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10 years into our marriage and the sex was non existent . Don't get me wrong I loved Maggie but we got into our rut and drifted apart sexually , sure we played the happy family role but me turning 40 and becoming addicted to internet porn ignited a flame inside. On one of my wanking sessions I stumbled across one of those affair sites and decided to create an account .
Browsing around I noticed one woman whose photo was of her squatting over her toilet naked with her face blurred out . Immediately my cock went into overdrive and to my surprise she was from the same town as me . I emailed her my details etc, and asked if she fancied a cheat date .All night my mind raced with images of the squatting lady pissing all over me my boner ached for her.
Next day when I got to my email there was a reply from vixen , she said she loves fucking married men the idea of any woman having something she can't is ridiculous . She told me she is a nymphomaniac and wants me tonight she sent her number . Rushing to my pocket for my phone I started to fumble around with numbers trying desperately to ring her . After 6 rings she picked up.
''Hello Jeff ''she said ''Ive been expecting your call' '.Her voice sounded so dirty , I asked her where we could meet and she had a motel booked already I got the address and time and after a few naughty comments she hung up.
As 7 o clock approached I arrived at the motel I was becoming nervous the realisation of the situation was starting to take over . Number 5 I spoke quietly to myself as I tapped on the door. Vixen answered and my word was she such an erotic creature .Her face was one of average beauty but with a look of pure lust and sex kitten eyes . Her shoulder length dirty blond hair casually styled and a sensual red figure hugging dress made my cock spring to life. Without warning she grabbed the back off my head and started to kiss me , her tongue probed my mouth she was biting my lip sucking my tongue it was the most amazing kiss I ever had .''Now that's out of the way , take off your pants ''she said with cheeky smile .
Vixen lay on the bad as I removed my shoes and pants , she had her bare feet pointing suggestively at the end of the bed .''Crawl to mammy and worship my fee'' where the exact words to me . At this point im overcome with lust I crawl over and start to suck vixens toes licking her petite feet with golden painted toenails . Licking her underfoot flicking my tongue between her toes ,she seemed to get really aroused , gently moaning to herself as she rubbed her pussy . I slowly began to lick up the inside of her leg until I got to her pussy .Without any panties on I probed out her clit and gently began sucking it and flicking it , within minutes she was writhing around the bed , I continued licking faster faster as I fingered her wet pussy without warning it happened . A big gush splashed off my face and into my mouth vixen had squirted all over me as she roared herself to an almighty climax . I could barely believe how much pussy juice came out before I knew it vixen was licking my face wanting to tasted her on cum. She was like a wild cat now, she pulled my throbbing cock from my briefs and began to suck my im 8 inches erect and this girl was swallowing my whole shaft her tongue licking my head as she jerked me off . After 10 minutes of heaven I shot my wad of cum into her mouth , she then French kissed me with my sperm and demanded I swallow. By now I was ready to do anything vixen wanted ...... she told me to get on my knees and spread my ass cheeks .I was a little concerned but did as instructed . Feeling her tongue press against my asshole was a sensation I will never forget it was wildly arousing ..... after licking and probing my butt hole with her tongue she inserted a finger in , my god this was heaven . Vixen told me this is the best way to get any man rock hard . As I stood up she thrust herself on me wrapping her legs around my waist as I impaled her with my cock which was by now like a police truncheon . she bounced and thrust on top of me like woman possessed , we had an awesome rhythm going each time we pulled back we would both meet on cue with a thrust forward . I could feel my cock stretch her womb as I filled it with my hot jizz as we came simultainiously .
After a couple of minutes vixen pulled me by my limp cock to the bathroom and instructed me to lie down , she then positioned her pussy over my face in squatting pose as she sterted to piss .The hot golden liquid splashed over my face the aroma the taste I was euphoric . Vixen then explained that's her way of showing her dominance marking her territory as it where . She gave me a 9 out of 10 and told me nobody ever got over 7 , and that she would bring me to a 10 as she slowly pushed her middle finger up her ass . Removing her finger she ran it under her nose inhaled deeply .....and stuck it in my mouth , I began sucking her finger the aroma th taste ........ where has this woman been all my life . please comment this is my first story would like some constructive criticism

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2013-09-10 23:37:49
You say this is your first story, if you intend to write another, please wait until you graduae from colllege and your major was English, but then learn how to write for about five years, get a group of proofreaders to go over your thoughts, then when a qualified person says for you to attenpt your second story, you may try again, not before PLEASE.


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2013-09-06 04:42:30
The last comment put it nicely. Actually this story sucked ass just like the ignorant and I use the loosely (author) who wrote it!!! If you can't do any better than this then give it up and don't submit excrement like this anymore!!!!!!!!

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2013-09-05 16:36:24
Your grammar and spelling need improvement, especially your lack of upper case letters.

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