Designed to be read after first two chapters, but, like much erotica, it should work on its own
I awoke early the next morning. My mother hadn’t even left for work. I waited until a few minutes after I heard the car leave, and then went to my window. Well, Mark was an early riser too, it seemed. He was lying on a lounge chair in his back yard, pretending that he wasn’t watching my window. However, when I motioned him to come over, he saw me right away, and was quickly at my back door. I let him in, still in my nightgown (without panties, ala Amy), and he did something I didn’t expect. He kissed me. On the mouth. With his mouth open. I quickly opened my mouth and our tongues caressed. This was nice. I broke off the kiss and guided Mark to my room, where his Speedo was off as quickly as my nightgown. We sat on the bed, and I asked, “did you masturbate yesterday?” Mark blushed again, paused, and then with a guilty voice, said, “I tried not to, but finally I did.” “Same with me, I replied.”
I took Mark’s hand and put it on my pussy. I was wet quickly, and wetted my hand in my own pussy juices. Then I put it around Mark’s cock, and very slowly drew it up to the head, and then down as far as it would go. Mark was rubbing me like I had shown him, and I could feel the blood engorge my pussy. Mark was clearly wanting me to speed up, but I would not. He was not insistent, but I could tell he was getting frustrated. I pulled his hand away, and quickly sat up and swung my leg over him. I reached down and slowly guided his swollen cock into my hole. A half inch in, and back out.. An inch in, and back out. Mark was groaning and straining his body toward my pussy, but I controlled the entry. Now an inch and a half. Now two. I could feel his blood throbbing in the head of his cock inside my vagina. Now, I lowered myself completely, as Mark’s whole body convulsed, and he thrust again and again into my hungry tunnel. He had come just as his cock’s full length was buried as far as it would go. Like the first day, his erection did not wane. I lifted up and back down. Then I moved in a circular motion, as he reached up to put his hands on my breast nubs. I felt every inch of his length along the walls of my vagina, and I had never felt anything like this before. After only a few seconds, Mark began to thrust his body up as mine came down. Rhythmically, we moved in opposite directions, until I could feel my orgasm start. I slowed my pace to make it last as long as possible, and Mark took the cue to adjust his rhythm. I could feel the orgasm start in my stomach and travel to my clit. Up and down, I slowly moved, and at last I could hold back no more, as my body began to spasm, and I could feel the walls of my vagina contracting again and again against Mark’s still throbbing cock, which a few seconds later gushed again.

I relaxed, and lowered my body down onto Mark’s, but he was not done yet. He deftly rolled over on top of me. His cock slipped out briefly, but he quickly reinserted it, and began to pound my pussy hard and fast. OH MY GOD! Bang, Bang, Bang. He pushed so hard, and it was so good. I came again, intensely, as he continued to thrust. Finally, his body straightened, as his last thrust left him deep in my pussy. He had come three times without stopping, and I was in heaven. I had no idea how long the entire episode had taken, but I had no energy for another go then. Mark lowered himself gently onto the full length of my body, without pressing hard, and remained buried in my vagina. I could feel that he was still hard.

After about a minute, he rolled off my body, and lay beside me. Although I was tired, I sat up, and looked at Mark. His cock was losing its erection, and it was fun to watch it sink from its full size to the soft unimpressive state where it spent most of its time. Mark closed his eyes, and lay there quietly. Finally, he said, “thank you, thank you, thank you. That was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. In fact that doesn’t even begin to describe it. I have imagined that before, but it was so much better than I imagined.” “I know – I was there.” I replied. “I want you to know that I am so happy that my first time was with you. I trust you, and I respect you greatly. I would not have done this with anyone else.” Mark looked surprised. “I didn’t know that you liked me that much.” He said. “ I have liked you a lot for a long time. I think about you a lot. When I have imagined doing that, I have always imagined you” “I think about you a lot too.” I said.

I don’t know even today whether we at our ages were capable of romantic love, but I was in love with Mark then and thereafter. As I looked at Mark’s body, I got an urge to kiss his penis. It had just brought me so much pleasure, and it seemed like a natural thing to do. I leaned over, and put my lips on the soft underside of the head. Although Mark’s eyes remained closed, I could immediately feel the cock begin to rise. In only a few seconds, it was back ready for action. I moved over and positioned myself between Marks spread legs. For the first time, I noticed his testicles, and reached out to feel them. Mark jumped reflexively. “Be careful,” he said. “They are very sensitive.” I slowly caressed them. “Is that okay?” I asked. “Better than okay,” he said. “No more pressure than that.”
I continued to caress his testicles, and moved my mouth again to Mark’s cock. Again, I kissed the underside of the head and he murmured his approval. I began to kiss it down the shaft, on the side, on the top. It seemed to strain to hold in the blood engorging its bluish head. Without any particular reason, I put its entire length into my mouth. I began to suck on it, because that seemed a natural thing to do. More murmurs of approval. As I sucked, I ran my tongue along the bottom of the cock from the base to the tip. The murmurs became groans, and I sucked harder and faster. Instinctively, I was careful to keep my teeth away from his cock. After a couple of minutes of really vigorous sucking, Mark’s body convulsed, and arched up to bury his cock in my mouth. Four orgasms. I was interested, and now I was counting. I had understood that boys were one and done. Obviously, this was another matter about which I had been misinformed.

Since Mark remained hard, I continued sucking with a similar result a few minutes later. That’s five.

My mouth was tired, and I rolled off, onto my back. Sucking on Mark had rekindled my desires, and I lay there with my legs spread, hoping Mark would use either his cock or his fingers to give me some relief. I questioned his cock’s ability to do much more. Mark had other ideas. He positioned himself between my legs as I had with him, and lowered his head until his lips were near my pussy. I immediately wished for them to touch, and lifted my hips hoping to meet his lips. He moved his head so that it remained the same distance away from me. He formed his lips into a very small hole and blew directly onto my clit. Oh my. I didn’t think I would be able to cum that way, but it felt really good. He blew up one side and down the other. Several times he repeated this, and then he suddenly lowered his mouth directly onto my pussy. His tongue came out and slipped down the side of my clit. Across the tip and up the other side. Across the top and down the other side. Again. Again. Now, he placed his mouth on my pussy, and began to suck on my clit. It was almost too intense, and I jumped. Mark immediately stopped. “Don’t stop,” I said, and he resumed.. Just as I was getting used to that, I felt Mark’s finger slowly enter my vagina. “Mmmmmmm,” encouraged him, and he began to move it in and out. Tongue and finger. Together. Together. Together. I almost screamed as I launched my hips into Mark’s face, and blew another monster orgasm. Mark continued to suck and finger, but I was too tired for another at that time. That time was 12:15.

Mark fell over onto the bed, and we both lay there, completely spent. We talked for a while. Mark was curious, of course, about how this whole think came about. Although he had imagined sex with me, he had never thought it would happen. Certainly not at this age. He didn’t think I was even interested in that. Of course, I wasn’t the last time he had seen me before he went to camp. I told him everything about Amy. I told him that I really didn’t realize that I had sexual feelings until she came. I felt I could tell Mark everything, and I did. I would have never told anyone else about the relationship between Amy and me, but I told Mark without reservation.

I wanted to know how Mark began to masturbate, and he told me. Cousins are apparently a wonderful source of sexual information. Mark had gone to a family reunion at the beginning of the summer and stayed with a cousin 2 years older than he. The first night he was there, the cousin unabashedly explained it all to him. He watched the cousin do it, and at the cousin’s orgasm, a quantity of whitish liquid shot out a couple of inches high and then fell on his stomach. When Mark tried it, only a small bead of clear liquid appeared at the tip. The cousin explained that Mark was not fully mature, and that he would get there as he got older. Mark also said that the cousin’s cock was much larger than his, and he had a full crop of pubic hair, so Mark figured he was correct about that. He had been masturbating at least once a day since then, and usually had four or more orgasms before he tired. He had even learned to use his left hand, because his right hand became too tired. It was interesting to Mark that the cousin had stopped at one orgasm, while Mark never want to stop there. He didn’t tell the cousin that, so he didn’t know if that was common or not. He was also somewhat embarrassed about it, and hadn’t told anyone else. He told me, though, and I was more than flattered. I felt that Mark was my soulmate, and we could each tell the other anything. Two mysteries solved: cocks apparently were big and scary; I had just had the good fortune to find one just the right size; and semen did not just appear at the tip of a man’s penis, but actually shot out of the end of it.

School started in three weeks, but we tried to wear our privates out for that three weeks. Mark was on the tennis team, and I intended to run track and go out for the swimming team this year. Obviously, we would be curtailed in our further sexual explorations after the school year started.

Mark and I were spending a lot of time together, but no one suspected anything, because obviously neither of us was old enough to have sexual desires. After we got home from practice, Mark would usually come to my house and come up to my room to study. We always kept the door open, so there would be no reason for suspicion. Obviously, that left little opportunity for sex, but there were ways. We learned soon, that we could easily hear my parents’ footsteps on the stairs, and that they never came in the room, but would talk to us from the doorway if they needed something. Of course, they never really needed anything, but were just checking on us. After a couple of weeks, they rarely came up.

Mark and I would sit side by side on the side of the bed facing away from the door. We were right next to each other, so no one could tell anything that was going on in our laps, which always held a book. In fact, most of the time we really were studying, so there wasn’t much going on. However, often our hands would be in each other’s pants caressing and rubbing – sometimes to orgasm, and sometimes just feeling each other. That was satisfying, although obviously not completely. Weekends were the good times. Both of my parents were avid golfers, so almost all Saturdays and Sundays they were at the golf course early. Mark would come over when he got up, and usually I would make us some breakfast. After that, we went to my room, where we did all of the things I have described before. Of course, as the novelty wore off, we no longer spent all of the possible time engaged in sex, but we were still highly active.

I remembered from sex-ed that girls did not become fertile until they got their period, so pregnancy wasn’t a worry for the time being. Also, it never occurred to me that Mark could have an SDT, so sex for us was pretty much worry-free as long as we were careful not to get caught, and we were.

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