So this follows the other one. I have others but they are random shots in time so we will see... Thanks to people who commented that liked it. I write these for HIM and for me. I am not looking to get an A+ in English or get published so forgive me if there are some typos or not enough capitals - I am more interested in the story than the grammer. having said that - even though it almost killed me I did try to make sure there were fewer typos. As before - look at the themes - if any offend you then stop reading now...
We spent the rest of that first evening wrapped up together in a blanket on the couch watching porn until she fell asleep with her head in my lap and her hand wrapped around my cock.

Unfortunately our time together was limited by the demands of life - work, school, raising three kids... But I took every opprotunity I could to touch her and help her to become more comfortable with me. It seemed the more times I made her cum, the more she craved it.

That next day, before the boys got home, I got out one of the cute dresses that we had picked up at the mall and had her put it on. I am sure it was meant to be worn with leggings as it was so short but we dispensed with those.. we also dispensed with panties so that she was immediately available to me.

I had her sit on my lap at the breakfast table with her legs spread wide so that while she ate her cereal I could tickle her clit and once she was wet, pump my finger in and out of her cunt. It was a bit of a tight fit to start with and she whined a little at first that it hurt but as her body stretched to accomodate me she settled in and started enjoying it. Once she had cum all over my finger, I raised my hand to her sweet lips and she dutifully licked my finger clean, mixing the taste of her desire with her captain crunch.

An hour later I found myself passing her as she stood and watched cartoons so I bent her over the back of the couch and fingered her to her second orgasm of the morning. What music to my ears listening to my little girl mewling and gasping with the pleasure my finger was giving her. I was limited on the depth I could go because her hymen was still intact but she was obviously learning to love the feel of me filling her and making her cum. When she finished, she turned around and guided my hand to her mouth, laving my finger with her tongue without me even telling her.

Not even 30 minutes later as I was sitting at the table paying bills Aubrey wandered out to my office and stood next to me, legs spread apart, clearly begging for more..

"What do you need sweetheart?" I asked her - even though it was obvious what she was after.. She blushed and looked down, hiding her eyes from me. "baby, if you want sometime you are going to have to ask for - Daddy needs to hear what it is you want"

Then in a small voice my little girl hesitatntly asked me, "will you make me cum again please Daddy? "

With a big smile on my face I told her, " Of course I will baby - you just have to ask! I think it is time for Daddy to show you something very special" and with that I pushed the bills aside and lifted her up onto the desk, watching as she eagerly spread her legs wide apart for me. "Ok lay back baby and relax" I told her as I pushed her skirt up, exposing that perfect split peach. "you are really going to enjoy this sweetheart"

I rested my arms on her thighs, pinning her in place and then placing my fingers on either side of her slit gently applied pressure, pulling her lips apart and giving me an un-obstructed view of her perfect pink opening. It was so small I had a hard time believing my dick was going to fit in there but I knew without a doubt that soon I would be burried balls deep in my little girl no matter what it took.

Unable to wait any longer, I leaned down and took my first taste of my daughter - heaven!

"Daddy!" she moaned as she began humping her mound into my face "more Daddy!"

I smiled against her smooth skin and then got down to business, licking and sucking her clit, tongue fucking her cunt, and rimming her little pink asshole, forcing one orgasm after another out of her small body until I heard a car pull up in front of the house. "That must be your brothers comming home baby - stay here and I will be back shortly" I told her. Not that I thought she would be capable of getting up right then anyways.. The sight of her spread out on my desk, pussy and thighs glistening with her juices was almost more than I could handle but I finally managed to pull the door mostly closed behind me as I went to greet my two boys and thank my parents for keeping them overnight...

Thank God my parents had a list of errands they were running and didn't even get out of the car to visit but just unloaded the boys and took off. I ushered them inside, giving them both big hugs and telling them how much I missed them. Then i popped in a sponge bob movie and left them sitting glued to the tv and headed back to my office. ....

only to find Aubrey missing. "Aubry!" I yelled down the hall "Come here right now!" As I stood in the doorway waiting, I finally saw her comming out of the kitchen, a candybar in her hand. "Get in here now young lady!" I told her and as she passed me, I firmly closed and locked the door. "I told you to stay here young lady. Not only did you disobey me but you also did not ask permission to get into the candy!" I told her sternly. " I am very dissapointed in you young lady. And aftr all the special attention I have given you too. Very Dissapointed! I am afraid that I am gonig to have to punnish you so that you will learn. Go bend over the desk, lift your skirt and spread your legs.. and then Do. Not. Move."

I could tell from the look on her face that Aubrey was scared - and I wanted her to be. She really needed to learn to follow instructions. All the kids did really. But espically Aubrey given our new relationship. She rushed over to the desk, throwing the rest of the twix bar down on the desk
as she hurried to do what I had told her.

I kept the candy bars in the freezer and seeing the one remaining twix bar laying there I had an idea for part of the punishment at least. I tooke a few minutes to stand there and enjoy the sight of my little girl, spread open for my use and quivering in anticipation. I didn't even fight the urge to stroke my cock through my pants. I coudl easily release my cock and cover her ass in my seed but... punishment first.

"I told you to stay here while i went out to get your brothers and you disobeyed me. For that i am gonig to spank you. you will hold still and take your punnishment like a big girl" I told her as I began to roughy massage her tight little globes of flesh. SMACK I left a handprint on her left cheek. Aubrey cried out in pain and fear but she didn't move. "Good girl" I told her as i continued to leave handprint after handprint on her little ass and thighs. When I was satisfied that I had made a suitable impression i went back to roughly massaging her ass cheeks, causing her to yelp out in pain "Now, I hope you will remember to do what i tell you in the future young lady! But we still have the issue of you getting into the candy without permission. you know the rules. I went over them with you and your brothers on the very first day. You are NOT to get into the candy without permission first. Aparently you are having a hard time remember that rule so I am going to help you. Do Not Move."

I started rummaging around in my desk until I found the bottle of astroglide that I kept in there for late night paying bills alone and watching porn nights. I popped the cap open and, pulling Aubrey's cheeks apart, squirted a big drop directly on her tight virign roesbud. I coudl hear her wimpering but no way was I changing course. not only would this reinforce my rules but it would being to open her back door, bringing me one step closer to being able to drive my cock deep in my daughter's ass.

"You are going to have to be a big girl and accept your punishment. You knew you were breaking the rules sweetheart. If you relax this will be better for you but either way, we are getting it done" I told her as i began to massage her tight ring with my finger, sliding the gel around and getting her ready. After a minute I could feel her relax and begin to breath heavily, enjoying the sensation. At that point I began pushing in with my finger, working to breach her anal ring. 'Ouch Daddy! No that hurts Daddy!' she cried out and tried to push up off the desk.

I quickly put my hand on her back, forcing her back down and continued to push with my well lubed finger " This is your punishment Aubrey. When you break the rules you get punished in this house" With one more forcefull push I felt my finger slide past her anal ring and gain access to her dark tunnel. I immediatly stopped moving my finger"There baby, that is the worst of it. Now take some deep breaths and relax and think about how naughty it is to break the house rules." I could feel her chest heaving in and out as she tried to relax and finally her death grip on my finger subsided. "Good girl. Some day you will take Daddy's big cock right here, " i told her as i began easing my finger in and out of her ass, " It will feel soo good on Daddys cock and Daddy will be so proud of you when that day comes. But for today Daddy is going to take this candy bar that you were not supposed to get into and fuck your ass with it as a reminder about breaking the rules." And with that I popped my finger out of her cherry ass and started to insert the twix bar. It was still frozen pretty solid and had little to no give in it.

Aubrey immediately began crying again, telling me that it hurt and begging me to stop. But I stood there holding her down and fucking her ass with the candy bar until it started to melt on my fingers. At that point I left it lodged most of the way in her ass and told her to stand up and turn around. "now baby you can lick Daddy's fingers clean and then i want you to crawl under my desk on your hands and knees. You owe Daddy an apology"

In between her sobs and hiccups Aubrey took my chocolate cover fingers into her mouth and diligently sucked them clean. Each time she sucked on a finger my cock jumped in my pants. I was so hard at this point that it was almost physically painfull to stand here. When I nodded that I was satisfied, Aubrey got on her hands and knees and backed under my desk. I sat in my chair, my legs stretched out in front of me.

"Come show Daddy that you are sorry baby" I told Aburey, looking down at my pants. She hesitantly reached up and began undoing my pants until my cock sprang free " Now baby, you are going to wear that candybar in your ass until you make daddy fill your tummy with his hot seed. i want you to show me that you are very sorry that you are naughty. Remember how Daddy made you take all of his cock in your throat at the movie theater and how good it made daddy feel? well this time I want YOU to force Daddy's cock all the way down your throat. Show Daddy that you want to make it up to me for being naughty sweetheart"

Watching her tear stained face as she wrapped her sweet pouty lips around my cock was almsot enough to make me blow right then. It took all my strength to hold back. Aubrey was still a novice at cock sucking and I had certainly had better blow jobs in terms of skill . But nothing will ever compare to the sight of my daughter forcing herself to gag repeatedly on my cock. I lasted as long as I could (which really wasn't long) before I had to reach out and force her head all the way down as i spewed rope after rope of cum straight into her belly. " Fuck Aburey! That was really good. You made Daddy feel so good baby!" I lifted her off the gound and gave her a big hug "I hope you learned a lesson here today sweetheart. Go over to the trash can in the corner and push the candy bar out of your bottom and then lean over the desk again"

Aubrey's face was bright red with embarrassment and I could see cum on the corners of her lips but she hurried over to the trash can and did as i told her. When seh was once again bent over the desk, skirt flipped up on her back, I pulled out some baby wipes and cleaned the chocolate and gel off her asshole, enjoying watching it wink shut each time I touched it.

"Ok sweetheart, I need you to help me set an example with your brothers so even though you did a good job telling me you were sorry, I am going to have to spank you one more time. Please hold still." I very quickly left several handprints on her ass before standing her up and tucking her skirt into her waist so that her bright red ass was still exposed. "Come with me baby" I told her as I led her out to the living room and stood her facing the corner nearest the tv, her bright red ass on display for her brothers. I set the kitchen timmer for 10 minutes and then told the boys, "look at your sister's ass. This is what happens when you break the rules in this house. Do you understand boys? Now Aubrey is going to stand here in time out until the timer goes off. You look at her ass and rememeber it before you even think about breaking the rules!" The boy's eyes were appropriately huge and I was content in my belief that i wouldn't have any trouble out of them for quite a while.


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"A Single Dad - Part 2" - Thirty-something Divorced Father Of Two Younger Sons And An Older Daughter, and Twelver Year Old Virgin, Pixy Daughter, Aubrey.

For an adult male to feel that he must punish his intended female conquest in order to have her please and pleasure him is the depth of egotism, lack of courage, and depravity of his soul. The matter is worse yet due to his conquest is his pre-teen daughter, Aubrey.
The least he could do to keep some of his failed manhood in tact is to show her a little compassion and give her some empathy and fatherly love. He could accomplish his goals of dominating her without his heavy abusive manhandling, have to feel he must prove his manhood to conquer her body and spirit.

Aubrey does have moments of wanting to please her abuser, but in my opinion he feels he has to prove he is the master and nothing but his pleasure is paramount to any acts of kindness he could ever muster up for his daughter.

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