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Gene BS005: Genetically engineered Breeding subject 005

I was created for one purpose, and that was to be bred by other species. I am not human nor am I one of the many other races in the galaxy. I am a product of genetic engineering, inside my DNA structure are four strands of mixed DNA. They are Human, Feline, Canine and reptilian. My classification code is Gene BS005. There are four females that have come before me, however they were not a successful product. They were created like me to breed with other races, but they were only able to bare the species of that made up their main DNA structure and body.

I am Different, I have the body of human female, the ears of a canine and the eyes and tail of a feline. My teeth and claws are that of a reptile. My skin is very smooth and yet very strong. I have seen images of myself throughout development and I must say that I find myself to be very beautiful. The Five scientist that care for me say the same. From the first time I can remember they came to me I was met first by a feline, she looked to be part of lion species. Next came a male Canine, he was part of the Wolfkin race. Then there was the female Amphibian, after her the human male and lastly the male Centuarian. While they all have separate fields in study they taught me about the galaxy and the many races which dwelled in it.

As I got older they began to teach me in different fields of study. I learned everything there was to know, but I seemed to excel in piloting and medical studies. The lioness was very proud of what I was able to learn. She was the one who spent the most time with me. I guess in some way she was like my mother. She was strong proud and very attractive. Out of the males that came to look after me only two seemed to hold some interest in me. As I got older and my body grew into that of a woman’s the human seemed to take some kind of liking to me. It was strange and at times the way he looked at me made me cover myself and turn away from him. The other male was the Centuarian, he was a kind creature who often made puzzles for me to solve and would upload holograms to entertain me as prizes for each puzzle I solved.

One day as my container was lowered to drain the liquid and replace it with a newer fluid I noticed the Centuarian’s cock was extended and hard. I giggle and tapped the glass.

When he looked over I used the sign language that had been taught to me and told him I thought his male organ was impressive.

He simply grinned and moved so that his cock was easier for me to see. I smiled and made a motion that made it seem like I was licking him. I teased him for several moment and watched as his dick leaked pre-cum onto the floor. Of course that was when the lioness came to take her shift. She smelt his arousal and had him leave. When my container was full again it was raised up and I was being given a stern look from her.

I blushed and lowered my head to avoid her disapproving gaze. Then she checked the holoscreen beside my container and looked at the data on my developing body. With a nod she moved in front of my container and tapped the glass. I looked up and saw that she was now smiling. She started signing to me, telling me that while I was a being bad for teasing the Centuarian like that she was also happy that I was entering the stages of my maturity. She also told not to tease the males too much or they might fuck me senseless once I was ready to leave the safety of my tank.

I blushed and smiled while signing back that such a thing might be enjoyable. That gave her a shocked expression then an amused smile crossed her lips.

“Well if you want to be fucked when you come out of there then I’ll be sure to claim you first. Then we will see if you still want to be mated after I’m done with you.” Came her promise.

I blinked a few times in surprise that she said had actually said that. Placing my hands on the glass I pressed my body against the container and looked at her with a wanting expression. She placed her hands on the glass and smiled. “Only a few more years until your body is ready, once you come out we will have to teach you how to speak walk and of course how to mate.”

I nodded and sank down so that my face was level with hers, I then pressed my cheek to the glass and rubbed against it as if I was rubbing cheeks with her.

As they years continued to go by my body blossomed into a beautiful figure of and eighteen year old woman. My light brown main of hair now reached the small of my back. My breasts were large and firm my waist narrow and taunt, my hips curved out nicely and my once flat rear was nicely rounded but still a little small. However I found it perfect to move around with, I was very flexible allowing to bend and curl into positions that only felines were capable of doing.

One day while I was solving one of the puzzled the human male came to take his shift. These days I just ignored him and played with my puzzles or read one of my holo-novels, today however he had other plans. He shut off the holo screen for my container and didn’t even bother to save my progress before shutting down the puzzle. I glared at him for a few moments then noticed the metal case at his feet. Looking at it I read the words and symbols and flung myself to the back of my container. The symbols one the case indicated some kind of harmful substance and I thought that he might use it to activate the emergency purge. Should that happen I would be helpless since I don’t know to use my legs to hold up my body.

Thankfully he was simply activating the bio scanner. A device that used most of the power in my sector of the lab. It would scan my body both external and internal. Then a small robotic arm would descend from the top of my container and take a blood sample. This device along with several others were used to keep track of my body’s growth and to inject the needed nutrients to keep me healthy. Once the blood sample was taken he sent the date to the main server to be logged and filed away. He looked me over with a creepy gaze before reactivating my puzzles and holo-novel then took his leave with the case in hand.

Over the next few weeks I received more injections and more blood samples were taken. Then mother came to me one day with a large case in hand. I was curious about it and what it was for. I didn’t have to wait long to find out.

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