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Cindy knocked on her teacher’s office door nervously.
Cindy knocked on her teacher’s office door nervously. This is the fourth time this month she had been summoned to see Mr. Richter for daydreaming in class. She couldn’t help it, though. Since turning 18 she just couldn’t focus on anything. She was so damn HORNY all the time.
Her boyfriends weren’t much help. She was a senior in a Catholic high school, and her parents were very controlling about who she hung out with. Despite being a knockout redhead who wore here hair in punk pigtails, she could only date nerds and “nice boys” who either would only kiss her cheek or were so damn inexperienced they popped their wad after a few hand strokes. Messy, yes, and fun to watch, but far from satisfying.
Sometimes, in class, she would find herself fantasizing about the boys on the football team, or the basketball team, or her brother’s college friends. It wasn’t long before her hand found its way down her skirt, rubbing her trim red bush to a quiet orgasm. She always made sure she sat in the back row so she could have a little privacy.
Mr. Richter was pretty sharp, though, and he always seemed to interrupt her just as the fantasy was getting good.
The door opened, and Mr. Richter invited her in. “Cindy,” he said. “I’m quite disappointed in you. You are smarter than this, but you just can’t seem to focus.”
Cindy started to respond, but he cut her off. “No more excuses, young lady. I saw what you were doing today in class. Now, we wouldn’t want your parents to find out about you masturbating in class, would we? Come in, now.”
Cindy was really scared now, but she had now choice. She entered the room and had a seat.
“Cindy, what you need is some sexual discipline, and I am going to be the one to give it to you. Come with me.” And with that, he led her through a side door in his office into a smaller room.
Cindy thought that this was perhaps the strangest academic room she had ever been in. There was some sort of bench, with a large, weird shaped pillow on top of it. At one end of the pillow was a chair.
“Cindy, you would be able to concentrate in class more if you weren’t so preoccupied with sex all the time. So we are going to exercise some of those sexual feelings right now, or else we are going to get your parents involved. I think you can see which is the better choice.”
Cindy thought that it was probably best to go along with Mr. Richter, since getting her parents involved didn’t seem like a good idea. For sure her parents would ground her, and they would probably even restrict her from going away to college. She nodded in agreement.
“Good. Now I want you to climb up on that pillow, laying on your stomach.”
Cindy did this, and noticed that when she did this, her ass was propped up high in the air, and her head was down low, near the chair.
“Cindy, please flip up your skirt, so I can see your ass.”
She complied. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, she could feel her pussy start to tingle.
“Now, I’m going to explore your pussy, so I can best see how to stimulate you.” With that, he began to gently rub her pussy through her panties. He could feel her cunt moisten through the silky fabric. He stimulated her outer lips, and also occasionally lingered on the area of her clit. She began to breathe heavier.
Mr. Richter slipped off her panties, and Cindy’s teen pussy was exposed, along with her tight pink asshole. The teacher began his expert probing again, not venturing inside either orifice just yet, overjoyed at the quickening breath of his young fuck-toy.
She was obviously enjoying the experience, as her vagina was glistening and slick with excitement. He slowly parted her lips and pushed a finger inside.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she groaned with pleasure, less shy and more turned on with every passing moment. He let the finger linger, as he continued to rub her lips and clit with his other hand. He then began to slide his finger in and out of her, and she was so wet there was hardly any friction at all. This prompted him to insert a second finger, and by the way she ground her hips down onto the pillow, she had no complaints. Her moaning became more intense as he used his fingers to explore the inside of her vagina.
Cindy’s juices were really flowing now, and she started to buck her hips to meet the professor’s fingers thrusting fingers. She was moaning softly now as well, still too embarrassed to really cut loose but too worked up to remain quiet.
Mr. Richter had his middle and fourth finger shoved up the tight young pussy of his student, but now it was time to teach her something new. He removed his fourth finger only briefly, sliding the index finger alongside the middle finger deep in her twat. He pushed it in and a few times, until it was slick with Cindy’s juices. Then he removed his glistening index finger, and placed the tip of it upon the puckered ring of Cindy’s eighteen year old virgin asshole. She shuddered in anticipation.
“Cindy, ever had your asshole teased?” he asked in a firm voice.
“N-n-n-n-no sir,” she stammered, on the brink of an orgasm.
Slowly, Mr. Richter worked his middle and fourth finger back into the young girl’s dripping pussy, and at the same time pushed gently on her anus with his index finger.
“Relax, Cindy. It will go in so much easier.”
She complied, and he felt her anus give way and accept his lubricated finger. He pushed slowly, pausing when his first knuckle moved past, allowing her to get used to it.
“Deeper,” the excited teen begged. “I need it DEEPER.”
Mr. Richter didn’t want to disappoint, and pushed his finger deeper into her ass, at the same time massaging her vagina with this two fingers. Cindy wailed with lust, and he could feel her anus grip his finger and her juices leak out of her cunt around her fingers. With this free hand, he had unbuttoned his pants and was stroking a throbbing hard on. He stroked it slowly, not wanting to rush things.
Cindy was really breathing heavily now, and the feeling of being filled with three fingers in two holes was making her burn with lust. She knew she was going to cum soon, but at the same time didn’t want the feeling to end. She was almost disappointed when she felt her teacher’s fingers withdraw from her body.
As for Mr. Richter, he couldn’t take staring at her eighteen year old pouty pussy anymore; he had to taste it. Cindy felt his breath on her pussy lips and his nose on her recently violated ass just a split second before the most wonderful feeling of his tongue probing her. She gasped as his expert tongue teased her clit, and then buried deep into her folds, his nose teasing her asshole as he did so. She flexed back, trying to bury his face further in her steamy box.
“Ohhhhhhhhh YYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!” she moaned, reaching back with her hand and pulling him deep into her cunt. His tongue worked wonders as he lashed her box. As he moved his jawbone over her clit, he tongue-fucked her, tasting her 18 year old juices as they flowed into his mouth. Her breath became shorter, and her hip motion became more violent and less controlled. She lost all control and she began to shriek “Oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes OH YES OH YESSSS!” as her body rocked in orgasm and completely tensed up on his face. She couldn’t move for three or four seconds, and finally relaxed and practically collapsed, unable to move. Mr. Richter withdrew from her pussy, face glistening with her juices, hard on raging and purple.
He stood up, and moved to the chair, seating himself. Now Cindy fully understood the layout of the room. As he sat in the chair, his throbbing erection was only inches from her mouth.
“Suck me,” he commanded.
Cindy took his mammoth rod into her mouth, and was surprised at how he filled her up. She backed off, and began working the head of his cock with her tongue, reaching up to pump his shaft with her hand as she tongued him.
“No, Cindy. SUCK me. Put it in your mouth,” the teacher ordered.
She tried again, and was able to get several inches into her mouth this time. She began to relax, and soon felt more comfortable as this older man fucked her teen face. As she sucked him up and down, she worked the underside of his cockhead with her tongue.
“That’s better,” he breathed, closing his eyes. “Keep sucking. I am going to blow my nasty load all over your teen fucking face to teach you a lesson. Your pretty face is going to be covered in cum.”
Cindy felt so dirty, but was getting turned on again. Suddenly she wanted this cock to explode all over her face. She sucked harder, pumping with her hand, and new she wouldn’t have to wait long.
Mr. Richter’s breathing quickened, and he began to rock his hips. He grabbed her shoulders with one hand, and with the other grabbed the base of his dick and pulled it out of her mouth.
“Here it comes, you little slut. Open your mouth and stick out your tongue!” Just as she popped her tongue out, Mr. Richter unloaded on her face. Jets of cum pumped onto her cheek and into her hair, and he rubbed his erupting cock against her chin and face. She could feel his hot sticky cum all over her face, and smell it and even taste some that landed on her tongue. She wanted more, and sucked his cock in, cleaning it off.
As he relaxed, he looked down at his young cumslut and she looked back and smiled.
“Have we learned our lesson, Cindy?” he asked, still breathing hard.
“Actually, Sir, I think I am going to need more discipline,” she said with a husky smile.

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