving her ass back and forth to increase the pleasure. Naruto saw this and began to increase his speed as well. After a while, Kin felt a familiar feeling rising inside of her. “Naruto-sama, I’m going to cum.”

“Me too,” grunted Naruto right before he shot his load into Kin causing her to cum as well. Kin fell down as Naruto pulled out of her. He then picked her up and placed her on the ground next to Hinata. He then went back and grabbed a blanket and covered her. “Al right, who’s next?” he asked as he looked down at the last two girls who were still eating Hinata’s pussy.

Before they could answer, a loud moan was heard. Temari got up and went to the door. Imagine everyone’s shock when they saw Ino. The last blond was now on the ground her top and breast binding were off to the side. She now playing with both her ass and her pussy, not even noticing that she had been spotted.

“Looks like your having fun,” said Temari with a wicked grin. Ino stopped and realized she had been caught. “So, what are you doing here?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” said Ino as she stood up. Temari said nothing as she grabbed Ino’s breast. “Hey, what the fuccccccckkkkkkkkkk,” she moaned as Temari began to squeeze. She then moved behind Ino while grabbing both of her arms. She then forced Ino into the room.

“Looks like we have a spy,” said Temari. Naruto saw her and smiled.

“I think she’s like the rest of you,” he said. “She just doesn’t want to admit it. Temari-chan, why don’t you have some fun with her while I take care of Tenten-chan.” When the bun haired girl heard that she left Hinata’s pussy and went right for the bed. Naruto laid down on it and Tenten began to lick his member, trying to get it hard again.

Temari took Ino to a part of the room and threw her down on the ground near where she put the bag. Before Ino could get up Temari flipped her over so that her stomach was on the ground. She then grabbed handcuffs from her bag and cuffed Ino’s hands behind her back. Ino began to scream for help, but was silence when Temari put a ball gag in her mouth. Ino continued to struggle until Temari inserted a large ten inch dildo into her pussy causing her to scream into the gag. Then, Temari pulled out a vibrating egg and shoved it into Ino’s tight ass. Both the egg and the dildo were vibrating and driving Ino insane with pleasure.

Hinata watched this with fascination. Once Temari began to spank the girl, Hinata got up, left the room, and went for the phone. She dialed Ino’s number.

“Hello,” answered Ino’s mother.

“Hello, this is Hinata. I’m a friend of Ino’s. She volunteered to help me train for the exams and she’s looking a little tired. I was wondering if it would be ok if she spent the night.”

“I don’t see why not,” replied Ino’s mother. “Actually, would you mind if she stayed with you for the next week or two? My husband and I are going on our second honeymoon and I don’t want to pay for a shinobi to babysit her. It would be embarrassing.”

“That would be fine,” said Hinata. After chatting for a few more minutes, Hinata hung up the phone and went back to the room. Ino was now in a sitting position with the toys still inside her as she watched Tenten get ready to mount Naruto. Hinata went next to Ino and whisper to her that she was going to be staying her for a while. This caused Ino to let out a sob.

Tenten slowly sank onto Naruto’s dick. Naruto lay there, going his best not to thrust up. She was moving so slowly and was so tight. After a minute he was fully inside of her. That’s when he noticed something was missing.

“Tenten-chan, I know I never fucked you in your pussy,” he said. “So where is your hymen?”

“I didn’t want you to know,” admitted Tenten. “I lost it to a kunai.” She then let out a squeal as Naruto beg to thrust into her with his hips.

“Well, let’s see if I’m better than that kunai,” he said. Soon after that, Tenten began to bounce on top of Naruto as she matched his pace. She moaned louder and louder with each thrust and couldn’t believe how good it felt.

“Naruto-kun,” she cried out. “You are a hundred times better than a kunai!” Naruto fought the urge to grab her and roll her onto her back. He needed to rest a bit and he liked to see her bounce. He reached out a hand and began to play with her folds. Moments later, Tenten was at the edge of pleasure. “I’m going to cum Naruto-kun. Please cum inside me! Fill me with your think white cum!” Naruto said nothing but grunted as he came into her and a moment later she came as well. He then rolled Tenten to her side and went to Temari. They were now standing right in front of Ino and Hinata.

“Are you sure you can go on?” asked Temari in amazement. Naruto answer her by pulling her into a deep kiss. Temari moaned and then squealed when she felt Naruto’s hands on her ass.

“Let’s do this standing up,” said Naruto after he broke the kiss. Soon they were lip locked again and were both moaning into the others mouth. Naruto lifted Temari’s ass and broke the kiss only to begin to suck on Temari’s nipple. Hinata got up and helped Naruto place his dick right at Temari’s entrance. Naruto then lowered Temari onto his shaft as she wrapped her legs around him.

Ino stared at Naruto as he began to thrust into Temari. She could see everything. Temari’s pussy was right above her face. Small drops of Temari’s juices fell on her face. Ino then saw Naruto move his hand away for a moment before smacking Ino’s ass. Temari cried out and he did it again. Slowly, the lust inside Ino began to grow. She wanted to do it so badly, but she couldn’t.

“Naruto-kun,” cried Temari. “Please keep doing that!” Naruto smiled as began to smack her ass over and over. Soon he switched sides and continued to smack her ass until it was a bright red color. Once he was done with that, Temari felt Naruto’s finger probe her asshole. It circled it and brushed against it, but it didn’t enter. Temari looked down at Naruto and meet his eyes. He wanted her to say it. “Naruto-kun, I want your finger in my ass. Please, FUCK ME WITH THAT FINGER!” Temari then gasped as Naruto granted her wish. She could feel the finger move around inside her like a snake.

“Temari-chan, I’m going to cum,” said Naruto.

“Do it,” cried Temari. “Cum inside me please!” She then felt Naruto shot his load into Temari’s pussy and she came as well. Now, both blonds cum dripped onto Ino’s face. Naruto slowly lowered Temari to the ground and the girl kissed him.


Naruto woke up the next morning as the sun shone on his face. Hinata had fallen asleep on his chest with his dick still inside her. Tenten and Temari were on both his sides, their arms wrapped around his. At the foot of the bed was Kin, all balled up like a cat. Ino was asleep and still tied up with Temari’s toys inside her.

Then Naruto heard a knock on the door and groaned. He somehow managed to get out of bed without waking anyone up. He stopped at the bathroom and grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist before answering the door. He opened the front door and got an unexpected surprise.

“Hello Naruto-kun,” said Haku.

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So what if haku's a guy I'm pretty sure I prefer him/her as a girl


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Go Naruto also in your face haishi and yes hakus back from the dead to fuck your lovable blonde hero

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Actually anon reader 2013-09-02 09:41:48 Haku died in the land of waves when team sevens C ranked mission turned A ranked. Though I do agree that without a very good reasons Haku should not be alive. Seriously getting an A ranked Assassination Jutsu ment for killing shoved threw your chest, destroying his heart by the way, you won't be gettin up from that unless you got some form of immortality, and sense there's no true form of immortality without being a chakra beast, he should have stayed dead. I do like me a female Haku though. Sends shivers and tingles up my arm, or that could jut be her trying to freeze me XP

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