Sierra's Pleasant Awakening

Part One

Lila lay in her bunk staring at the dark ceiling of the tent, listening to the night sounds of crickets, peepers, the occasional hoot of an owl on the hunt, and the muffled sounds of frustration coming from Sierra's bunk less than two feet away. Three nights in a row now the girl had tried to get herself off and it just wasn't happening for her. “What is wrong with that girl?” Lila thought. And because Sierra was awake, trying to do her thing, it prevented Lila from doing hers... and the frustration was getting to her.

Lila and Sierra were Counselors In Training at their summer camp, C.I.T. for short, and were the only two girls in the tent. Lila was 14, a year older than Sierra, with dark golden hair that fell to just below her shoulders. Her developing breasts were small, about the size of half an orange, but firm, with small, hard nipples. Her legs were long, well toned and culminated at her beautiful firm, round bottom. She had a rather pretty face with deep emerald eyes and a full, sensuous mouth which made her look two years older. She was from the city and had more street-smarts than the other girls she'd met at camp. Especially her tent mate, Sierra.

Sierra was from farm country, with short strawberry blonde hair, which gave her a boyish look. Blues eyes, a cute nose, and a full mouth with braces gave her almost pixie-like features. Her breasts, on the other hand dispelled all question as to her gender. Although slightly smaller than Lila's, they filled out her slender frame nicely, with soft, puffy nips that made a delicious profile when seen from the side. She also had long, coltish legs and a sweet firm bottom. Where Lila was outspoken and self-assured, Sierra was reserved and almost intolerably shy.

Yet the girls were friends, for the most part, and got along well. Instead of feeling anger for Sierra and her nights of unsatisfied masturbation, Lila almost pitied the girl. She had to find a way to help Sierra so that she, herself, could get some relief. Lila wished in the dark that Katy, her best friend from home, was here. She's know what to do.

The sounds from Sierra's bunk stopped, and Lila was relieved, but she was also too tired at that point to relieve herself of her own frustration. She fell asleep thinking, “What would Katy do?”

After breakfast, Lila caught up with Sierra as they headed to the beach. Being C.I.T's they were to help keep things in order at the waterfront that morning. They loved waterfront duty. Not only could they work on their tans, but they got to ogle the cute sailing instructor. As they walked toward their tent, a trio of gangly boys walked by. One of them snickered and said to them, “Hey! C.I.T. Girls! What's that mean? 'Clitties Itch Today?'” Which made the other boys howl with laughter, but made the girls look away and hurry on past. Lila tossed them the bird. “Those idiots really piss me off sometimes,” she said.

“They gotta grow up,” Sierra replied quietly.

“Um, listen, Sierra,” Lila said in a hushed whisper, “I need to talk to you.”

“What about, Lila?”

Lila stopped and took hold of Sierra's wrist and gently guided her off the path and into the woods. They stopped about fifty feet in, behind an ancient oak tree. Satisfied that they had some privacy, Lila released her grip on Sierra, who stood with her back to the tree. Lila stepped in close and in a low voice said, “I heard you last night...”

Sierra opened her mouth to protest, but Lila put a finger on her lips. “Shhh, Sierra. It's okay. I know. I also know that you're having trouble getting off.”

Sierra sagged against the tree trunk, and her eyes welled with tears. Tears of frustration, tears of shame from being found out, tears because Lila was actually talking about it. Lila wiped the tears gently away.

“It's okay, Sierra,” she repeated. “I wanna help.”

Lila took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and took Sierra's hand and guided into the waistband of her shorts and underneath her panties. Sierra tried to pull her hand back, but Lila pressed up against her and whispered into her ear, “Relax, Sierra. Just relax...” Sierra let Lila continue until she could feel Lila's pussy. It was very warm and moist. She felt the sparse, silky fine hair of Lila's mound, and the creamy wetness of her crease. Lila took Sierra's finger and slowly moved it up to her own clit. Lila sighed and leaned onto her friend for balance. “Oh, yeah,” she whispered. “Feel that little button? That's your target. Your clit.”

Sierra swallowed and nodded. “Uh huh,” she sighed. She felt odd, lightheaded, but Lila was too powerful a force to be denied. Sierra suddenly felt Lila's hand inside her shorts and under her panties. She tried to protest, but Lila's mouth was suddenly on hers. “Lila is kissing me!' she thought. Lila pushed her finger into Sierra's slightly moist slit and probed for the glory hole. Sierra's head buzzed and her heart was racing, but she couldn't stop Lila, who broke the kiss right then. ”You're as bald down there as the day you were born, girl,” Lila breathed. “mmm... nice....” Lila moved her finger up and opened the hood over Sierra's little clit. “There it is.”

Sierra nearly fainted from the touch on her nub, but Lila was still pressed against her, holding her up. It felt good... really good, way better than was able to manage on her own. She never touched herself there, thinking that just fingering herself would get her off. Now she knew. Oh, yes, now she most definitely knew. “Ohhh...I... Li-li--lila...” she moaned.

“Feels good, doesn't it?” Lila said. “Move your finger, Sierra. Play with my clit.”

Sierra did as Lila asked and toyed with the hard, little nub. Lila hissed. “Not so hard, Sierra. Get a little of my wet on your finger. Mmmm... yeah, like that. Jesus, thet feels good!” Sierra tried hard to copy what Lila was doing to her and it wasn't long before both girls were panting into each others ears. Lila nibbled on Sierra's earlobe, which made Sierra moan and press on Lila's clit.
“I should have thought of this sooner,” Lila sighed into Sierra's ear.

“Uh huh!” Sierra moaned. She felt Lila shift her thumb to her clit, and felt fingers prying at the folds of her slit, probing, caressing, opening her up, and it was driving her closer to... “Uh... something's hap... ooh, Lila...” she breathed as her legs suddenly got all wobbly and her insides felt all tumbly and fluttery. Her leg were muscles trembling as Lila said, “That's it, Sierra. Cum for me, girl. Cum all over my hand. Ooh, yeah... I'm close, too.”

Sierra's orgasm exploded in her like nothing she'd ever felt before. It was as if a storm was raging inside her, and little bolts of sizzling hot lightning were touching down all over. Nothing had ever had felt as good! Nothing had ever felt that intense! She never knew that cumming was this good, this amazing! She began to cry out, but Lila covered her mouth with her own. Lila began to cum then, and both girls were locked in that moment of mutual pleasure. Sierra felt Lila let go, felt the warm, slightly sticky juices on her hand as her own flowed onto Lila's.

When it was over and they could breathe again, Lila looked into Sierra's eyes and said, “Now that wasn't so hard, now, was it, Sierra?”

Sierra smiled and shook her head. “Uh uh”, she whispered. “Not hard at all.” She bit her lower lip, then impulsively leaned in and kissed Lila. Lila cooperated and slid her tongue into Sierra's mouth. Her arms went around Sierra's slender waist, and Sierra embraced Lila.

Lila broke the kiss. “Much as I'd love to continue this, we got things to do, girl!”

Sierra nodded. Lila started to walk away, Sierra took her hand and held her. Lila looked at her. “What's up, Sierra?”

“Um... I just wanted to say thanks.”

Lila smiled, kissed Sierra's cheek, and said, “No problem, girl! Now let's move our little asses. We can talk about this tonight. If you want.”

Sierra followed her friend back to the trail. She was lost in thought, thinking mostly of what just happened, how good she felt, and what other cool tricks Lila might have up her sleeve.

End of Part One. To Be Continued

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Could be a good story if it wasn't so damn quick and short plus it is missing proper descriptive tags.

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