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A delicious massage turns into some deliciously erotic fun
The masseuse's hands are gliding across my skin, working the muscles of my shoulders and back with an expert touch. I sigh with contentment as the tension and stress seem to melt away from my body. It's not often that I get a chance to relax like this. Work makes for long days and things have been even more hectic lately as my daughter had recently moved out of the house and off to college and my son had just started high school. Added to that was the fact that my husband would soon be retiring from the military after 20 years of service. Needless to say there was a lot going on in life which is why today I had called in sick to work, my husband insisting that I take the day off and relax. I argued against this at first, but it didn't take long for my husband to convince me that it would be good for me. He cinched the deal by way of hiring a private massage therapist to come over and give me a good, relaxing whole body massage.

And thus I am now lying naked, basically, on a fold out massage table in my own living room as this wonderful woman uses her incredible hands to knead and massage all the tension out of my body. At first I was a bit apprehensive about letting a stranger see me naked. I don't have a bad body for a woman in her mid-thirties. I'm a bit on the shorter side, standing at five foot, three inches. I keep my weight around the 130 mark. My husband likes my curves as I have a nice bubble butt and very full set of 36 C tits. Yes, they are not quite as perky as they were in my twenties after having two kids, one of whom I gave birth to straight out of high school, but then again most women in their mid to late 30's can sympathize with that. As for the rest of me I have very long, dark brown hair with lots of curls that my husband loves to run his hands through and grab hold of. Matching my hair is my very deep brown eyes that he constantly tells me he can lose himself in. My skin is a very creamy white, marred only by a few freckles and a couple of faint scars from childhood fights with my older brother.

The masseuse's hands move away from back as she grabs some more oil that she drizzles out onto my skin. The oil smells good, spicy but with a flowery undertone to it. My back begins to tingle a bit from the slight warming effect that the oil has to it as the masseuse's hands continue to slide over my skin, pushing and kneading on my muscles. She works her way down my back, right to the beginning of my ass, and then back up. My shoulders, my neck, then down each arm. Slowly I begin to drift into an almost dream state. There is only me and this magic pair of hands that continue to eliminate all the knotted up stress in my body. Back to my shoulders. The hands find a particularly difficult spot and work extra hard, to the point that it actually hurts a little, but then the pressure is gone as those magic hands work the tension out and massage it away. I let out another sigh of pure relaxation.

"She's good, very good," I think to myself as her hands go back to work once more on my neck. Not bad looking either to be honest. About my height with black hair and very blue eyes. She has a slightly olive tan complexion and almond shaped eyes which makes me think she might have some Asian ancestry in her, but it must be faint with the blue eyes. She's younger than I am, late twenties or early thirties, but in good shape. Nice hips and ass, but her boobs are only a b-cup if I were to guess offhand. Still, she is attractive with a pretty face. She's wearing a pair of skin tight black spandex shorts and a simple white tank-top. Her personality is nice as I easily felt at ease with her when she showed up. Now I am lying on her fold-up, portable massage table, completely nude except for a folded in half white towel that covers my ass...barely.

Her hands move down now to my legs, working each one from just below where the towel ends. Slowly they move down the back of my thighs, over each calf, massaging, kneading, and working the muscles firmly yet smoothly. More oil. First one leg and then the other. Finally she ends up at my feet, taking each in turn to massage with her strong hands, using her thumbs to hit all the pressure points. She then starts back up each leg. She once again works each calf, using her thumbs even more to dig deep into the muscles there. I drift even further, awake but so relaxed that my mind just begins to slip away. She reaches my thighs again and I very slightly spread my legs just a little so that she can massage my inner thigh muscles easier.

Up my thighs her hands glide and suddenly I become hyper aware of just how high her hands are going. Back and forth her hands move over the back of my thighs, kneading the muscle from the inside to the outside with each pass, and less than a fingers breadth away from my very exposed pussy. I actually begin to wonder if she can see it. With that thought I feel a sudden flash of heat rip through my body which makes my sensitive clit begin to tingle. The towel can't be covering all that much, especially with my legs slightly spread. Even better, I just had my monthly Brazilian done just a few days ago, so my pussy is very smooth and bare and easy to see. The thought of her hands so close now excites me as a small shiver ripples through my body. I sigh to cover it, hoping that she mistakes it for just further relaxation, but in reality my mind has gone from drifting to focusing very pointedly on what her hands are doing. Nothing seems to really have changed though as her hands continue to work up and down my thighs, working my muscles, kneading them like dough from the inside to the outside with each pass. But wait, did her hands just get a little closer? I try to remain dormant, not wanting to tense up for fear that I will alert her to just how close her hands are to my now very hot and excited cunt.

And then it happens, just the barest of touches, there and gone before I can even realize it happened. Was I imagining it? I sigh again, whether in relaxation or excitement I leave it for her to decide. It is now turning into a game. She continues her work like nothing has happened, that everything is ordinary. I lay there, aware but relaxed. I wonder to myself if this is something my husband has set up. We have a very unusual sexual life between our BDSM activities and our slightly swinger lifestyle, but we have never played without both of us being present. Still, he has always told me that if I were to ever do anything without him that he wouldn't have as much of an issue as long as it was with another woman. Could this massage be that moment? I only ponder on this for a second though as I quickly decide I don't care. I've already made up my mind that if this massage has a happy ending for me, then I am going to let it happen.

But then her hands move...up under the towel and onto my ass. She continues to massage, kneading deep into my muscles there with her thumbs. Now I sigh loudly. I have always loved having my ass rubbed and there is no denying how good this feels for me. For several long minutes her hands glide over my ass, first up high, then down low and right back to the inside of my upper thighs. Several times I feel her fingers make gentle contact with the outer lips of my now superheated cunt. Each time I sigh deeply. She is such a tease. I almost want to yell at her now to just get it over with and rub my aching pussy. But no, the game continues.

"Time to roll over." Her voice breaks me out of my daydream state. Her tone is very professional, like nothing at all is happening between us. Maybe I am mistaken. Maybe those brief touches were just that and nothing more. Maybe she really has no clue what she is doing to me. I push-up slightly and begin to roll over onto my back. The towel doesn't roll with me too well however and ends up under my butt cheek and hanging off of one hip. Needless to say I am completely exposed and, to be honest, I don't even care. What does please me is that her eyes are wide open and gazing down at my very bald pussy.

"I'm sorry." Her voice is lowered and I see a slight blush rise in her cheeks. "I've never seen anyone who actually goes full bald down there. May I ask how you keep it up?" She is now looking back into my eyes.

"I have it professionally waxed once a month. I just did it a few days ago so she is very neat right now." I respond while gazing back into her bright blue eyes.

"But doesn't that hurt?" She has gone from shy to very inquisitive in a split second. She's obviously wondered about this before but has never met anyone who has any knowledge on it.

"A little. I was very worried about that the first time, but now it is a once a month thing that I just get done and over with. It usually stays pretty bald for about two weeks and then when it starts to finally grow back in, it's softer. I do have to wait for the hair to get a bit longer again before they can wax it properly which is why I have it done once a month. It's much better than shaving in the long run except for the 20 or so minutes of discomfort while I am getting it done."

Her eyes have drifted back down to once again look at my very exposed and bald pussy. "So, even ... well, down in-between?" She asks, once again her voice getting very quiet.

I decide to be brazen about things and spread my legs as far open as I can on the narrow massage table. She slowly leans over and gazes between my legs. I wonder if she can tell just how wet my hot, aching pussy is getting. I don't move and after a moment she stands back up straight and I hear her whisper a single word to herself; hot. A tingle zings through my body and I am almost positive now that things are going to get very interesting. I smile to myself and wonder what is going to happen when I tell my husband about this event later tonight.

"So, smooth is it?" Once again a blush has crept up onto her cheeks.

"Much better than a razor." I respond. "There is absolutely no stubble at all. The process takes the hair out at the roots and for about two weeks there is no hair at all." Her eyes are once again glued to my sex, almost like she is trying to feel me with her eyes. I decide to push the game, now very eager to feel her hands do much more than just massage my muscles. "You can feel it if you would like."

Her eyes jerk up and stare back into mine. "Oh, no ... I mean ... err."

"It's okay, I don't mind. You're just curious and that's understandable. Like I said, I just had it done a couple of days ago so right now is the best time to feel it so you can tell how smooth it is right afterwards." I open my legs further by drawing my feet up a little and letting my knees spread out to the sides, completely exposing myself. "Go ahead and feel." My eyes bore back into hers and I can see for a second or two the war within herself to touch my pussy or not. I am pretty sure at this point that she is definitely bi to some extent, but I have pushed the game faster than she is used to. I can't help myself though as my cunt is on fire and I really want some type of release. Besides, she's kinda hot and she really knows what to do with her hands.

And on some level she must know it because suddenly her still slightly oily hand is resting on top of my pubic mound while she continues to gaze intently into my eyes. "Oh, that is smooth." Her voice is low and subdued as her hand moves over my pubic mound. My eyes burn into hers, so close.

"Yes, and it's like that all the way down too. " My eyes lock with hers as my words sink in. Her hand moves, slowly but firmly, down off my pubic mound and in between my legs. Her fingers glide across my lips on either side. The fire inside me erupts to a whole new level and I can definitely feel my juices beginning to flow. "See how smooth that feels?" I ask in a deep, throaty voice.

"Mhmm," she responds as her fingers continue to glide up and down my lips, oh so close but not close enough. There is no doubt in her eyes that she is enjoying the effect this is having on me as my hips begin to make small movements, subtly trying to get her fingers more situated onto my aching cunt. She makes a small smile and a glint enters her eye. "I bet I know what would feel even better." Her voice too has changed. No longer quiet, not anywhere near shy. No, she now knows that she has the upper hand suddenly. And just like that her hand is gone. I make a small whimper at being denied when things were so close. I hear her laugh quietly to herself in response. "Bitch," is all I can think.

What I unfortunately don't realize is I must have whispered it slightly because she looks back into my eyes with a funny little quirk on her face. "Excuse me?" She asks me, her voice slightly elevated.

I stare intently at here and figure I have nothing left to lose now. "I said Bitch. Stop teasing me and just do what you and I both know you want to do. "

"Oh, okay." She says back with a very snarky little attitude. "How about this?" and with that she lands a stinging blow onto my very open and exposed pussy. I cry out both in surprise and pleasure. The heat of the blow and the stinging slap on my clit ripple through my body like an electric current. Suddenly every nerve in my body is focused on my over excited clit. "Oh, you seemed to enjoy that. So you are that type of freak, are ya?" Another smack lands on my cunt, and then a very hard rub around my clit. I moan in response as I attempt to spread my knees further open to expose myself as much as possible. Her fingers glide up and down my suddenly very noticeably wet pussy. "Oh yeah, you like that. Your pussy is all wet, and so smooth. I bet you loved it when I was brushing up against it while I was massaging your legs." I moan again in response. She slaps my pussy again, and again, and again. Each time a little harder, more fire, more sting. Oh, she is good. I moan louder, and then cry out as on her last slap she quickly slides a finger up inside me and finds my g-spot.

"Wow, you are so hot, and so very wet. " She thrusts her finger in and out of me, each time circling my g-spot with the tip of her finger.

I close my eyes and moan yet again. "Yes, fuck!!! Oh that feels so fucking good." My voice is husky as the ripples of pleasure rip through my body. I can tell I am already getting close to an orgasm. "Yes, finger my pussy. Make me fucking cum." She gently slips another finger inside of me and starts to thrust them quickly in and out of me. So close. I can feel the pressure building as my body begins to shake. "Yes, that's it.....right there. FUCK!!!!" And I erupt. My body tightens up and then all at once blows apart as my orgasm rips through me. But it's not enough for my masseuse it seems as she quickly uses her other hand to start spanking my clit fast and hard. I scream out as my orgasm suddenly gets escalated to a whole new level. "YES!!!! Fuck, yeah!!!. Spank it you bitch. Spank my cunt!!! SPANK IT!!!" and she does as my orgasm continues to rebound through me over and over, each slap on my clit driving it higher and higher while her fingers continue to pump in and out of me.

Slowly I begin to come down as she finally stops landing blows on my clit and her fingers slow their pace in and out of me. I let lose a long, contented sigh of bliss. She slides her fingers out of me and once again I whimper a bit to myself. That felt so good. She gazes into my eyes with a devilish little smile on her face. She raises her fingers to her mouth and very slowly sucks my juices off of them. "Oh, you taste good."

I begin to respond, but instead a suddenly very masculine voice answers for me instead. "I'm glad you think so, " my husband's voice seems to come out of nowhere as he suddenly appear behind the masseuse. "Because you are going to get much further acquainted with it shortly."

Oh shit, how long has he been there? What has he seen? I don't know, and secretly a part of me doesn't care. Things are going to get so much more interesting now, of that I am sure. The masseuse and I both gasp out loud as he grabs each of us by our hair, almost jerking me completely off the table in the process as I am a bit slow on getting up off the table.

"What the..." the masseuse begins to ask something but it is cut off as he grabs her hair even more fiercely.

"Shut up, slut. My slave here has been very naughty and she needs to be taught a lesson to remind her who is in charge of that wonderful cunt of hers...and you're going to help since you were the one she was playing with. Time to show you to the playroom." And with that ominous statement he starts hauling us both down the stairs by our hair and into the basement.

My mind is a whirlwind of emotions. Excitement. Anticipation. Arousal. Desire. Nervous. A slight shiver of fear. Most of all love. I know that I am going to spend the next hour or so probably tied up and forced to do lord only knows what. I am almost positive that somehow this is all playing out exactly how my devious husband planned it. I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out that he saw the whole interaction between me and the masseuse since he was the one who hired her.

Speaking of her, I wonder if she is prepared for the events that are about to unfold. I can't help but smirk to myself. Whatever happens it servers her right for being such a tease. I can't help but wonder what she will look like all tied up and helpless. Maybe I will get a chance to enact some revenge upon her body. I can only hope as we both stumble into the playroom.

As the lights come on I am greeted with one of my favorite sites. I often marvel at what my husband has done with this room. It's a fairly big room, taking up about half the basement area. The walls have been done up in a course grey stone blocks, like an old medieval dungeon. Through the center of the ceiling a huge exposed dark wooden beam is easily visible. There is a single window up high on the far wall that is covered by wrought iron bars. The window itself has been treated with a heavy tint. I can see through it from the inside and it allows light in, but you can't see through it from the outside at all.

The floor is just plain cement but it is very smooth. There are a couple of dark toned throw rugs about the floor, mostly in dark reds and shades of black with old-fashioned patterns on them. All the various pieces of furniture are done up in dark woods. Any cushions are a deep red in color, whether they be leather or heavy fabric. The lighting in the room is very subdued, bright enough to see by but not so bright that it easily lights up the room. Most of the light is from mock torches that are bracketed to the wall. They look realistic enough, even having fake fabric "flames" that flicker about. The other light source is recessed up into the ceiling so well that I can't even see it really. There is also one last light source that occasionally gets used; a standalone lamp that can be used as a spot light for whenever my husband decides he is going to record a particular playtime event. Usually this is kept in the closet at one end of the room, so with it being out I am pretty sure that it is going to be used today...and I can't help but feel a thrill rush through me at the thought.

As for the rest of the room, hanging on the walls are several paintings depicting various forms of BDSM acts. Also hanging from the walls at several spots are heavy metal shackles dangling from chains. We have never actually used them as there are plenty of other ways to tie me up already. They were there simply to add to the overall feeling of the room. Along one wall, near the closet at the far end of the room, was a heavy wooden shelf. Upon the shelf were all the various paddles, floggers, crops, and other things that got used on me during our play sessions. Some of them were nice, some not so nice. More than once I have left the room with my back, butt, and thighs marked up from those toys. An involuntary shiver runs through me at the thought.
The rest of the room was taken up by various pieces of furniture. There was a four-poster bed once again in dark wood. There were no blankets on the bed, just a mattress covered in dark red sheets. Along the head board and at various spots on the posts were metal O-rings that made for tie-down points. Beside the bed were several pillows of various shapes and sizes that were there strictly for helping to position my body better for various sex acts.

The rest of the furniture was similar in color, although the nature of each varied. There was a large wooden cross near the window, a narrow table that was topped with red padding and that, like the bed, had O-rings all around the rim and down onto the legs for tie-down points. There was also a funny bench that looked kind of like a miniature picnic table with padding on the table and seats areas. In reality I straddled the table with my legs and arms bound to the seating areas. That one was nice for both spanking and for when Master decided to fuck me from behind either in my cunt or ass.

And just like that I realize that my mind has already shifted into submissive mode. No longer is it my husband... he is my Master and I am his slave. I can't explain the mindset completely, all I know is that for the rest of the time I am in this room I will do whatever he wants. He is in control, my body is his. A sense of contentment washes through me and I breathe in deeply. The smell of the room hits me fully now, the wood polish, the leather, the subtle spicy scent of my Master's cologne that he sprays onto the wood to help "mark" his territory. Yes, this is my place, to serve him.

I glance over at my partner in crime. She is standing wide eyed as she gazes about the room. Not in fear, although I am sure that may be running through her a bit as well. No, her look is more of wonder. I assume she must have some experience in this type of adventure, but maybe she has never had a chance to actually be in a room before that was totally devoted to sex such as this one. I smile because ultimately this is my room. My Master devoted a lot of effort into making a room that he could bring me to and give my body the pain and pleasure it craved.

"On your knees, now." I hear my Master's voice ring out with a very commanding tone. I immediately go to my knees without a second thought. Luckily I am standing on one of the thick throw rugs which helps to cushion my knees a bit. Like a good slave I place my arms behind me. The masseuse attempts to emulate me, but is slow.

"I didn't say you, slut." She is about half way down when Master grabs her once more by the hair and jerks her back upright. She gasps out in a bit of pain but more in surprise. He hauls her across the room and snatches a paddle off of the shelf. Her eyes go very wide.

"You, slut, are going to receive your punishment first. I can't believe you had the nerve to come into my house and take advantage of my slave like that." He shows her the paddle, all black, but with the word SLUT carved out of it in reverse. I shiver having had the paddle use on me several times. The end results is that it leaves The word imprinted on my skin if it is used very hard. A simple smack does not do the job. This woman is about to have her ass tore up by Master, of that I have no doubt.

With the slut now beginning to whimper, Master drags her once more back across the room and directly in front of me.

"So, slave, did this little slut make you cum?"

"Yes, Master." I reply. I can't help but have a little smirk. Oh, she is definitely going to get it.

"And are you supposed to cum without my permission, slave?" Master's voice is rough and very much in control.

"No, Master." I know my eyes are alight with the coming game. This is Master at his best. Slightly upset, but really milking the moment for all it is worth. The slut is standing stiff legged and her eyes are wide open. Her hands are both grasping Master's forearm trying to help relieve some of the tension on her hair that he has gripped in his fist tightly. She is breathing rapidly, but I can't help but notice that her nipples are jutting out, easily visible through her white tank top.

"Take off her shoes and shorts, now."

I begin to stand to accomplish the task, but Master quickly pushes me back down onto my knees. "I did not tell you to stand." I shuffle over to the slut on my knees and quickly begin to take off her sneakers and ankle top socks. The slut is easily being held in place by her hair still, and the one time she begins to struggle a bit is ended quickly as Master just lifts up further on her hair making her stand on her tip-toes briefly. "Now, now, I wouldn't advise moving or it will just be worse for you."

Her socks and shoes off, I reach up and grab her spandex shorts and begin to slide them down her legs. Underneath she is wearing a silky black thong. As I reach her ankles with the shorts she meekly steps out of them. "Her thong too." The slut whimpers a bit at the order, but I quickly move to comply. As I pull the thong down I get a good look at her pussy. She may not wax, but she has obviously recently shaved. She keeps it completely shaved except for a little black "landing strip" patch of hair right above her pussy.

"That's good." Master moves the slut a few steps to the right, and then reaches into his pocket and pulls out a set of Velcro cuffs. Letting go of her hair he quickly secures both her hands and above her head.

"What are you doing?" her meek little voice emerges.

"Shut-up, slut. You are going to be punished and the more you protest about it, the worse it will be for you." And with that he secures her hands to the beam in the ceiling with a length of rope going from the cuffs up to one of the O-rings on the beam. She whimpers, and then gasps as Master grabs a hold of the top of her tank top and rips it wide open. Her bra quickly follows as it is a front opening top that Master pops open with a snap of his fingers.

She now stands in the middle of the room completely naked except for the bra hanging by its shoulder straps. I can't help but admire her body. I was right about her breasts, on the smaller side, but her nipples are very dark and long although not quite as thick as mine. The rest of her body has that same olive tan complexion with no tan lines. I bet she tans naked at a tanning salon.

"Come here, slave." I crawl over the few feet between me and my Master. "I want you to eat out our guest's cunt. You are not to stop until she comes, is that understood?"

"Yes, Master." I respond. I turn slightly and quickly dip my head down in between the slut's legs. Using my tongue I quickly bury it into the soft folds of her very wet pussy lips. Oh yeah, she's excited about all of this alright. I can easily taste her juices on my tongue as I begin to lick up and around her clit. She's very sweet with a faint tanginess. Her breath gasps out of her as I begin to flick my tongue back and forth over her clit. Her legs spread apart quickly to allow me better access which I take advantage of by leaning in further and letting my tongue glide back and forth over her wet opening, probing up inside her a bit with each pass. She begins to moan and I delve in more, eager to see how long it will take me to make her cum.

"Yeah, our new little slut likes that. Make her cum good, slave, and maybe my punishment won't be as bad. Feel free to use your fingers too." I eagerly respond and slide a finger up inside her, feeling out her g-spot as my tongue goes back to working on her clit. Her moans are constant now and her hips have begun to move back and forth as she chases my tongue.

"Oh, Fuck, that feels so good. Yes, right there. Of fuck, eat my pussy. Make me cum." Her voice is getting higher. I intensify my efforts, eager to taste her as she cums.

"Yes, I bet that feels good, doesn't it." Master's voice takes on that very evil little tone that he gets when he is about to do something bad. I almost laugh out loud as I am pretty sure what's about to happen. "Would you like to cum?"

"OH, Fuck yeah." The slut responds. She is oblivious to the fact that Master is now behind her....with the paddle.

"I bet you would, Slut." And with that a very loud smack rings through the room as Master takes a full swing at her ass with the paddle. The slut cries out in pain and shock and even I wince a bit knowing full well how bad that paddle can sting. I am pretty sure there is a nice red imprint on her ass right now, with the white letters SLUT in the middle of it.

"Keep going, my pet. If she wants to cum she better do it, because I'm going to keep spanking her...." SLAP, "until she does." The slut cries out again as the second blow lands. "FUCK!" I intensify my efforts yet again, flicking my tongue rapidly over her clit as I begin to piston now two fingers in and out of her very hot, wet cunt. Her juices are flowing faster now and I can taste her sweet, tangy flavor easily. Her breathing is fast and her moans are almost constant. SLAP, she screams out in pain and pleasure. She is close, but Master is timing it perfectly so that he lands another slap from the paddle right as she is about to go over the edge.

SLAP. Her ass has to be on fire by now, of that I am sure. I plunge both fingers in deeply insider her and massage hard on her g-spot. Another SLAP and I bury my tongue hard onto her clit, flicking my tongue as fast as possible as I feel her body begin to shake hard.

"OH FUCK. YES!!! EAT MY PUSSY. ..... FUCK!!!" SLAP, and that does it. "YESSS!!!! OH, FUCK, I'm CuuummmmmMMMMMING!!!!" And her body convulses hard as her juices flood out of her. I let her ride my mouth through it, keeping up the efforts with my tongue on her clit, my fingers rapidly thrusting in and out of her. There's yet another SLAP from the paddle at some point, but slowly she comes back down, her legs shaking badly. I slide back from her a little bit. She is soaked in sweat and breathing heavily. Her eyes are glassed over a bit and there is a distinct smile on her face that says she is satisfied.

Master grabs a hold of her hair. "Just like I thought, a slut through and through." She gasps as Master pulls her head back by her hair so that she is staring at the ceiling. "Now I will have to pay my slave back from the nice orgasm she just gave you." With that Master let's her hair go and then grabs her upper arm. With a quick little pull her spins her in place so that her ass is now facing me. I gaze upon her now very rosy-red ass with several well imprinted SLUT marks scattered across it. I shiver and wonder secretly if that's what he has in store for me. Whatever it is I am sure that he will bring me both pain and pleasure before the day is done.

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