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13 yr old john has his first sexual experiances
If i get good enough ratings i may write more parts. Enjoy the story


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My name is john. Im 13 years old, in eighth grade. Im about 5"5', and skinny. But because i worked out i had some muscle.Im not the most popular kid, but because im friends with one of the "cool" kids i can sit with them and talk to them. So my life was average, not boring but not exciting. Until a week ago. I was in my science class when i had to go to the restroom. I asked my teacher Ms.Abraham to go, and started walking down the hall. As i walked down the hall to the restroom i saw Jada. She was a popular black girl, and easily one of the hottest girls in school, with a nice ass, medium breasts and a beautiful face. When i saw her i knew she was above my cool level, and decided not to talk to her. but she walked right up to me and said," Hey". I was surprised considering she never talked to me but i said hey back.We started talking casually unitl she said," I have a surprise for you." Now this is weird, i thought. A very hot girl telling me she had a surprise for me? She said it was in the girls restroom, and to come with her in there. I started trying to make up some lame excuse about why i shouldnt and it was against the rules when she kissed me. Her soft lips molded to mine, and i was in heaven. After she pulled away and smiled at me i thought what the hell and followed her in. She told me to wait outside the stalls and walked into one of them. When she came out she was in nothing but a bra and panties, and her body looked amazing! She was toned, but not weirdly muscled. Her breasts looked amazing in her bra, and were being pushed up but i could tell they were extremely firm. And her legs! They were long and graceful, and led up to an amazing firm looking butt, perfectly rounded. After looking her up and down i almost came in my pants on the spot. I was rock hard. I started stuttering, asking her what she was doing. She just smiled that beautiful smile and walked over to me and started kissing me. At first i was shocked but i quickly got over it and started kissing her back. As it got hotter she opened her mouth and i stuck my tongue in her mouth. My tongue met her and they started doing a dance. I started to moan as my heart rate increased.I took off my shirt and kissed her harder.She then got on ber knees and unzipped my jeans,releasing my hard on. My cock wasnt huge, maybe 6 and a half inches but it was thick and at that age it was enough. She looked at it with wide eyes, then flashed me her beautiful smile and took it into her mouth and started giving me an amazing blowjob. After about ten seconds of heaven i groaned and came hard, spurting stream after stream of salty cum into her mouth.After she swallowed my cum i collapsed on the floor, exhausted. She sat down next to me and asked," did you like it?" I just groaned loudly. She then layed down with her head in my lap, softly tracing cirlcles on my chest with her fingers. After about five minutes i started getting hard again. She felt it and got up, saying,"ready for round 2?" I smiled and said,"hell yeah." she stood up and bent over, bracing herself against a wall and said two amazig words.fuck me. I needed no more encouragement as i lined my cock up with her pussy and pushed in slowly. I couldnt believe i was losing my virginity to jada, of all people. It felt amazing, so warm and wet. Her pussy encompassed my cock, and held it tightly.I started slowly thrusting into her long and deep, and she started moaning and screaming ughhh ughhh ughhhh. Just then trinity walked into the bathroom. She seemed unfazed by the scene before her, in fact she smiled. Trinity was a tall and curvy black girl, not fat but she had a big ass to die for and some nice looking tits.
She said," mind if i join in?" and being caught up in this sexy moment i just nodded my head in between my thrusting. So i changed positions with me laying on the floor and jayla lowering her amazing tight pussy onto my cock. While this was going on trinity was crouching above my mouth, with her amazing pussy right in front of me. It was clean shaven, with the very dark outside folds long and beautiful, but when i spread her long labia i found a pink inside, drenched with her juices. One drop of her juice fell onto my tongue, and i was addicted. I dug into her cunt, lapping up her pussy juice like it was nectar fit for the gods. I stuck my tongue into her pussy, then started fingering her with two fingers while sucking on her swollen clit. The second i touched her clit she went insane, thrashing around on my tongue through a mind blowing orgasm that left her exhausted. All the while jayla was pumping up and down on my cock. It felt amazing and soon i came, spurting seven thick shots of cum straight into her cute warm pussy. At this she screamed and had an amazing orgasm. She actually fainted for a minute! After she and trinity got up they said that it was the most amazing fuck theyd ever had, and that they wanted to do it again sometime. I said,"Anytime." Now after the episode in the bathroom the word spread fast that i had fucked jayla and eaten trinity. Everyone knew. I started hanging out with the popular crowd more, and was invited to the biggest most exclusive party of the year, being held at trinity's house. My mom drove me there, and i rang the doorbell. Trinity opened the door and squealed," Heyy" I said hey and she invited me in. Now trinitys house was enormous and it seemed like every corner of it was full of food and people and lots of other stuff. I decided to lay low because i was way out of my league when it came to parties. So i went over to one of the snack bars and grabbed a sprite. While i was walking through the crowd i tripped on a balloon, and fell into a girl, spilling my sprite all over her. As i looked up i saw that everyone was quiet and a circle was being formed around us. I then looked down to see who my unlucky victim was and my heart sank. I hadnt just tripped onto any girl. I had tripped onto Ashlyn, who was in my opinion the prettiest and nicest girl in school. Whom i had had a crush on since first grade. Shit.

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2016-01-10 20:47:27
in middle school i got sodomized in the restroom by two bigdick niggers

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2013-09-23 22:11:07
Sounded good but, is it Jada or jayla. your proper nouns should be capitalized, so should your "I" as in "I will" not "i will". I also find it hard to believe that you as a virgin would be able to blindly bring a girl off with an inexperience tongue while being cowgirl-ed on a hard bathroom floor. I am not doubting that an event like this didn't not happen I just wonder about how you figured on how to with some trail and error.

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2013-09-05 07:14:34
" My cock wasnt huge, maybe 6 and a half inches" for 13 years old that is a pretty good size what does he mean he wasn't huge? The whole story is so unbelievable even the kid living them can't believe these things are happening.

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2013-09-03 20:09:38
Paragraphs faget cum on

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