My dreams that night were weird and erratic. Everything was coloured red and I kept seeing flashes of skin of my dad. Weird tastes in my mouth and feelings in my stomach. I would wake up sweating in my dads arms with a hard-on that felt urgent. So hard I had to do something with it, but before I could think of what I would fall back asleep, back to the weird dreams.

I suddenly woke up feeling like I was falling from the bed. The matrass disappeared under me and I rolled over quick. It took me a few seconds to realize it was my dad who was getting out of bed. I missed the warmth of the body the moment he placed the blanket back over me. He gave me one soft ruffle through my long hair and then left the bedroom. I sighed deeply and stared at the ceiling. The warmth from the sun told me it was more midday than morning.
I rolled over away from the light to get some more sleep. But the direct contact with the sheets reminded me of my nudity and my raging hard on.
In a big shock all that happened the night before came to me. My cock throbbed a little in pleasure. Again I felt that urgent feeling. It was difficult to place but the hardness of my cock felt different than before. Like I had to use it.

Without fully realizing my hips started to push my cock into the blankets. In soft slow movements they went back and forward. The fabric sliding along my cock felt rough but kind of similar to what dad had done. I still smelled like the oil and all I had to do was close my eyes and I was back on the couch. Shivering and shouting in weird feelings that felt so good.

“Morning kiddo” I heard a low morning voice. I turned my face and dad was standing in the doorway holding a large bottle with water. He was leaning on the wall with one elbow, holding his head in his hand. “Good morning dad.” I replied.
Dad groaned. “You can leave out the good.” He said with a small smile and downed half of the bottle.
I slowly got up from the bed. Right before I kick the blankets off me I realized my thing was still standing up. I nearly stopped but then broke out a huge smile. After yesterday nothing like that mattered anymore. Without hesitation I jumped out of bed and my hard cock bounced happily with the movements.
I could see dad taking a glance of it but he ignored it otherwise. I noticed his was soft as usual. Just hanging between his legs. If it wasn’t so big it would have looked a bit sad.
I bounced over to dad and hugged his leg and middle tightly. Pressing my entire body against his warm skin. Dad ruffled my hairs again but this time kept his hand on my head.
“Why don’t you get a shower and I’ll cook us some breakfast.”
My smile got even bigger now. I look up to dad. “Scrambled eggs?” I begged.
He returned the smile and nodded. “Scrambled eggs.”
He had hardly finished his sentence and I was already halfway to the shower. My dad’s eggs were by far the best.

Usually Friday nights were reserved for going naked at dad’s place, or really hot summer days. But after I had dressed myself it felt kind of weird. Yesterday dad had said so many nice things about me while I was naked, going around in clothes suddenly felt like I would miss out on something.
So I undressed myself again and walked to the kitchen. This time dad did notice my nudity and he made a small but funny sigh. I plopped down onto a chair and dad handed me a plate with a giant mountain of scrambled eggs. With a soft groan dad sat down in front of me.

We ate in silence. Normally we would talk about everything but I could see that even the slightest sound made dad wince a little. He wasn’t feeling too well.
He kept looking at me as if he wanted to say something but then continued eating instead. When dad was done eating he finally started talking.
“About last night…” He started but then waited. I kept eating but looked at him.
“What… did you think of it?” he slowly asked.
“Whum.” I answered. Mom would scoff me for talking with my mouth full. Dad just chuckled and patiently waited until I had swallowed and repeated myself.
“Fun.” I said.
He smiled at my answer but also frowned a little. He waited for a minute then asked me something again.
“Don’t tell anyone about last night please. Unless you really want to of couse, but I want to keep it between us.”
His question sparked anger inside of me. How could he think I would ever tell anyone about our Friday Nights. They were ours. Me and dad. Not moms or any of my friends but just us.
I told him this and he slowly nodded with a smile, despite the fact I raised my voice a little.

After breakfast he walked over to me and gave me a big fat hug before going to the showers.

The rest of the day was awesome. We went to the sauna, probably cause dad didn’t feel too good.
I loved the sauna. It was great to heat up inside and then run to the pool outside, jump in and float around until I was all cooled down.
I couldn’t help myself but stared at the cocks of others more than usual. After seeing dads I kept staring at the other mens crotched and wonder how big theirs got. Did they know they could shoot white stuff out of it. The most interesting were the ones without the extra skin. I thought those men were really sad. Without the skin there was no way they could make themselves feel so good right?

I was wondering if me and dad would do things again that night, but after an entire day of sauna I was exhausted. I fell asleep in the car and woke up the next day in my own bed.
It was early in the morning. My thing was hard again like the day before. That weird ‘urgent’ kind of hard. I didn’t touch it myself. Sleep drunk I made my way to dads bedroom. He was fast asleep.
I didn’t want to wake him up, but my hard cock was asking my attention every second.
Softly I slid my way into his bed and lay down next to dad. I grabbed his hand and lay in right on my crotch. Feeling his warmth against it.
But fast asleep he didn’t do anything. I fell asleep shortly after. If he had touched me I didn’t know. I woke up much later to an empty bed.

Mom picked me up a few hours later and I was stuck waiting for next Friday.

The entire week was weird. Even at school I couldn’t help but think of dads thing. Every time I closed my eyes I could see his thing so close to me. I could smell it and almost taste it.
Every morning I would wake up with that urgent feeling in my stomach and a really really hard cock. I didn’t touch it myself. I just got dressed and tried to ignore it. I knew I had to wait for dad to ‘thank me’ again. Or at least I hoped he would.

That Friday I was unruly at school. I just couldn’t wait to get to dad again. Not just because of the funny stuff we did. But just being with him suddenly was amazing. After last week I felt so free when I was with him.
When mom dropped me off at dads I was even happier. His hairs were wet. Which meant he already showered. And that meant that while I would shower he would quickly go to the McDrive to get our dinner. Perfect.
The moment Mom left us I undressed. I didn’t even go to my room but just undressed right there and hugged dad. He laughed softly and picked me up, saying he missed me. I wasn’t hard though, and for the first time dad disappointed me a little. I actually had wanted him to see mine hard.
It didn’t matter that much though. I ran off to the bathroom and I heard dad drive off while I was showering.

Once he got back he got undressed while I opened up the bags of food and neatly divided it for us.
We picked out a movie, an action film since we were eating junkfood, and plopped down on the couch and ate our food.

Once we were stuffed and the living room was littered with empty bags I nuzzled myself into dad. I didn’t lay down on his thigh as usual but that’s cause I was too stuffed.
Once our bellies had processed most of the food and we were warm and relaxed dad got up to get his glass of sherry. I jumped up right away when I grabbed the bottle.
“Me too.” I said.
Dad smiled but shook his head.
“No.” he told me.
I was dismayed. “Why not?” I asked him while he poured a glass for himself.
Still smiling dad looked at me.
“Only on very special nights, you know that.”
I was really sad now. I thought the sherry had become a part of our special nights. I didn’t really like the stuff but still. It felt essential to our nights.
“Please?” I begged him. He shook his head again.
I took a deep breath and went for it.
“I’ll kiss your thing again.” I quickly offered.
Dad smile turned into a huge grin now. He looked at me and at his glass. Then he sighed softly.
“So you won’t kiss my thing if I don’t give you a sherry coke?” he asked.
I hadn’t thought of that. I frowned. “That’s not fair.” I told him.
Dad chuckled a little and then made a thinking ‘hmmm’ sound. He sat down the bottle and his glass and quickly paused the film so all was quiet.
“How about this, you can have your sherry” he started but I interrupted him with a yell
“if!” he continued once I was quiet “You take my thing entirely in your mouth.” He offered.
That really shut me up. “Your entire thing?!” I exclaimed. Dad chuckled again and crouched in front of me. He took my face in his big hands. “Well as far as it can go.” He added.
I looked at him and shrugged a little. He smiled and nodded, then he stood up right in front of me. His thing was dangling almost at the height of my face now. I slowly grabbed it with one hand and lifted it from his balls.
I took a deep breath closed my eyes, and as eating veggies I quickly stuffed it into my mouth. It was a weird sensation but it didn’t taste bad at all. I had expected the worst but it was just a bit rubbery and warm. I kept it in my mouth, unsure of what I was supposed to do. Dad ruffled my hair a bit and said “Great” with a soft voice.
Once I was convinced it was enough I pulled my head back and took his cock out of my mouth.
Dad smiled really happy to me when I looked up at him. He turned around and added some sherry to my coke.

He handed it to me but told me to get off the couch for a bit. I listened and took the sherry coke from his hands feeling proud and happy. While I slowly drank my reward dad pushed the table further from the couch and with a nifty pull extended the lower part of the couch until it was as big as a two persons bed. I immediately wondered why we hadn’t done that before. We had an entire bed in front of the tv now. Dad jumped onto it with a soft scream of joy. He settled himself with his shoulders and head probed up against the back, but the rest of his body was laying on the couch.
He patted the empty spot next to him. I sat down on the couch and rolled myself over until I was laying down on my tummy with my face on his warm thigh. Only dad wrapped his arms around me and pulled me higher up until my head was resting on his soft belly.
His massage was different this time. He placed two fingers in my neck and slowly followed my spine down, sending shivers throughout my body.
When he reached my bum he let one finger slip between my cheeks and slide over my dirty spot and sensitive skin all the way to my balls. There he made a few soft circles and went all the way back up again. It was a funny combination. The fingers on my spine made me feel relaxed while downwards they sent a feeling of goose bumps through my balls to the tip of my own thing. My cock started growing bigger by the seconds, but we both ignored it.
I still felt kind of dirty whenever his finger passed over my dirty spot, but it wasn’t so much as before. It added to the pleasant shivers so I didn’t complain about it.

Dad resumed the movie and I started touching dad. It was just awesome this way. I could watch the film and my hand at the same time. I made dad happy and he made me happy.
After 15 minutes or so dad whispered something. I didn’t catch it at first. He softly nudged my head and repeated himself.
“Do it again.” He said softly. I knew what he meant. His thing was still soft so I head to move my head down a little. I grabbed his rubbery thing and slowly stuffed it into my mouth. As before I retracted my tongue all the way back into my mouth and kept his thing just halfway in.
Dad wiped my long hair from my face so he could see his thing inside my mouth. He nudged me again.
“Use your tongue a little.” He asked softly. I didn’t respond right away. The idea was disgusting but then again I was filled with that feeling of making dad happy. I knew I could make him happy with just some simple things.
I took a deep breath and slowly let my tongue creep forward until it hit the soft rubbery skin.
I closed my eyes and waited for a dirty taste. It didn’t come. It was the same with the kisses, kind of salty but not dirty. I started poking his thing with my tongue. It was actually really funny. The feeling was so soft but weird. Within minutes I was poking his thing with my tongue all over while watching the movie. By accident I hit the middle of his thing. My tongue slipped between his skin and directly hit his warm slick head. The taste of salt exploded in my mouth and I retracted my head right away.
Dad chuckled lightly and caressed my cheek with one hand. With his other he grabbed his cock and pulled the skin down, revealing his head. Like this he brought it back to my mouth.
I didn’t refuse, I would make dad happy.
I opened my mouth and accepted his cock with its skin down now. The taste was so strong. It wasn’t any dirtier than before but a lot stronger. It really took me a few minutes to get used to it and resume my poking with my tongue.
It was easier now though. His exposed skin was slicker and I could easily let my tongue go everywhere. When my tongue started to get tired I relaxed a bit more and just let it make small circles around his tip. A few seconds after I started doing that I felt something funny in my lower lip.
Quickly after I felt the same feeling in my upper lip.
Dad got hard. It was a really funny and weird feeling. His thing was actually growing inside my mouth.
I nearly pulled my head back but then decided to wait and see what happened.
I had to open my mouth further and further so I wouldn’t accidently bite dad. The tip of his cock went so far back in my mouth I had to move my head so I couldn’t start coughing.
I could feel dads heartbeat inside my mouth now. It felt so hard. No matter how hard I pressed my tongue against it the skin wouldn’t budge anymore.

Dad paused the movie again. His hand moved to the back of my head and softly grabbed it.
With his other he guided his cock a little. Then he moved his hips back and forward. With his hand holding my head his cock moved inside of my mouth. I could sense my dads happiness.
He started raining me with soft compliments again.
He called me beautiful and said he couldn’t have wished for a better son. I just let it happen. I knew I was making dad happy and so I just let him do his thing. I only made sure his cock didn’t move to far back, but dad was really careful.
Sometimes his cock tickled the roof of my mouth. It made me giggle but I kept his thing in me. I drooled a little but dad didn’t seem to mind. His entire cock started dripping with my spit but dad kept pushing it back and forward.
His breathing got louder again and he stopped his compliments. I felt his hand shake a little.
“Almost” he whispered and moved faster. A new taste was added. Still salty but a bit bitter as well.
Before I could really taste it dad quickly pulled my head away and jerked himself really fast.
It only took 3 seconds before he sprayed his white stuff all over himself again. It went right past my face and I yelled in surprise. It was awesome being so close to it.
I could really see it shoot out of his tip. Thick long sprays of that smelly white stuff. Dad groaned and his hips kept going back and forward. It was so much. So many sprays. The room was filled with the dirty smell. When it was all over dad sighed a couple of times and he smiled so happy to me.
Then he cupped my face with both his hands.
“You are the best.” He said. I felt giddy and really proud of myself.
I sat up a little so I could hug dad without touching the white stuff. I lay my head on his shoulder now and relaxed again. Dad stroked me for a few minutes.
“Go sit on my lap.” He said to me.
I smiled and got up. I sat down right beneath his cock, since his belly was all dirty. But dad grabbed my sides and pulled me towards him. I sat up on my knees and hobbled towards him but didn’t sit back down, avoiding the white stuff. It didn’t matter for dad. Once I was close enough he pressed both his hands on my chest and made wavy motions down until both of his hands were playing with my hard cock.
Within seconds I felt that warm churning blanket all over me. I closed my eyes and steadied myself by holding dads shoulders. It felt so good.
Finally I felt that ‘urgent’ feeling in my lower tummy make way for that hot ball. Dad started jerking me with one hand and with the other he caressed my balls and dirty spot. Faster and faster he went.
I felt my body shaking and I almost started making sounds again. I bit my lower lip so I wouldn’t but dad saw that. Still jerking me he said “It’s ok, just let yourself go. No need to be embarrassed with me.” He told me.
I listened. I let myself go and the room filled with the little screams I made. Dad shortly silenced me by kissing the lip I had been biting. His hands moved even faster and my hands grabbed him as tightly as they could. All my muscled tensed up and the ball exploded. I yelled really loud and quickly looked down. I didn’t shoot any white stuff but I saw some clear liquid shake out of my cock while dad jerked me. It fell onto his tummy between all the white spots.
I lost all focus when I felt that warm blanket lay all over my body. I let myself fall onto dad feeling nothing but that relaxed warm protected blanket. I couldn’t help myself and every breath I took ended with a little weird sounds. Dad kept jerking me but really slow now. His other hand caressed my back again.
Again he told me I was beautiful and he hugged me intensely.

I felt my own body being covered in his warm stuff now. My chest was tightly against his and I lay my head on his shoulder again, nuzzling into his neck. I relaxed for what seemed forever. Just enjoying that warm blanket and listening to dads slow breathing.
After a while dad pushed me off him. He stood up and quickly cleaned himself. Then he poured another sherry cock for me. When he sat back down again he pulled me onto his body and turned my around so I could see the tv. He wrapped both his arms around me in a warm hug. One hand stroked my tummy and with the other he played with my cock again. This time not to make the warm ball but just for fun. He made me go hard and then waited until I was soft. Like this we watched the film until the credits rolled.
Afterwards we went to sleep. I didn’t even bother going to my room but went to dads bed right away. Under the blankets I crawled onto his warm body and fell asleep in his arms.

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