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My wife’s friend – Part 3

After my encounter with Shannon at her hotel we didn’t see each other for several months. In fact, the next time I saw Shannon or Elisa was at Jessica’s wedding in the fall. It was held at a beautiful resort in the country.

My wife and I arrived early on the Saturday, eager to get away from the children but I was also eager to see Elisa and Shannon. We checked in at the hotel and headed up to our room to relax. Shortly after my wife got a text from her friend Vanessa asking her to come by her room. I didn’t mind being left on my own so I set out to explore the hotel. I was walking past one of the conference rooms when I caught my first glimpse of Elisa. She was sitting her bra and panties getting her make up and hair done. The door was open a crack so I cautiously watched and admired her body.

I was in the zone, in my own little world when I felt a hand slide down the back of my shorts and squeeze my ass cheeks. “Well Hello my tight ass” I froze. Who ever it was proceeded to slide a single finger between my cheeks and press into my anus. “Not going to stop me? Good thing Elisa and I have toys” I instantly relaxed as I turned around to see Shannon standing there. I gave her a big hug. “I’ve missed seeing you” I said. “I’ve missed you too” she replied.

Shannon: “I would invite you to my room for a quicky but I am bunking with Vanessa”

Me: “That’s no problem, Bec and Nessa are in the room right now. Why don’t we quickly go to mine?”

“Why don’t the three of us go to mine?”

We looked to see Elisa poking her head through the Conference Room door. “You aren’t busy I asked?”. “Not right now, I just need to get dressed so lets go quickly!!” She replied.

The three of us headed up the back stairs to the third floor where her room was. It turns out her room was directly about Vanessa and Shannon’s room. No sooner did the door close then both girls were attached to me. Elisa and I began to make out…heavily. Shannon proceeded to re-tell the story of my visit to her hotel. This only made Elisa’s kissing more and more passionate.

We all kissed A LOT. Me kissing Shannon, Shannon kissing Elisa, me kissing Elisa. It was electric…

When we got to the bed Shannon fell on to it. She was wearing a nice Lululemon outfit, zip up jacket and those pants that make every booty like nice a round. But with hers, it just emphasized its size and its shape. Elisa told her to lay on her stomach was the two of us caressed and fondled her big booty. In the heat of the moment I shoved my head in between her cheeks. Trying to get at her booty. Elisa began to slowly peel off Shannon’s pants as I continued to fondle and kiss her booty and thighs. Once her pants were off Elisa spread Shannon’s cheeks as I started licking and probing my tongue onto her anus. Shannon let out a gasp and shoved her ass back into my face. I went to town lick and probing as she shoved her ass into my face and moaned. Eventually Elisa took over and I began to peel off Elisa’s panties and began fingering her unbelievably hairy pussy. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. We all kept going. Another knock “Elisa, its Mom, I need to talk to you quick”

“Oh shit, you guys need to hide” Elisa whispered. Shannon and I hustled to the washroom and jumped in the shower and closed the curtains. We heard Elisa open the door and just waited, naked, in the shower. I looked at Shannon, with her exposed tits just inches from my face. I grabbed her tits and brought her nipples to my mouth, spending time licking and sucking both of her rock hard nipples. Shannon pushed away and dropped to her knees taking my entire rock hard cock into her mouth. I almost died. She sucked me off for a few minutes, spending sometime licking my balls and even the area between my anus and balls… I did everything I could to not cum all over her.

We heard the hotel room door close and Elisa opened the bathroom door. “You guys can come out now”. We slowly immerged from the washroom to see Elisa standing there with an enormous strap on. It had to be at least 9-10inches in length and a few inches in diameter.

“Well hello there” Shannon hollered. Elisa motioned for her to lie on the bed. Elisa then positioned her self in front of Shannon and began to slowly slide the massive fake cock into her pussy. I was stunned. I wasn’t really sure what to do. I climbed over Shannon’s face and dropped my balls/ass onto her worked into a 69 position. I lay on top of Shannon as Elisa fucked her. My face was pressed against Elisa’s stomach. I reached around and held her was as she thrust on Shannon. Suddenly I got smacked in the face with the incredibly wet strap on. Elisa had pulled out and was attempting to put it in my mouth. “Clean Shannon’s juices babe” she instructed.

Once Elisa deemed her rubber cock to be sufficiently clean, she motioned for me to get off the bed. Elisa lay down on the bed and knelt at the end and began to dine on her hairy pussy. I didn’t really pay much attention to what Shannon was doing. For a while I know she was laying on the bed panting, but I eventually lost track of her because I was to busy enjoying Elisa’s puss.

Eventually Elisa started moving higher up the bed. I started to move onto the bed onto all fours in order to maintain my position of licking her juices. Her pussy was so wet, she tasted amazing and was responding to every lick. Suddenly I felt shannon’s hands on my hips. With no warning I felt her trying to shove the strap on into my ass.

“Jesus, what are you trying to do!! Are you trying to tear me a new one” I shouted.
“Sorry babe, I just want to top you. But I don’t have any lube”. Before I could say a word, Elisa had slide up and was licking her hands. She knelt over my ass and spit! Right in to my crack. The two of them kept spitting and slowly pushing the strap on into my ass. After about five minutes Shannon managed to get half of the strap on into my ass. I was in a ton of pain but trying to ignore it. It took every ounce of my strength to not scream as Shannon hammered the last 4-5 inches into my ass. She didn’t even start slow. She immediately started thrusting fast and hard as I slide further and further up the bed until my head was resting against the headboard.

While Shannon was having her way with my ass I could hear her and Elisa kissing, it sounded so hot; both of them were letting out soft moans as there tongues were massaging each other. I am not sure how long Shannon was fucking me for. Once the pain subsided and I began to relax her thrusting felt amazing.

At some point Elisa had begun to get dressed. When she was in her bra and panties she slid under me and began to suck my cock, which belt beyond incredible while getting my ass pounded.

“Elisa, I’m gonna cum” I squeaked out with barely enough notice as I erupted all over her face. I collapsed on top of her chest with Shannon on top of my ass. Shannon and I rolled off and cuddled/kissed. She was a dominant top, but it was definitely one of the best anal experiences of my life!


2017-01-06 13:01:17
I liked the story, but I thought it was all a build up to at least one more chapter which would include his wife and Vannessa being discovered as lovers as well as a continuation of the present scenario. If not all of that at least a closing few paragraphs to wrap up what eventually happened. Needed closure of some sort. But I liked what I read, thanks.

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2015-08-20 22:08:22
Todo bad,you didn't get to fuck Elisa.

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2013-09-27 20:43:36
It was all going so well until you made him get the strap-on instead of finally fucking've lost at least one reader

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