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I liked Emerald long before I found out that she taped her boobs to keep people from knowing just how big that they really were.
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She Tapes Her Big Boobs

Emerald was so pretty and I loved it when we had track practice together. Those little shorts looked so good on her. Sometimes I wouldn’t go all out, I’d just stay back and admire her perfect butt as she ran. The hurdles were the best because her shorts stretched tightly across her fine ass.

The men coaches liked it when we had co-ed practice too. The girl coaches were pretty and of course they liked to stare at the younger girl’s asses too.

As for us boys, we liked to show off and try to impress the girls so we exerted a little extra effort.

After we practice, very few of the boys take a shower. It is a male shyness thing. However, I understood that all of the girls showered together. Rumor had it that even the coaches joined them in the big group shower room.

I left the boy’s locker room and was about to cross the opening to the girl’s locker room when I heard Emerald say, “I don’t take showers with the other girls because my boobs are too big.”

Her coach said, “Your breasts aren’t that big. I think that they are perfect for your body size.”

Emerald said, “I tape them so that they don’t look so big and flop all over the place when I run.”

Her coach asked, “Just how big are they?”

Emerald replied, “34-DD and I’m afraid that the other girls will be jealous, that the boys will drool, and that I’ll give myself two back eyes.”

Her coach chuckled and said, “You are probably right about the other girls being jealous of your big boobs. I have to smile when I think about all of those boys running with hard-ons and staring at you when they fall over the hurdles or run into one another.”

Emerald giggled and said, “Yeah, that would be funny. Especially if it was that foxy boy.”

Her coach said, “Fran?”

Emerald giggled again and said, “That’s the one. He makes my panties so wet that I need to buy some panty liners.”

Her coach said, “I would let him do me too. Say, how about a threesome…you, me, and that dream boat? Besides, I’d love to get my hands on your big boobs…my mouth too.”

Emerald popped out of the doorway, took one look at me and asked, “How much of that did you hear?”

I replied, “All of it, I think.”

She asked, “Are you going tell anyone?”

I said, “Not if you don’t want me too.”

She gave a sigh of relief.

Then I asked, “Do I get to see them?”

She smiled and said, “Maybe! But you will have to take me out for dinner and a movie first. And not at some fast food place either.”

I smiled and said, “Just what I’ve always wanted…a girlfriend that isn’t a cheap date.”

Emerald said, “I’ll take that as a compliment. As to the girlfriend part…maybe you will have to earn that.”

We decided that our first date would be on Friday evening, the restaurant of my choice, and the movie of her choice…even if it was going to be a chick flick.

On Thursday, I told Emerald that we had reservations at the Duck Stop in Candor, a town about thirty miles away.

On Friday she told me the name of the movie and that she would be wearing a sex black strapless dress.

When I knocked on her door her mother opened it and invited me in. I handed a dozen yellow roses to her mother. Then I put a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates on her desk. She asked how I managed to purchase the wine. I told her that my mother bought it for me to give to her. She smiled.

Emerald descended the stairs like a Princess. In my head music played and fireworks erupted. The spotlight was on her. That sexy black dress made her long blonde hair really stand out. Her black high heels made her muscular legs look even better.

When she reached me I looked down at her massive knockers and her amazing cleavage.

Emerald giggled and asked, “Do you approve? Hey, my eyes are up here. Do I need to tape them down?”

I said, “What? Huh! Oh no. You look beautiful.”

Her mother said, “You really do honey.”

I looked back down at her amazing cleavage and added, “And those look awesome!”

I walked her to my mother’s car and opened the door for her. She got in, held her knees together, and smiled at me. She looked marvelous. I got in the driver’s side, started the car, and drove off.

At the restaurant I parked, got out, and opened her door for her. Emerald parted her legs getting out but not enough to give me a good view up her dress.

The dinner was wonderful from the shrimp cocktails and salads to the fish dinner and cherry cheesecake.

As she got back in the car she let her knees raise up a little higher and her legs open up a little wider. Her panties were so white that they practically glowed. I smiled and closed her door.

We got to the theater a little early. Emerald wanted some popcorn and a big soda for us to share.

She picked the seats and were in the forth row from the front and no one was in front of us.

I asked, “How do you tape your boobs? Do you use Duct Tape?”

She laughed and said, “It’s just an expression. I actually use a wide elastic bandage and wrap it over my boobs to flatten them out.”

The lights dimmed, future movies were trying to get us to come back, and then our movie started.

Emerald sat on my right and she had the popcorn on her right along with the soda.

I asked, “Can I have some popcorn?”

Emerald giggled and said, “You’ll have to use your left hand.”

Of course I asked, “Why?”

She giggled again and said, “Because I have a use for your right hand.”

Then she took my right hand, lifted my arm up over her head, and placed my right hand on her right breast.

I smiled at her and gave it a little squeeze.

She giggled again and said, “Give it a good squeeze! I squeeze them almost flat every day that I go to school or a track meet.”

I did give her big breast a good squeeze and she seemed to squeal in delight.

So for the next hour and forty-three minutes my hand stayed on her breast and gave it a squeeze, two or three times a minute.

When the movie ended she removed my arm and gave me a very nice kiss.

On the drive home she pulled my right hand up between her legs. She held it in place so that only my little finger got to brush against her moist panties. She made sure that I stayed excited…but not too excited.

When I walked her to her door she invited me in. Her mother wanted to hear all about our date.

Emerald told her about our dinner and about the movie. Then she actually told her mother about placing my hand on her breast in the theater and placing my hand on her inner thigh in the car on the ride home. I was amazed at their relationship.

Then her mother asked what she had planned next and Emerald said, “I’m going to show him my big boobs and then give him a blowjob or two before I send him home.”

Once again I could not believe that she had told her mother that.

He mother laughed and said, “If you plan on going any further you’ll find some prophylactics in my nightstand.”

She dragged me off as she said, “Okay Mom but I think he’ll be very satisfied with my blowjobs for now.”

In her bedroom she sat me down on a pink chair in front a very girly dresser with a big mirror along the wall.

Emerald smiled and put on some music as she started to sway with the beat. Her black dress was unzipped and she slowly lowered it down her fabulous body. Her big boobs were simply exceptional to look at. I thought about holding and squeezing the one all through the movie but right then I was looking at it and it’s identical twin on her left.

Slowly her very white panties came into view. My little finger had been rubbing against them the whole way home.

I could not believe it when she lowered her panties. Her pussy had a big patch of hair at the top and nothing from the top of her slit down. She tossed her panties at me and said for me to put them in my pocket.

Then Emerald came close to me, knelt down, and then started fishing my very hard cock out of my pants. I was so disappointed when my cock came on contact. How embarrassing!

Emerald took it all into her mouth and swallowed. She giggled and said, “Wow! I must have gone too far. I’m sorry.”

She was apologizing to me? No way!

She said, “Next time will be better…I promise. The third time is going to rock your world.”

Third time!

Yup…she was sincere. She sucked me hard, which really wasn’t all that difficult. She slipped her mouth over the head and sucked until I came for the second time. She swallowed that too and smiled at me as she kissed the head.

We took a little break. She got on her bed and let me do anything that I wanted to do to her to get myself hard again…except poke my cock into her pussy or ass.

I started out by kissing her. I liked kissing her.

I felt both of her breasts and sucked on both of her nipples.

Then I got between her legs and kissed her pussy before licking it to death. She thought that I was incredible. After her second orgasm she pushed me away and clamped her legs together.

Emerald said, “Okay, we’re even now but I still owe you for a wonderful date. You’re hard and I’m ready.”

I spun around into a sixty-nine. She said, “Oh no you don’t” and pushed me off from her. She got between my legs and started sucking my cock. She was bound and determined to give me the most pleasure. The most pleasure, hell. I had plenty of pleasure from holding her boob and rubbing her pussy. I would have been happy with just that. Seeing her naked, giving her orgasms, and getting two blowjobs was much more than I had ever expected. And there I was with her mouth on my cock for the third time.

She was very, very good at giving blowjobs. I wanted to know where she had learned it but I didn’t want to piss her off.

I was a seventeen-year-old virgin and Emerald was only sixteen but I was definitely in love with her and I had been long before I found out about her big boobs.

Her mouth felt great and I could feel the cum in my balls boiling to get out. I warned her but she just held me tighter. Then the first squirt fired, a second, a third, and so on until I had nothing left.

Emerald said, “There! Now that should be enough of a reward for a wonderful date. Are you happy about it?”

I replied, “Am I happy? I am out of my ever loving mind with happiness. I love you! Will you be my girlfriend?”

Emerald said, “If you still feel the same way next Friday after our date, then the answer is yes.”

I kissed her goodnight, tucked her into bed, and started out of the house.

Emerald’s mother asked, “Did you like your reward?”

I replied, “Yes!”

She said, “Oh good! She has been practicing for a few days to get it right. She shoved carrots into the back of her throat to get past her gag reflex. She sucked on empty plastic soda bottles until she could flatten them out. She even sucked down a few raw egg whites to get used the texture.”

So that was how she got so good at it. I replied, “Wow! I never would have expected that.”

She then said, “You are the only boy that she has ever talked about, the only date she has been on, and you already know that you are the first male to ever see her big boobs. Even her doctors are all women. You are very special to her.”

At that very moment I felt special. I gave her mother a hug and a kiss on the cheek before leaving.


On Monday at practice Emerald got me aside and very calmly asked, “Did you tell anyone about my boobs?”

I replied, “Of course not. You asked me not too.”

She asked, “Then how do you think Mary Jane Wickert found out about it?”

I had to laugh but Emerald was not happy about it. Then I said, “Because she is sleeping with your coach…the one that you told the day that I overheard you.”

Emerald asked, “What do you mean that they are sleeping together?”

I laughed again, not to her pleasure, and said, “You know sex…not actual sleep. They are lovers.”

Emerald asked, “How do you know that?”

I did not laugh that time because I knew better. I said, “Because your coach tried to get me to help her seduce Mary Jane for her and I said no…but Timmy Allen said yes.”

Emerald asked, “Really!”

I said, “Yup! Really! He got Mary Jane drunk and then he and your coach raped her together. Well, let’s just say that she didn’t stop them. According to Timmy she was out cold. Coach molested her for the first hour and then Timmy got to fuck Mary Jane before he went home. He said that the next day she woke up in the coaches bed and bitched him out.”

Emerald said, “Come to think about it they do seem to be extra close.”

Later I saw Emerald take Mary Jane off to the side.

After that Emerald said, “You were right. I threatened Mary Jane to keep her big mouth shut about my boobs. She will because if she doesn’t the coach will get in trouble. She said that she would tell the coach to keep quiet about it too.”

I said, “Case closed.”


We dated every Friday evening doing the dinner and movie thing each time. Then we had our track meets the following day on Saturday. We both did very well and our coaches wanted to know what we were doing different.

Neither one of us wanted to tell them the truth. Oral sex for an hour or two before a meet and a very good night sleep seemed to be the ticket.

It was another two years before we both lost our virginities together. It was the night of our graduation from high school.

We attended the same college close to home and we were married right after graduation.

Years later Emerald told our granddaughter all about taping her big boobs, running track in high school, and of course all about meeting me. Coincidentally Beth was entering high school and she was thinking about taking up track…but…she didn’t know what to do about her big boobs.

Of course I said, “Let them puppies bounce free and see how many black eyes you get.”

Beth replied, “Oh Grandpa…grow up.”

To which my daughter said, “Leave Grandpa alone. It took him a long time to get this mature.”

They all laughed at my expense.

The End
She Tapes Her Big Boobs
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