Although this fictional account may be read alone, it is a continuation of Chapter I -- Amy.
For the first few days after I returned from Houston, I often pleasured myself. Most of the time, I would simply rub my clit until I reached orgasm. Usually, I would do it twice, and rarely more often. I would imagine it was Amy’s fingers rather than mine, but it only took the edge off. It was not nearly so pleasurable as with Amy. At times, I imagined sex with a boy, but I had no experience to go back to, and I wasn’t able to imagine it very well.

Mark had lived next door to me all of my life. We were very good friends – even confidants – but I had never had any sexual thoughts toward him. I had never had any sexual thoughts toward anyone before Amy’s visit. Mark was twelve, and was away at a tennis camp when I returned from Amy’s. Mark was taller than I, and slim in a strong-looking way. Raw-boned would be an apt cliche’. Four days after I returned from Amy’s I saw Mark in his back yard in the morning. I yelled at him to come over and swim. He nodded his assent, and was soon at my pool in his Speedo suit. He looked good. I noticed, as I had never before, the small bulge at his crotch. We swam for a while and roughhoused a little; then we went to sit on the porch. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about how sex with him would be. I really had a hard time imagining it, and the idea really scared me. My idea of the size of men’s penises was pretty much correct, and I didn’t see how one of those could fit inside me. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about Mark and me. Maybe joint masturbation would work. I had to think about this. I excused myself to use the bathroom.

This was a new idea, which I hadn’t considered until Mark got over here. In the bathroom, I thought: I have heard of “date rape.” I don’t think Mark would ever do that, but I know that boys can be pretty hard to handle after they get turned on. They might even think they have a right to sex if a girl leads them on. What I had in mind went beyond leading him on. I wanted to stop at mutual masturbation. I didn’t know if Mark would. I was afraid that a penis would rip me open. What if I bled everywhere? What if I had to go to the hospital? I would be permanently grounded. I would be done with sex until I was out of my parents’ home. Not only that, Mark would certainly be blamed. Even if I tried to take the blame, and I certainly would, everyone knows that it’s the boy that initiates these things.

I decided to go back outside and tell Mark I wasn’t feeling well, and excuse myself. The downside was too bad. I went outside. I didn’t have to tell Mark right away that I was sick. In fact if I did, it might look suspicious. I sat down and looked at Mark. He looked so good. I said, “do you masturbate?” Mark couldn’t have turned any redder. “ Why are you asking,” he stammered. “Because I do, and I want to know if you do,” I replied in my most authoritative, bitchy voice.

“But how do you do it – you don’t have anything to...hold onto” he said. “I asked my question first. Do you masturbate,” I replied. I was really controlling the conversation, now. “Sometimes,” he said. I laughed. “I knew you didn’t do it all the time.” I said, and I immediately regretted the sarcasm. “Yes, I do,” he said, embarrassed.. At that point, I observed the change in his Speedo. Although he was trying to hide it with his hands in his lap, I could readily see the outline of his boner. “Okay,” he said, I answered your question; now you answer mine.” “Come here and I’ll show you,” I said. I stood and grabbed his hand to lead him inside. As he stood, there was no hiding his erection. I guess he figured there was no point in it now.

I led Mark up the stairs to my bedroom. I was trying to be calm and sophisticated, but I was so nervous and excited, that my legs were shaking. We sat on my bed, and I said, “I’ll show you how I do it, but you have to show me how you do it, okay?” He didn’t hesitate. I pulled off my swimsuit, and told him to take off his Speedos. When his suit came down, my fears left me. This wasn’t the enormous ram which I feared. It wasn’t the pencil-thin little things I had seen on little boys, but it wasn’t scary either. It wasn’t much bigger than Amy’s finger. Four inches, max, and not as big around as a hotdog. His pubic area was hairless. I knew two things: it would fit, no problem; and it was going in me.

I leaned back on the pillows and spread my legs. “I do this,” I said as I began to rub my pussy lips and my clit. “Now show me what you do.” Mark leaned back beside me, and put his hand around his cock. His hand was too big to use the whole thing, so he was just holding it with his two smallest fingers. He began to rub it up and down, up and down. “Can I try it?” I asked. “Can I try yours?” he said. “Okay.” “Okay.” I guided his hand to my crotch with one hand. My pussy was already wet, and I reached down to wet the hand I would be using on him. I put his hand right where I wanted it, and began to move my other hand up and down on his stiff cock. It took only a few strokes when I felt his body tighten and his hips jut out. I watched for the eruption from his cock, but was surprised to see only a small drop of clear liquid appear on the end. Soon thereafter, his rubbing produced the desired result, and I arched against his hand, again and again. I expected some down time, but Mark was ready again. He began to move his hips like he wished me to continue the stroking. I was happy to do it, and began by rubbing the small drop of liquid which had appeared at the hole on the end of his cock, around the head, as much as it would last, which wasn’t much. Mark did his part, by continuing to massage my pussy. Before long, I could feel the orgasm rise in my loins, and then a monster release – as strong as any I had had with Amy. This was really good.

Mark’s humping against my hand, reminded me that my job was not finished, and I switched hands to continue my stroking. It took longer this time, and Mark and I arched together for his second orgasm, and my third. I was actually able to postpone mine for a few seconds to obtain the simultaneous release, and it was wonderful. I had to rest my pussy, but Mark wasn’t done. He indicated that he wanted more, and I obliged. This time, I leaned up, so that I could observe the action, and watched my hand rise and fall as he moaned and squirmed. I had had my hand on his cock the entire time since we had started, and it had remained as hard as when we started the whole time. I needed to switch hands again, but a few minutes more of stroking up and down, and this time faster and faster, produced a loud grunt, and another drop of liquid on his cock head. I was actually kind of proud of myself that I could do this so well, that he came over and over.

After his third orgasm, Mark’s penis began to lose its stiffness, and I was able to observe it shrink to maybe half it’s erect size. Since he had been so excited when we disrobed, I hadn’t seen this state before. I was aware, of course, that penises acted this way, but it was still fascinating to watch. I held it and moved it around to see just how it reacted. After a very few minutes, Mark asked to look at my pussy, since he had never actually seen one before. My legs were spread some, but I stretched them out further as he lay between them and manipulated the folds. He tentatively inserted the end of a finger a little way into my vagina, I guess to see if there was any pain, or objection on my part. My reaction was exactly the opposite of an objection, so he ventured somewhat farther. My “Mmmmmmmmm” encouraged him and he used a finger from each hand to spread the hole a little so he could see in. Then, he slowly inserted a finger up until his hand met my lips. “That’s so good,” I murmured, and he withdrew it and reinserted it. In and out, he began a rhythm, as I moaned my satisfaction. His other hand began to massage my clit and the surrounding lips of my pussy, and finally I let out a long growl as my hips rose to receive the many fingers. The orgasm lasted for what seemed like five minutes, and when I finally regained my composure, I was exhausted. As Mark rose from his position, I could see that he was not finished. His cock was back at attention, and I expected that it wanted my attention. I was too spent to enjoy making him come again, and I said, “let me watch you do it.” I was relieved to see that the idea appealed to him, and I watched for two or three minutes while he stroked, first slowly, and then faster and faster – much faster than I could have done, until he finally jerked, grunted and fell back on the bed. This time I could see no liquid at the end of the cock.

It was at this time that I looked at the clock, which showed 5:15. My mother got home from work at about 5:30, so we were going to be done for the day. Originally, I planned to put that cock where Mark’s fingers had gone, but there wouldn’t be time even if we could recover our strength. We quickly put our suits back on, and got to the pool minutes before Mom came home. Although I had looked forward to the actual intercourse, I was not disappointed. This would give me something to look forward to, and dream about tonight.

So, what happened from the time I decided that the risk was too large until I asked Mark if he masturbated? I’m not sure. I came out of the house determined to abandon the plan, and before I knew it, I opened my mouth and the question popped out. That night, I was so glad it had.

Mark stayed for a few minutes after my mother came home, and then excused himself to go home. Mom asked if he wanted to stay for dinner, but he bowed out. As he was leaving, he told me that he had a doctor’s appointment the next day for a physical for the school tennis team, so he probably wouldn’t see me. I didn’t let my mother see the disappointment in me.

Interestingly, with the encounters with both Mark and Amy, no one had suggested oral sex. It didn’t occur to me, and I guess it didn’t to them either. In the future, that would change.

At first, I was annoyed that Mark had not told me earlier that he wouldn’t be around the next day, but then I realized that we had been so engaged in what we were doing, that we hadn’t really talked after it began. I resolved to wait until the day after next to do any more servicing of my desires.

The next morning I awoke thinking about Mark. I closed my eyes and imagined his penis inside me. I got up and took a shower. Then I went to the pool to lie in the sun. I closed my eyes, and again I could almost feel Mark. I couldn’t get him our of my mind. I should say that although my fantasies involved Mark at this point, I hadn’t forgotten Amy. I wished she were here to frolic with, but when I thought of sex, I thought of Mark.

About 1:00, I went in to eat, and sat on the sofa with my sandwich and tea. I turned on the television, which was already tuned to Cinemax, and began to watch the movie already playing. It was a surfing movie, and was not particularly sexy. Nevertheless, the sight of boys in bathing suits had me breathing hard, and I pulled open the top of my bikini bottom and reached down to my crotch. I told myself that I was just going to hold it, but soon I was slowly massaging the lips. My hand went down to the opening, but the suit was too tight to get my finger in. I removed the bottom. Then I removed the top. It was exciting to sit naked in my living room, watching boys surfing. It was almost as if I could feel them looking at me.

My middle finger entered the opening, and it was immediately wet. I went to get a towel. Another finger was wetted, and then a third. I slid them together up and then down again, with one finger on each side, and one directly on the clit. So much for waiting for tomorrow. I slid my hand back and forth, as I watched the surfers watch me. My movements were slow, probably because I told myself that I was not going to go as far as orgasm. After a couple of minutes, though, there was no holding back. I began to increase the speed slowly. The feeling was wonderful. I was able to appreciate the feeling of getting there more than I had before. After probably ten minutes, I began to reach the point of no return, and I increased the speed, until I finally burst into climax. Wow. It was after 4:00.

I knew that I couldn’t stay on the sofa and do a repeat performance without risking getting caught, so I gathered the towel and went upstairs to my bedroom, dropping the towel into the dirty clothes bin in my bathroom. I wanted to wait until the next day for any more action, but that wasn’t to be. I turned the TV in my room on to Cinemax and continued to watch. I hadn’t put my suit back on, and soon I was massaging my clit once again. This time I did it quickly – furiously, and came with an intense rush quickly. Now, I moved away from the damp spot on the bed, pulled the sheet over me, and quickly fell asleep naked. I awoke to my mother’s voice, “Amanda, where are you?” I was able to get up and get my suit back on before she got to my room. “Are you all right, honey?” she asked. “Sure,” I said. “I was swimming all day, and was tired, so I lay down for a while. I’ll be down in a few minutes.” “Okay, baby, I’ll go start dinner,” she replied.

I got dressed and helped her with dinner as I often did. Dad got home and we ate. He had brought a movie home, and we watched it until about 9:30, when I excused myself and went to my bedroom. I wanted to masturbate again, as I thought of Mark, but this time I restrained myself, and fell asleep thinking of him.

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