This should have been with the first part for some reason the site didn't up load it so I had to split the story,hopefully it wont interupt the flow.

Margie poised the object at the opening of her vagina, the fingertips of her other hand gently brushing and rubbing her clitoris. She breathed heavily as she looked at Bill. Through half-lidded eyes, she said, "This is you." and began to slide the object into her vagina. At this initial penetration she gasped and threw her head back. As it receded inch by inch, she groaned; then hoarsely croaked "Yes!" At full penetration, she allowed her mouth to gape open. She lifted her other foot onto the seat of the chair spreading her legs obscenely as if for a pelvic exam. She used one hand to probe her own depths with the dildo while the other widened her slit and rubbed lightly over the region of her clitoris with her fingertips. She proceeded with this, beginning to squeak at the same tempo, and slowly picked up speed. Her eyes, which had been rolled back, came to focus on Bill, half lidded, and her mouth sagged open in a look of stupid ecstasy. Soon she was thrusting the dildo deep within, and began using the muscles of her legs to bounce up and down on the dildo. This made her breasts bob provocatively with their diamond-hard nipples and puckered aureolae, as she kept time gasping "Ah, ah, ah, ah...".

I could tell that Bill was very close. It appeared from various clues that he was kneeling in front of Margie, holding the camera with one hand while he serviced himself with the other. This was confirmed when the camera shifted down and I could see his hand stroking his dick, about six inches from Margie's pussy. Then four inches. Then two inches. He pointed himself up over her belly, and I imagined he could feel her heat in his balls. Meanwhile, Margie worked on herself with almost a look of pain, loving this. Loving her own feelings and loving her effect on this man. Her mouth was open and her face looked yearning as she bounced. The camera showed as with one hand, she covered Bill's hand with her own, stroking his cock in time with her own passionate movements, the two hands touching and moving as one.

There was a rapid movement on screen as the camera shook, and a blob of white cum smacked into Margie's cheek. Another splashed up onto her breast. She jumped forward and in a movement plunged her mouth over Bill's spasming organ. Bill dropped the camera, which fortunately came to rest where I could see the scene at a bizarre angle. Bill's hand clenched her hair as she gripped his butt, inhaling his organ, and sucking and bobbing and sucking for what seemed to be minutes, until Bill stilled and at last fell back into his chair facing her. They sat and panted.

Bill broke the silence first. "I thought you said..." but she shushed him. Bill reflected a moment, and added, "You know, if all I did was touch that thing," pointing at the dildo, "it wouldn't really be touching you."

Margie was flushed, and could only nod enthusiastically. Bill set the camera down on the desk again, facing the wall. Damn!

Then I heard Margie, pleading, "The camera. Get the picture. I want you to make me cum. I want a picture of me cumming. Pleeease make me cum, Bill. Pleeease!" She sounded desperate.

Bill perched the camera so it showed the scene in profile. Bill knelt between Margie's legs. She, meanwhile, had once again flopped her legs over the arms of the chair exposing herself widely. Bill inspected the white plastic tool smiling, and then, looking into Margie's eyes, began to slowly slide it into her opening. As he did this, she threw her head back again, closing her eyes and opening her mouth in a silent scream. Bill slid the dildo in and out slowly, but soon surreptitiously replaced the item with his finger. His face lowered so that she could feel his breath on her swollen mons, and then he lowered his tongue to brush lightly over her engorged clitoris.

Margie groaned and clutched Bill's gray hair with her right hand. At first I thought she might shove him abruptly away, but, bringing her heels up onto the seat of the chair, she lifted herself, suspended only by her shoulders and her heels, and rammed Bill's face into her overwrought pussy. Bill was equal to the task, and brought his hands into play, using the skill of an older man to pleasure her entire body, rubbing up and down her sides, over her breasts, tweaking the nipples, rubbing the insides of her thighs, and kneading Margie's ass as he forced his tongue in and out and in and out of her swollen vagina. Margie was in ecstasy and froze as her first orgasm thundered through. "Aaaaah..." was all she could say.

Bill showed her no mercy, continuing up and down with his tongue over Margie's vagina, squeezing her butt cheeks tightly, forcing his face into her wide vagina as he milked another thunderous orgasm from my sexually frustrated wife. Then in an instant he lifted her. Turned her around so that she was bent over the chair standing with her ass in the air, supporting herself by the shoulders on the arms of the chair. In her state, she was powerless to resist if she had wanted to.

Then Bill really went to work. He stroked her legs and ass as he continued to minister to her with his mouth from behind. Then he stood and rubbed his once again erect member up and down the wide-stretched valley of her ass. Margie brought her knees up onto the seat of the chair, ass pointed out into the room, lowering herself to the perfect height, and Bill rammed his hardness home into my gorgeous wife, now completely out of her mind with animal passion, oblivious now of husband, camera, job, or anything human. She hungered for hot semen with the primal passion of an animal, with the lust of propagating the species, in the most basic rite of all living creatures since time immemorial. She pushed back against Bill, spreading herself wide using her hands. She slapped her ass obscenely against him as he rammed into her over and over again. Her hanging breasts swung back and forth with his thrusts. "Fuck me!" she cried, not caring that she might be heard through the office door. "Fuck me!"

They came together. Bill grasped the inside of Margie's hips and pulled her back into him as he pushed his dick as deep into her as physics would allow. She accepted this gratefully, and pushed herself back with equal force, savoring the pumping of Bill's balls, aglow with the primordial satisfaction of perpetuating the species, of completing the one act at which all living creatures must succeed. For a timeless moment they were not even human, yet completely human.

I came with them too, the last of several times I had pumped myself off during this spectacle. Through half-lidded eyes, I was aware of the ending to this strange movie, one that I would watch many times, for I had been recording it too. My naked, flushed, sweaty wife stumbled over, picked up the camera and looked soberly into the lens. "This is your only warning, asshole." she said, and switched it off.

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