What would you do for a million dollars?
My heart pounded as I stood in front of the door. Once I walked through there would be no going back, this would be my life for the next two years. I was terrified and excited at the same time.
A few weeks into my freshman year of high school I received an email that would change everything. Life was going great for me, but once I clicked on that message it forced me to reevaluate my entire plans. It was always important to me to have a strictly planed out life: I was going to play volleyball throughout my four years of high school, continue making straight A’s throughout school, and my boyfriend Andrew and I were going to attend the University of Florida together. I would most likely receive a volleyball scholarship. Soon before graduating college Andrew would propose to me, and we would get married after about a year. I would have a job as a nurse, and he would be an engineer. We would move to Orlando together and have two kids. That was the plan. That was supposed to happen, and it probably would have if I hadn’t opened that email. But I did. I clicked on it and I had no idea that everything I had ever planned had just been shot to hell.

To Miss Jenna Caldwell ,
Dear Miss Caldwell. I am emailing you because you have been chosen to have the opportunity to take part in a special two year program upon your high school graduation. You may not inform anyone of this program regardless of your decision to participate, as it is highly illegal. Every year we send scouts to high schools across the nation. These scouts are usually posing as military recruits or college professors. Because we are serious about the privacy of our participants we only choose one student per high school, and we are pleased to inform you that you are the student we have chosen. This decision is a very life changing one, which is why we have contacted you so early in your high school career. This way you will have plenty of time to make your decision, and make arrangements to leave for two years. After your two year service is over, you will be rewarded with $500,000. There are ways to increase this amount which we will explain later in this message.
Now on to the specifics of what your service will include. You will serve as a live in slave for a certain man during this two year process. These men are incredibly wealthy and must go through a strict screening process before being accepted into the program. This is to ensure your safety. You will have to obey your masters every command whether it is sexually or domestically. You may be punished in any way your master sees fit, as long as it is not life threatening. There are only two ways in which your life may be threatened: If you try to escape during your service, or if you ever inform any unauthorized parties of this program. If, upon your arrival, you are still a virgin, your payment amount will be doubled. If you decide to join us, it will be your responsibility to make arrangements for your two year absence, as you will not be permitted any contact with anyone your master does not approve of. We, however will be able to stage a fake lottery win to explain your sudden increase in money.
Jenna, we hope you will seriously consider our proposal. You have until the 5th of September of your senior year to give us an answer. If you do not contact us by then, we will assume that you have declined. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

“Oh my god” I said, barely whispering. My first instinct was to tell my mom, but then I remembered a line from the email. There are only two ways in which your life may be threatened: If you try to escape during your service, or if you ever inform any unauthorized parties of this program. It didn’t seem like a good idea to cross these people, especially since my life could have been in danger. I just sat there in front of my computer for about ten minutes. This was a million dollars! How could I pass this up? Of course it was only a million if I stayed a virgin, and how could I do that? How the hell is a girl supposed to go through high school without having at least one cock inside her? After only a few seconds of contemplating I picked up my cell phone and called Andrew.
“Hey babe. What’s up?”
“Andrew we need to talk”
“Is everything okay?” Andrew sounded worried.
“No. I’m breaking up with you.”
“What? Why?”
“I just don’t feel like that spark is there anymore.” I was trying so hard not to cry.
“Can’t we please just talk about this?”
“No we can’t. It will only make things worse. I have to go”
He started to say something but I hung up too fast. I didn’t want him to hear me sobbing on the other end. I didn’t want to break up with him. I still loved him, and it broke my heart that he thought I didn’t anymore. But I couldn’t risk losing my virginity to him. I hadn’t made my decision yet, but I wanted to keep my options open. I had however, made the first step to my three year decision.

The next day at school, I guess the news that Andrew and I had broken up was already well known throughout the school. Before my lunch period a senior boy named Jeremy Miller asked me to go to that night’s football game with him. I knew that I shouldn’t, but he was like the hottest guy in school. He was so sexy and confident that I wanted to jump him right then in the middle of the hall. Plus he had a nice car. I said yes, I knew it was a mistake but I did it anyway. I knew that Jeremy had sex with plenty of girls and he would definitely try to have sex with me, and it would be damn near impossible to resist.
I couldn’t tell my parents that I was going on a date with a senior. They would absolutely flip out. So I told them I was going to the game with my friend Ashley instead. As I was getting ready (I wore a thong, and made sure my bra matched. I knew I was making a mistake while I was putting them on.) I noticed that I had a Facebook message from Andrew. I inhaled deeply and read it:

I cant believe ur going out with jeremy miller. We just broke up yesterday!!!!

I didn’t respond to the message but I made a promise to myself to write back once I got home. I told my parents that I was going to walk over to Ashley’s house and her mom was going to drive us to the game. In reality, I walked a couple blocks away and waited in front of the Presbyterian Church for Jeremy to pick me up. He was ten minutes late, but for some reason I found that incredibly sexy. I sat down next to him and he eyed me up and down, and I blushed a little. He said “You look nice” but I knew that he wanted to say “I can’t wait to get those pesky clothes off tonight”. This must be what a deer feels like as it stares down a car that will inevitably kill it.

We watched the game for about fifteen minutes, and without notice Jeremy grabbed my hand and led me behind the concession stand. There were already five couples making out, but Jeremy motioned for them to leave and they all obeyed. I had no idea how he got people do listen to him like that without saying a word, but it made me want him so bad. He pushed me up against the wall, holding my wrists above my head. He smelled nice, not like the boys in my grade who all wore Axe. He was wearing some kind of sophisticated cologne. I was afraid that once I opened my mouth to kiss him, all of the butterflies in my stomach would fly out. I knew this was a stupid and illogical thought, but I still kept my mouth closed. He leaned forward, I thought he was going to kiss me on the lips, but instead he placed his mouth on my neck and I felt him softly bite. That was the moment that I fell completely out of love with Andrew and I knew I would never respond to his silly little Facebook message. I was so turned on by Jeremy. I lifted my right leg and wrapped it around his waist because I wanted every possible inch of my body to be touching his. After about a minute of the most arousing neck biting possible he finally kissed me. It was amazing. He knew exactly how to move his lips, and he used just the right amount of tongue. Even though he was only kissing my lips, I could feel it all over my body. My hands were still above my head, which made it a lot easier for him to lift my shirt off and toss it aside. I was standing there in my bra. I wanted him to do something but he just stared at my C cup breasts. I think he knew it was driving me crazy that he wasn't doing anything so I pushed my body up against his, making sure my boobs were pressed up against him. I felt him reach behind, grab my bra strap and rip it as hard as he could. I didn't even care that my bra was ruined. I just stepped back and let it fall to the ground. I was topless. He grabbed my boobs. He grabbed them too hard, but I liked it. He sucked on my tits and I rubbed his sexy biceps and kissed his head. After a few minutes he stood straight up and looked me in the eyes. “Get on your knees” He said. I obeyed. I knew what was about to happen. I knew he would take out his cock and I would suck on it. But that isn't what happened. Instead he pushed my head into his crotch with his pants still on. I could feel his hard cock through his jeans against my face. I ran my lips up and down the outline of it. I tried to take it out but he wouldn't let me.
“Not yet. Stand back up”
I stood up. He caressed my breasts and slowly worked his way down into my pants. He slowly rubbed my pussy, and quickly became ferocious. I knew that he would soon start fingering me, and if he put too many fingers in he would break my hymen. I thought about the half million dollars I could be losing, just because I was horny.
“Wait stop!” I said, probably too loud. I pulled his hand out of my pants and said “I have to go” before putting my shirt back on and running away. My shirt was inside out, and it was obvious that I wasn’t wearing a bra. It was a few minutes before I found Ashley. Thank god she had decided to come to the game. I begged her to let me ride home with her parents.
“Sure” She said. “Why is your shirt inside out?”
“I almost had sex with Jeremy Miller”
“What? Why didn’t you?”
“I don’t know. I guess I was thinking about Andrew.” This wasn’t the case at all. Andrew was old news at this point. But I certainly wasn’t going to tell her the real reason.
After I got home, I immediately ran to the kitchen and grabbed a trash bag.
“What’s that for?” My Dad asked.
“I have to clean my room” I lied, and ran upstairs before he could say another word.
Once I got to my room I immediately took of my pants. The thong I was wearing came off and went straight into the trash bag. I opened my underwear drawer and threw away every thong, and anything even remotely sexy. Then I went to the bathroom and threw away all of my razors and shaving cream. If my legs and pussy weren’t shaved, and I didn’t have sexy underwear , then I would be far less inclined to have any sort of sexual relationship with anyone. I climbed in bed and masturbated while I thought about Jeremy: The only sexual experience I would have throughout my entire high school career. I was going to have to do this a lot if I wanted to calm my urges.

Over the next few years guys asked me out a lot, but I turned them down every time. Even if they were as hot as Jeremy, there was no way I was going to risk losing my virginity. I wouldn’t admit it to myself but deep down I had already made my choice to become a two year sex slave.
I won’t lie, it was hard. There were so many guys who I wanted to go out with but I knew I couldn’t. I exclusively hung out with girls, because every guy who is friends with a hot girl just wants to fuck her. I never went to school dances. I never went to any kind of event that was even remotely designed for romantic interaction. I went from being one of the most popular girls in school to almost a social outcast, but I didn’t care. My eyes were on the bigger prize. I still hadn’t returned their email because I hadn’t fully accepted the fact that I had made my decision. Eventually the date came around. My senior year, September 5th. My heart was racing as I woke up. The first thing I did was get on my computer and log into my email. I scrolled through three years’ worth of accumulated messages until I found the one. I read through it one more time. One million dollars. A lot of girls would kill for the opportunity that I had. I finally replied to their message. My fingers trembling as I typed. I proofread the email four or five times, before I pushed the send button with only a moment of hesitation.

I had a long time to think of an excuse for my two year departure, and now was the time to use the best one I had come up with. I went downstairs and sat with my parents who were already eating breakfast.
“Mom, Dad. Can I talk to you?” I asked.
“Sure honey” My mom replied. “Is everything okay?”
“Yeah everything is fine. I just wanted to talk to you about what I wanted to do after graduation”
“As long as it involves college” my dad said firmly.
“It does” I said. “But not right away. I want to join the Peace Corps. I think it will be really good for me, and after that I can go to college.”
“The Peace Corps is a very serious decision” said Mom “and you have to apply a long time in advance.”
“I know. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. I applied a while ago and I just got my acceptance email this morning.” I was lying through my teeth but they were eating it up.
“I think it’s great that you want to do something like this with your life, but you know you will have to live in another country for two years right?” Said my mom.
“Yes Mom, I’ve done a lot of research.”
“Then I support your decision.” My dad said. “I’m very proud of you”
He wouldn’t be proud if he knew what I was actually doing.
“Thanks Dad. I’m going to go confirm my acceptance.” And I ran upstairs without even eating breakfast.
About six months later, I told my family that I would be serving in Africa and I wouldn’t be able to call them or write because they didn’t provide that kind of service there. Of course my parents were upset to hear this, but it was a necessary lie.

The day before I left I finally was able to shave my pussy and legs. It was so nice, I was getting pretty gross down there and I finally got to see the pretty pussy that I hadn’t seen since freshman year. The pussy that almost got fucked by Jeremy Miller, but thank god it didn’t. For the first time in three years I felt sexy again. My parents bought me so much stuff to take with me to the “Peace Corps”. I felt bad because all of it would go to waste, but I still thanked them and told them I loved them. After a long tear filled goodbye I finally boarded the plane. This was it. The start of my new life.

After I got off the plane I headed outside and began looking for my ride. I looked at the piece of paper I had written on before I left. I was given specific instructions to get inside a black van, and the license plate number was written on my paper. After only a couple minutes of searching I found the van and climbed into the back seat. There was no one there. Only a blindfold with a note that said “Put this on.” I obeyed the note. After about ten minutes of waiting I heard someone get in the car. He or she didn’t say a word, He/She just started up the car and we drove away. It was about a fifteen hour drive, and that’s not an easy thing to wait through while your blindfolded and the most nervous you have ever been in your entire life. I eventually found out that the person driving the car was a man when I heard him toss something to my back seat and said “This is your food. Make it last”. After searching for a few minutes with my hands I found a large paper bag and inside were three apples, two large bottles of vitamin water, large can of mixed nuts, and a loaf of bread. Wow I guess there was no way they were going to let me gain any weight.

After what seemed like the longest drive of my entire life, we finally stopped. I thought it was just another pit stop, but for the second time I heard the drivers deep voice.
“In about five minutes this alarm is going to go off” I guess he was pointing at an alarm in the car but I don’t know how he expected me to see it. “Once that happens, take off your blindfold and get out of the car. You’ll know what to do next.”
I obeyed his orders (This was something I was going to have to get used to), and sure enough after five minutes, which seemed like much longer, I heard an alarm go off. I took off my blindfold, and the sunlight was almost too much to bear. I had no idea what time of day it would be but I was hoping it would be nighttime. After my eyes got somewhat adjusted, I reached forward to the dashboard and turned off the alarm. I stepped out of the car and I was starting at an enormous mansion. The man told me that I would know what to do. I guessed that the only thing was to go inside. I walked up the door, and stood there for a couple of minutes. And here I was. My hand trembled as I opened the door and stepped inside.

Thanks for reading guys!!!! Sorry there wasn't much action in this chapter, but if I get a good response I will post a second chapter!

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