A brother and sister get to see more than they expected.
It was a hot summer, and we were really bored. Mum had a flexi-day off work, and we had a student-free day at school. It wasn’t the weekend, so we didn’t really have time to go anywhere. “Anyone up for a quick trip to Bento Beach before lunch” Mum yelled out.

It was a scramble, but we were ready within 2 minutes.
I already had on some boardies, and so just grabbed a towel. I was 16, and perpetually horny. So a trip to the beach was a great bit of mind fodder.
One of my younger sisters was home and she was also ready to go straight away. She was just wearing a dress, and hadn’t changed. We both knew we were going to a clothes optional beach, so I figured she would probably just take of her dress and run around in her knickers. After all, Kate was still only 11 years old.

That was confirmed when we got to our spot on the beach. She simply threw of her dress and proceeded to run around madly, while Mum and I set up the umbrella and towels.
My Mum had always been a nudist and seeing her at home walking between the bedroom and other areas naked was not unusual. So it was quite normal to see her strip down to her undies on the beach. Sometimes she went completely naked, but normally changed down to nothing when I was swimming or distracted elsewhere.
Kate came running back half wet. She had fallen over in the wet sand. “Can I take my panties off, please Mum?”
“Of course darling” She looked at both of us. “I will be taking my pants off today, and you are both welcome to do the same and run around naked.”
Kate didn’t need to be asked twice, and slipped off her pants, and took off again. As I knew Mum would eventually strip bare, I would be the odd one out in boardies. I looked around, and most people on the beach were completely naked. I shrugged my shoulders and quickly removed my gear and settled down onto a towel to relax and sun myself.

After ten or fifteen minutes Kate was back. “Mum can I walk up to the rocks on the headland at the end of the beach?”
“Not by yourself sweetie.”
I hated that. Always being roped in. It was clear that Mum was allowing Kate to go, but it was also clear that she was not moving and not going to take her. That meant I had to go or get bitched at the rest of the afternoon for not helping out. “Come on Katie – I’ll take you.”

As we walked along the beach, it begin to thin out and less and less people were around. We were now about ½ k from Mum. Far enough not be noticed, but still visible. We had been talking about the upcoming school Fete, when all of a sudden both of us just stopped talking.

Up near the grass line were two naked guys. They were standing about 1mtr out from the tree line so they could be seen. The fact they were naked was nothing special on this nude beach. But the fact that one guy was on his knees sucking the other guy was extreme sex in public.
We were only about 15mtr away.
We both just stared and continued walking until we were out of sight another 20mtr up the beach.

We both stopped. “Wow” was all Kate could say. “Those guys were having sex”.
I replied slowly – “well not actually sex, he was just getting a blow job”.
“Yeh, but they might start fucking. That would be awesome. I have never seen that. Have you?”
“How do you know about that?” I quizzed her.
“Oh come on” she said. “ I turn twelve soon. Some of my friends have already hit puberty. Don’t you think we talk about boys. Don’t you think we’ve been on the internet?” I guess I was the one being a little nieve. “Just because I don’t have tits yet, and I’m still hairless doesn’t mean I don’t know what’s going on in the world.”

With that comment she sort of rolled her shoulders back and stuck out her mound, just to physically back up her comments. By way of the conversation and her actions, we both looked down to meet her new stance, however it was my fully erect cock that really took both of our attention. I hadn’t even realised I was hard until just then, and turned away to slightly hide myself.

Kate giggled. “Your penis is so hard. You must of really liked watching those guys huh?
Talking about my cock, didn’t exactly help. It twitched and seemed to get even harder. There was nothing I could do, with my cock standing to full attention and pointing straight up and out.
“I’ve spied on you in the shower and seen your penis before, but I’ve never seen you this big before.”

I looked long and hard at my kid sister. I hadn’t really noticed how naked she was, until now. Pretty, tanned, smooth, and hairless. I certainly hadn’t thought anything sexually about her until all the crass talk that just come out of her little innocent mouth.
I was now really horny. “Let’s get going”

“No silly, come up to the grass, we might be able to see them again. Then we can watch them without anyone seeing us.” I knew that meant that we would disappear from Mum’s sight for a little while. But it was a chance worth taking.
“So...... have you ever seen someone fucking?” Kate asked again. “Have you ever seen this type of thing before?” We stopped behind some trees and could again see them. “Is that why your penis is so big?”

“Shhhh” I said “Lets watch”, and with that we both dropped onto our knees and partly hid behind the bush, which hid us both from them and anyone walking past on the beach.
I leaned over to Kate “ you shouldn’t be spying on me when I’m naked.”

“He has a small penis”. The other guy had just stood up, so they could change places, and clearly his cock was hard but quite small – probably 3 or 4 inches.
“Yours is much bigger than that” She moved position so she could get a good look at my cock that was just aching to be pumped.
“Well at least I’m not spying now” she stated as she glanced between my cock and the action.

I was over it. Watching two people publicly do each other only 20mtr away, while another naked person made comments and looked at my boner. It was just too much. I shuddered and groaned.
“You are very very naughty” I barely managed to croak out.

Then the small cocked guy groaned out load and started spraying his buddy all over the face. I just couldn’t contain myself. I started cumming. I didn’t want to cum while my younger sister was staring at my cock, but there was nothing I could do. On the third pulse, my hand involuntary grabbed my cock, and I gave it a good 2 or 3 yanks as my sister watched wide eyed not 2 feet away.

“Ohhhh” I groaned, as I pumped out a massive load of cum. “I’m sorrr..ry” I stammered out of embarrassment, as I quickly took my hand of my cock. Unfortunately it had a mind of it’s own. It continued to twitch and pump for another 15 or 20 secs to my utter shame. Including another quick grab and jerk by me at the end. Spray after spray of cum just seemed to keep coming out of my cock.
Finally the cum stopped, and for the next 30 seconds as I caught my breath,
I was just kneeling totally motionless as my cock twitched uncontrollably until it slowly calmed down. Kate was just as motionless as me, as she crouched down next to me, with her face not more than a foot away from my engorged cock, watching intently ever little twitch and spurt of cum.

“Come on, I think we’d better go” I quietly stated. We both discreetly walked down back onto the beach to head back towards Mum.

An older guy walked past naked. He was half erect. He had probably just seen the other two sucking. He smiled as he looked at where we had come from. When he was about 6 feet away he just stared at Kate and openly grabbed his cock and gave it a few pumps. As we passed he turned slightly so we could continue to see him jerking, and he headed up towards where we had come from. There was no doubt we were both being invited to go back with him.

Kate gasped “ I think he wants to fuck me”
“ I think he wants to fuck us both Katie” and I increased my pace as we walked away.
Never turning to look back. This was all too much. My head was spinning with the events that had occurred, It was time for a cooling swim and some lunch.
Katie turned and waved goodbye to the pervert.
“Come on Sis, I think you’ve seen enough cock today to last you the rest of the year.”

To be continued.

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