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A story at what happened when I was 14 years old.
I came home from school early, not realizing that school was cancelled today due to a important staff meeting. I was all tired with sweat covering my whole body and clothes. I was close to passing out. It was so hot outside, and I was so glad to finally be home.

"Mom, I'm home." I called out, hoping for an answer to come from somewhere. It never did.

I realized no one was home and so I grabbed a glass and poured cold milk, drinking it before taking a shower. I took a cold shower, hoping it would help cool down my body. It worked, until I got out of the shower. As I entered my room looking for pajamas to put on, I realized that my Mom was at her friends home and Dad was staying over at Grandma's home for the night in another city. It was really hot inside my room. I thought of a solution. I always wanted to try to be a nudist, and I realized that with nobody home, I can be nude around my home without being ridiculed by my parents.

I walked in front of my room mirror, all nude. I looked at my 14 year old body. My brown curly hair was getting long, I would have to get a haircut soon. I'm growing muscle drinking all that milk which I liked doing, showing off in front of the girls at school. My uncircumcised penis, almost 3 inches long caught my eye. Pubic hair was slowly starting to grow around it and it felt weird. I walked my naked body to the living room to watch some t..v. I looked down at my penis dangling and my balls bouncing as I walked without any clothes on.


I almost had a heart attack hearing my Mom's voice.

I looked up to the kitchen, seeing my Mom staring at me. I was so embarrassed. She smiled and asked me, "What are you doing?"

I was so scared of what my Mom was thinking. Not only that but I was so embarrassed, I felt like an idiot. I quickly thought of something to say. "It's real hot here and so I thought it would be okay to be nude, you know."

My mom started to smile. "Sorry to scare you hun, I was in my room sleeping.not sure this would happen. You must be real embarrassed, right? I'm sorry."

I quickly realized what was happening and I put my hands in front of my penis to cover it up.

My Mom started to laugh. "I've already sees your cute pecker, no need to hide it anymore. Follow me." My Mom walked past me and started walking to her room, while I was following her all nude. She opened her room door and I followed, feeling the cool air start surrounding me. The Air Conditioner was on in her room and it felt so nice in here.

"Hun, close the door." I quickly closed the door and turned around to see my mom start sitting on my parents bed. She looked at my body again in plain view, I wasn't covering myself anymore from my Mom. I even smiled at her.

"You know, when you and your father aren't home, I do everything in the nude." I winked at her, not thinking she was that open to nudity in the home.

"You know..." My Mom stood up from her bed, and I watched in awe as my mom took off her shirt and pants. I felt a jolt when I saw that she did not have her bra or her panties on underneath. I couldn't believe my eyes. She has very womanly padding around her belly and her large breasts. Her pink nipples are dark and small, but with very protruding aereolas. Her pubic hair is very thick and brown like that color on her head. I stood staring at her naked beauty in amazement. She gave me a bigger smile as she turned around several times, showing me her full pear shaped ass and smiling totally unashamed at me. She wasn't shy or embarrassed and neither was I.

Looking at a naked girl, the first time in my life was a bit awkward for me. I started to have the feeling of awe. I felt blood rushing towards my penis and my penis started to grow without even knowing why. Usually I would get an erection randomly but in front of my Mom just felt weird. My Mom winked at me, then walked towards me so I can have a better view of her body. But that wasn't why she was doing it.

Mom grabbed my erect cock and began to stroke me. It felt so nerve racking and awesome with her hand sliding up and down my penis, slowly and teasingly. It felt so awesome and I felt so nice. My erection stood 5 inches high.

She then spit into her palm to lubricate it again. As she pumped me carefully, she shifted back and forth, and her heavy breasts swayed in the same rhythm. Suddenly, she went on her knees, I watched her wet, pink tongue slide across her lips as the first thrills spread through my loins and made me quiver. She had my penis inside her mouth, her moaning while rolling her tongue all around my penis. I felt my penis twitching but my Mom stopped right before I was about to cum.

Mom then without talking went and laid back onto her bed. She motioned me to come over. I looked at her amazing vagina, a females private part. It was pink, had two soft folds sticking out, and I wanted to taste it so badly. I started with kissing my mom on the lips like I saw on t.v. A small lip kiss which got my Mom and myself smiling. I started to work my way downward, a little confused about what I was supposed to
accomplish when I ultimately reached my goal. After all, my mother had a completely different set of equipment down there. I could not exactly copy what she had done! I did not need to have worried because as soon as my lips were brushing her neatly trimmed pubic hair, she began to whisper instructions as she panted lightly in her own excitement.

"Kiss me, baby, right on those pussy lips, big wet kisses and don't be afraid to use that nice
wiggly tongue you have either."

Inviting my closer approach by spreading her legs, she reached down, and her outstretched fingers ruffled my head encouragingly. I could see those two outer labia parting to allow her pink, wet folds, glistening with her love juices, to invite my oral attention. Without any more hesitation, I gave her hot pussy a big slobbering kiss. Soon I was kissing her with enormous eagerness, tasting her womanly excretions with my tongue probing deeply into her. It was really wet and sticky. Without her telling me, I pushed a couple of fingers into her, exploring the depth of her slick vagina. Mom began to rock her pelvis against my face. I felt her lift her legs, draping them across my back and allowing their gently weight to press me onward to my lascivious slurping and probing. She began moaning and groaning.

My Mom told me to stop all of a sudden. I thought I did something wrong but she told me to put my penis inside her vagina. I was so unsure of what to do.

She spread her legs, lifting her knees at the same time. She guided me between her legs, and, reaching out for my manhood, my mother guided the head of my penis right into her juicy cunt. I automatically thrust myself into her going deeper with each gentle shove until I was buried all the way in my mom's vagina. I could feel the soft membranes gripping me tightly as my balls rested against her ass. I felt the warmness of her vagina and the cool Air Conditioned air surrounding me gave me goosebumps. I began rocking back and forth into my Mom's vagina, slowly at first until I got a steady rhythm. I held my Moms stomach with both my hands. I would have never imaged I would have touched my own mother like this.

"Mom, this is so great!" I screamed in pleasure.

"Yes, baby, so it is, and your big dick is doing a good job on me already."

Mom began to rock her pelvis under me, and I picked up the same rhythm, driving my now 6 inch penis in and out. Our incestuous coupling was immensely exciting. She locked her legs around my torso. The bond between Mom and Son was complete. I realized I was inside where I had come out 14 years ago. The moans and groans coming out of Mom and I was so beautiful. About a minute after entering my mothers pussy, I felt a tingling from my penis and I felt this intense and so pleasurable feeling coming from my whole body. I felt myself starting to uncontrollably pee inside my mother, blast after blast instead of a stream of pee exited my body into my mothers . Each spasm found me driving my hard cock deep into her belly. I felt my pee coming from my Mom's pussy as well as we both gave a final groan.

Afterwards, I felt my penis softening and I felt tired. I felt my body collapse onto my Mothers. My Mom gave me a wonderful french kiss right before I climbed off my Mom and started to cuddle with her on her bed. We both cuddled with each-other before falling asleep together on her bed.


This story happened when I was 14 years old. I am now 42 years old, married with a wonderful wife and have two children. I decided to write this story as as tribute to my Mom who passed away last week. Even though this was the first and only time we had sex together, it was such a wonderful experience and all throughout life, my Mom and I would wink at each-other behind Dad's back, looking at what occurred.

I know someone is going to ask whether Mom got pregnant or not. I don't know. And I guess I will never know the answer to this question now. Mom and I never talked about what happened, ever! I'm guessing Mom didn't get pregnant from me that day.

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2016-12-22 00:11:50
Yay good ol' incest. This is so weird

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2016-10-29 03:54:26
Sister footjob


2016-10-04 06:29:41
"My Mom Saw Me Naked"- Fourteen Year Old Very Novice Virgin Son, Danny and Mid-thirties Year Old Married Mother, Unnamed.

It appears that, since 28 years have passed since your first and supposedly only consummated fuck with your mother; now at 42 years old, it appears your mother most probably died early, maybe in her early 60's or so years old. Since you and mother almost calmly and casually had that first fuck, it's odd that more and/or many couplings did not occur ever again!!!

I'm sure other readers join me in expressing condolences at the loss of your mother; the loss of any parent is an emotional, sad and sometimes, unexpected trauma!!

I was never so fortunate to have fucked my mother. She did give me baths until I was almost six years old; we knowingly saw each other naked. Until I was in my teens she often played with my dick, but we never fucked! I wish I'd had the 'nads to fuck her--if we could only turn back the clock!! We coulda, we shoulda!

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2016-08-31 08:49:37
Milk has protein, protein is vital to muscle building, therefore milk (+workout) = muscle

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Nah nigga, you probably lying to us. Admit to us the truth

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