To all my faithful readers, I apologize for not updating my other stories yet, but I am at a block on some of them right now. I want to make them readable and enjoyable, so I don't want to rush them. But I will post them as soon as I get them done, so stay tuned. This story here is a reader inspired story, and is a little new to me, so bear with me. I am asking for constructive criticism on this since I have never written this genre before. Please let me know what you think, not just that it sucks. Steven's step mom comes home from work early, and discovers something out about her stepson...
Steven and David had grown up together, living on the same block their entire lives so far. They are both 17 now, but they had started experimenting sexually with each other when they were 13, and started have sex with each other when they turned 15. They didn't consider themselves gay, because they both looked at girls and had sex with several girls, but they found that it was fun to have sex with each other too.

Steven had a tree house in his backyard, where him and David had started their experimenting, and where they went when they wanted to have fun with each other. They had started experimenting with each other out of curiosity more than anything.

They were both up in the tree house one day, and Steven had to take a piss like none other, and didn't want to go down to the house to do it. David piped up and told him to just do it up there then. Steven unzipped his pants, whipped out his flaccid dick, and started pissing off the back of the treehouse.

David watched as his best friend pissed, intrigued by his uncircumcised dick. David's was circumcised, so seeing one that wasn't interested him.

After Steven had finished pissing, David questioned him about it, wanting to know where the head of his dick was. That was when they started masturbating in front of each, bringing themselves to orgasms. Eventually they moved on to giving each other hand jobs, then sucking on each others dick, but not cumming in their mouths, and finally penetrating each other.

David had come over to Steven's house to visit, they were hanging out in Steven's room playing video games. Both of Steven's parents were gone to work.

After they finished the football game they were playing, Steven looked at David and smiled. "Man I'm feeling pretty horny, wanna mess around for a while," he said, rubbing his hardening dick.

David chuckled at him, "is that all you ever think about?"

Steven scoffed at the comment. "Now you know that ain't true, its just that I haven't came in a while," he said.

David laughed more. "I guess you're right, its been a while for me as well," he said, standing up. "So shall we head to our hideaway then?" He asked, looking at his friend.

Steven shifted on his bed. "Why? There's no one home right now, and they shouldn't been home for another couple of hours," he said, patting a spot next to him on the bed.

David shrugged his shoulders, pushing his shorts and boxers down and kicking them aside. He walked towards the bed, not bothering to close the bedroom door all of the way.

Steven chuckled lightly, "that was easier than I thought it would be," licking his lips, watching his friend's limp member sway in front of as he got closer. He reached out and grabbed the base of David's dick, quickly jerking on it.

Beings that they were just bisexual, they never really kissed or anything like that. They just went straight to getting each other hard, and bringing each other pleasure, and having fun at the same time.

David chuckled in return, "well you're the one that asked." He watched Steven open his mouth wide and engulf his dick. He threw his head back in pleasure, feeling his friend's tongue run across the bottom of his shaft, and sucking hard on him.

Steven held the base of David's dick as he sucked hard on it, wanting to get his friend rock hard. As he felt David's dick begin to respond to his actions, and grow to in his mouth, he pulled his mouth off of it and started flicking his tongue across the tip, feeling David tremble and jump, and hearing his groans getting louder. He then engulfed his friend's dick again, taking it to the back of his throat and moaning into it.

David put his hand on top of Steven's head, slowly beginning to move his hips into his friend. "Oh yeah, suck my cock," he groaned, starting to get excited.

Steven had pulled his own cock out of his shorts and was slowly stroking it, moving his mouth up and down his friend's. He moved his hand from the base of David's dick and cupped David's balls, lightly fondling them.

David was in seventh heaven, feeling his balls already beginning to churn, and his dick throb in his friend's mouth. He reluctantly pulled his dick away from his Steven's mouth, and looked down at him. "I don't wanna cum so soon," he groaned, making his dick throb.

Steven nodded, standing up and pushing his own shorts down, his uncircumcised dick standing out proudly in front of him. He smiled at David and said, "so what shall we do then?"

Without saying a word David moved over to the bed and laid down on his back, his dick pointing up towards his face. He looked up at Steven, "I'll go first."

Steven shrugged his shoulders, slowly stroking his dick, and moving towards the bed. He watched David bring his legs up to his chest, giving him a view of his puckered hole. He spit onto David's anus, and started rubbing it into his sphincter. He slowly tried to push his thumb into David's backdoor, watching as his sphincter opened up, allowing his thumb to enter.

David groaned lightly in pleasure, feeling his friend's thumb enter his backdoor. His eyes slowly closed, feeling Steven push the tip of his thumb against his prostate, feeling a wave of pleasure go through his body.


Stacy, Steven's 41 year old step mom, pulled into the driveway, and put it in park. She was a little exhausted from work, but happy she got off early today. She jumped out of the car and made her way inside. "Steven I'm home," she yelled from the entryway. She listened, waiting for his response, but it never came.

'Hmm maybe he went out,' she thought to herself, setting her purse down on the table. She walked into the front room, wondering where Steven might have gone. She plopped down on the couch, ready to relax for a while.

Stacy looked around the end table for the TV remote, when she heard what sounded like moaning coming from upstairs. She quietly got up and made her way to the stairway, listening closely. She heard the groaning better, realizing it was a guy groaning. 'Oh my god, Steven's having sex, but he's the only one making any noise,' she thought to herself, quietly making her way up the stairs.

Steven had pulled his thumb out of David's rectum and pushed his forefinger in, continuing to rub his friend's prostate. He was also bent over, and sucking on David's dick again, bobbing his head up and down as it throbbed in his mouth.

Stacy slowly made her way towards Steven's room, the groans and moans getting louder. Just as she got up to the door, she heard, "oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, don't stop." But it didn't sound like her stepson.

Stacy peered through the crack of the open door, almost screaming out at the sight of her stepson sucking his best friend's dick. She watched in utter shock as her stepson's head bobbed up and down, between David's upturned legs. "Oh my god, Steven is gay," she said to herself in shock.

David's dick almost doubled in size in Steven's mouth, cum rushing up the shaft and spilling into Steven's sucking mouth. David groaned loudly, a months worth of cum being released from his balls. "Oooo yeah," he groaned in pleasure.

Steven didn't pull his mouth off of David's dick as it filled his mouth with salty cum. He moaned into David's dick, swallowing the load as fast as he could.

They had just started swallowing each others cum recently, and found that it didn't tasted bad, and was rather thrilling. So Steven happily swallowed David's load.

David's body was rocked with an incredible orgasm, a month of pent up sexual frustration being released from him. He held Steven's head in place, his dick continuing to throb and shoot cum into his friend's mouth.

Stacy was beside herself, watching her stepson swallow his best friend's cum, and hearing her stepson moan in pleasure as he did. She didn't know why, but watching the scene was also turning her on. She could feel that the crotch of her panties was wet, watching her stepson slowly move his mouth off of David's deflating member.

After David had finished cumming, Steven pulled away from the spent dick, smiling at David. "Mmm still tastes good," he said, standing up straight and pulling his finger out of David's ass.

David lightly chuckled and returned the smile. "God I needed that," he said, dropping his legs back down.

Stacy listened to them talking, looking in at them, and feeling her pussy tingle when she saw David's semi-hard cock for the first time. She was also looking at her stepson's erection, noticing it was bigger than his dad's, not much longer, but definitely thicker. She almost pushed the door open and beg to get one of their dicks in her, but restrained herself. Her husband, James, and her do have a good sex life, but seeing their young cocks made her want to get fucked right now.

David looked down at Steven's erection, then back up at him. "So I guess it's your turn now?" He asked, sitting up on the bed.

Steven nodded quickly, but he didn't want David to suck him off. He smiled at David again, "but not with your mouth."

David looked at Steven questionably. He knew what Steven meant, but just thought this was just going to be a blowjob session. David slowly nodded, "ok how do you wanna cum then?"

Steven moved closer to his friend, pushing David back onto his back. "Just like this," he said roughly.

Stacy almost fell into the room, watching in shock as Steven lifted up David's legs again and pushed them towards David's chest. Her eyes widened when her stepson leaned down and spit on David's upturned ass crack, then use his thumb to rub it into David's puckered hole. "Oh my god, he's going to fuck him," she said to herself, her body temperature rising now.

Steven smiled up at David while he rubbed his spit into his anus. He used his hands to spread David's ass open, spitting onto his anus again. He then stood back up and grabbed his dick, pulling his foreskin back to reveal the fat head of his dick.

David reached down and pulled his ass open, trying to relax himself for penetration. He looked up at Steven and slowly nodded, letting him know he was ready.

Stacy covered her mouth to muffle a gasp when she saw Steven's fat head revealed, seeing the precum glistening on it. She watched her stepson move his dick towards David's asshole, still not believing what she was witnessing.

Steven focused his eyes on his target, guiding the head of his dick to David's backdoor. When the head of his dick brushed up against it he rubbed it up and the crack, getting it wet with his spit.

David groaned softly, the head of his friend's dick brushing against his anus sending pleasure throughout his body. He was more than ready for Steven to penetrate him now, and was looking forward to it.

Steven stopped moving his dick, and lined it up with David's hole, looking up at his friend. He saw David with his head back and eyes closed, knowing he was ready now. Steven looked back down at his dick, pushing his hips forward and watching the head of his dick begin to enter David.

Stacy's hand went under the waistband of her dress and into her panties, feeling how wet she really was, watching her stepson's dick slowly disappear into David. Her middle finger ran across her clit, sending a shiver of pleasure through her body. "Holy shit I am really turned on," she said to herself, lightly rubbing her sensitive clit up and down, and her legs beginning to tremble.

Steven steadily pushed his dick into David, feeling David's rectal muscles squeeze and relax around his invading member. He pushed in until his pelvic bone rested against David's ass, stopping there and enjoying the feeling of his friend's backdoor squeezing his dick.

David moved his hands away from his ass cheeks and grabbed his ball sack, lifting them up so they didn't get smashed. He made his ass squeeze Steven's harder, groaning and grunting in pleasure.

Stacy had pushed her dress and panties down to her ankles, and was frigging her clit hard. She had her mouth covered to muffle any noises, while she watched Steven slowly begin to withdraw his dick. She wished she had better view to watch, but knew this was the best she could get.

Steven watched his dick slowly withdraw from David, feeling David's rectum squeeze the head of his dick hard. Steven groaned in pleasure, seeing the glans of his dick peek out, then he put his hands on the bed and buried his dick back into David's ass in one steady push, making his dick throb when he reached bottom.

David groaned even more, feeling Steven's dick throb and push against his prostate. He continued to hold his balls up, while quickly stroking his limp dick with his other hand, wanting to cum again.

Steven started moving in a steady rhythm, pulling back until he could see his glans, and then pushing back into David, grunting each time. He knew it probably wouldn't take him long to cum, but noticed David playing with his own dick again, so he wanted David to get pleasure too.

Stacy could feel an orgasm building inside of her already, watching the two teenage boys have sex. She pushed two fingers into her sopping wet hole, pushing them against her g-spot while rubbing her clit with her thumb. Her whole body was trembling, and she was moaning loudly into her hand as she watched them.

Steven pushed David's hand out of the way and grabbed David's dick, stroking it as he moved his hips faster. His balls slapped against David each time he drove his dick in, beginning to churn for their impending release.

David's dick had grown hard again, and each time Steven's dick ran across his prostate it caused it to throb. David also moved his other hand away from his balls, grabbing the sheet on the bed with his hands, and concentrated on cumming again. He tried pushing himself into Steven's thrusts, wanting another release badly.

Stacy was leaning against the wall, struggling to remain on her feet as her orgasm grew inside of her. She closed her eyes, listening to Steven and David grunting and groaning together. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum," she moaned into her hand as her orgasm shot through her. Her legs gave out, falling to the floor, as her body shook from her orgasm. She kept her mouth covered as she came, not wanting to let them know she was watching. Her juices were flowing out of her, as she vigorously fingered herself through her orgasm.

Steven was pounding into David hard, feeling himself getting ready to cum. "Ohh fuck, I'm gonna cum David," he announced, continuing to stroke David's dick with his hand.

"Me too, I'm gonna cum again too," David groaned, feeling Steven's dick grow in his ass, and push against his prostate even more.

Steven drove his dick into David hard as he let out a roar, letting go of David's dick. His dick throbbed hard with the first shot of cum firing into David's bowells. He froze in place as his dick throbbed again, emptying more cum into David's ass.

David grabbed his dick stroking it wildly, feeling Steven fill his anal cavity. "Ohhh," he groaned, cum rushing up his dick and firing out.

Stacy was lost in her own world as her orgasm slowly faded, not knowing that the boys were having a mutual orgasm. She continued to lightly rub her pussy, her body still trembling.

David didn't have near as much cum as earlier, but it was still enough to form a small puddle on his stomach. The orgasm he had just experienced was just as satisfying though, bringing him pure pleasure again.

Steven's orgasm finally began to wane as he slowly moved his deflating member in and out of David's cum filled ass. He could feel his cum already leaking out around his dick, knowing he had cum a lot. He slowly withdrew his dick completely, looking down at his friend's gaping asshole as it slowly began to close. He watched his cum ooze out drop onto his bed, but he didn't care.

Steven laid down on the bed in exhaustion. "God I needed that," he said.

David looked at Steven and laughed. "I could tell, it didn't take you long and I can still feel it leaking out of me," he responded.

Steven snickered, "yeah well I think I swallowed a gallon of yours."

Stacy had finally regained her strength and was coherent again. She peeked back into the room and seen them both laying on the bed. "What? I missed Steven cumming," she said to herself.

She knew she needed to get away from there before either one of them came out and saw her half naked, and sprawled out on the floor. Stacy made her way to her feet, pulling her panties and dress back up. She quietly walked back downstairs, still reliving what she had witnessed in her head. "Should I tell James that his son is gay?" She asked herself, still unsure of what to do about it all.

Steven and David both drifted off to sleep, completely unaware of the witness that had watched them, but completely satisfied.

Constructive criticism only please.

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