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Here is a story a friend wrote and asked me to share, it is a very consensual story that i could wish it was mine. But i can't and i give all my credit to my buddy who asked not to be named, since we do have people we know on this sight. I hope you all like it as much as i did!
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"You going to join me?" you ask, bubbles barely covering your pink skin.

"Maybe," I say. "You want me to?"


I smile. “OK.”

I pull off my shirt and unfasten my belt and pants. I slip my thumbs under the band of my boxer briefs and tease you by tugging them slowly. You smile and bite your lip.

I pull them down, my cock already hard and throbbing.

"Stand up," I say.

You oblige, the water slipping down off your curves, leaving you shiny. I take you in. Your hard nipples. Your firm breasts. Your gorgeous stomach. Your curves. Your smile. Your dark hair, wet, hanging down, covering you.

I step in, the water warm. I grab you and pull you to me, getting myself wet as I hug you tight, kissing you, tasting your lips. Your skin is electric. I feel a current running through us as our tongues tease. I wrap my arms around you and hold you close.

"Turn around," I say, wanting to taste you. You smile, turning to the wall, your palms flat against the tile. You jut your hips out, your ass bumping my cock as you do. I briefly consider sliding into you from here, but I ignore the urge.

I drop to my knees, making a splash. I can smell you, your pussy already wet. Aching. Dripping.

I squeeze your ass, spreading you apart. I swipe at you with my tongue, making you squirm. My hands slide up your thighs, my fingers fuck your tight pussy as I lick your ass.

You’ve never been this exposed to me before. This vulnerable. The sensation is almost too much. You press hard against the tile, thrusting your ass back as my fingers slide in and out of you, my thumb stroking your clit.

You moan and lean forward, pressing your cheek against the cool tile. You give yourself into the sensation, rocking back to meet each stroke, each lick.

"God," you say, through clenched teeth.

"Cum for me, Hannah," I say, my hand fucking you faster, water rippling out of the tub and all over the floor.

You clench, pressing back. I hear you grunt, your hands pressed tight against the wall. You cum hard, dripping down my hand, wrist. I let you enjoy it, teasing you lightly as you ride it out.

"Fuck, J," you say, finally, your legs a little wobbly as I lean back, against the cool tub.


"Yes," you say, smiling. "Definitely."

You reach out, grabbing my hand. “You stand up now.”

I smile and obey. You step out of the tub, water dripping all over the wet floor, and pull me into the bedroom. You push me in front of the bed and shove me down, my damp back hitting the cool sheets.

You crawl up my body, teasing my cock with your mouth. You stroke the shaft and lick my balls, then switch positions, taking me all the way down your throat. I grunt and you pull away.

"Not yet," you say.

You crawl up me, my cock pressed between us. Straddling me, you lower your tight pussy around me. Sliding all the way down. I moan, you sigh.

Your palms flat against my chest, you rise and lower yourself on me, slowly. I look down, watching my cock, slick from your cum, slide in and out of your perfect pussy. You squeeze me tight, picking up the pace.

"Shit," you say, slamming down, back on me. I reach down, cupping and squeezing your ass, lifting you and up and down on my cock.

I pull you down to me, so your tits press against my chest. I wrap my arms around you, holding you tight, kissing you, as our hips dance. I thrust up, then you thrust down. We slap together, a tight connection.

You pull away, taking control. You sit up, rolling your hips as you ride me. You work my cock, your hands digging into my chest. “Fuck me harder,” you say, the words rolling off your tongue.

I thrust my hips up, slamming deep into you. You buck. Our bodies one. One motion. One direction. You roll your head back and slide your hands up to cup your tits and squeeze the nipples. Too much.

"Fuck," I grunt. "I’m going to cum."

"Me, too," you say, your hips a blur.

I thrust up, cumming deep in you. You squeeze me, hitting your own peak. We tense, our bodies in the air, my cock exploding deep while you take me all in.

It feels like it lasts forever. But eventually you come down, landing on me, our bodies wet from the bath and sweat.

You lie your head on my chest. My cock slips out of your pussy. My cum drips out.

We listen to the silence, enjoying the sensations. Your put your arms around me, hugging me tight, and we drift to sleep.

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2013-09-06 06:48:25
WTF was that all about?
Please attend Writers Workshop 101 ASAP before you allow any writing instrument be near your body.

Read the 'TAG' then read what was written to see how close you came to fullfilling the object, like jumpimg into the Pacific Ocean from New Jersey.


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2013-09-05 22:58:11
Oi this story sucks dog bollocks ya stupid fuck!!!!

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2013-09-04 18:44:26
Yeah right your friend wrote this, this is your work I'd recognize the excrement you write anywhere!!! Is English your first language? Boy if it is you're really pathetic. You've incorrectly tagged yet another story, ass to mouth means anal sex then oral sex fucktard even fingering the ass then putting them in the mouth would qualify. What you wrote should of been tagged as anal. Give it up already, the shot you write is not fit for a maggot to dine upon! Quit wasting your time and ours with crap like this!!

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