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September 2010
I know I have a problem with grammar, but hopefully that doesn't disrupt the story. To me, it has always been about details and content. This is my first story. Tell me what y'all think and I will post chapter 2 soon. Thanks for reading.

I just exit the movie theater. I am with my girlfriend, Wendy, and her “other boyfriend”, Shaun. We did this a couple times a month: Go to the movies, hang out, etc. Wendy will prematurely decides who she would be “seeing” in public. Only a few people knew about our relationship, our open relationship. Our relationship came with rules.


Rule #1: Communication is key. If you are attractive to somebody and hopes to take them out on a date or just sleeping with them, you have to notify the other people (mainly Wendy) in the party.

Rule #2: If you do sleep with somebody else, make sure you wear protection. We don’t want to catch something as a group.

Rule #3: If somebody else in the party sleep with somebody that is not in the party, you cannot get mad. That’s why we are in an open relationship.

Rule #4: Again, communication is key. If something “just happens”, you have to notify the other people in the party within a 24 hours timespan.

(Note: These rules will not apply to this chapter, but will to others)

---Characters profile---

Wendy – at 5’2”, light skin, long dark brown hair, wears a size 0 in jeans, and has a 26A cup. Due to her babyface, height, and not “developed” body, a lot people mistaken her as a teenager. Little did they know, she is 25. She’s a receptionist at a law firm. Her dreams of being a lawyer was shot down when she couldn’t finish high school and got her GED a little later. She also babysits various children in her neighborhood for extra cash.

Shaun – 5’7”, medium-short slick salt and pepper hair, no facial hair, and has a small beer gut. He is in his mid-40s, separated from his wife and his divorce is being filed. He has a teenage daughter with his current wife, Alicia. He had a degree in Business with a minor in Accountant. The law firm that Wendy works at is one of his clients and that’s how they met.

Me, Micah – 5’6”, short black hair, brown skin, 6-pack abs, and a short hair peach fuzz with stubble beard. My most attractive feature is my eyes. My eyes are light brown that changes from hazel to dark brown depending on my mood (Wendy figured that out before I knew). I am 23. I am a recent graduate of college and just received my degree in Botany.

---Back to the story---

Going to the movies in the late afternoon always feels like a time warp to me. You go in when it sunny and light outside, and when you come out, it is almost or is dark. After walking out of the theater, we walked across the parking lot into the two-level mall. We wanted to grab something to eat before we headed back to Wendy’s place. Shaun and Whitney went to grab a slice of pizza; I went to grab some Chinese’s. We all met five minutes later and sat at a table. I was sitting across from Wendy while Shaun sat next to her.

We are all discussing the movie we just saw, Easy A.

“Emma Stone is so hot”, I said.

“Yeah, she is. Would you do her?” Shaun asked me.

“I don’t know. Tell you the truth: Probably not. I find her raspy voice really attractive, so I think I would just talked to her all night as a form of foreplay.” I replied.

“YOU ARE SO WEIRD!” Wendy shouted.

“So what? You knew what you were getting into when you started dating me,” I said followed by a small chuckle.

“No, I didn’t. Maybe we should break up,” Wendy said joking.

Wendy forgot one of my personal rules of a relationship. One of them is, “Never joke about breaking up or ‘taking a break’. I will take it serious and will end this relationship.” Like any rule, it is for a reason. A bad experience was the trigger of this one.

She laughed it off while I stayed quiet. Shaun was quiet too. I can tell he was counting the seconds it will take her to realize what she said. Than she jumped up, “I’m sorry, Mike. I didn’t mean it.” She came around the table to give me a hug and a kissed on the cheek.

“It’s fine!” I quickly said. The next few seconds, which felt like minutes, were real quiet as we slowly chewed our food and our conversation slowly came back into our collective mouths.

As I finished my food, I went to the closest trashcan to throw away my styrofoam plate filled with leftover soy sauce and pieces of rice. I walked back to the table and Wendy gets us from her chair. She looked at me while biting her bottom lips and whispered, “Are you hard?” She didn’t have enough patience for me to answer the question. She firmly grabbed my cock through my jeans and said, “Oh, you are not. This is why I love your cock.”

I was slightly embarrassed that my cock was just given some attention is a crowded mall food court. We walked back to our seat while our conversation and food finished. Wendy was playing footsie with me under the table. She then comes to the empty chair next to me and asked, “Want to do it?”

I shot her a look that made my expression say “Now?” Her lips biting and placing her hand on my thigh inching it way towards my member was telling me “yes”.

“Let’s wait til we get home,” I said. She got up in frustration. She was like a little kid: If she didn’t get her way, she would put up a fuss. But she had a few tricks up her sleeves.

About 15 minutes later, we decided to leave cause Shaun had to pick up Alicia from his wife house. Wendy had to go to the bathroom and asked me to walk her to it. The bathroom hallway was 10 feet away from where we were sitting. She suggested, “No, the other bathroom. The one with the family bathroom.”

I wasn’t stupid. She was trying to get me to have sex with her in that bathroom. I decided to play along. She shorter and weaker than me. I actual want to see how she would try. She told Shaun to met us at the car. I walked her to the family bathroom that was on the other side of the mall. As soon as we walked down the coordinator for the bathroom, I noticed that there was no line for it. We approach the three doors: Women, men, and family; and she opened up the door to the family bathroom as she struggled to pull me in.

I laughed as she tried to pull me in her sexual desire. With ease, I freed my arm and told her to go to the bathroom. I watched her go through the women’s bathroom door, as I forced myself to go myself.

When we got to the Shaun’s car, 2005 Toyota Camry, we noticed he was half-sleep in the driver seat. “That was quick,” he joking said.

With frustration in her voice, Wendy said, “We didn’t do anything. Micah wouldn’t have sex with me in the bathroom.”

Me and Shaun looked at each other and laughed. Wendy went into the passenger’s seat and slammed the door. Obviously, she was more than upset. Before I was able to open the back door. Shaun got out of the car and said, “Mike, let me talk to you.” We walked a few parking spaces over, hoping it was just enough that Wendy wouldn’t hear us. He looked at me and whispered, “I applaud you. How long you are going to make her wait?”

I chucked and replied. “I’m not doing it on purpose. But she need to know that she can’t get everything she want at the time that she wants it.”

Shaun nodded his head in agreement. “I understand. Just be careful cause she’s going to think that you don’t find her attractive anymore. You know how insecure she gets.”

I nodded in agreement. We were on the same page and I signaled him to walk back to car. We looked over and saw that Wendy was sitting in the backseat behind where she was just sitting. I walked to the other side of the car. The first thing I noticed was Wendy was pants-less. She was wearing a red lacey g-string. She was determined. “Shaun, DRIVE!” She demanded. Shaun turned the engine on, pulled out of the parking spot, and navigated through the parking lot looking for an exit to the street.

She jumped on my lap and started to straddle me. I leaned back waiting for her kiss. She gazed into my eyes and I looked back at hers. Her snap decision of kissing me happened. I didn’t stop her. She has one of the best lips I ever kissed. I placed my hands on her back. When her lips requested my tongue. My left hand caressed her right thigh, while my right hand firmly grabbed her soft skinned ass. She exited my mouth and turned my face to the left. She pressed her torso against mine and licked my ear lobe.

Turn-on #1: Licking or sucking my ear lobe. She knew just by licking that spot would instantly get me hard.

Shaun was driving a normal speed to avoided drawing attention to the car and also for not disturbing us. The budge in my jeans got harder as she was still licking my ear. My left hand moved to her ass, and now with both hands on her ass, I forced her to grind on the budge. Her tongue disconnected from my ear as her mouth opened up to whispered moan.

Turn-on #2: Knowing that a female is enjoying me.

The pressure inside me was building up. I wanted to be inside her, fucking her, but what I learned from years of experience: To send a girl over the edge, you need to do foreplay. I forgot that we were in a moving vehicle. I can see the headlights of the car that was behind us in Wendy’s face. I wrapped my arms around her and slowly laid her down. This was the first time I noticed Wendy’s nipples. Her nipples were hard and looked like targets through her shirt. I lay on top of her and gave her another kiss. I broke the kiss by moving to her neck (her spot), but I didn’t stay long. I kissed her collarbone, her breasts through her shirt, and finally lifted up her shirt just enough to reveal her stomach to kiss that. At this time, my hands moved from her back to her panties. Wet. She was ready for me. I took them off and placed them in the passenger’s seat.

I placed my head at her crotch but she stopped me. “Fuck me!” She demanded.

She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans, and unzipped my pants. She reached in my pants to take out my member. About 8 inches.

Now, remember how I said that she has a body and looks of a teenager? Well, despite having sex for 6 years, she also has a tight pussy like a teenager. Real tight. No matter how wet she is or if we go for round two or three. I always have to ease my way into her. The first time we had sex in about a month, I actually hurt her cause I was biggest guy she had.

This was no different. I eased my budging member inside her. Not inch-by-inch, but centimeter-by-centimeter. I stopped when I felt her cervix touched my head. I was mostly in. I watched her mouth opened to a moan. I started out slow, gradually picked up the speed. Her hand moved down to my ass matching my increasing rhythm. Her moaning increasingly got louder and more got frequent. Her hand gripped my ass harder. I can feel her pussy becoming even tighter.

Shaun made a hard stop at a red light, followed by, “Sorry.”

I just noticed that this is the second time I had sex in a car, but first time having sex in front of anybody. I looked out the windshield window and we were less than 3 blocks away from Wendy’s apartment.

I exited out of her. “No,” she said, trying to catch her breath. “Finished me off.”

I pulled my pants up and grabbed her panties from the passenger’s seat. “We are almost there. And Shaun has to go. We can finish when we get inside.”

She nodded. She was disappointed for the second time of night. “Can you opened up the door while I finish putting on my clothes and saying good-bye to Shaun?”

“Sure.” I exited the car. I said good-bye and gave Shaun a handshake that had a mixed on Wendy’s wetness and my sweat on it. I exited the car and pulled out my keys that have copy of Wendy’s keys: One for the complex door and another to her apartment door. I opened the door and turned around to look at her. She gave Shaun a good-bye kiss on the lips and opened the door. She still doesn’t have pants on. Her half-naked body ran barefoot through the door and rushed to her apartment, luckily on the first floor. I saw her little ass bouncing up and down as she ran pass me with her remaining clothes in her arms. I smirked a little bit and waved bye to Shaun as he drove off.

I entered Wendy’s one bedroom apartment that was always clean. I closed and locked the door. When I turned around, her panties were off again. She led me the couch and pulled my pants and boxers off. I noticed a white residue on my cock. It was her cream from when I entered her in the car. It didn’t bother her; she likes her taste, almost as much as I do. She pushed me down on the couch and kneed down to take my cock into my mouth. While her tongue circled my head and lips went up and down on my shaft, I took off the remaining clothes that she “forgot” to take off. I tilted my head back as I moan softly.

I grabbed her arms and signaled her to stand up. She took off her top and tossed it across the room. I grabbed her arms again and gestured to stand on the couch. I reached around her body to cup her ass and yanked her shave crouch to my face. I licked her swollen clit that send bolts of ecstasy into her. Her knees began to weaken. She is so close to the edge. I closed my lips against her clit to give it a little suck. Now, I was just teasing. Her body shook again. I worked my tongue on her clit. She moaned loudly while banging on the wall behind the couch. Luckily on the other side of that wall is her bedroom. She was dripping wetness from her pussy that I was trying to catch with my tongue.. Her knees finally gave out, letting me know that she came. I caught her. Her body is slowly gone down my torso leaving a trail of wetness.

I thought it would’ve taken some time for her to recover, but no, she grabbed my cock and placed inside her pussy. Once again, tight, like I wasn’t just in there 10-15 minutes ago.

She wasn’t the best rider, but she didn’t need to be. I wrapped one arm around her waist and placed her nipple in my mouth. Her up and down motion went into grinding. Making my cock touched every inch of her wall. Her loud moaning were broken up every so often by my name and my soft moaning were broken up too, but I tried to keep her nipple inside my mouth. I exploded hot cum inside her pussy, mixing up my juices with her. It was only after a few pumps of cum inside her that her pussy tightened up and made her cum again.

She collapsed into my arm. Her torso pressed against mine. We didn’t say anything for a few minutes that felt like hours. We laid in silence as I can feel her heartbeat went from rapidly fast to a steady pace.

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