The dining hall was a cacophony of noise of every kind, and it was loud! Sierra and Lila were seated at a table near the center of the large space and they had to lean close to talk. The good thing was that it would have been pert near impossible for anyone to overhear them. Sierra was contemplating the limp lettuce on her fork when she felt Lila's elbow poke her in her ribs. She looked and saw Lila gesturing with her fork at a small girl of maybe eleven years old.

“See that kid?” Lila asked. “Her name is Brooke and she still wets the bed. She wears those absorbent panty things at night.”

Sierra nodded. “That's terrible!” she said with a shudder.

Lila pointed again, this time to a gangly looking boy with terrible acne. “Do you think all those pimples hurt hurt his face?”

Sierra shrugged. Lila didn't notice.

“I bet they do! Oh!” Lila exclaimed. “Look! That brunette girl standing near the tray table? Her name is Kendra, and she has it bad for that cute sailing instructor.”

Sierra saw the girl Lila was talking about. A tall girl with a nice tan and strikingly beautiful dark eyes. “Really, Lila? She's pretty.”

“Yeah she is,” Lila agreed almost absently. “Look! She's searching the room, probably looking for him.” She tried to follow Kendra's gaze. “Ohmygod! Just as I thought! Look! She's making eyes with him right now! I heard that they disappeared one night in a sailboat and were gone for hours!”

“No!” Sierra gasped.

Lila nodded. “I heard someone say that she's a snob. But she's not. She's in my afternoon leather work group. She's all right. I like her.”

Sierra listened to Lila talk on about a lot nothing until dinner was done. They had free time until the nightly campfire, so they went back to their tent together. Once there, Sierra sat on the edge of her bunk and kicked off her sandals. Lila was on her bunk, on her back, tossing a small stuffed gorilla from hand to hand as she hummed, of all things, the theme from the TV show Gilmore Girls.



“About this morning...” Sierra said.

Lila sat up and faced Sierra. “Yeah?”

“Well, I wanted to ask you, um, why?” She paused and waved in a frustrated gesture. “Well, I know why, but, well... what I mean is...”

“I know,” Lila said. “Last night, I felt so bad for you, so I asked myself what my bestie back home would do. Her name is Katy, a couple years older than me. She knows a lot about sex and stuff. Katy has shown me lots of stuff”

Sierra nodded. “And?”

“Well, Katy would say something like, 'Don't just tell her what to do, Lila. Show her!' So that's what I did."

“Ah,” Sierra said. “But...”

“I want to know something, though,” Lila said. “How long have you been trying to, y'know, get off like that?”

Sierra looked at the floor as a blush heated her face. “A coupla days,” she mumbled.

“Never before?” Lila asked.

Sierra shook her head. “Uh uh.” She sighed. “I, ah... I saw you one night last week, late, and you were... and you looked so... so... I don't know... happy?”

Lila nodded. She stepped over to Sierra's bunk and sat beside her. “And you wanted to...”

Sierra nodded again. “Yeah.”

Lila blew an errant lock of hair away from her face, and punched Sierra lightly on the shoulder. She smiled. “Well, I guess that problem is solved!”

“Yeah,” Sierra agreed with a small smile. “But there's so much... so much I don't know!” She went on to explain how she was home schooled and didn't have a lot of friends where she lived. No 'bestie' to speak of, no one to talk with about these these things. And there was no way she could discuss these things with her mother.

Sierra crossed her arms over her budding chest and began to sob. Lila put an arm around her and hugged her close. “Shhh, Sierra,” she whispered. “No need to cry. You can talk to me.” She took Sierra's chin gently and turned her face toward her own. “About anything,” she said as she looked directly into Sierra's eyes.

Sierra reached out and touched Lila's cheek with her fingertips. Lila closed her eyes and smiled, a dreamy expression on her pretty face. “Anything at all,” Lila whispered as she leaned in and tenderly kissed her bunk mate.

Lila urged Sierra onto her back and snuggled in beside her on the narrow bunk. They kissed. Eager tongues explored and danced in the warm confines of their mouths. Each breath they took seemed to raise their passion, fueling their adolescent desires. Both girls were squirming and pressing against each other as they kissed and sucked on each others tongues and lips. Soft moans and harsh breathing filled the tent, as did the growing musky scent of their heat. Sierra felt flushed and excited as Lila slid a hand under her t-shirt and up to her bra. Lila touched Sierra's puffy nipples through the thin fabric, loving how soft they felt, how warm and supple they were.

Sierra was loving the attention Lila was giving her small tits when Lila abruptly broke the kiss, got out of bed, and stood beside the bunk. Sierra looked up, ready to ask why Lila had stopped kissing her, but watched instead as Lila removed her t-shirt, then her bra. Her cut-off denim shorts and her boy-short panties were next, pushed down her long, slender legs in one fluid motion.

Sierra stood and Lila slowly undressed her, kissing Sierra's body as the clothes came off. Lila knelt on the floor and removed Sierra's shorts, then her panties; pale blue with little flowers embroidered along the edges. She held Sierra's firm, smooth ass in her hands, kneading her, caressing her while she planted gentle little kisses on Sierra's legs. She let her tongue glide along her sweet, soft inner thighs, then upward to that delicate area just below the bellybutton, but above Sierra's warm and puffy mound. Each kiss Lila planted there was met with a minute rippling and fluttering which made Sierra gasp and writhe with pleasure.

Lila removed one of her hands from Sierra's bottom and, with the tip of her index finger she lightly traced the edge of Sierra's warm, wet crease. She inhaled the aroma emanating from Sierra's delectable, perfectly hairless pussy, and moaned. “You smell so good, Sierra,” Lila murmured.”I can't wait to taste you.”

Those words, and the idea of Lila tasting her virgin pussy, sent shudders through Sierra's beautiful naked body. Feelings that had been unknown to her before were coming into full bloom every second that she was with Lila. It was as if she were a musical instrument, and Lila was an accomplished musician, playing her body and making it thrum and quiver in a wonderful symphony that would ultimately build to a crescendo of feelings so incredible that they defied description.

Still kneeling, Lila pushed Sierra gently onto the bunk. She pushed lightly on Sierra's knees and Sierra willingly opened her legs for her first lover. Lila moved in closer, her body in contact with Sierra's warm thighs. She reached up and touched Sierra on the cheek, then trailed her hand slowly down to Sierra's breasts, touching and squeezing one, then the other, with adoration and desire.

Sierra leaned back on her arms and let Lila caress her pristine young body, soaking up the wonderful sensations that Lila was drawing forth from her. Lila's hand on her little titties felt so good, and she felt her nipples stiffen as Lila rubbed her palm over them.

“Oh, Lila...” she sighed. “Mmmm... that feels so good.” She reached out and stroked Lila's hair, loving the fine silky texture. Everything Lila had done to her felt amazing, and it just kept getting better and better with every loving touch, with every gentle kiss and caress.

Lila put her face into the warm space between Sierra's legs and drew her tongue over the smooth, tender skin of her pulsating vulva. She put a finger between the delicate folds of Sierra's sweet mound, and with agonizing slowness worked it into the dark recesses of her deliciously tight, silky pussy. “Oh, Sierra,” Lila sighed. “Your pussy is so pretty. So wet, so hot. Mmmmm...” She moved her finger up, then down, and inside Sierra's pussy. She pulled back from Sierra, removed her finger from that succulent place of love. Lila looked up, caught Sierra's eye and put the finger, wet with Sierra's juice, into her mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned with delight as she tasted the mixture of sweet, slightly salty, and musky flavors of her beautiful bunk mate. “Oh, wow...” she whispered. “You taste so good, Sierra.”

It had become darker in the tent as the sun began to set, but that made the experience somehow even more intense for Sierra and Lila, more inmate and private. All these new sensations were bringing Sierra closer to another orgasm. She could feel it building little by little inside her, centered on her pussy and fanning out in rippling little waves to envelope the rest of her writhing young body.

Lila bent back to Sierra's sweet mound and began to kiss it and slide her tongue hungrily all around and over it. The feel of it, and the sounds Lila made were almost more than Sierra could take. She bit her lower lip and moaned. “Don't stop, L-lila,” she breathed. “D-d-don't s-stop.” She twined her fingers in Lila's hair and gently urged Lila's face closer to her pussy. “Lick me, Lila... f-f-feels so f-freakin' good...lick me...”

Lila licked and probed Sierra's musky depths with finger and tongue, licking her way to Sierra's swollen little clit. Sierra held on to Lila's hair as her friend devoured her, as she sucked on her clit, nibbled gently at it, licked it with the flat of her tongue. Nothing else existed for Sierra. Her entire world, her entire being was focused tightly on what Lila was doing to her. The feelings were so intense that tears began streaming from her eyes, and her thighs and lower belly began to quiver.

Sierra began to keen softly as the ripples of pleasure became waves that rolled through her body. Her head whipped from side to side and Lila put a finger inside her tight, creamy pussy, working it slowly in, then slowly back, each inward twisting thrust going deeper inside of her. Sierra began to thrust her hips in time with Lila's thrusting finger. Lila took her free hand and caressed her own mound, which was every bit as hot and wet as Sierra's was. She began to rock on her knees and moan as her own waves of pleasure built up inside of her inflamed pussy.

Sierra let go of Lila's hair and fell backward onto her bunk. She put her smooth, slender legs around Lila's back and held her tight to her body as her orgasm barreled toward her in a frightening, breathless rush. She held the bedsheets in her fists as beads of sweat broke out all over her quivering body. She bit her lips to keep from crying out as she came. She groaned and writhed in ecstasy as Lila took her higher than she had that morning. She had the strangest sensation that she was no longer Sierra, but she was, instead, the orgasm itself, raging and growling like an animal on the hunt. It overwhelmed her and when she came, she shrieked silently and arched her back as the floodgates opened. Lila felt it and took Sierra's clit between her teeth and sucked on it for all she was worth. Her frenzied fingers were rubbing her own clit and she was feeling her own orgasm beginning to erupt deep inside her lower belly.

She felt Sierra cum, felt the sudden gush of warm liquid on her lips and face, felt Sierra's legs lock and hold her firm, as her own orgasm slammed through her budding body to ravish her and leave her spent and breathless in the embrace of Sierra's gorgeous legs.

Nothing existed for Sierra and Lila except the aftershocks that had them both trembling and moaning until all the tremors had finally run their course. Lila climbed onto the bunk and held Sierra in a loving embrace. “I knew you were gunna taste awesome,” Lila whispered as she idly played with Sierra's tender titties.

Sierra was still in that between state of post orgasmic bliss. “Mmmmm,” she managed in response to Lila. Trembling slightly at her own daring, she reached between Lila's legs and touched Lila's sopping pussy. Her heart raced as she let her finger move in Lila's crease for a few seconds, and Lila sighed with pleasure. Sierra timidly put the wet finger into her mouth and sucked and licked at the warm, sweet tasting nectar. “I like how you taste, too, Lila. I.. uh... want to lick you.”

Lila hugged Sierra tightly to her. “Oooh... I'd like that, Sierra. I want you to lick me. But we gotta make it another time. Campfire, remember?”

Sierra sighed. “Shit,” she said.

Lila giggled. “Yes,” she said. “'Shit' indeed.”

Very reluctantly, they got up, got dressed, made themselves presentable, and left for the campfire. As they walked along the trail in the waning light of the day, Sierra asked, “Where did you learn to do all that? Do you have a boyfriend?”

Lila shook her head, “No. No boyfriend. I'm not allowed to date til I'm sixteen.”

Sierra waited a minute. “So?”

Lila smiled and said, “Katy. She showed me how to do that. And other things.”



“So, Lila,” Sierra said, “Will you, I mean, can you...?”

“Sierra... sweet Sierra,” Lila said, “I can't wait to teach you stuff!”

Sierra sighed. “Neither can I!” she said. She took hold of Lila's hand and paused their walk. She turned to Lila and put her hand on the back of Lila's head and leaned in. Lila cooperated and their lips met, their questing tongues touched, and sudden delicious tingles rushed through their bodies. It was a brief kiss that felt much longer than it was, and when it was done, Sierra sighed again and whispered, “Neither can I.”

End Part Two

Shall I continued


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Really enjoyable. The first installment felt too short, but this one had more detail and was quite fun to read.

While the one poster was horribly rude about it, you really should use tags to describe what the story is about. I actually skip a lot of stories if they're not tagged. And the proper tags on this series would have drawn me to it more quickly.

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AWESOME story. Keep it up

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Awesome. Simply awesome.

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