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Sequel to Naughty Cheerleaders
It was the 4th of July weekend. Maddi (16) and Shannon (15) were excited because their parents would be gone from early afternoon Friday till late afternoon Monday. For anyone who read my first story, Maddi and Shannon were the hottest girls at Waterloo High, who loved nothing more than fucking each others brains out. Maddi was about 5'6" with long, curly brown hair and brown eyes. She had a very slim figure and a pair of the largest tits in the whole school. Like her sister, she had a deliciously tight and round ass that every guy in the school dreamed of entering. Shannon was a little taller with straight brown hair and big blue eyes. She had rather small tits but her figure compromised that minor flaw. Maddi was very tan whereas Shannon had a very white glow about her.
The two had been sexually involved for some time, but only recently did they include someone new in their private activities. Jamie (15), an attractive young girl with dirty blond hair and blue eyes and a figure much like Maddi's, accidentally stumbled across the two eating each others pussies out in the girls locker room one day after cheerleading practice. Since then, every chance the three got, they would enjoy each other from head to toe, so you can imagine why this weekend was going to be special.
The two sisters' parents left saying nothing more than, "The house better not be a mess when we get back." Maddi and Shannon stood at the front door waiting for their parents to pull away from the driveway, which to them, seemed like forever. All each on could think about was running her tongue all over their the other's body. Shannon wanted to feel Maddi working her magic between her legs till she was trembling with ecstasy. Likewise, Maddi was looking forward to slurping down every drop of cum she could extract from Shannon's pussy.
Finally, the car was gone. The house was theirs. They wouldn't let a minute of this weekend go to waste. Friday was reserved for the sisters, but Saturday, Jamie would come over. No doubt throwing another pussy and set of ripe tits into the mix would make things more fun. But Shannon wasn't even thinking about that yet. She pulled Maddi by her tank top and led her upstairs to the master bedroom. Maddi was wearing a tight, white tank top that went down just below her naval and a skimpy, pink bikini bottom. Shannon had on black, jean minishorts that just covered her round supple ass and a t-shirt. Maddi knew Shannon wasn't wearing a bra by those erect nipples protruding from her shirt.
Maddi laid down on her stomach on their parents' king sized bed. She began teasing her sister, slowly grinding her pussy into the bed and moaning. Shannon stood by the bed watching. She was getting so hot and Maddi noticed juices running down her sis' leg from under the minishorts. Shannon wasn't wearing panties. The drops of cum ran down her thighs and past her knees all the way until they reached the floor. Maddi stood up next to her sister. She kissed her on the ear and whispered, "I want you..." She slipped off her panties that had a huge wet spot on the front. She took her sister's hand and raised it to her mouth and began sucking on her index finger. She then lowered Shannon's to her wet spot and slid the finger in.
"Mmmmmmm... your pussy's so warm," Shannon giggled, still leaking cum that now began dripping through her shorts. She slid her middle finger in too and began stretching her sister out. Maddi shivered and had to put her hands on Shannon's waist to keep balance. She closed her eyes, trying to absorb all the feelings her sister was producing. She felt the fingers, moving faster and penetrating deeper as she breathed heavily. Getting hotter and hotter, she finally forced her eyes open in an effort to keep from losing consciousness. Shannon removed her fingers immediately and asked, "Is everything okay?" It was until Shannon took her fingers out. Maddi ached to have them back inside her, filling her empty space.
"Ya, everything is perfect." Maddi leaned forward and gave Shannon a peck on the lips. "Lie down." Maddi nudged her sister towards the bed, but Shannon refused to go. At least, not yet. She lifter her hand and licked Maddi's juices off her middle finger. "Mmmmm... you taste sooo sweet." She offered her index finger to her sis, and Maddi slurped down her own cum quickly. Shannon pulled off her top and hopped up on the bed. Maddi went to the foot of the bed and took her sis by the legs. With her tongue, she followed the trail of cum all the way up Shannon's left leg, stopping only once to swallow at the knee. Shannon watched and reaching down her shorts to use her own cum as lubrication, she began rubbing and pinching her nipples. Maddi went higher and higher but was saddened when she got to her sister's shorts.
"Why do you still have these on?" Shannon had already taken her belt off on the way up the stairs. Now she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, while Maddi simultaneously took off her tank top and dropped her bra on the floor. They returned to their previous positions, this time with Shannon's bald pussy fully exposed. Maddi played around with her sis, licking around her pussy and rubbing the palm of her hand on her spot. "Stop fucking around!" Shannon ordered. Maddi realized her sister would die if she didn't get off soon. So she did as she was told. She buried her face in Shannon's pussy and darted her tongue in and out, alternating between her pussy and her asshole. Her nose was mashed up against her sister's crotch and her chin was covered with hot, sticky cum. Shannon spread her legs wide and rested them on Maddi's shoulders. Bead of sweat were forming all over her body. Her eyes were pinched shut and her face was lit up bright pink. She dug her nails into the side of the bed and began thrusting her hips in sync with Maddi's tongue. Maddi swirled Shannon's juices around and had to grab hold of her sis' ass to keep from being thrown from the bed. Maddi slid her hand in Shannon's pussy and pinched her clit hard. This was all she could take. The feelings were too much for Shannon to control. She felt her hot cum flooding through her, ready to explode. "Ohhh-oh shiiiiiiiiit! Fuck... I'm gunna cuuuuuuuuummmmm!" Maddi was waiting to welcome her sister's juices into her body. Shannon reached her orgasm and wave after wave of steamy cum flooded into Maddi's mouth. There was so much, Maddi couldn't swallow it all and started gagging on her sister's liquids. Shannon's climax seemed to last hours and when it finally stopped, she laid there, lifeless. Her chest moved up and down and her heartbeat slowed to its regular pace. She spread her legs and rubbed herself, making sure she was completely the drained. The excess cum dripped onto the bed sheets.
Maddi got on top of Shannon and let the cum drip off her face and onto Shannon's. Shannon gave an innocent smile and whispered, "I love you," The two leaned in and shared a passionate kiss, their tongues exploring each others mouths. Shannon stroked the roof of Maddi's mouth while running her fingers through her sister's hair. They enjoyed kissing Maddi would often times sit on Shannon's lap till all hours of the night, lip-locked with her sis. Maddi broke the kiss and started to lick the cum off her sis' face, paying special attention to the lips and nose. Shannon returned the favor and the two just rested next to each other for a few minutes.
"It's time I returned the favor..." Shannon looked at Maddi who she could tell was getting kind of anxious. Maddi was so fuckin horny, it wasn't gunna take her long at all to go off. None the less, that pussy needed a right good fucking. Shannon started at Maddi's tits, taking as much as she could into her mouth. She made little circles around the nipples and pinched them between her teeth every now and again. This had Maddi going wild and she moved her hand toward her wet hole. "Ah-ah-ah, that's my job remember." Maddi backed off and Shannon gave her sweet gentle kisses all the way down her stomach. When she reached the pulsating pussy, she rubbed her nose in the juices and took a hard wiff. Unlike Maddi, she wasted no time in getting to the good part. She inserted a finger into her sis, who gave a yelp at the much-anticipated penetration. The next thing Maddi knew, there were two fingers, then three and it wasn't long before Shannon was pumping her whole fist in and out! Maddi's mind was racing, at about the same speed as her heart. But then all of a sudden, Shannon stopped. Maddi wanted to ask what the fuck Shannon was doing, but she was too preoccupied keeping the pleasure going with her own hand. Shannon apologized and moved across the room to the chest of drawers in the corner. She pulled a pen out from one of the drawers and then went back to her sister. She closed her eyes and began eating her sister, much like the way she had just been eaten. But unseen to Maddi, who was gnashing her teeth on a pillow to keep from screaming, Shannon slipped the pen in between her own legs. She held it there a few seconds and then removed it. It was drenched in her cum and her liquids dripped onto the sheets. Still sucking her sister closer to climax, she spread open Maddi's ass and slid the pen in.
"AAHHHHHHHH!!!" Maddi's eyes opened wide and her face got bright red. She thrusted her pelvis up into the air. The combination of the two pleasures was becoming too overwhelming for the poor girl. Shannon pushed the pen deeper and deeper into her sister's asshole which was wiggling in the air to help in. It wasn't long before Maddi was gunna cum and when Shannon pinched her sis' clit between her teeth, the pleasure swirled together and she exploded. Maddi shivered, took her sister by the back of the head, and pushed her face against her crotch so she wouldn't miss any cum. This was impossible and Shannon coughed and let some run out the side of her mouth and down her chin.
The orgasm subsided and Shannon stood up and licked the cum off her lips. She took the pen out from Maddi's asshole and wiped it off. While she walked across the room to return it to the drawer, her sis sat up and tidied the bed. Shannon came over and sat on her sis' lap and the two kissed for a while. They were upset it was over, but remembered they had that night and the whole weekend to look forward to. The fun was just beginning.

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