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The next morning.

I woke up and Felt Dexter against me. I smiled and got up without waking him up. I put my panties on and Grabbed his button up shirt and walked downstairs. His meeting isn't till 12 and it is 8 so he doesn't have to go in yet. I went in the kitchen and Landon, Jessica and Lake where all in there. " Ugh Dexter harder." Lake Moaned out. I blushed and got a cup of coffee. " Bite me Lake." He laughed and said " I'm pretty sure Dexter did that last night. " I sat on the Island and said " How are you feeling Jess" She smiled and said " Fine and I'm Not even going to ask how you feel." I laughed and said " Great " She laughed so did Landon He said " Yea and we all know the reason for that. " I smiled " Reason for what." I looked at the opening to the kitchen and sure enough Dexter was standing there. " The reason for her feeling great." Lake answered. Dex came over and kissed me. " My shirt looks better on you." I smiled and said " I know right." Everyone laughed and Dex said " So what where you guys talking about before I came down. " I glared at them and Lake said " I'll give you a hint." " Lake don't you dare" I glared at him and he smirked and said " Ugh Dexter Harder." I said " Your so dead" I jumped off of the counter and ran after Lake. I tackled him to the ground. " HELP ME " He screamed and I laughed. I straddled his hips and said " Who is gonna help you now." HE frowned and said " Jessica please" She said " I'm Pregnant and I don't want to get on the bad side of Jules." I laughed and tickled him .He busted out laughing " Say it" He shook his head " Never" I smirked and went to his main tickle spot. " Say it" He couldn't stop laughing " Jules is the sweetest Kindest sexiest person in the world and I sorry" I got off of him and said " Don't forget it." Dex was smiling at me and drinkin my coffee" Hey.. You know what I will just get another cup." He smiled and Landon said " Did you actually just say that." I nodded and got another cup of coffee. I got back on the island next to Dex. " Now as I said What where you talking about before I came down." They smiled and Landon said " We where talking about how loud she was last night " Lake added in " Ugh Dexter Harder." I hopped off of the counter and Put my cup in the sink " I'm gonna go get ready for work." I ran out of the room before anyone could stop me. I turned the shower on and took a quick one. I blow dryed my hair really quick. Not evcen bothering with a towel I just walked in my room and Dex was sitting on my bed. He smiled when he saw me. I walked over to him He wrapped his arms around my waist and said " Your so beutiful." I smiled and kissed him. " Am I just a one night stand" I said and he shook his head no. I nodded and Walked over to my Dresser. I put on a thong and a white lacy bra to match the thong. I walked into my closet and put on a black skirt that came mid thigh. I also put on a White button up shirt. I grabbed my black blazer just in case but I didn't plan on wearing it. I grabbed my black boots. I walked out of the closet and Dex said " Nice outfit" I smiled and I said " Let me guess Landon is letting you borrow that." He nodded. He was in Black pants and a White button up shirt and his Black blazer. I grabbed my purse and put everything in it. I put my hair in a bun. He said " Are you ready to go." I nodded and we walked downstairs Hand in hand. " Have fun at work. " Jessica screamed I smiled and said " Love you " Landon got in his car and said " See you at work" There was a limo out fornt " Is this your normal ride." He shook his head and said " No I usaully take my car but I stayed here last night remember." I mumbled under my breath " How in the hell could I forget." He laughed and I said " You weren't suposse to here that." He kissed me and I got in. He got in after me and said " To the office." He roled the window up and pulled me on his lap. I smiled and Kissed him. He pushed the skirt up and Layed me against the seat. I unbuckled his pants. He said to the driver After he rolled down the window thing. " Take the long way" I smiled he rolled the window up and I Brought him down to me to kiss him. He pulled my thong off and I pushed his boxers down. At My house < Jules's POV>

I took my boots off because my feet where killing me. I ploped down on the couch tired. Dex laughed at me and said " Are you ok" I groaned and said " No I am tired and My feet are killing me." He sat on the couch where my feet where and he started rubbing them. I moaned and he took that as a good sign to continue. I smelt cookies and Jumped up. I ran to the kitchen and said " I knew I smelt your famous Strawberry chocolate cookies." Jess laughed and said " I made five batches because you won't ever save any for Lake or Landon. I smiled and Kissed her cheek. I took a cookie and said " They are soo good" She laughed and Dexter came in here and said "Where is the fire" I smiled and said " In my mouth." Jessica laughed and I ate the rest of my cookie and said " Try this " I kissed him and pulled away " Wow those are good " He pulled me close to him and I grabbed another cookie. She gave me a container of them " Go to your room" I took the container and said " I love you Jess" She said it back and me and Dex went to my room. He took the container from me and sat on the bed. I grabbed a cookie and put it in my mouth. I unbuttoned my shirt and turned on music. " Me want Cookie came on by Skrillrix." I walked over to Dex and he said while pulling me onto his lap. " I have to go to a buisness dinner." I frowned and said " But I barely saw you today." I ate another cookie and he said " You can come with me." I smiled and said " YAY " He laughed and Kissed me. " Hey June Bug care to Really you two" I turned around and saw Lake. I smiled and said " What " He smiled and I took my shirt off and walked into the closet. I pulled my skirt off and Put on my robe. " As I was saying tommorow the Gallery is opening and I wanted you and Dexter to come. " I nodded and said " Of course I am coming your Family" He nodded and I looked at Dexter He said " I'm in" Lake nodded and said " She baked them are there any left." I laughed and nodded " She baked me three batches and you and Landon Two " He nodded and ran downstairs. I locked my door and dropped my robe. Dex smiled and said " I'm glad they forced you two come last night. " He pushed me on the bed and got on top of me. He kissed my neck and I moaned. I laughed at the song on. " Its My Dick in a box. My dick in a box girl. " I sung " 1 cut a hole in a box 2 Put your junk in the box 3 Make her open it." Dex was laughing at me and I said " I like this song and I think I should get ready." He nodded and Got off of me. I walked into the closet. I pulled out a long yellow dress with Spakly patterns on the top and Straps It flowed to the ground. " Perfect. " I walked out of the closet and looked at Dexter and said " Do you think your mother will call me a slut in this." He laughed and shook his head.

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