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The story of a psychopathic father and his psychologically disturbed children
The following story is fiction and should not be taken literally in any way. This story deals with very dark and perverse subject matter, and I do not condone child abuse in any form. To be clear, while there are very sexual elements in this story, it is not meant to be spank material, but rather a hypothetical look at a psychopath and the depraved actions that cause severe psychological disorders in his children. Please consider the tags for this story before reading. This story deals with extremely disturbing concepts and is meant to be disturbing. If you do not have interest in these subjects, please stop reading now. I welcome constructive feedback about the story itself. However, any hate filled rants or personal attacks will be ignored. If you are looking for a cut & dry sex filled snuff story, this is not it. This story is long and in-depth. I tell you this, so you don’t waste your time.

This is a reworked version of a previous story I posted on this site. I hope the fans of my work like this updated version.


The Family from Redgrove
Chapter 1


In the hills of New Mexico, is a 500 acre plot called Regrove. Unlike much of New Mexico, this land is green with trees, shrubs and grass, but got its name from the plethora of earthen red rock formations. It is a picture perfect ranch with a large well maintained house and barn. In the house lived a family that mostly kept to themselves. People in the nearest town would see the Father every once and a while, sometimes with one or two of his kids. However, he never really socialized much. Being a small town, people talked and gossiped, but in this area people were not about to go nosing into someone else’s life. So, they talked about how they heard his wife died in an accident, what kind of accident, whether or not it was healthy for all his children to be homeschooled, and other such topics. Even the most bizarre theories would not have prepared them for the truth about the family from Redgrove.

Vicky woke up with a burning pressure in her groin. She had to pee badly and suddenly regretted all that soda she drank the night before. At 113cm and 17Kg, she was a small girl, even for a seven year old. She had long black hair and almond shaped eyes that were a deep brown. She was told she looked just like her mother except her complexion was fair like her father.

She made her way to the bathroom in her blue micro thong and matching sheer half tank top with spaghetti straps. She didn’t know they had been custom made for her small frame or how very different her family was from regular families in society. She just had her seventh birthday a week ago and was the youngest of five girls, and closest in age to her two nieces and nephew. She had to pee badly and didn’t notice that her oldest sister whom shared the bedroom with her was not there. Stepping lightly down the hall, she passed the twins, Sarah and Sheila’s, room across from her other sister, Liz’s, room, and then her father’s room across from the bathroom. She heard some noises coming from her father’s room but paid no attention as her bladder felt like it would burst.

Her father was like many fathers in many ways. He worked as a successful mechanical engineer who was always designing things and building prototype machines then sending them off to clients all over the world. Despite that, he still spent every free moment with his children. He would guide them, play with them, and teach them. He had rules and boundaries that he enforced. He cooked for them, read to them and did the laundry for the youngest of them. His older girls also had chores and would help with the younger children as well, but he filled the roles of both parents every day. Looking at that, a person might think he was the perfect father. However, there were several unusual features to his parenting as well.

On her way back to her room, she heard the distinct sound of fucking from behind her father’s door. This was strange to her since he was not known for hiding sex from her or anyone else in the house. Curiosity got the better of her, as she slowly opened the door. Inside, her oldest sister Trish was on her knees while her father was slamming his cock into her ass. She had seen him do anal to her sisters many times, but now seeing it made her own ass hurt from recalling the pain of experiencing it herself. He had been fingering her rosebud since before she could remember, but having that massive thing forced inside her little asshole on her seventh birthday was far more painful than she expected. She learned from her sisters that the fingering was meant to teach her how to stretch, so she wouldn’t be injured, but it was still supposed to hurt. Trish looked to be enjoying herself though, as she pushed herself back into his thrusts. She was probably the wildest of her siblings; she seemed to love fucking as much as their dad. It wasn’t uncommon for her to do things to Vicky or her other siblings, or make them do something to her to satisfy her sexual cravings. Vicky didn’t mind though. She liked the attention, but more loved how happy her sister would seem from using her.

Trish was her father’s daughter, and looked the most like him. She had long, wavy blond hair, green eyes and at 165cm was by far the tallest. However, she still looked tiny next to their father. She did have a few features of her mother as well though. Her skin was a dark golden color, her tits were small but a very well-shaped 32A with small dark pink nipples, and her ass was round and shapely. Their father always said their mom had a great ass and they all took after her. She was having her 16th birthday in only two weeks, and everyone was very excited for it. However, right now she only seemed excited about getting her asshole rammed by their father’s massive cock.

A week now since her birthday, Vicky had experienced her father’s cock inside her own ass twice. The second time was slightly less painful, but more frightening when he wrapped his big hands around her throat and squeezed. He wouldn’t hold on very long, but he did squeeze a little longer and a little harder each time. She still had some bruising from it. Although, she actually felt happy about that since she now matched her sisters. She wondered what Trish’s bruises would look like in the coming days, as she saw her father’s belt wrapped around her neck and pulled tight. Her face was blue, and Vicky wondered when he was going to let go. Trish’s body began convulsing then went limp. Immediately following that her father began grunting with short, hard thrusts, and she knew he was filling her sister’s rectum with his cum. Right then she felt envious of her sister. Feeling her father’s hot ropes of sticky cum fill her up was the one part she really enjoyed about him forcing himself on her. Her heart seemed to stop though, as she saw that Trish was not moving. Her father collapsed on her back then removed the belt before pulling out of her. He rolled her over and slapped her hard across the face. The sound made Vicky wince, but it did the trick as her sister inhaled sharply then began coughing painfully. “God Daddy! I thought I was really gonna die this time,” Trish coughed at her father.

Her father half rolled her over and gave her a hard slap on her ass. “I considered it, but I’m not gonna let you go out that easy. No, you’re getting the full treatment,” her father said with an evil grin.

Trish sat up on her elbows and gave him a put-on pout. “Maybe I should run away then; go find the police before you can do it to me,” she said as her toes played with his chest.

He grabbed her ankle and pulled her down the bed then grabbed her by the throat. “I should take care of you right now then that is if I didn’t already know how much you wanted it,” her father said slyly, as he pulled her mouth to his and kissed her deeply. “Two weeks until your last birthday baby. I wonder which one of us is more excited for your big day,” he said as he moved toward the door. Vicky tried to find a place to hide, but suddenly felt a strong hand grab her by the hair and drag her to her room. Once inside he closed the door and said, “so, what did my little baby think of the show?”

She wondered how long he knew she was watching, but she also knew not to lie to him. “It was scary,” she said, not able to look him in the eye. He made a gesture with his hand that told her to continue. “I guess… it was exciting too,” her father gave a stern look; she knew he hated indecision. “It was exciting. I thought you were really gonna kill Trish,” she said as she fidgeted on her bed.

Her father sat down beside her, and put his hand on her leg as he said, “I thought about it when I knew you were watching, but she needs to wait until her birthday.” Vicky’s eyes went wide; she knew he was telling the truth.

His fingers had made their way inside her panties, and his middle finger was moving up and down her slit and brushing against her tiny clit. She loved the feeling of his fingers playing with her pussy. It made her whole body tingle.

Her breath was quickening as she said, “Why are you going to kill her? I thought you loved her.” Her father moved off the bed and was sliding her miniature thong down her legs.

“I do love her, but she has reached her expiration date. You will too, but not for nine years,” he said as he pulled her legs apart and moved his head between them.

Vicky’s back arched when she felt his tongue against her. “How are you going to kill Trish? Are you going to kill me the same way?” she asked as her body began feeling very hot.

Her father stopped licking her long enough to say, “I will do it the same way I do all the girls I bring here; the same way I ended your mother.” She knew what that meant, and her eyes went even wider.

She began to cry as she thought about that happening to her sister, of it happening to her. “Daddy, I don’t want that. I don’t want you to do it,” she whimpered to her father while her pussy felt more and more tingly.

Her father stopped licking her and spun her around so her head was hanging off the bed. “Open,” he commanded her. She did as she was told, and her father wasted no time before putting his cock in. It was only half hard, but she still had a hard time opening wide enough to accept him. She was careful to keep her teeth clear like she was taught while the taste of her sister’s ass filled her mouth. Her father began slowly pumping back and forth in her mouth, and as his cock grew more and more stiff, as it moved farther toward her throat. “You will not only learn to accept it, but you are going to want it when it’s your turn. But even if you don’t, you know better than to argue with me like that. You will have to be punished. So which is it going to be, throat or ass?” She considered the choice being given to her. Either way it would be rough, but she knew she needed to get back in her father’s good graces. She made up her mind, and without trying to have him pull out her mouth, she pointed first to her throat and then to her ass. “Good girl,” he said as he grabbed either side of her head.

He was now fully erect and pushing his way into her throat. She was gagging as tears began to fall into her hair. Her esophagus was stretching to a painful degree, as he pushed deeper and deeper. She could see that he was only halfway in, but she felt like he would soon be in her stomach. It wasn’t long though before his balls were hitting her nose. She tried not to panic as she felt the air in her lungs running out. Every minute or so, he would pull out to let her breath a moment before diving back in. She took in as much air as she could each time, knowing this would not be over quickly. He would last a half hour if it was his first cum of the day. Since he had just finished in her sister, she had no idea how long they would be going at it. She realized though that he was cutting off her air a little longer each time, and wondered if he had decided to move up her expiration date. His cock was going back in easier each time, but he was giving her less time to breath. Finally, he kept thrusting well pasted when her oxygen was gone. Her vision was fading but could still feel every painful thrust from her father’s cock. The last thing she saw was his balls slapping against her nose before she blacked out.

A sharp slap woke her up right before she was flipped over and put on her knees. For a moment, she felt giddy and let out a squeal. She loved when he would toss her around, and as he grabbed her hips, lifting her up to align her rosebud with his cock, she realized that she was excited. She knew she was about to have her ass impaled and it would be excruciatingly painful, but it excited her to be controlled like this. As the bulbous head of his cock began pushing into her, she tried to relax her anus and allow him easy passage into her. However, he kept giving her a short, hard thrust that she couldn’t prepare for and made her clench. She realized that this was a punishment and it was supposed to hurt, so she stopped trying to make it easier on herself. She gritted her teeth as the head made its way past her anal ring. Once it did though, he thrust himself in her all at once. The pain took the wind out of her. She tried to scream but had no breath for it. He wasted no time before he was fucking her hard, and his hips were slapping against her ass.

They fucked for what felt like hours. As soon as she would get used to one position, he moved her into a different one. She went from being on her knees to being lifted up with her back against his chest. He lifted her up and down as if she weighed nothing. He was then on his back, still lifting her up and down on his shaft. Next thing she knew, she was on her side with one foot at his shoulder. Finally, she was on her back, looking at her father’s face as he raped her. His face was malevolent but also happy. Seeing how much he was enjoying her, gave her a deep burning feeling that was bubbling to the surface. What was happening to her was painful and scary, but she realized that she loved it. She loved making her father happy like this.

She reached up and put her hands on either side of her father’s face and asked, “Daddy, when you kill Trish, will that make you happy?” He grunted as he nodded his affirmation, and she bit her lip before she continued; “will you feel happy when you kill me daddy?” He bent down and kissed her lips before once again giving a slow nod with an evil smile. She guided his lips to hers with her hands and again kissed her father; this time probing his mouth with her tongue. She then brought his ear to her lips and whispered, “Then kill me daddy, kill me now.” He looked at her a little stunned, but his smile went wider. He wrapped his hands around her throat and gripped down harder than anything she had experienced before. She suddenly realized he was going to do it, and wondered why on earth she had told him to do it. She knew he would, so why had she encouraged him? She didn’t want to die; she knew that. She wondered if she really wanted to please her father that much that she had asked him to take her life. She had no more time to worry about it though, as she thought her neck was going to break, he was gripping down so hard. He was also thrusting into her with wild ferocity. The burning feeling felt like it was about to overflow. Her pussy felt squishy and wet, and as she felt like she was about to expire, her father fucked her with reckless abandon then suddenly stopped. He gave her short, hard thrusts as she felt his hot seed shoot into her. This made the burning feeling suddenly explode as her whole body convulsed with her first orgasm. She was still shaking to the moment everything went black.

Vicky awoke the next day, surprised that she was still alive. Her father was lying in her bed next to her and stroking her hair. She looked at him questioningly. He smiled and told her, “you don’t get to decide when or how, but I know you were trying to make me happy, so I decided to indulge you a little.” She looked relieved and rested her head on her pillow until her father continued, “I have decided not to wait until you are 16 though. I will take care of you the same time as Trish, so you have two weeks left.” She rolled onto her back and whimpered as she realized that she had sealed her own fate.

He told her to get washed up and come downstairs for breakfast then left the room. She made her way down the hall to the bathroom. Inside, she brushed her teeth, stripped off her top, and got in the shower. She washed herself all over and carefully washed her very sore rosebud. There was dry cum and some blood but not much. When she got out of the shower, Trish was there, brushing her teeth. She was wearing a black tank top and thong just like her own except a few sizes larger. She was also wearing an anal plug with a fox tail attached. The plug was something all her sisters wore. It was a sign that they had started to have their asses fucked by their father. “Hey Vicky, guess you got it pretty rough last night. I was wondering why dad didn’t come back to bed with me,” she said after she spit the toothpaste out of her mouth. Vicky just nodded to her sister as she toweled dry. “Where’s your tail? You better put it in before you go downstairs,” Trish said as she gave her sister a slap on the ass.

“It’s in my room, but I can’t put it in; my butt hurts too much,” Vicky whined as she put her top back on.

Trish rinsed and gargled some water then said, “let’s go, I’ll put it in.” Vicky eyed her suspiciously then Trish followed with, “don’t give me that look, I’ll be gentler than dad will.” Vicky figured she was telling the truth, but she knew she wouldn’t be gentle either. Trish liked to give pain almost as much as she liked receiving it. Still she knew she had to get her tail in, and she wouldn’t be able to do it herself. She returned to her room with Trish, and pointed out her tail on the nightstand. Vicky’s tail was that of a white rabbit. Trish thought it suited her little sister well. She picked it up then forcibly bent Vicky over her bed. She spit in her hand and rubbed it into Vicky’s rosebud then spit on the plug and spread her saliva over the smooth glass.

As Trish started pushing the plug into her little sister, Vicky asked, “are you scared Trish? I mean about you birthday and dad killing us?”

Trish stopped pushing on the plug as she considered the question, “So you know about that huh? Guess dad told you last night, but there’s no we. It’s gonna be a long time before it happens to you.”

Vicky moved her hands under her head and rested temple on them. She let out a sigh then said, “not anymore, I asked dad to kill me last night, and today he told me he was going to do it on your birthday same as you.”

Trish suddenly forced the entire plug into Vicky’s ass, eliciting a cry of pain. “You did what?” Trish yelled at her sister who was now holding her ass in pain. She couldn’t believe her seven year old sister had asked their dad to kill her. She was still so young and hadn’t lived at all yet. Trish knew she was young too, but she had already experienced so much and had two children. She had known what would happen to her on her 16th birthday for years and now she not only accepted it but was looking forward to it. It would be her last great sexual adventure. Her sister had only found out that she would be killed by their father last night; hell, she had only started getting her ass fucked a week ago, and yet she didn’t want to wait. She was worried about her sister, but she also felt very impressed by her.

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2013-09-09 12:23:14
to mr longfello, if you get squeamish at all I would skip the next one if I were you. I have read a lot of stuff stories on here but the one in the next chapter literally gave me nightmares, but chapters 3 and 4 don't have any really disturbing stuff in them so you would be good on that one. I agree with you that this a really great story but damn it's messed up.

mr longfelloReport

2013-09-07 23:29:33
Well written, but I'm not sure if I should read the next chapters. But I like your story so far.

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2013-09-07 12:14:01
Oh yeah, I see, you spelled the name of the place Regrove instead of Redgrove like the title. I wouldn't worry about it though. This guy doesn't seem to understand that all creative writers have typos and errors. I know I make them all the time and need someone else to proofread my work because I often will miss my own mistakes. I'm guessing you do your own considering the material. I would say that you have some serious talent when it comes to writing. However, I'm thinking that no traditional publish would touch this kind of material with a ten foot pole.

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2013-09-07 12:03:35
hmm... looks like you've been posting stories on here all of a week and you already have a psycho stalker troll. That must feel special.
I mean seriously, if this guy hates your stories so much, why does he go through examining each one the moment they are posted? Anyway, I don't know what errors he is talking about but then again I am not anal enough to care.
I do feel your stories are pretty sick but very pretty good too for whatever that's worth.

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2013-09-07 11:28:37
Read twelve words, at the thirteenth your errors are all ready starting again. Yep that's a sign of a published author alright. Instead of aspiring to write novels why not set your sights a bit lower for the time being and aspire to write an error free story here?

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