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My name is Max and i am a 41 year old married man, very good-looking according to many women, intelligent and in shape. Although it was a bit chilly, the sun was shining so i decided to head for a walk at the beach close to where i live. When i walked on the path to the beach i heard a horse coming up behind me. Our beach is used by many horse riders because it is so quiet. I stepped aside a little but and what i see takes my breath away: the large brown horse is ridden by a beautiful black woman. She was wearing tight white jodhpurs, black boots, a white blouse and a black jacket and gloves and had her long black hair in a pony tail. In her hand she held a whip. She passed me and i see her beautiful round ass and and i could not help but whistle softly. It took maybe a second, but she stopped and turned the horse with a slight movement of her hand and came back to me and stopped just in front of me. I was in shock and looked up to her. She looked down on me with a stern look. Now i can see she is just a young girl, maybe not older than 15. "Do you think all women like to be whistled at by old pigs like you?", she asked with a demanding voice. I started stammering and did not know. "Actually I am offended", she continues. "Do you know why men whistle to women?", she asked and before i can answer she says: "It is nothing more than a pre-historic mating call by a lesser evolved male. Did you ever think that a beautiful woman like me would even consider having sex with a old pig like you? I am only 14 and maybe i should report you to the police as a sex offender". I am speechless, but strangely enough also sexually aroused by the scorning of the young girl. "I see that your small friend wants to get out of your pants", she says referring to my hard cock in my pants. "So you are a sex offender!", she says while she quickly takes a picture of me with a her phone. "I will call the police once i am back from my trip" and she turns her horse and heads for the beach leaving me in shock and fear. What was meant as a compliment is turned by this girl into a sexual offence and i know who the police will belief when she reports me and it will not be me. I need to do something, but what? I feel i am also very horny and conclude it must be the mix of her looks son with her. and dominance that i have never before encountered in a woman. I need to speak to her again to stop her from doing something stupid, or damaging to me at least. What will my wife say, when these accusations are made? I almost run to the beach just to see her ride in the distance. Nothing else to do i sit on the beach and wait for her to return.

After what seems like hours, but in fact was maybe 30 minutes, I see her approach again in gallop. She slows down and i stand up to face her. She keeps walking the horse to the exit of the beach and i am forced to run with her. "Please stop, i want to talk", I ask. Ignoring me she pats the horse on the neck and tells him it was a good boy. "Please, please, stop, i beg You", i hear myself say. "What do you want?", she asks me. "Please, do not report me to the police, i am very very sorry for what i did". "You admit you committed a crime?", she asks. "Yes, i should not have done that", i agree thinking i might get away with it. "Crimes must be punished don't you agree?". "Yes, i agree", i humbly admit. She stopped the horse and looked down on me with her deep brown eyes and just the hint of a smile on her face. "Hold out your hands", she commands and to my surprise i automatically comply and hold out both hands. Before i can even pull away my hands she hits my hands with a strong blow of her whip. I let out a yell and tears flow on my cheeks. It hurt like hell. "You deserved that, or not?", she asks. Knowing that hopefully this will end my ordeal i just agree. "Will you ever whistle to a woman again?" and i quickly answer with no. Then i feel the tip of her whip softly ticking on my cock in my pants. "And what is this? It seems you are happy with the punishment you get, don't you?" And to my embarrassment i feel my rock hard cock pounding in my pants. "It is clear to me you need someone to teach you some manners, don't you agree?" she continues all the while softly ticking with the tip of her whip on my cock. I close my eyes and let out a soft moan. Then a hard blow hits my cock and she says 'When i ask a question I demand a swift reply. "Yes, i need someone to teach me a some manners", i say. "Good, I want you to be at 42, Groverstreet in precisely 30 minutes. Do not be late or i will call the police immediately!" and with that said she rides away leaving my totally in awe. I have never been treated like this before, It was always me controlling the women, but this 14 year old girl overrules me easily. Part of me thinks she will never report me, but another part is sure she will, she is that type of a woman. And i have never felt so horny in my life, so what do i have to lose? I decide to go to the address she gave and will reason with her. I need to do some damage control to protect my life!

When i arrive to address i see a nice villa in the better part of town. I park my car and walk to the door. I ring the bell and the door is opened by a man maybe 10 years older than I am and wearing a butler uniform. "Milady was expecting you and asked me to point you to the stables where she is waiting", he says with a soft voice as he guides me through the huge hallway to the back of the house and directs me to the stables. I walk to the opened door and enter the stables. I see at least 3 horses in boxes and in the rear of the stable i see the girl sitting on a chair, her legs crossed and still wearing her horse riding clothes, but not her jacket. I see nicely formed breasts under her blouse and swallow. She is smoking a cigarette and typing her cell phone. I walk towards her and say somewhat nervous "Here, i am" , but she is ignoring me completely. I watch closely with how much grace she brings the cigarette with perfectly manicured fingers to her lips. Lips that are very full and with some transparent gloss on it. This back girl is beautiful! I see how she inhales and blows the smoke in my direction. I start getting uncomfortable and clear my throat to attract her attention. She finishes her cigarette, drops it on the stable ground and puts it out with the tip of her boot.

"Listen, you better cooperate or I will report you to the police and belief me they will take action against you. So here is Lesson 1: do not speak unless asked a direct question which you answer swiftly". "Yes, but…". "No buts, understood?". "Yes, but i want…" and before i know it, she stands up, approaches me and slaps my face hard. "No buts, understood". "Yes". i say with my check burning not exactly understanding what is going on. She is standing very close in front of me and is maybe 20 cm smaller than I am. "Lesson 2: you will quickly obey my commands and from now refer to me as Milady. Understood?". "Yes". i say confused. And again i am face slapped hard on the other cheek. "Yes Milady", i correct myself. What the fuck is going on? Why do i let myself be treated like this? "Good, now undress" she commands and she turns and takes her seat again. What? Undress? She must be out of her mind, but when i look at her i see she is absolutely serious about this. "You undress now within 30 seconds or you can go home and i will call the police!" No, this is not what i want, i want to solve this and i need to buy some time to get the chance to talk to her normally. So i decide to undress quickly and throw my clothes on a pile. "Hands in your neck, legs slightly spread", she orders. "Lesson 3: you are not to look me or any woman in the eye and always look at the ground" and i quickly obey and i see her approaching me from the corners of my eyes. She grabs my cock that has been betraying me all the time; it is rock hard and i shiver under her grip. "You are an untamed stallion, but when i am done with you, you will be a happy mare wanting to be bred". I had no clue what she was talking about, but she squeezed my cock harder and i let out a moan. " You are willing to give up everything to be tamed, don't you?" "yes Milady", i moan and i start fucking her hand. "Manners!", she hisses and slaps my cock hard with her hand. "Follow me!", she orders and i quickly walk behind her, eyes to the ground, but i cannot help looking at her perfectly round ass that she moves so sexy.

We go to an empty box and she orders me to stand in the middle. I feel her standing behind me and attaching some kind of metal cuffs around my wrists and ankles. "Please Milady, can we talk?", i try to ask, but she kicks me from behind hard in the balls. "Was I not clear, mare? Lesson 1!" and she walks to the wall and starts turning a wheel and before i know it my hands go up in the air and i feel being stretched. My ankles are attached to the floor and my arms go up in the air. "Please stop this, i want this to end", i yell. The girl, whose name i do not even know, just ignores my pleading and walks to the corner where she grabs a hose and with full force the cold water hit me. She hoses me completely from top to bottom and i cannot do anything against it. This continues for maybe 5 minutes until it finally stops and i notice i am crying. Milady approaches me with a towel and while she dries me she talks with a soothing voice "Hush, hush, my little mare, you are just a little bit tensed. Calm down, Milady knows what is good for You! Don't you agree?". I am so in shock by all the emotions i do not know anymore what to say or think and just concentrate on her voice. She keeps soothing me with her voice and drying me with the towel. I start to get aroused again, but then i feel her attaching some kind of metal cage with a lock around my cock and i feel my cock cannot get erect anymore. She attaches some kind of collar around my neck and locks that also. She attaches a chain from the ceiling to it with a lock and removes the ankle and wrist cuffs. "This will be your box for a while my mare, get used to it. The chain and collar are just long enough to walk around the box and drink and eat from the troy in the corner. Do not yell, because nobody will hear you!. I will be back tomorrow and you think in the mean time how you can become a better mare".

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