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Imagine you are back 100 Romania...Transylvania in a castle...only lit by candles and you hear the gentle sound of wings flapping in the night and just think one of those noises may be from a vampire
This is my first posting, so please bear with me in my first attempt....

This story was actually requested from an on-line friend....Mathews is actually a girl, and asked me to create a story for her about one of her fantasies....She liked hopefully you may enjoy this as well...

I have to give inspirational credit to post to the board to JadeM...Her stories have captivated me over the last few days, I cant stop reading her stories......

here it goes.....


Chapter 1

Matthews has finished changing for the evening. She is wearing a heavy night shirt but it still does not kill the damp cold feeling running through her since she left the dinner table It is chilly and windy outside.

Matthews brushes her brown hair, til its soft and shiny. The glow of the candle on her pale skin makes it appear to be glowing. Mathews steps back and look at herself. She is tired but still awake. The sound of the wind sends another chill up her spine.

She walks over to her bed. It is a classic 4 pillar bed. The bed is draped with a sheer drape and heavy drapes tied back. On nights like these, she always releases the heavy drapes, not only to hold off the cold, but to also save her from vampires that are rumored to be present. She jumps up the 4' onto the bed, the mattress hard, but the heavy thick quilt cover is fluffy. Matthews positions herself in the middle of the bed and pulls the quilt up to her neck.

Again the noises catch her attention. She keeps her eyes open listening to the noises, believing all the stories from when she was younger. While it thrilled her to think of living for ever and never aging, it terrified her thinking of being bitten on the neck. She wondered if those sharp long teeth would hurt like a shot or if it would be a minor tick.

After a while, she finally drifts off to sleep. While she is asleep, the heavy curtain slowly shifts to the side.
The handsome (give me a break...Don’t think you want an ugly vamp) vampire moves into her sleeping chamber. Count Mark (the vampire) draws in a deep breath, and he is intoxicated by the smell. There is nothing more seductive and enticing than the sweet aroma of a true virgin.

The Count hovers over Matthews, drawing her in his minds eye. He wonders back on how many times he has entered this chamber, undetected, and never wanting to leave. Count Mark stands over Matthews, admiring her form , even hidden under the heavy quilt, he can make out her young womanly form. She has developed into a shapely and attractive lady.

He has long awaited her pending 16th birthday. It takes all of his effort to restrain his true desires but he can dream. He imagines how soft her neck will be, how she will draw his head into her neck. The wanting in him to take her. The Count shudders, feeling aroused as he watches her breath in her rising and falling chest.

The count moves down to kneel beside her. He brushes her hair from her neck. He watches the beating of her heart in her veins. Softly and gently he puts a finger on her neck, feeling the pure blood coarsing through the vein.

His hand starts to shake. He slowly slips back into a living dream. He can feel his lips touching the soft skin, the tip of his teeth moving to the perfect spot on the neck. Mathews straining to one side, offering her neck clearly to him. Then in one sift bite, clamping down and piercing the skin.

The Count snaps back to reality, finding himself only inches from Matthews neck. Her aroma even stronger, he is so tempted to take the bite. He is weighing the options and can feel himself hard with the anticipation.

He is almost ready to bite, when she stirs, startling him. He jumps back, like anyone who is caught in the act of something they dont want discovered. She rolls back again, onto her back, the count simply stands back watching.

He knows it will happen in due time and the pleasure will only be increasing for hours the count watches over Matthews.

Finally at the last minute, he departs before the morning sun rise.

Mathews slowly comes out of a restless sleep. It has been another night where she slept but still doesn't feel like she got a good sleep, almost like something kept her from reaching that deep sleep.

Then she notices, the heavy curtains which she had completely closed, are slightly open.

With a start, she runs to the dresser and desperately tries to find a match to light the candle. Finally with some light, she carefully checks her neck to see if there are any tell tale marks left from her late night visitor.

She breathes a heavy sigh of relief but is also disappointed.

Her hand runs over her body, dreaming of what it would feel like. Softly touching her breasts, feeling her nipples hard but thinking its just the cold damp. Absent mindedly her hand slips further down and presses into herself, wondering and wanting, knowing and fearing.

Her hand slowly rubs between her legs but its only her so it cant be that bad. She quickly lets her hands touch places, seeing if that dreamy shadow comes back to mind.


Her stomach

Her special, but touching there does give her butterflies in her stomach but in a different way. She keeps touching her body, chasing the feeling.



her really...well maybe...but not the same.

Matthews almost gives up then she thinks maybe just maybe. She slowly reaches out one last time, her hand shaking, she touches her neck. She gasps as the feeling in her stomach makes her body tingle from her toes to the top of her head like a jolt of electricity, but warm and good.

She is now positive she did have a visitor in the night. Now she knows she needs to do something to meet this stranger. She is confused how a dream a shadow can get her to react in this way but all the same she knows it has to be real.

Matthews stays in bed for hours running through all the things she could try and do. They run from barracking her self in to protect herself all the way to runing of flying away with the stranger to live an endless life.

Finally Matthews mother comes and lets her know she has to get on with her day Matthwews protests, but finally agrees. She slowly slides out of bed and walks to her dresser and selects her clothes. Typically Matthews wears what is expected over her. Today she is daring and wears her favorite outfit.

Its a black outfit, the top, fine black lace with amazing detail that is over a fine silk blouse. The silk flows like water and always makes her smile. The bottom is a long flowing black skirt that billows out when she spins around. This is on-top of a black silk corset that accentuates her body and makes sure everyone knows that she is truly turning into a woman.

After getting dressed Matthews slowly makes her way to the great room where the rest of the family is waiting. Matthews asks what everyone is doing, and no one speaks. They are all staring at her jaws open. From behind her, she hears some one say 'wow, how is the gorgeous lady'. Mathews turns to find Adam.

Adam was from the next village. His family was not as well off, but not poor. Matthews also remembers and quickly has a flash back to that first kiss, well the first of everything. Adam was her first.

He never rushed never made any demands. He was her best friend and more but it always seemed like their friendship always got in the way of the 'and more' part but she liked it that way.

Adam's reaction seemed to snap the family out of their shock. Her mother asks, 'why are you dressed like that?'

Mathews reply 'because it just felt like the right outfit for today, So What are we doing today?'

Adam comes over and says 'I cant believe you dont remember'

She says 'I didnt sleep, errr, well last night. Someone, errr, thing kept me tossing and turning.'

Mathew's father appears to be upset when the "someone" bit slipped out.

'So Adam, what are we doing today? '

Adam replies "well our families are going to the lake for a lunch. but now its a late lunch'

Matthews turns and throws Adam a look and then announces to everyone to get going ....

End of Chapter 1....
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