My Journey to Becoming a Slut - Part 5
Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in writing this story, it's been a hectic couple of weeks. Hopefully you like it and I'll continue with a Part 6. Suggestions are always welcome, as well as constructive criticism and positive feedback! Oh, and this part is dedicated to Annie. The only girl I've ever been with to have an orgasm from getting fucked in the ass. Hope you enjoy Annie :)

I awoke in the weirdest way possible. I was in mid-orgasm. My eyes shot open but the room was dark.

“Ughhhh I’m cumming!!” I yelled hoarsely, my voice cracking

And then I blacked out. When I woke up and looked down at my body, it was covered in cum. I ran my hand over my pussy mound and scooped up what felt like a gallon of cum that had been deposited there. I brought it to my mouth and licked it up.

“Hmmm” I said to no one in particular. Light was streaming into my room. I guessed it was around 10 or 11 in the morning. The boys must have been using my body all night for their pleasure. The last thing I remember was Rob and Mike were shooting their cum on my face before I blacked out. Someone must have taken me upstairs and into bed and either fucked me before or after doing that. I guessed after since my sheets were on the floor and the cum was still liquid as opposed to crusting onto my pussy, like I had noticed in the past. Maybe whoever carried me up, used my pussy as their reward once they completed their task? Naw, it was probably a couple of the boys who wanted more after last nights performance. The realization that I had been asleep while my brother, his friends and their brothers all used my body made me very wet, very quickly. I got out of bed and stumbled towards the shower. Before finding some hard cock to satisfy me, I needed to clean up and shave first.

After I got out of the shower, I hung the towel on the rack and made my way downstairs, not bothering to put any clothes on. I ran my hand over my freshly shaved pussy and decided that I was going to keep shaving it bare. I liked it more like this. I was so fresh and clean. Anyone could see my most private places. There was nothing I could do.

I thought about it more as I made my way down to the main floor, calling out for my brother but hearing nothing. I wonder why I like exposing myself to people. Something about being naked in front of someone made me terribly hot and bothered. It was like they had complete control over me. There is nothing I can do to stop them from taking what they want. Maybe that was it?

I went into the kitchen and noticed a note on the counter. It was from my brother:

“Hey Liz,

The boys and I went into town to run a couple of errands. We should be back later this afternoon. Oh and by the way, don’t forget it’s Wednesday today. Angus should be by shortly to garden the backyard. I’d make sure to wear some clothes if I were you.



Oh yeah, I thought to myself. Angus was coming today. Angus had been our gardener for as long as I can remember. He was about 50 I’d guess but he didn’t look it. All that manual labor had made him strong and muscular. He had red, wavy hair and deep green eyes. Before today, I had never really thought about him in a sexual way (but then again, I didn’t think about sex at all before a couple of days ago) but now, with the boys in town for a couple of hours, and my pussy craving a nice deep fucking, I realized he would work quite well. I smiled to myself mischievously. Over the last day I had begun to realize that my body could be quite the distraction. The way Mike and Jack had been looking at me made me realize that for some reason they were enchanted with it. If two boys so young could want to fuck me so bad, then someone much older than my brother must be the same too…right? I decided to find out.

I quickly ran upstairs and grabbed my suntan lotion. I was so horny over the prospect of my devious plan that I couldn’t help but start playing with myself. I didn’t want to cum just yet so I slowly moved my hand lightly over my pussy lips. I sighed. I pulled my bare pussy lips apart and ran both of my fingers up the inside, making me even wetter than I already was. That’s when I heard the engine roar, signaling Angus had just turned on one of his tools in the backyard. I ran over to the window and saw him outside, starting to work on the ferns.

That’s not the only tool that’s going to be turned on today, I thought to myself, chuckling as I grabbed the suntan lotion and ran downstairs to the back door. I opened it slowly and peeked my head outside, spotting Angus on the far side of the backyard. I guessed that in about 5 minutes, he’d make his way to the ferns that ran alongside the edge of our huge pool. I quickly made my way over to a lounge chair under an umbrella and grabbed a fresh towel from the rack, putting it under my body as I lay down. Sure enough, in about 4 minutes, Angus turned the corner and spotted me naked, just lying a little bit further down the pool than where he was. I pretended to be asleep but I kept my left eye slightly open, seeing him standing there with the motor running on his tool, as he stared at me blankly.

This is going to be easier than I thought. That’s a good thing too since the minute Angus laid eyes on my supple young teen body, my pussy had started throbbing and leaking juices down my ass crack. I could feel it dripping onto my asshole. I heard the motor stop. Suddenly, I felt something moving close to me. I opened my eyes and looked up. Angus was standing right over me and starting at my bald pussy.

“Oh hi, Angus” I said, trying to sound groggy, as if I just woke up.
“Hey there Liz” Angus replied, not taking his eyes off of my pussy. “Doing a little suntanning are you?”
“I was going to but then I fell asleep.” I said, smiling at him as he finally met my gaze. “Although I don’t have any suntan lotion on, so it’s probably not a good idea to be in the sun until I do” I continued, running my hand from my waist to my shoulders and faking a yawn, as if I just woke up. I thrust my chest out towards his gaze, pushing my perfectly round tits and hard nipples towards him, as if begging him to lick them.
“Well” Angus said timidly, “I could help you with that if you’d like Lizzy”
“Would you? That’d be great!” I said excitedly, clapping my hands together and flipping my body over so I was lying on my stomach. “You can start with my back. The lotion is right on the table next to me” I motioned beside the lounge chair.

I felt him slowly sit down on the lounge chair next to my naked body and reach over for the sun tan lotion. He squirted much more than he actually needed onto his hands and gently moved my flowing blond hair off my shoulders, as he reached down and ran his hands from my shoulders, all the way down my back.

“Mmm that feels good” I whispered. My pussy was on fire. I could easily smell my arousal and realized that Angus must be able to smell it too.
“Do you want me to do your bum too” Angus said, as he finished rubbing in the lotion on my back.
“Yes please, can’t have a burn there” I giggled, wiggling my cute bottom back at him invitingly.
“What’s up with the no bikini Liz?” Angus asked curiously, the question obviously eating at him since he gazed at my naked nubile young body for the first time several minutes ago.
“Oh” I said, trying to think of something on the spot “I saw this reality show recently where all the girls were talking about doing it so they don’t get tan lines” I continued, trying to sound convincing. Rob made it seem that other people aren’t as open about sex as he and I were, so I wanted to tread carefully. I knew that Angus could get in trouble if anyone found out that we played. I did read the news you know.

“Ahhh, that makes sense” Angus replied softly as he slowly moved his hands over my ass and started rubbing more lotion in. “You have such a beautiful body Liz. You’ve really grown up recently” he added shyly
“That’s sweet Angus. Thanks for the compliment. Now it’s time to do my front” I said quickly, flipping over onto my back. I was too horny. I could wait for him to do my legs.
I looked up at him and he was starting at my tits. Without realizing what he was doing, he slowly reached out and cupped each of my tits in his large masculine hands. Oh, I thought to myself. This feels nice.

“Ughhh” I moaned, pushing my chest out so he could access my tits easier. That snapped him out of it.
“Oh Lizzy, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. I’ll leave now.” He said, motioning to get up off the lounge chair. I'm sure he was worried about being fired or something...
“No!” I yelled, probably a little too loudly. “Don’t go. Please. I want this really really badly. You have no idea. I need you right now inside of me. I’ll do anything you want. Please?” I moaned loudly. I couldn’t control myself any longer. I needed to cum. I had been aroused for more than thirty minutes at this point and I needed a release.
“Whoa Liz. You have changed a lot haven’t you. You’re that desperate? You’ll do anything I want?” Angus asked, raising his eyebrows as if he almost didn’t believe me. I thought that was weird. Didn’t girls like sex more than guys? Didn’t we need to convince them to have sex with us? At least that’s how it had usually gone for me. I had to listen to everything my brother and his two friends say so that I could convince them to have sex with me.
“Yes! Anything you want. Please, I need some cock” I moaned, as my hand shot down to my pussy and I began flicking my clit back and forth.
“Okay you little slut. I’ll give you what you want” Angus said, instantly changing his demeanor in a way that made me kind of worried, but also excited. Where did that shy, timid gardener just go? Oh, who cares. I just wanted some cock.

Angus threw off his clothes in record time and jumped on the bottom of the lounge chair, where my feet were wriggling as I pleasured myself, moaning loudly. He grabbed both of my ankles and lifted them over his head and jumped forward on the chair. He quickly thrust his cock into my pussy. It was heavenly. He was around the same size as my brother. It didn’t even really matter what size they were, I thought to myself. They just needed to be hard and shoot cum. It quickly sank into my pussy, sending shivers up and down my body. I had goosebumps everywhere. Angus had my feet on his shoulders and was quickly driving his cock deep into the recesses of my pussy, hitting spots I didn’t even know existed. He grabbed both of my tits with his hands and began pinching my nipples.

“…” I moaned loudly, as he continued fucking me with deep, long strokes. I was thrusting my hips forward everytime he withdrew from the tight warm confines of my pussy, trying to get more of it back inside of me. “Put something in my ass, I don’t want to blackout...” I yelled, as I quickly began to cum, trying in vain to move my hand underneath both of our thrusting bodies and insert it into my rectum. Although my orgasms still felt great when I blacked out, I didn’t get to enjoy the full thing unless I had something in my ass. I guess it didn’t really matter. It could be a finger or a cock. Something about my body needed to have it’s ass filled for me not to black out when I was cumming. That’s the last thing I remember thinking.

I awoke, who knows how much later to the feeling of a cock sliding in and out of my ass. It sent shivers up and down my spine. I moaned in pleasure.

“What the hell just happened to you?” Angus said, while he continued to stroke his cock in and out of my tight ass.
“I black out everytime I cum unless I have something in my ass” I replied softly, thrusting my hips forward again to get more of his cock into my rectum.
“What the fuck. I’ve never heard of that before” Angus said, stopping his movements as he looked down at me quizzically.
“It’s true” I said. “It’s happened to me ever since I started cumming a couple of days ago. We only found out about it by accident…it's okay though, it still feels amazing!”
“Who’s we?” Angus asked, starting his thrusts again, much to my delight.
“Rob!” I answered, “Him and his two friends taught me about sex a couple of days ago and now I love it!” I continued proudly.
“I’m a slut” I moaned, as Angus really began picking up his pace. I reached down started rubbing my clit furiously, feeling Angus’ cum spread over my pussy lips. He must have came in my pussy while I was blacked out. That thought made me really hot.
“Yes you are Lizzy. Yes you are. And it’s amazing.” Angus moaned, his cock movements a blur deep inside of my ass. I felt his cock swelling. This was it. Just a little bit more.

“MMmmughhh” I moaned as I began to cum, feeling Angus’ sticky warm cum filling up my asshole. It felt amazing. It was warm and gooey and made me so full. I stretched my arms out as far as I could, wanting this blissful feeling to extend as far as possible, to every area of my body. Once I finished cumming I felt Angus withdrawing his softening cock from my asshole. I opened my eyes and looked up in a daze as his flaccid cock touched my lips.

“Clean it up, slut” Angus ordered. I took it in my mouth and sucked firmly, trying to clean his cock of any cum that could still be left on it from my ass. It didn’t taste as bad as I thought it was going to, having been in my ass and all. I really enjoyed having a soft cock in my mouth. It felt so different than a hard one. I could roll it around with my tongue and it all fit in my mouth, as opposed to going down my throat. I did enjoy when guys did that too but this was just as good.

Angus reluctantly withdrew his cock from my mouth, as he looked down at me.
“Good job slut. I’d love to go for round 3 but I have to finish up here and get back to the missus before dinner. Next Wednesday though, make sure you’re home. I have some big plans for you. Going to invite some of the guys over to sample the goods, so to speak.” He laughed to himself as he was putting his clothes back on and turned away, back to the turned off tool he was using to trim the ferns.

I collapsed back into the chair, totally satisfied and took a deep breathe. That was awesome. I guess guys may like sex as much as girls do, as it doesn’t seem so hard to convince them to do it. Just as I was starting to drift off into a wonderful, post-orgasm sleep, I got a call on my cell. It was Rob.

“Liz, you there?”
“Yeah, what’s up bro? When are you coming home?” I replied, already thinking of when I could get my next cock fix.
“Soon. But I have a surprise for you…” Rob said, as I could hear laughter in the background
“What is it?” I asked excitedly, becoming more awake as I sat up in my chair.
“Let’s just say I’m having a party for the baseball team tonight at the house and I want you to be the entertainment, if you know what I mean” Rob answered
“Ooohhh Rob! What a great surprise!” I half said, half moaned into my phone. The thought of fucking an entire baseball team filled with 16 year old hunks made my pussy instantly sopping wet again. “When are you going to be here?”
“Soon. Maybe about 10-15 minutes. We had to rent a van to get everyone here in one car. I may invite the driver in too cause I don’t really feel like paying him” Rob said, laughing to himself on the other line of the phone as he hung up, not even waiting for a response from me.

Oh man, this was going to be a fun night…

Continued in Part 6…

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