Authors note: I’ve gotten many request to make my chapters longer and I will try to do just that last weeks chapter was much shorter than usual though just to inform you. As I've said before this story contains themes some may not like such as young, incest, mind control and possibly bestiality down the road. Thank you and enjoy.
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I woke back up onto the same cold ground I passed out on before. As I got up I shook my head trying to shake the “mental cobwebs” as my head felt as though it was in a fog. I pushed myself off the ground with my right arm standing straight up brushing the dirt off of my clothes.

“wait a second..” I moved my hands all along my body looking for bruises, cuts, scrapes, the giant hole in my right shoulder. Nothing. My entire body was perfectly fine in fact I feel even better then before beside the weird foggy feeling of course.

When I finally started looking around I was shocked at what I saw their where cars flipped on their sides with huge dents in them the apartment building was on fire burning down, fires blazing shattering glass from the windows onto the streets below. But what really shocked me was behind a car I noticed something. As I approached the unknown thing I slowly realized it was a hand! I couldn't see the rest of it until I got closer. Slowly revealing an arm elbow, shoulder...

“MELODY!!!” I screamed as I ran to her side and dropped to my knees, she was out cold breathing heavily as blood poured from cuts all along her body.

“MELODY WAKE UP!!” I yelled as I shook her unconscious body, nothing, she didn't move the only sign she was alive was her heavy breathing. The foggy feeling in my head got worse and worse the more I sat over her it felt as if all my strength was just being sapped out of me so much so that I couldn't even hold her in my arms anymore and I had to place her down.

It stopped the foggy feeling stopped the second I let go? “That’s it!!” I thought to myself. The reason behind me waking up foggy, the reason for no wounds anywhere on my body, the reason I feel foggy when I touch her! “Haha! I'm healing her!” I exclaimed out loud. The foggy feeling was my powers leaving my body to heal the wounds I thought as I grasped Melody’s hand in my own two, I concentrated on her wounds going away on them being healed by my power and there it was that foggy feeling again.

I held on for as long as I could until I began to feel faint and I had to let go. Most of her wounds were gone by this point no scars or nothing but I had to make sure after a few more minutes I grabbed her hand and poured even more energy into her. Ten more minutes past my hands fall to my sides unable to move but I smiled in success as I knew that I did it. Her breathing was normal and not a trace of any wounds on her at all.

She slowly shook awake. “uh where am I?” she said placing her head into her palms.

“Thank god” I breathed heavily in relief

she sat there for a moment but then a look of shock passed over her face “where is he?!”

“ I don't know” I said realizing for the first time that the werewolf was nowhere to be seen “can you tell me what happened? Last I remember was you shooting him with a silver bullet”

“yeah I thought I had him but he had these two hooded people with him the- they were so powerful I didn't even sense them coming when they attacked me I held off for a little bit but in the end they beat me so bad I thought I was gonna die”

“Yeah you kinda were but luckily I was able to heal you”

“Wait what? You healed me?” she looked completely baffled

“yeah all I did was transfer my energy into yours whats the big deal?”

“the big deal is that healing spells can only be performed by the highest levels of wizards and which not to mention you healed from the brink of death. The amount of energy required to heal someone is extreme and were talk just small cuts this isn’t an RPG you don't start off as a mage with the cure spell.”

“yeah but you told me I had a lot of energy because I’m a creator so I don’t see why its that surprising.”

she sat up all the way and continued “Alex you don't get it I thought maybe you just had a little more power than the average wizard but no Alex you posses more magical ability than any of our wizards and witches before.”

“really? Why do I have so much power?”

“I don’t know but this does mean I'll have to rethink your training schedule quite a bit, but now is not the time or place to talk about this come on lets go home”

she stood up and looked around realizing her car was flipped over and that we forgot our phones we set of to look for a bus station.

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“so you really think he's the one huh?”

“no doubt about it not to talk bad about our boss but I think this kid is gonna bring him down”

“Ha please that kid!? He could barely take on Nikolai in his human form what makes you think he could ever take out the boss”

“ I don't know I just feel it but trust me this kid is nowhere near done growing in fact he hasn't even started yet”

“ugh- ughhhhh my head why it hurt so bad”

“oh look who's awake from his little nap”

“ you know Nikolai if we didn't step in they would have killed you, and also who ever told you that you could kill him?”

“kill him no no no I merely test him he's definitely not ready yet but he got potential and I gotta say kid strong like bull”

“well next time go easier on him ok”

“dah dah, so what we do now”

“well now I gotta sneak in and tail him try to learn all I can about this kid before hand”

“ah I see a little infiltration eh?”

“yup now come on we gotta get to work”
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Three months have passed since the incident at the apartments everybody still lives here including willow. Ever since the incident at the apartments I've trained every day so far so that I could take on what ever gets thrown my way but what was about to start not even I could handle after a million years of training.

School, the dreaded prison for children not to mention that its high school of all things as well. High school a prison for nine months but to be honest now I didn't really see it that way now I saw it as an opportunity to test out my powers. I could make sure no one bothers me and make any girl I want mine to have.

And of course over the past few months as well me and my sister have gone much further into our relationship so much so that now she calls me master all around the house and does anything I tell her to, she doesn't even wear clothes anymore she walks around the house nude for my pleasure, no one seems to blink an eye either not even mom. I definitely wasn't against it and honestly I wouldn’t mind going even further and with more people, but I still don’t believe in hitting a woman the only hitting I’d ever do is spanking. I also started to read some erotic stories about mind control as well I found a few good websites to sate my desires and to give me a few good ideas.

When I woke up in the morning I awoke to a pleasurable sensation surrounding my manhood I quickly realized it was I a blowjob but still there was something off its like there was an extra sensation of pleasure. I tore the sheets off my bed to reveal both my mom and Anna! Mom was deepthroating as much of my meat down her tiny throat as possible gagging loudly while Anna was licking up and down the rest of my shaft occasionally sucking on one of my balls. When they saw that I had awoken the both looked up to me and smiled with my cock still in their mouths. They must have been doing this for a while before I woke up because it wasn't long till I began to feel that familiar tingle mom must have realized what was happening because she began to suck harder and even deeper until my entire body froze in an earth shattering orgasm. Jet after jet of cum flew into my mothers throat she swallowed the first few squirts until Anna said something.

“HEY!! that’s not fair mom I want some too don’t hog all of it to yourself!”

mom unwillingly parted with my shooting rod and my sister shot her head down so that she could drink from my fountain of cum as well. When I finished cumming and she finished gulping down my seed she turned to our mother and leaned in giving her a full french kiss and exchanging what looked like my cum between each others mouths. Mom soon got into it and began to french Anna back just as hard. I didn't want to but I had to get up so I could get ready for school leaving the two girls there last I saw they were still plastered to each others bodies tongues wrapped together in taboo bliss.

I took a shower got dressed nothing to fancy just a black and blue plaid button up and jeans as well. I ate breakfast. Then drove off for school. Anna didn't have to come to school yet because for some reason she doesn’t have a first period class for the next few weeks until they fix a bug in the system.

I headed to my first block classroom almost immediately not wanting to have to deal with the huge crowd of freshmen I had once been a part of the year before. Of course on my way to class I noticed at least 20 pretty nice looking girls ranging from freshman all the way to seniors, in all of their heads I planted ideas that would make them submit to anything I want them to do and for them to all meet me in the gym at 3:00 pm 15 minutes after school gets out. I was definitely looking forward to after school but I still had to go through the school day first.

My first period class was English taught by a Mrs. Browns a teacher everybody knows to be a complete bitch she's said to be fat and old as well, and just my luck not only for 1st period I also have her for 4th period as well for theater. As I entered my first period class I definitely noticed that the teacher standing there was not a fat old women but rather instead a beautiful blonde with most likely c-cup tits and a tight ass and as luck would have it she also wore pretty much what every girl in a teacher student porn video wears. A tight white blouse unbuttoned a bit at the top to reveal a black lace bra and a black skirt that hugged her hips well.

We all sat down as the bell rang and she began to speak.

“alright children I know you must be confused but my name is Ms. Chelsea Sharon I will be your teacher for the year the reason being that you teacher Mrs. Browns died last night of a severe heart attack. So I will be taking her place for the year is there any objections?”

she scanned around the whole room nobody had any objections to her at all. I would say the class was interesting but to be honest I wasn't really paying attention to the lesson at all more of just examining Ms. Sharon's body. Sadly it ended all to soon and the bell rang so I had to depart from her class room but not before placing a few commands and ideas into her head.

2nd and 3rd period were none to interesting at all the teachers were both old men that I didn't really care for at all but once 4th period came along I was once again happy to see that Ms. Sharon not only took over Mrs. Browns 1st period class but as well as her 4th period as well. Again not a whole lot of listening in this class rather than just staring but things were a bit different this time around earlier I placed commands in her for when ever she caught me staring at her for her to get horny and the evidence started showing her face was turning red and she tried as hard as possible not to look at me at all. When class was over I made sure to try nothing with her just yet for some reason I wanted to play with her for a bit first and besides I had to go meet all those girls I found earlier in the day.

I walked into the gym at exactly 3:00 seeing all the girls I commanded to be in here they all look pretty scared and I could understand why, Here they were standing in the gym for no reason some may have rides some may need to catch the bus some may be even waiting to see there boyfriends but yet here they were still just standing there.

In all the groups of girls I noticed a few girls but one girl in particular definitely caught my eye, she stood alone all by herself while the other girls clung to each other that wasn't that odd she was most likely anti social but what struck me odd was her expression. Nothing she had no expression she didn't look scared or anything.

The first thing I did was calm all of them down and make them think nothing was wrong. Soon enough they all let go of each other and started chatting with each other as if any normal day but the girl still stood there. I walked over to her.

“whats your name?”

“ I'm Luca”

I had a weird suspicion so I changed my eyes everything about her was normal except her own eyes they glowed bright blue they weren't just blue they glowed in a bright radiant light. I looked around the room to make sure no one else was a monster in disguise, they were all human.

“What are you?”

“I'm human unlike you”

“ you know what I am?”

“I've seen what you are and what you will become”

“So your eyes see the future then?”


“then you know what I'm gonna do next right?”


“Are you scared?”

“No like I said I know who you are and what you'll become”

“good I'm glad”

I walked away from her and went back to the group of girls. I examined all the girls in the room from there past to there bodies. I sent most of the girls back with no memory of the event but to still do anything I say.

Out of 20 or so girls only 3 were left.

“Whats your names?”

The first one to speak was a short brown haired girl with no real boobs to speak of and an ok butt but what really drew me to her was her beautiful face she had a round face with a short little nose and these pretty brown eyes.

“Rose, Rose Bush”

I accidentally let out a little chuckle at her name and she gave me a scowl.

“hey I didn't choose the name you know geez you don't gotta laugh at it”

“ok I'm sorry I'm sorry” I said with a chuckle.

“and you?”

“I'm Emily, Emily Rain”

she was a ginger haired girl with about a b cup and a pretty big ass. The third girl was Luca, Luca was this short girl with long black hair tied up on the sides but still flows down in the back as well to be honest she looked a lot younger than the others.

“Hey Luca how old are you?”

“I'm 12 years old” she said shyly

“12! how are you twelve were in high school!?”

“It's kinda easy to skip a few grades when you can see the future you know”

“i guess that's true” I thought to myself.

“I want you three to undress for me” at the same time I said this I removed my control over Luca to see what she would do. She froze for a second realizing she was free but then starts to move.

In unison they all said “yes sir” and started taking off there clothes.

Rose wore a ruby red matching set of underwear while Emily wore a pair of sexy sky blue underwear, and all that Luca wore was just some small black panties and no bra due to her being pretty much flat chested.

“take it all off” I said

they all blushed a bright crimson but continued on slowly revealing the slender bodies to me. All three of them were absolutely beautiful. Emily and Luca's skin were both fair skinned while Rose was more tanned none of them really had breasts to speak of but Emily and surprisingly Luca both a pretty nice ass.

“I want you all to do what I you think would best please me” I said this more to see what Luca would do than anything else but I still wasn't complaining.

Surprisingly Luca was the first one to walk up to me she dropped down onto her knees in front of me and started fumbling with the belt on my pants. She was obviously nervous and her tiny hands were shaking making it harder for her to get it off so I reached down and helped her while mouthing the words “it'll be ok” to her. She smiled up at me and calmed down quite a bit and pulled down my pants, she then slipped her tiny fingers into the hem of my boxers pulling them down all the way until she slipped them off my ankle.

She stared at my man hood for a few seconds obviously getting nervous once again.

“you know you don't have to your not under my control like the others” I said to her.

She smiled and said “ see just like I said I know who you are and what you'll become”. She lower her head down and pursed her lips and kissed the tip gently her kiss to be honest felt pretty damn good even though it was just a light kiss.

“you know that was my first kiss right? I just gave my first kiss to your penis” she said with a slight giggle.

She then stuck out her tongue and licked the tip then around the rim of the head and then engulfed my member into her small mouth moving her mouth back and forth moving her tongue all around there isn't much experience in it but she didn't need it her age and my complex was all I needed I was getting more and more turned on watching this young girl sucking me off with so much enthusiasm. While all this was going on Emily came over and pressed her lips firmly to mine shoving her tongue in my mouth all at once with vigor. We pressed harder against each others mouths entwining our tongues together in a hot passionate kiss.

Suddenly I felt her mouth go slack and Emily falls into my arms, I look at her and realize she's passed out I also realized that Luca's passed out on the floor as well.

A loud voice boomed throughout the gym walls “ALEX WELLS WE HAVE COME TO KILL YOU!!”

I sighed and gently placed Emily down next to Luca. When I looked up again I realized the voice was emanating from Rose.

“OK then try it if you can” I said in a calm manner.


“no not really it's not that hard to notice a demon even if your hiding your powers from me it literally pours out of you”


“since the beginning to be honest that’s the only true reason I chose you in the first place”

“YOU IMPUDENT BRAT!!!!” The demon shouted at me as she ran toward me, but before it could even come near me I threw up a barrier and she flew back halfway across the gym skidding along the floor ending up ass up with her face pressed against the ground. I activated a paralysis spell onto her locking her in place in that position.

I moved up behind her and spoke “you know you interrupted me when I was in such a good mood too and now look at me standing here having to deal with a low level demon while I’m not even wearing pants what am I to do.

She looked at me in a mixture of shock and fear realizing what was meant behind my words. She turned her voice back to normal “please oh god no anything but that I beg you please!” she begged and pleaded. But I wasn't listening I position the head of my cock to the entrance of her tight rose bud. She cried out not in pain but in fear. I tried pushing it in for a bit realizing it needed a bit more lubrication to work so I moved up to her face grabbed her hair and pulled her hair up. When she cried out in pain I jammed my cock down her throat thrusting it down a few times to make sure its fully lubricated. I went back to her ass and pressed against it again this time It was a bit easier to enter.

When the head popped in she cried out in pain but I didn't really have much sympathy for someone who just tried to kill me. I shoved another few inches into her making her wince in pain, I began to thrust back and forth into her tight asshole. It was a feeling like nothing I've ever felt before her entire sphincter was gripping around my manhood and the tightness made me feel like I could blow off at any moment. I began to thrust faster into her ass once I became used to the tightness I started noticing her cries turning into moans.

“oh you like this don't you? You little whore?”

“NO! How could I ever like this” she moaned

“don't lie to me your just a little slut who likes to be fucked in the ass” I said while reaching down and shoving a finger into her dripping snatch.

“look at how wet you are from being fucked in the ass you filthy whore you just love it you love my hard cock pounding into your tiny asshole you like how my dick stretches it out don't you? And don't lie to me either you know I could force you to tell the truth any time I want to right but I'm letting you keep your dignity if you just answer honestly”

“No never ever could I enjoy this I have to much pride to enjoy something this vulgar”

“Well don't say I never warned you” I sent her a mental command to tell the truth about this.

“OH GOD YES!! I love you fucking my ass it's the best thing I've ever felt your hard cock sawing in and out of my tiny shitter it feels so much better than when I use my fingers!!” she moaned while shaking hard in orgasm but unable to move cause of the spell I place onto her. Her as tightened up even more than I thought was possible around my stiff member which was more than enough to send me over the edge and unload my seed deep into her bowels.

When I finally finished cumming deep inside of her ass I pulled out with a loud popping noise followed by cum leaking out of her ass profusely while she laid there on the cold wood floor eyes glassed over you know the kind of look girls get after a really good fucking.

“now what should I do with you?” I said after putting my clothes back on and returning to stand over her once again.

“please don't kill me please” she cried.

“why shouldn't I? You did try to kill me after all”

“please don't please anything else anything”

“anything eh?”

“yes anything!”

“well I have one idea it would make both of us extremely happy and bring me great pleasure at the same time”

“what is it?” she asked with a tone of fear behind her voice.

“ah ah I'm not going to tell you, you have two choice choose what I offered to you or death what will it be?”

she laid there for a minute thinking about it and suddenly said “I choose your offer please just don't kill me”

“Ok if that is what you want” I knelt down beside her and began to speak while using my succubus powers behind my words as well.

“You Rose will offer to serve your life under me to be my slave, to worship me, to obey my words to the last detail you will do whatever is asked of you. as a slave you will have no rights. any important decisions you must make you will first discuss with me or another of the important people around me if no one is around the decision is yours to make you will not be jealous of the other girls around you in fact you will treat them with high respect. In one year if you have earned it I will give you a choice for your freedom what you decide is up to you now what do you have to say”

“Yes master” I released her from her paralysis and commanded her to help me bring Luca and Emily home with me. When we arrived home Luca began to wake up we place her onto the living room couch and waited for about 10 minutes until she was fully awake.

“I see you took care of the situation just as I predicted”

“so you're telling me you saw this coming and still didn't warn me?”

“telling someone about the future can cause drastic changes in the flow of time”

“ I see well Luca what I want to know is what is it that you plan on doing here do you wanna stay with us or do you wanna split apart here?”

NEXT ON CHAPTER 9 : the answer, a new teacher, some things happen with school teacher and Kara returns.

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