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Chapter 5

Velma shivered as the cold breeze washed over her. She pulled the blanket tighter around herself for a second and then changed her mind and threw the covers off and sat up on the edge of the bed. When she turned to look at Daphne’s bed she wasn’t surprised to find it empty and she put her glasses on to get a better view of the rest of the room. She spotted Daphne through the open door to the balcony and pulled her flannel nightgown tighter as she stepped into her slippers and followed her friend to the balcony.

“Daphne are you alright?” Velma asked, trying to suppress the shiver against the night chill.

“I’m fine,” Daphne said, watching the mist of her breath rise into the air with each word. Velma wondered how her friend was able to stand the cold air with just the thin fashionable nightgown she wore, especially since the fabric was sheer enough to reveal everything it was suppose to be hiding.

“No you’re not,” Velma said, “you always sleep through the night – unless something is bothering you.”

“You’re right,” Daphne sighed. Velma couldn’t help noticing Daphne’s tits rise and fall under her diaphones sleep wear. The brunette realized that her own breasts were larger than her red-haired friend’s, especially with the new growth from her early pregnancy.
“Velma, I’m worried about what’s going to happen to the gang,” Daphne admitted. “Now that Fred and I are . . .”

“Fucking like bunnies,” Velma finished for her friend. “Come on, Daphne, don’t look so surprised. You know I’m smart enough to figure out what the two of you are doing. And Shaggy may act like an idiot, but he’s figured out his share of mysteries.”

“You’ve got me there,” Daphne admitted. “Fred and I thought we were hiding things pretty well, but I guess we shouldn’t have bothered. Still, what are you and Shaggy going to do now that Fred and I are fucking?”

“Oh, we’re fucking too,” Velma said, grinning at the shocked look on her friend’s face. “We started fucking about the same time as you and Fred – the weekend we were dealing with the phantom bellhop – at least that’s when I assume you started fucking since that’s when Shaggy found the condoms Fred hid in his luggage. For someone who’s a genius at setting traps, Fred’s pretty bad when it comes to hiding things.”

“You’ve go that right,” Daphne chuckled. “So what do we do now?”

“Keep going the way we have been,” Velma shrugged, “it’s not like things have changed that much. Of course there will be a few changes, both now and in a few months.”

“What’s changing?” Daphne asked.
“To start with, unlike you and Fred, Shaggy and I didn’t use protection,” Velma said, placing her hand over her belly.

“You’re pregnant?” Daphne said, looking at her friend like she expected Velma’s belly to start growing as she watched.

“I’m about a month along,” Velma told her friend. “I figure Shaggy knocked me up that first weekend, maybe at the same time he popped my cherry.”

“Well you may not be the only one,” Daphne said slowly. “Fred and I fucked after we got locked in the storage room, and the condom broke. You know old ‘danger prone Daphne,’ I got enough cum in my pussy to knock me up with twins, not that I’m going to mind having Freddie’s baby, in fact I’m looking forward to it. But now that I’ve had a taste of fucking Fred without protection I want it again, and I don’t want it to stop.”

“I know what you mean,” Velma said. “I enjoy fucking Shaggy so much that all I can think of is how good his cock feels sliding in and out of me. And that brings me to one change that we’re going to have right now.”

“What’s that?” Daphne asked.

“We are going to change room mates – and bed mates – right now.”

Fred Jones blinked against the sudden light when Velma switched on the room’s overhead light, “What’s going on?” he muttered.

“Fred, Shaggy, get up. The four of us need to talk,” Velma said, crossing her arms under her breasts while she and Daphne looked at both boys with a wistful smile. “Where’s Scooby? I thought he’d be in here with the two of you.”

“Scoob said something about getting some hot tail and then he left,” Shaggy yawned, stretching his long arms out as he sat up in his bed. “So what’s up?”

“Yeah, what’s up?” Fred asked, letting out a big yawn without taking his eyes off Daphne’s nearly transparent nightgown.

“Fred, you should know that Shaggy and I know about you and Daphne,” Velma said, stepping between the two lovers and placing her hands on her hips until the blond boy stopped trying to look past her. “You should also know that Shaggy and I have been fucking as long as you and Daph; and, I’m pregnant.”

“You have? You are?” Fred asked, looking from Velma to Shaggy.

“Yes we have, and yes she is,” Shaggy snickered. “We knew the two of you were going to start fucking when I found that box of condoms in your luggage and we decided to join the two of you – but without the condoms.”
“So what does this mean for the four of us, five if you count Scooby,” Fred asked, trying to read Velma’s facial expression.

“For the most part, nothing,” Velma said. “We’ll keep traveling around and solving mysteries just like we have been – though Daphne and I will have to do our best to hide our swollen bellies in a few months. But things are going to change in our sleeping arrangements. From now on when we go to a hotel we’ll rent two single rooms instead of two double rooms and you and Daphne will share the bed in one room while Shaggy and I share the bed in the other room. Don’t look at me like that Fred Jones, you know you want to do it, and you know that most people think we’re already doing it, so we may as well do it and save some money as well as enjoying our nights.”

“Okay,” Fred said with a big grin.

“For now, since Daphne has the most luggage the two of you may as well take our room. Just grab what you need for tonight and the morning and get the rest of your things in the morning; and I’ll do the same with my things, in fact I already have everything I need right here,” Velma said, indicating the small overnight bag she had in her hands.”

“Now hurry up and grab your things so you can get in Daphne’s bed, because I’m so horny I can’t wait to get into Shaggy’s bed.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Fred said, jumping out of his bed and grabbing a change of clothes and his toiletries before following Daphne to the other room.

“I thought they’d never leave,” Velma sighed, letting her bag drop to the floor and stripping out of her heavy nightgown.

“Me either,” Shaggy said throwing his blankets to the side to reveal that he was naked in the bed. He quickly scooted over to make room for Velma as she set her naked ass on the side of the mattress. “I’ve been thinking of you all night.”

“I can tell,” Velma said, stroking Shaggy’s hard cock. “Can you tell I’ve been thinking of you?”

“With those hard nipples and drooling pussy?” Shaggy asked, tweaking Velma’s erect nipples with one hand while her rubbed her wet slit with the other. “If you weren’t thinking about me you must have been thinking about what we’ve been doing.”

“More like what I want to do with you,” Velma sighed, snuggling up to Shaggy’s naked body. “Fuck me, Shaggy, fuck me and sleep with me just like I’ve been dreaming about.”

“Like we’ve both been dreaming about,” Shaggy said, guiding his prick between Velma’s drooling pussy lips and sliding his whole cock into her belly with one thrust.

“Oh, yeah, that’s what I’ve been dreaming of,” Velma said, pushing her whole body against Shaggy’s so that her hard nipples dug into his chest. Instead of complaining Shaggy wrapped his arms around the moaning girl and pulled her even closer against his chest.

“Good dreams,” Shaggy muttered, “and now they’re reality.”

“That’s the best kind of dream,” Velma said, riding Shaggy’s cock faster and faster as she felt her orgasm building in her pussy.

“Oh, Velma, your pussy feels so good I can’t hold back, I’m going to cum.”

“Cum in my cunt, Shaggy,” Velma panted, her own orgasm getting closer with every stroke of Shaggy’s hard cock. “Cum in my cunt and give our baby another cum bath.”

“Oh yeah,” Shaggy grunted, slamming his cock as deep as it could go in Velma’s belly and holding it there in her quivering fuck hole as they both came.

“Shaggy, don’t pull out,” Velma begged in a tired voice. “I want to feel your cock inside my cunt while we sleep together. Promise me you won’t pull out while we’re sleeping.”

“Pull out?” Shaggy said with a weary chuckle, “I’ll probably end up fucking you in my sleep. How does that sound for a good dream?”

“Wonderful,” Velma said, her head dropping down on the pillow, too tired to even remove her glasses before they fell asleep together.

* * * * * * * * *

As soon as Fred closed the door to their room Daphne opened her sheer nightgown and let it flow to the floor in a diaphones puddle. “Oh, Fred,” the red head sighed, “I’m so glad Velma suggested switching roommates like this. I’ve been dreaming of sleeping with you for weeks.”

“Me too, Daph,” Fred agreed, “but I don’t think Velma suggested it just for us. In case you didn’t notice Velma jumped into Shaggy’s bed even before we left the room.”

“Yeah,” Daphne said dreamily as she reached back of unhook her bra, “I guess she really was as horny as me.”

“Wait, Daphne, let me get your bra and panties for you,” Fred said, tossing the last of his clothes to the side along with his overnight bag.

“Oh my, what a gentleman,” Daphne said, dropping her arms to her sides and letting Fred guide her backward until she was standing next to the bed they were going to share.

“What a horny gentleman,” Fred chuckled, giving Daphne a tongue filled kiss as he unfastened her bra. He moved his lips down the red heads neck and shoulders before he dropped the right cup of her bra and sucked the turgid nipple between his lips until it sprang erect against his teeth.

“Oh, Fred,” Daphne moaned, “that feels wonderful.”

“And we’re only getting started,” Fred said, giving Daphne’s nipple one final kiss before he shifted to her other breast. “We have the whole night together.”

“We sure do,” Daphne agreed, thrusting her tits forward to give Fred easier access to them.

Fred continued to work his way down Daphne’s body, kissing her stomach and sucking on her bellybutton until she giggled. Finally he hooked his thumbs in the elastic of her purple lace panties and pushed them down her hips until her red furred cunt was exposed. Well her ran his fingers through Daphne’s wet pussy hair Fred nudged the girl with his shoulders until she sat back on the edge of their bed. With a quick swipe Fred removed Daphne’s panties and tossed the damp material out of the way.

Daphne squealed with delight when Fred licked her slit and then sucked her pussy lips into his mouth so he could nibble on the sensitive flesh. “Eat my pussy, Fred, eat my pussy,” Daphne screamed, grabbing the back of Fred’s head and pushing him even closer to her cunt.

Fred continued to eat Daphne’s pussy through two Earth shattering orgasms before he pulled his lips away from her still quivering lips and stood in front of the red head with his erect penis shivering in anticipation. “Ready for the main course,” Fred asked with a grin.

“Almost,” Daphne said. While Fred watched Daphne pushed her overheated body back onto the bed and pulled the bedding over herself as she rolled onto her side. “Snuggle in behind me Fred,” Daphne suggested. “Fuck me from behind, and when we’re done we’re already to sleep.”

“Okey, Daph,” Fred said, sliding in behind the horny girl and snuggling up against her. Daphne raised her left leg to give Fred easy access to her drooling slit.

Fred guided his hard cock between Daphne’s ass cheeks and hesitated for a second before Daphne said, “Not there, Fred, not yet. Once I know that your baby is growing in my belly I’ll let you fuck me in the ass, but until then I want every drop of your cum in my pussy. So, no ass fucking and no blow jobs until my panties start getting tight.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Fred said with an exaggerated sigh and a wide grin. He guided the head of his cock past Daphne’s ass hole until it slid through her slick pussy hair and into her tight little cunt.

Fred wasn’t sure if he or Daphne let out the loudest sigh of pleasure as his cock sank into her quivering twat, but neither one of them paused to take a breath until his shaft was buried as deep as it could go in Daphne’s cum thirsty belly. “I am so glad we’re not using condoms anymore,” Daphne said, her whole body shivering with pleasure. “It feels so much better to fuck you with nothing between us. And I’m really looking forward to getting knocked up with your baby. I not even worried anymore about what we’re going to tell our parents when my belly starts growing.”

“We’ll think of something,” Fred promised, “we always do.”

Daphne could feel her orgasm building in her pussy and she clamped her thighs together to make her fuck hole even tighter as Fred’s thrusts got even harder and deeper as he approached his own orgasm. With one final thrust Fred slammed his cock as deep as it could go in Daphne’s belly and held it there as his sperm spat into the red head’s fertile womb.

“Don’t pull out, Fred,” Daphne gasped as she pushed her ass back against Fred’s groin. “Leave your cock right where it is so I’ll get every drop of sperm in my pussy while we sleep. And if you wake up feeling horny during the night, feel free to fuck me in my sleep. In fact, if I wake up and you’re fucking me I’ll be one happy girl.”

“Not as happy as me,” Fred mumbled, slipping one hand under Daphne’s arm to give Daphne’s tit a good night squeeze under their shared blanket. “Good night, Daphne.”

“Good night, Fred,” Daphne said with a yawn as she adjusted Fred’s hand on her breast, she hoped he’d play with it in his sleep.

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