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How I met girl from poor family and all turned better.
Sorry my not good English, this is not my native language.

One day in last year spring I happened to read newspaper’s story about poor family, where father lost his job because of poor eyesight and they had a big trouble to survive, because they had 8 children – five daughters aged 17, 15, 13, 10 and 6, three boys aged 12, 7 and 4.
Suddenly I saw an opportunity – I will give helping hand to the family and in return maybe I can fulfill my sexual dream to walk naked with teengirls. Maybe even I have a possibility to see, how they can handle a public nudity.

I contacted the mother of this big family and offered help. The most delicate problem was, of course, how do I explain to her what I want. I do not know whether the mother was in so much trouble, or was my offer not too scary, but she quickly agreed, saying only, that she can’t give me the eldest daughter, who already lived with her boyfriend.

„Laura is 15 and Amanda 13, they both can do it, I hope. For me nudity is not a big deal, I am enough liberal. And I also trust you, that nothing bad will happen to my daughters,“ said she.
I was a little uncertain. One girl was only 13, she had birthday month ago, it meant very young. Our law allowed consensual sex with any person 14 and older. If I will be caught walking around naked with 13-year-old girl, I could be convicted. I asked from mother to sign the agreement, where she takes all responsibility, if girl is seen naked. We wrote this official paper, only I was still not sure, whether it has jurisdiction in the eyes of the law.

When I met the girls, I discovered, that Amanda was a real beauty. In this family other daughters were looking like mother, but Amanda was more like father. She had slim body and small feet, model-like legs and quite big tits for a 13-year old girl. On the contrary, Laura had strong legs, chubby body and wide shoulders, but not as big tits as expected by her body. Amanda had also much prettier face, although Laura was not ugly too.

As agreement stated, I had to give every month 150 euros to both girls and 200 euros to mother for family, all together 500 euros. Not too much, but for one person not few either.
First time I simply walked in the forest with girls, all naked obviously. I noticed, that Laura felt a little bit tension, while Amanda was relaxed and seemingly had much fun. She was extremely sexy and knew, how to show itself and excite a man. My cock was hard and they both stared, but not much.

Later I asked Laura, why she was not relaxed and she said: „I am not used to show myself naked. Even my boyfriend have not seen me naked.“ Laura added, that her boyfriend is really cute guy and good-hearted person, but shy as her and they have not had sex yet.
First real public nudity experiment took part at the beach. This was relatively small beach – 2 km sandy beach, outside big city and usually there were about 500 to 1000 people at nice weather.

We took a place 50 metres from shore under bushes. Like usually all people were in bikinis or swimsuits, only some very small children (3-4 years) not and very rarely some women topless. Therefore all the people, who saw two girls going to swim naked, were confused. Some men also approached to our section of the beach, when they saw naked girls splashing in water and then walking along the beach.

Surprisely nobody didn’t say anything to Laura and Amanda, but after one hour lifeguard appeared to our place. „I have to inform you, that being naked at public beach is forbidden,“ he said in official way and tried not to look towards girls.

I tried to say, that our law don’t say anything about public nudity and even Chancellor of Justice explained, that our country doesn’t have any regulations about nudism and nude people being in public places. „I see, but can’t you understand, that this behaviour is undecent. One mother complained me, that naked girls walk on the beach and she did not want explain to her children, why this is allowed,“ said lifeguard and finally turned towards girls and asked: „Can you explain, why you are doing this? Your behavior is not only annoying for others, but also shameful for you. How you can walk nude in front of hundreds of people?“

Then Laura unexpectedly began to talk, she fantasized a funny explanation: „My skin is allergic to synthetic materials. I can wear only cotton, but no companies will produce cotton swimsuits, because these become heavy if wet and will not dry quickly.“
„And I support my sister, if she have to be naked, I am also,“ added Amanda.
„Ok, I see, but we have many places at the sea, where are only few people. You came here to show itself to everyone. Therefore your example is not competent. Please put swimsuits on, or if it is impossible due to allergy, then please leave,“ said lifeguard.

We agreed to lifeguards demand and left beach. I achieved my goal – teenage girls run about one hour naked at beach, that was really exciting. Even Laura was this time more energetic and seemingly enjoyed whole situation.

Next time girls were driving in my car nude and I took a stop at gas station. That was pretty quiet place, sometimes even 2-3 minutes there was no clients. I asked girls, who is ready to go naked at the gas station and will buy three hot dogs. „I give 20 euros and who accepts the offer, can keep remaining money. To my surprise Amanda said: „Not me. Laura needs money more.“

Laura hesitated a long time, but finally decided to go, when there was no other people on gas station, just a vendor. She was not lucky – when she waited a hotdogs, two cars arrived to the gas station and all the people in this vehicles stared to naked girl coming with three hotdogs.
Laura was red-faced, when she sit on the car. We drove away immediatelt and I asked: „What happened?“

„Nothing,“ said Laura. „Only vendor asked: „Are you sure you want hotdogs and not something else?““ We laughed.
Next week we decided, that both girls will come to my apartment and stay naked also at home. But before we had to buy food from a small market. I was ready to go, when Amanda said: „This time I will come with you.“

I was dressed like usually and was ready to go alone, but now I obviously agreed. That was interesting, how Amanda will handle a situation, when she is naked in market among many people. There was more than ten cars in a parking lot. Almost all the time somebody entered or came out from the door.

Amanda didn’t hesitate at all. She calmly walked to the market. Some people were laughing and some angry. Amanda only smiled to them. She stepped calmly between the stalls, and we discussed what could be bought. One man approached and surprisely only showed to Amanda thumb up sign. Cashier was confused, but accept our money and didn’t say anything. We spent 9 minutes at shop and nothing serious happened. I considered this as Amanda’s accomplishment. She gave the impression, that naked shopping does not offer him any tension. Probably because of that others did not interfere.

Only man, who show thumb up, was waiting outside. „You really didn’t afraid?“ he asked.
„Why I should have been?“ said only Amanda. „I am really impressed,“ said man.
„I enjoyed whole situation very much,“ said Amanda in car. „Some people were even embarrassed, they blushed and turned away. You imagine: I was naked, but they felt themselves uncomfortable.“

Later Amanda added, that people's attitude towards nudity is wrong in her opinion. „Lack of clothing does not change anybody worse person,“ she said philosophically. „If I had to decide, I would allow anyone to walk naked everywhere.“
„OK, the idea is good, but I doubt, that people will go naked in public place, even if they have permission to act this way,“ I argued.

„Maybe, but nevertheless it’s strange. The next morning after the adoption of the public nudity law I would go walk the streets of metropolitan and it would not be uptight if I'd be naked alone and thousands of people dressed,“ said Amanda. „And if I can do so, then probably some others follow my example.“

Soon we arrived at my apartement, where girls and myself also had to spent time naked. Laura quickly sat at the laptop and started to chat. I was sitting at the couch with Amanda and I showed her my old photographs from the time, when digital camera was not yet in use. She was sitting so close, that our bodies touched and my dick started to rise.
She smiled and then whispered in my ear: „Can I touch?“

Amanda handled my cock very skillfully and then took it into her mouth. She very gently touched it with tongue and made me more horny all the time. „Uuummmhhhhhhhhh!“ I moaned and Laura suddenly turned her head. „Amanda, what you are doing!“ she yelled loudly.

„Sister, do not be mad, you would not do it anyway, let me try it,“ said Amanda. I was really afraid, that Laura will tell her mother what happened here, but I could not hold myself back anymore. It was like in Nabokov’s „Lolita“, where the girl herself seduced the main character. I took Amanda into the arms and ran to the bedroom. „Don’t worry, I am not a virgin anymore,“ said she and we had a fierce sex.

It was a complete pleasure: her body was soft and smooth like a little girl, but the sex she did as the experienced woman. She was able to conjure up a wild orgasm out of me and moaned itself with pleasure.
„You’re the best lover!“ I said to her.
„I know,“ she smiled. „Adult men like sex with girls. It is generally a sin, but never for me. I like sex very much and the men's will is a good chance for me.“

„Then you're already had sex with older men?“ I asked.
„Not much,“ replied she. „But I have long experience, almost three years.“
„What?“ I wondered. „You just got 13! It means, you started as early as ten years old??!“
„My cousin taught me,“ she said very calmly. „He was 14 and me 10. I didn’t know anything about sex. He told me, it is certain kind of game. I believed him and soon I realized, this is a pleasant game. But then he left, we were only one month together at grandmothers cottage. I wanted to meet him more, but there was not much opportunity. He told me that you can do the same thing with other boys or men and most of them are certainly willing to do, he convinced me.“

„Oh, no!“ I shouted. „And you really found the boys or men for that purpose?“
„It was not so easy, how Jan (name of the cousin) told. I was yet 10-years old and walked after school in the city streets with my schoolbag. Sometimes I even asked some men: do you want fuck with me? And most of them escaped quickly. Definitely some of them were decent and well-mannered, they never wanted sex with such young girl, and some of them afraid, that this is some kind of trap to catch paedophiles,“ Amanda told.

„Yes, this is obvious. You can’t contact anyone so directly, that let fuck me and that’s all. Approach have to be more clever. You have to hide your intents,“ I said.
Girl also told, that our visit to beach naked was not first time for her. „In this summer, when I turned 11, I often went to the beach, took all clothes off and started to swim, walk or run at the beach, building sandcastles and other things. I got much attention. When boys or men stared at me, I smiled every time. I wanted to let them know that I am here naked for them. And it worked sometimes,“ told Amanda.

All her stories turned me up again. My cock was ready and Amanda only asked: „One more time?“ And I could not resist such an invitation.

After that day I had a new plan. I told girl’s mother, that I will continue to give her 200 euros to her and also 100 euros to Laura (50 EUR less than previously), but she does not have to spend a penny more for Amanda, because I will take care of her. In other words, I took her into custody – she lived with me like my own daughter and in autumn she went to the new school, which situated in the capital of our country, 150 km far from Amanda’s family home.
Mother agreed, she was still able to be with her daughter on some weekends or during school holidays. I didn’t know, what father said, but I heard from Amanda, that after losing her job and in the conditions of the weakening eyesight he get more and more frustrated and began to drink much. That was sad.

Amanda quickly got used to the new school and friends. Of course, now she was more satisfied, because she was able to have sex every day. Although I was constantly afraid that I will soon start getting tired. Because for her sex was never enough. She wanted fuck right after my arrival from work, then during dinner, third time obviously when we were going to bed and sometimes even at morning before school.
Also she did everything: anal sex, handjob, blowjob, cum swallowing, tried several funny positions and was always happy. Variety of sex still kept my strength, otherwise I would have been done a long time ago.

When I arrived home, it was always Amanda dressed in an „original way“. Sometimes she wore only lingerie or long T-shirt, sometimes only panties or only bra (so-called bottomless) and many times completely naked or then only wearing socks, shoes or silk scarf.
When I was already sure, that she has no longer something to surprise, then in one quite cold November day she was sitting at the couch in shirt, a sweater and a warm cardigan, but nothing more – her bottom half was not covered. In this way she signaled that the room may be cold though, but her pussy is always ready for action.
He loved so much to be without panties, sometimes, when I was at home earlier, she came from school, quickly took off shoes, skirt and panties, but yet wore the blouse and sat in my lap half-naked.

Once my friend was visiting me and Amanda dressed properly… at the beginning. After doing her own things and we talking and drinking a little, she suddenly said: „Too warm is here, I will change.“ I understood immediately, what it meant. And really, she came back to our room stark naked and continued to do her own things.
„Your girl is very liberal,“ said my friend.
„I'm sorry, but she really did not pay attention to clothing, she does not care, even if the guests are here,“ I apologized.
„No matter, I take i tas normal, birthday suit fits to Amanda,“ said my laughing friend.

When Amanda went to her room, my friend said: „You are really lucky, young girl is so sexy and also willing to show herself.“
„You know, I am actually quite exhausted. You might think, that I am talking some crap, but I I would be happy if you fuck with her instead of me today,“ I said.
„Really?“ asked friend.
„Yes and I am sure, she agrees.“

And they really fucked at Amanda’s room. Afterwards we all ate dinner together and Amanda was still naked. Her appetite was far from full. She took her dildo and started to satisfy herself. She gave us a full show and of itself was finally all sweaty, but happy.

Before night she asked me: „I was not sure that you have agreed to allow me to have sex with him You were not angry to me?“
„However, we are not husband and wife. You are still free to have some boyfriends, I am more like father and helping you and your family,“ I explained.

Next morning Amanda’s mother called to me. „I am really thankful to you. I told yesterday Amanda’s class teacher and she said only good things. That Amanda learns well, have many friends and her attitude is excellent. I knew she is smarter than my other girls, but you have done miracles!“ said mother.
I was briefly speechless. I am fucking her 13yo daughter every day and she don’t talk nothing bad. Am I really such a savior?
In this time I finish first part of the story. Second part and more sex will follow.

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