My sister joins us on a game night.
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I didn't like my sister at the best of times, she made things at home difficult on a constant basis and I was starting to lose my rag with her. She was seventeen and had dropped out of college when she suddenly decided that photography wasn't her thing any more. She was now fully committed to sitting at home and living on her laptop.

It made things with mum difficult too, my mother was on a long list of antibiotics for a trapped nerve in her back. She was also on a long waiting list for the operation, so with her bedridden, everything pretty much fell down to me. Which wasn't bad when Georgie was at college, but now she was at home the food supply disappeared quickly and with shopping so did my money.

Mum couldn't do much from where she was, but she granted me a Friday night off, a night where I could have a few beers with a couple of friends and play some Xbox. Neil and Patty were going to be coming round and I couldn't wait to cut loose. True Georgie and Mum would still be in the house, but Georgie would be web-camming to her latest fling and mum would be high on pain killers watching TV in bed.

Neil and Patty got to mine at around eight and each brought along a pack of twelve cans, and a bottle. Neil brought the Jack, while Patty brought the Sambucca. As host of the game night, I only needed to bring myself.

We all agreed that we would eat a pretty hefty meal before meeting up, and so all we would need is a bowl of peanuts. We had both of the Left4Dead games, and three televisions set up so we would have a screen each to get amongst the zombies.

After half an hour spent setting it all up, we opened our first can of lager and raised a toast; 'For Bill,' I said, 'Because earlier I learned that the new game DLC will see him make his last stand.' my reference to a character in the game caused both Patty and Neil to raise their eyebrows. Bill was the character I played as in Left4Dead, and it was also the character they wanted to play as.

'To Bill,' they both said before taking a long mouthful of cold lager. 'God that tastes good.' I said. Neil then raised his can again, and in true geek fashion said; 'Gentlemen, lets broaden our minds.' I smiled, and then turned on the games console.

We were barely through the first campaign when Georgie came down the stairs, I caught her in the corner of my eye and had to turn my head to look. 'George, what the fuck are you wearing?' I asked. Her said spun round and her long red hair swung with it, 'Your shirt, found it in my pile of washing.' she said. 'That's unlikely, seeing as I do the washing and remember putting it into my pile.' I told her, turning back to the screen. Both Neil and Patty glanced around at her, Patty laughed a little, 'Dude, your sister is wearing your clothes.' he said. 'Yes,' I confirmed, 'That's not weird at all mate.' I said sarcastically. 'Looks like all she's wearing.' Neil muttered. I looked around again and it looked as though he was right. We were playing the game offline, so I pressed pause.

'George, put some fucking clothes on next time you wanna come down.' I told her. 'I am.' she shot back, and lifted the back of the shirt to reveal her red panties. She then spun on the spot and pulled aside the shirt, she had the middle three buttons done but none of the others, she showed us all her matching red bra and it was the first time I realised that my sister had quite a rack on her. She turned back around and went into the kitchen. 'Thanks for that.' I muttered, and resumed the game.

Not much longer after the kitchen light flicked off and Georgie sat on the couch behind us, 'Mind if I watch for a bit?' she asked, I shrugged, not really caring. We were reaching the first campaigns finale and knew it was going to be a fight, I was setting up a perimeter when I heard Georgie getting herself a drink. 'George, stay away from the hard stuff, you can have as much coke as you want.'

the controllers in our hands began rumbling as the hordes approached us, 'Here we go.' I told my friends. 'Wouldn't it be awesome if this actually happened?' Georgie said. 'Oh my god yes.' Patty said, Patty was a sucker for anyone who show the slightest bit of interest in anything he did. If Georgie thought a real zombie apocalypse would be awesome then I could pretty much be sure that he'd fall in love with her by the end of the level. Neil knew it too, and cast a quick glance in my direction, I just smiled while keeping my eyes on the screen.

Ten minutes later and the first campaign was through, we'd all made it through alive and Georgie quietly applauded. I turned my head to look around at her and she was lead on the sofa with her head on the arm rest, her long bare legs were stretched to the other end and she was drinking from a straw, 'George, what're you drinking?' I asked her, she looked over at me and smiled, 'Jack and coke.' she replied. I huffed a loud sigh when Patty came to her defence. 'Aw come on dude, she's allowed one.' he told me. 'No,' I replied, 'she isn't and that's not her first, look at the bottle.' both Neil and Patty looked around and saw that the bottle was suddenly half empty.

'Shit. She drinks like a fish.' Neil said. 'Why don't we play a drinking game?' she asked. Me and Neil shook our heads and turned back to the screen, Patty reluctantly did the same. I then remembered that we'd do a shot whenever we passed a campaign, so I poured three shots and handed them out. We knocked them back and went on to the next campaign, 'Wait, there are three of your and four characters, I'll play.' Georgie said.

'You really don't want to leave us alone, do you?' I asked her abruptly. 'If she games like she drinks man then we might stand a chance at doing this on the hardcore difficulty.' Neil reasoned. 'I doubt it, but why not. We could use someone to distract the tank.' I replied, picking up my spare controller and turning it on. 'She can share a screen with me.' Patty said, 'Sure man, course she can. My screens bigger so she share mine.' I told him, again he looked a little disappointed but continued on.

We soon found out that she wasn't a slouch, she held her own against the hordes and the special infected, and before we knew it, we on the second campaigns finale. We fought through the barrage and waited for the rescue vehicle, then the tank came. Georgie ran out in front of us and tossed a molotov, lighting the beast on fire, we all jumped onto the boat and waited for George to join us, she jumped backwards and landed on the boat with us just as the flaming tank reached the end of the pier, the cut-scene played and the level ended.

She jumped to her feet with her arms in the air and gyrated her hips around in a circle celebrating, I couldn't believe that she'd done so well, I also couldn't believe she was gyrating her ass a few inches from my face. The shirt she was wearing had risen up and her ass looked amazing in her red panties. Neil and Patty's jaws dropped watching her then bend over and pour out four shots.

She handed them out and we all took a shot, she raised her arms after dropping the glass and stood in a celebratory pose. Just then my phone buzzed and it was a text from mum, she needed help. It was supposed to be Georgie's night of looking after her, but I guess she left her phone upstairs. 'Be back in a min.' I told them and headed upstairs, I knocked on my mums bedroom door and she called me in.
she was laying on her front, naked on top of her bed sheets. Her head raised up and she looked at me, 'can't reach the remote,' she slurred. I checked her blister pack of meds on her bedside table, Georgie had seemingly given her two pills instead of one. No wonder mum was completely out of it. I handed her the remote for the TV, as she reached up she exposed one of her breasts, it then came to me that Georgie having big ones must've been because of mum having them.
Her eyes were darting around the room and when they finally fell onto mine, 'thank you.' she slurred.

I couldn't believe Georgie had over medicated mum, I was so specific when I was instructing her earlier. She must have gave mum the pills and came downstairs. God only knows how long it took mum to find me in her phone and hit the call button. I was furious. I made sure mum was okay, she didn't want to cover up, even when she rolled onto her back. Her long brown hair was a mess, and she looked to have some stubble around her vagina.
I told her when she first took ill, that I'd help her with her legs, but nothing else. It then dawned on me that I was staring at my mothers vagina, I quickly left the room and closed the door behind me.

I started walking down the stairs and then sat down at the top, I could see into the front room where everybody was, but instead of setting up the next campaign, both Neil and Patty were sat on the sofa. I could only see there heads, but they were just sat doing nothing. I stood back up and that's when I saw Georgie's head, in Neil's lap.

Slowly bobbing up and down, her flame dyed hair was being gripped by Neil's hands. She pulled her head up and Neil's cock dropped from her mouth. She looked him deep in the eyes and took it back with her hand, stroking it while her tongue danced over his tip. Patty leaned forward and reached down her top, she looked at him and with her other hand began slowly jerking him off while taking Neil back into her mouth.

Moments later she moved over and took Patty in between her lips, as Neil joined her on the floor and unbuttoned her shirt from behind. He kissed her on the back of her neck and caught a glimpse of her eyes roll. She was clearly loving this, Neil unclipped her bra and instantly moved his hands around her body and cupped her breasts. He massaged them while kissing her back and shoulders, she dropped Patty's cock and sucked on one of his balls, I could hear him moan as she took the other one into her mouth.

But then all he could hear was HER moans, Neil had slid his cock into her from behind and was now pumping her. Her head was now tilted back, Patty had shuffled to the edge of the sofa and was now slapping his cock against her breasts.
Neil held her by the waist and was going in and out of her pretty heard and fast, her moans got louder and more frequent, Patty shoved his shaft into her mouth and held her by the back of her head, forcing her to take his whole length and keep it in place. I could hear her choke, her gag reflex was not strong enough, she started choking and he pulled out, letting her saliva ooze down her chin and onto her chest, her eyes were watering, making her mascara run a little. It was then that she cried out, with Neil slamming into her from behind. 'I'm coming!' she cried. And with one last thrust from Neil, she dropped down to her hands, on all fours, and came.

Patty was jerking himself hard, and pulled Georgie up by the hair, her face was inches away from his cock as he took aim and fired three long shots of cum into her face. Neil pulled out of her from behind, cum dripping from the end of his member after coming inside of her, with her.
'Can't believe I didn't get to fuck you.' Patty complained. 'Aw sweetie, who says I'm finished with you boys yet? I do though need to break for a minute, make my legs work again.' she gasped. She collected her shirt and underwear and went into the kitchen while Patty and Neil pulled their trousers back up.

I then made my way back down the stairs and joined them, I noticed the look of surprise on both their faces, 'You both look shocked to see me, yet I live here. Why didn't you set up the next campaign?' I asked them. They both looked a little uneasy as I picked up the controller, it was then that Georgie came back into the room, she was wearing the shirt again but without the underwear. She looked at me and smiled, 'Everything okay?' she asked. I nodded, 'Yeah, despite you over dosing mum. She's okay. What happened to you?' I asked, she was towelling her face at the time. 'Nothing, just felt a bit sticky.' she said.

'Well, we actually guna make some progress on this or not?' I asked, casting my eyes back to the screen. The three of them agreed, though quietly. Georgie remained on the sofa this time, behind us. Every now an then either Patty or Neil would stretch and glance over their shoulder, or glance when they reached for their beer. I played through the levels trying to figure out a reason to leave the room, I wasn't pissed off with them or anything, the atmosphere had certainly changed and I figured that if they had a chance to come up with a plan for dealing with it then it would make the night seem better. I then glanced behind at Georgie and saw that she was sitting on the couch, elbows resting on her knees and her legs wide open. Her shaven clit looked a little pink, and for that split second I felt a tug from inside my trousers.

We finished the campaign and I got to my feet, 'Need the loo a minute, pour four shots and set up the next.' I said. Patty nodded, 'will do, brother.' he said as I headed for the stairs. I reached the top and pulled on the bathroom light, closing the door but not entering the room, I then quietly perched myself at the top of the stairs and heard the whispers,

'What we guna do?' Neil asked, 'If he finds out we're fucked.' I heard Georgie snort a little laughter, 'Don't be stupid, besides, if you ever want this tasty cunt sliding up and down your cock again you won't say a word. Either or you.' she told them.
'I didn't even get that.' Patty complained. 'Aw Patty,' she said sympathetically, 'I don't do one night stands, I never fuck someone I don't plan on fucking again. Whether it's with my mouth or my clit.' she told him. I couldn't believe she was such a slut, and I couldn't believe that my own cock was now stiff.
'Just leave my dear brother to me, I'll sort everything out. Now pour those damn shots.' she whispered loudly.

The friendship I had with Neil and Patty wouldn't be effected by this, I thought more of them than I ever did my sister and that was how it was going to be. I got to my feet and carefully opened the bathroom door, I flushed the toilet and pulled the chord switching the light off, I then saw Georgie making her way up the stairs towards me, she smiled and I raised my eyebrows.

'What's up?' I asked. 'Nothing, guna try an get some sleep, your liquor is hitting my young body pretty hard, pretty soon I'll start coming onto you too.' she said with a giggle. 'Okay, well goodnight.' I said. She passed me and headed into her room, I started to make my way down the stairs and glanced over at her doorway, the door was wide open and she was stood looking at me, her shirt completely unbuttoned exposing her cleavage and shaven vagina. I stopped for a moment, staring. 'Goodnight.' she said and then closed her bedroom door.

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