sometimes things go a little too far
Lacy Morley carefully applied her make-up. Her stomach was churning as she lightly traced across her eyebrows with the dark pencil. Her brown eyes stared back at her as she lightly brushed the blush on her cheeks. It was an unsure stare that Lacy couldn't answer; she wasn't sure what she was doing even thinking about what might happen tonight. Sure they had cooked this little scheme up together, but it wouldn't be Lee's butt on the line it would be hers. She wondered if anyone at the table had even the slightest idea what was going on.
She could hear the five men in the next room anteing up, raising and folding as the regular Thursday night poker game heated up. They had been meeting like this for over a year, most of the time at the Morley house because the other wives didn't seem to understand the importance of this male bonding thing. Lacy didn't mind, the guys were always nice, they never made too big a mess and they always were genuinely appreciative of the way she would bring them beer so they wouldn't have to leave the game.
For her part, Lacy enjoyed the attention each gave her. She would often over hear them talking about her to Lee, when she wasn't in the room. Most of the things they would say were very flattering. There were times their comments would get a little off color, but they were never outright demeaning. A few times the comments got a little bold but Lee seemed to always handle them tongue and cheek.
"Lee, where in the world did you ever find such a good looking creature, and how in the world did you ever talk her into marrying you?" Harry Shoulders would ask, nearly every time he came to the house. Lee would just smile and say his one lucky day on earth was the day he met her and let it go at that.
Bob Hastens would always add something about the luck never seemed to leave him since he routinely was the big winner of the weekly game. His question would always be why they kept coming back to give him their money. "If it wasn't for the cold beer, and the beautiful waitress," he would say, "I'd just mail you my money once a week."
Carl Badroe would usually laugh and agree with Bob, because that's what life long best friends did for one another. He was the sidekick everyone should be blessed with always there for you no matter what the circumstances.
Generally the off color comments would come from Andy Woolfom. His mind always seemed to be near or in the gutter at all times. He would generally be the one that made a comment about what a nice ass she had or something on that order. His comments would always be followed by a big grin and an apology.
When she finished her makeup, Lacy stepped back from the mirror and checked herself out. Over the last several weeks she had begun to dress more for the occasion each Thursday. She enjoyed the attention. Tonight was the most daring yet. Each week she tried to dress a little more outlandish, without being too obvious. It had all started one week when she had been late getting home from her aerobics workout. She hadn't bothered changing from her tight fitting stretch outfit. The effect she had on the men that night had been very exciting.
Lee had thought so too. After the game that night, he was so worked up he made love to her on the table where the game had just finished. Lacy couldn't believe the effect it had on him. But if it meant more of the same she was perfectly willing to dress that way every week. After their mad, passionate lovemaking session that night, they had talked a little about it. Lacy could recall the conversation almost word for word.
As Lee pulled from her, his deep blue eyes shone with desire. "Honey you were so sexy tonight." He had said. "They guys were about to bust their zippers."
"And you liked that?" She asked him, smiling wantonly. She hadn't moved from the table. "Silly question." She answered herself, reaching up to her husband so he could help her from the table.
"Maybe you could dress like that again when they come over next week." He tentatively said, still not sure what her reaction would be.
"Your sure we're not going to send the wrong message to them. I mean if it's for you, sure I will. You don't think any of them will take it to mean anything else do you?"
"So what if they do, we know it's for me." He pulled her into his arms, his hands roaming down her soft backside.
Lacy turned slowly checking herself in the mirror. The halter she wore, with no bra barely covered her full breasts completely. It buttoned just to the center of her cleavage. It tied just above her navel. Her cut off jean shorts were nearly too short. She knew that if she had to bend to pick something up, the seam of the shorts would ride into her naked womanhood. Things had sure progressed rapidly over the last several weeks. Taking a deep breath she turned to the door of the bedroom and readied herself to make her first appearance of the night.
"Hi guys." She said as she walked through the door into the small living room. Across the room in the dining area, the five men stopped what they were doing and stared at the beautiful young woman as she walked across the room to the kitchen. Her stomach was in a knot as she walked nervously. She hardly looked in their direction. She did notice Lee beaming from ear to ear as the four other men ogled his wife. "Anyone need a beer?" She asked walking through the door to the kitchen.
"Yea bring us all one honey." Lee said. She had made her appearance, it had its desired effect. She knew Lee would be hot and ready to go when the game ended. Glancing through the door, she saw Lee watching her as she opened the refrigerator. Had Harry turned in his chair, he would have also been able to see her. When she bent to get the beers from the lower shelf she knew Lee would be able to see just how restricted her movements would have to be to not show off all of her assets. When she straightened up with the six-pack, she pulled one from the plastic ring and sat it on the counter for herself, then turned to her still smiling husband.
When she walked back into the dining room, Bob was dealing the next hand. Carl and Harry tried not being too obvious in their glances at her. Andy stared, watching her unencumbered breasts swaying slightly as she walked.
"Damn." Was all he said. Lacy grinned at him.
"Here you go." She said as she walked around the table and sat a beer down in front of each of the men, ending with her husband. "How's the game going?" She asked resting her hand Lee's shoulder.
"Same as always, your husband is kicking our collective butts." Harry said, picking up the cards in front of him.
"Thats my baby." She said, bending over and kissing him on the forehead. She knew Bob and probably Carl got a good look at the swell of her breasts as she did. "I'll be watching TV if you guys need anything, just holler." With that statement she turned and walked back into the living room, she could feel the men watching her every move. The knot in her stomach was gone, she enjoyed teasing the men it was fun.
There wasn't anything very good on, so she picked up a magazine and read until she was summoned once again for some beer. As she got up she watched the four men and her husband stop what they were doing and followed her with their eyes as she walked into the kitchen.
"Want me to fix some snacks?" She asked as she opened the refrigerator.
"That would be great honey." Lee kept glancing into the kitchen as Lacy puttered from cupboard to cupboard, pulling things from them. A few minutes later she had three bowls full of chips, nuts, dip and a vegetable tray. She took the beers out first. The men were in the middle of a hand as she worked her way around the table delivering the drinks.
As she sat Andy's down, she had to bend over slightly to get it on the coaster. Her breasts lightly grazed his upper shoulder. She hadn't meant for it to happen, but the jolt she got from it sent shivers down her body. Andy noticed, but didn't acknowledge anything except a slight grin as she straightened up. She looked across at Lee as she did. He was smiling broadly. He had noticed. Once she got back to the kitchen to get the snacks, she had to stop for a moment and catch her breath. She felt herself getting excited over the minor contact. Her mind rushed through what might happen if circumstances presented themselves. The thoughts scared her just a bit. What she was doing, she was doing for Lee, not the others, or was she?
Taking two of the bowls out, she steered herself away from Andy, no use getting any really crazy thoughts going in his head. Once the snacks were on the table she went back into the kitchen and got herself another beer. Her stomach was churning from the moment with Andy, she couldn't get it out of her mind.
"Hey Honey, is there an extra ashtray somewhere?" Lee hollered.
"Sure baby, I'll get it." She took a long swig of her beer, then went to the sink and picked up one of the four ashtrays she had washed earlier in the day. Looking around the table, the only place where there needed to be one was by Andy.
She walked up next to him and sat the ashtray down. "Will there be anything else, gentlemen?" She asked in her best waitress voice, she felt Andy's hand lightly touch her thigh, just above the knee, as he stared across the table at Lee, pretending to read his face. She backed away as his hand slid down across her knee and lost contact. Turning she walked back into the kitchen, before taking a deep breathe and leaning against the counter. "Lacy get a grip on this situation girl." She told herself, reaching for her beer. It was the first time she could remember that any of the men had ever tried to touch her.
The whole thing was getting kind of exciting, actually. She thought to it was the first time she had ever rubbed her boobs on a man other than her husband. Since they had been married anyway. Ok, so the game was going a little further and perhaps a little faster than she had expected. As long as Lee was in the room, nothing was really going to happen anyway, what would a couple of quick little feels hurt. Of course the way she felt, the night might end up a long one before she could release all of this sexual energy that was building up.
Finishing her second beer, she walked back into the dining room and checked on the men. Each was taking it slow with the beer, they were however hitting the snacks pretty heavy. She picked up the almost empty bowl of chips that was sitting between Harry and Lee. She felt her husband’s hand on the back of her leg as she started to remove the bowl. She glanced down at him and smiled, he returned the smile, then brought his hand up and patted her on the ass.
As she headed back for the kitchen, Lee smiled and winked at her, she winked back. She could feel her face begin to flush.
"Damn, this is not a good night." She turned to look at her husband as he tossed his cards down on the table. "Looks like my luck is beginning to wane just a bit fellas, maybe we better call it quit for the night." He joked as he looked at his four buddies.
"I don't think so, I think we keep you at the table until we catch up all you've won."
"Hell, I didn't bring that much money to the table with me, guys, I mean shit I'd have to take out a loan to have that much at one time."
All four laughed and continued the game. Lacy filled the bowl once again with chips and carried it back out to the table. Lee was just getting up. "Gotta lose some of this beer." He announced as Lacy walked over to where she had picked up chip bowl originally. Lee disappeared down the hall as she sat the bowl down. "Guess I gotta fill in for Lee." Harry said, reaching up and patting Lacy on the ass. Lacy turned red as the four men laughed. "Come on now fella's no touching." She scolded, but didn't really show them anything that made them think she was upset. As she walked back toward the kitchen, she felt Andy’s hand pat her on the inner thigh about mid-way up. She let the action go without comment.
Once in the kitchen she let out a full sigh. The guys were as up for her and Lee's little game as they were the card game. She knew they couldn't get much more bold than they were right now without serious consequences. Her body was a quiver with the excitement it was causing within her. She opened herself another beer, then pulled out five more for the guys. Taking a deep breath she once again prepared to walk into the other room. As she cleared the doorway, she noticed Lee walking back into the room. She felt a little disappointment well up in her.
"There's only two more rounds in the refrigerator fella's, is that going to be enough to get you through?" She asked as she worked her way around the table, delivering a beer to each and picking up their empties.
"Guess we'll have to make a beer run in a little while." Carl said as he began to deal the cards. Her trip around the table came without incident. It seemed all of the men were now concentrating deeply on relieving Lee of whatever money he had. It was not a good night of cards financially for him.
As the evening wore on it was evident that Lee was not going to make a comeback anytime soon. As was the rule of the table he would have to be the one that made the beer run. When Lacy brought out the next to last round, Lee tossed his cards on the table and stood up.
"Guess I better run down and pick up some more beer, maybe if I get you all drunk I can get some of my money back." He glanced at Lacy, "Need anything honey?"
"Not that I can think of, want me to come along?" She asked. The four men at the table glanced at each other.
"Naw, I'll only be a minute." He pulled his wallet from his back pocket and opened it, making sure he had enough money for a couple more cases. Lacy walked him to the door and kissed him.
"Hurry back." She said as he opened the door. She wondered if he heard the anxiousness in her voice. She wasn't sure she wanted to stay in the same room with the four men, without her husband. He didn't seem to notice anything.
"Just take me a couple of minutes." With that comment he closed the door behind him and Lacy turned to face the four men. Each was staring at her.
"Ok you guys," she said nervously, "now behave yourselves." The four men laughed.
"What's the matter, Lacy, you think all the teasing has warped our brains or something?" Andy said, sitting back in his chair. She giggled. "I suppose not."
She walked back into the room where the guys were sitting. "But you must admit, you got a little handsy earlier."
"And who could blame us, you look good enough to eat." Andy was the only one talking, the other four just watched her reaction.
"Thank you, I think." She could feel a knot in her stomach begin to tighten. She sat down in Lee's chair, she figured it would be easier to keep an eye on them from there. The one thing she didn't need in her condition was someone sneaking up behind her.
"So tell us, honey, do you enjoy these little get togethers?" Harry asked sitting forward in his chair. "Do you like showing off for us?" None of the men made a move, they just looked her over as she sat there. She didn't know how to answer, but she figured she needed to say something.
"Hey, I'm just trying to be the perfect little hostess, that’s all." She felt a smile creep across her face. She knew it was sending the wrong message but she couldn't help herself.
"How about if you show us a little more than you have, baby?" Andy asked, still not moving from his chair. She looked at each of the men sitting at the table. The knot in her stomach grew tighter. Leaning forward, she put her elbows on the table. Her breasts crushed together forming a deep cleavage under the halter. Bob and Carl sat up, staring at the full voluptuous mounds just hidden by the material of her blouse.
"That would really be asking for it, don't you think." She knew the men could sense the nervousness in her voice.
"A little show and tell wouldn't be a bad thing." Carl managed to say. Lacy stared at the four men for a moment.
"No touch, just look." She quizzed them, her heart pounding.
"Of course, right guys." Andy said, looking at his buddies.
"That's ok with me, how about you Carl?" Bob asked his friend sitting next to him.
"If that's the rules, that’s the rules." He glanced over at Harry who only nodded.
"I don't know what's come over me." Lacy said, to no one in particular. She sat up in her chair and reached down to the button between her heaving breasts. She looked at each man in turn as she slowly unbuttoned the only button on the halter. "Lee would kill me if he knew what I was doing." She reached down to the knot and slowly began to untie it. "I have never done anything like this in my life." She felt the knot loosen. The four men around the table watched intently. All were amazed at how easily she had been talked into doing this. When the first tie of the knot was undone, she took a deep breath. The motion loosened the halter even more. She could feel the material pull away from her breasts.
Looking skyward, as if summoning the courage to finish her little strip, she grabbed the material and pulled it from her heaving bosom. Her naked tits were now exposed to the four men at the table.
"Oh jeez, they are magnificent." One of them said, she wasn't sure whom.
"Damnit, Lacy they are beautiful." The second voice was Harry's. She could feel her face turning a bright crimson color as she looked down once again at the four men.
"Stand up baby, let us have a good look." Andy said, now leaning forward in his chair.
Lacy scooted the chair back and stood for the men. They watched her tits sway as she got to her feet. She could feel her knees weaken as she stood before them.
"I think you like this, honey." Bob said. His eyes riveted to the proud mounds of flesh. "Cause those nipples look like they are about to burst." When he said that, she looked down. Her nipples were like a couple of hard little pebbles.
Harry reached up and moved his hand toward her naked breasts, Lacy moved back away from him. "You promised." She said, matter of factly.
"Yea, I know." He said, smiling at her. "But they look so delicious."
"I tell you what, baby, why don't you just make one more small concession and walk around the table and let each of us touch them, I think that will probably finish the night off just perfectly, we won't ask anymore." Andy said.
"You guys." She said, contemplating what could happen to her. The one thing in her favor was that Lee would be back in a couple of minutes. She knew they would probably feel her up anyway and there wasn't a lot she could do about it. "That will be it, right."
"Absolutely." Andy replied.
Slowly, unsurely she took a step toward Harry. He once again raise his hand, this time his fingers slid across her hardened nipple.
"Ohhhhhhhhhh." She moaned when she felt his fingers close on the taut little bud. With his free hand he reached up across her shoulder to the side of her neck. Pulling her down, he kissed her on the lips, his fingers still working on her tit. Pulling away from him, she walked around the table to Bob. He reached up with both hands and massaged her breasts, tweaking both nipples, before she backed away from him and moved to Carl.
As his hands came up to her swaying breasts, she felt Bobs hand on her inner thigh. His hands slid around her upper body and he pulled her to him, his lips latching to one of her breasts. As he sucked her nipple into his mouth, she involuntarily brought her hand up to pull his eager mouth further onto her. Bobs hand didn't stop at her thigh, he slowly moved it up until one finger slid past the tight leg of her shorts. Lacy closed her eyes, holding Carl to her breast while Bobs finger worked its way to the wet juncture between her legs. She knew she had let them do too much already, but she couldn't put an end to it. Everything felt so good. She was rushing toward a climax.
Finally she released Carl’s head and before she moved from between the two, she pushed back hard on Bobs finger that was now just at the outer folds of her soaked womanhood. Her movement pushed his finger into her for a moment before she pulled forward and stepped away. Her breathing was ragged as she stepped toward Andy. The flush on her cheeks now was not from her embarrassment but from her building lust.
As she approached, Andy scooted his chair back from the table and turned so she could sit on his lap. She did. She straddled his legs and sat down. His hands came around her and pulled her into him, her breasts crushing against his chest, her lips finding his in a deep kiss. She felt his tongue slide between her lips and she tickled it with her own tongue. His hands slid around her full ass and he pulled her into his hardness. She continued to kiss him deeply, rotating her hips on his pant-covered hardness.
"Lee's back." Someone behind her urgently said. She bolted from her perch on Andy, and ran into the kitchen, she could hear the doorknob jiggle as she cleared the doorway. A moment later she heard Lee's voice. "Hey guys, a little help here."
Quickly she retied her halter, and with shaking fingers buttoned the lone button once again. She took a couple of deep breaths, trying to regain her composure, then turned and walked back through the door.
Carl and Harry had gotten up from the table and gone to the door to help Lee with the beer. She could still feel her face flushed, she could also feel the dampness between her legs.
"Hi baby, that didn't take long." She said, moving past her husband and shutting the door, then turning and walking straight to the bathroom. She had to have a few minutes to regain her composure before going back into the room. She wondered if Lee would notice.
She closed the door to the bathroom, then leaned against the vanity, trying to catch her breath. "That was exciting." She said to herself as she turned and looked into the mirror. "Didn't know how much fun it would be did ya, Lacy ol' girl." She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. It was definitely getting her hot. She could hardly control herself a few minutes before and she knew it wouldn't take much to get her started again. The dampness between her legs was a constant reminder that the four men had done just enough to her, that had Lee not made it back so quickly she probably would have let them go further. Much, much further.
Taking one last deep breath, she turned and opened the door. Standing there just ready to open the door was Andy. He smiled real big when he saw her. He raised his finger to his lip as if to tell her to be quiet, then stepped inside the bathroom with her. Shutting the door behind him he didn't wait for permission this time to touch her. His hands went around her waist and he pulled her close, kissing her deeply as he did. Lacy immediately responded, kissing back and grinding her overheated midsection into the hardness of his manhood.
"Son of a bitch, you are hot." He whispered in her ear when the kiss broke. His hands kneaded the soft flesh of her backside as he continued to thrust his midsection into hers. He kissed her ear, then along her neck. "Ohhh, Andy, we can't do this?" She moaned, breaking away from him and moving to the door. She turned and smiled at him as she opened it. "Sorry baby."
"Not as sorry as me." Andy smiled back. Both knew their little game had just about gone as far as they could let it go. "But I definitely have something to dream about tonight."
Lacy walked out of the door and straight to the bedroom. She sat down on the edge of the bed to catch her breath.
"Hey, hon., you alright." Lee's voice startled her. She knew that if he saw her face closely he would be able to tell something had been going on.
"I'm ok, I think I drank too many beers, too fast I'll be alright in a minute."
"Can I get you anything?"
"No, I'll be out in a minute."
She sighed deeply as he left the room. She got up and went into the master bath, where she should have gone in the first place. She put on some more lipstick, lightly dusted her face. She waited a few more minutes then walked into the living room once again. Everyone was back in their seats at the table concentrating on their poker game, more precisely taking all of Lee's money. She sat down on the couch and turned the television back on waiting to be summoned to duty again.
For the rest of the evening things got pretty much back to normal, except for Lee losing. He took a big hit, none of the cards went his way. Three more rounds of beer was all that she had to get for them, each trip to the table brought a little under the table touching that Lee couldn't see.
As the game wound down, Lacy excused herself and said goodnight to the guys before excusing herself to the bedroom. She was still hot from the encounter earlier in the night, she hoped Lee losing wouldn't harm their lovemaking. She readied herself for bed, putting on one of her flimsy little teddies. She was anxious to get Lee's mind off the game as quickly as possible. Lying down on the bed, she waited for Lee to join her. After about thirty minutes, she started to wonder what had happened to him. She thought they were on the last couple of hands when she had gone to the bedroom.
She was about to get up and check on Lee when he came through the door. He had a nervous look on his face. "Lacy, you awake."
"Waiting for you, lover." She purred as she sat up, smiling. She shook her breasts slightly at him.
"We gotta talk." He said, moving to the side of the bed and sitting down. She hadn't seen him this way since they had first started dating and he was about to ask her if she would go steady with him. He was so shy back then. He rubbed his hands on his thighs several times across his thighs nervously.
"About what, did you lose too much money?" She asked, knowing full well they never played any real high stakes games.
"Do you remember our little conversations about how turned on I got by you wearing your sexy little outfits in front of the guys?"
"Sure, that's why I dressed the way I did tonight."
"Well, I .......... I sort of mentioned that to the guys too." Lacy sat up straighter in the bed.
"Ok, so they knew you got off with me dressing sexy for them, you probably shouldn't have said anything, but that's ok." Lacy didn't know where this conversation was going, she did begin to wonder if the little beer run had been set up.
"And tonight when I had to make the beer run." He paused and looked at Lacy for a moment, then shrugged his shoulders. "That was sort of set up."
Lacy didn't know what to think now, as she listened to her husband. "And." She said, getting a little nervous about how the conversation was going.
"They told me what they talked you into doing." He looked at her again. It was Lacy who looked down at the floor now, she felt a tear well up in her eyes.
"I........I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me." Her voice quavered as she spoke.
"No.........., let me finish." He looked away from her and stood up. "When they told me, I got so turned on I thought I was going to cream my jeans." He turned and looked at his beautiful wife. "Is something wrong with me that something like that would turn me on so much?" He was shaking as he spoke. "I didn't feel any jealousy or anything, just really turned on." He looked as if he was about to cry.
"Oh honey." Lacy got out of the bed and went over to her husband. She put her arms around him and pulled him close. He held her tightly and nuzzled her neck. "Your not mad at me?"
"It turned me on too. I couldn't wait for you to get to the bedroom tonight. I haven't felt anything like that before in my life." She blurted out. Half feeling the need to confess, half hoping it would make Lee feel better.
"What if I wouldn't have got back when I did, what would have happened?"
"I don't know. I like to think I would have stopped it before it went much further, but I don't know." Her confession continued. "It was the first time I had felt anyone touch me like that since we've been married. I never thought I would let anyone do anything like that to me."
"When Bob slid his finger into your shorts, did it turn you on?"
"Oh god yes." Lacy's whole body was beginning quiver just a bit talking about it. Lee's hard manhood pushing into her didn't hurt matters any either. She was kissing Lee's neck and rubbing her breasts on his chest as the little true confessions continued.
It was then Lee pulled away from her and held both her hands, looking deeply into her eyes. "You’re not going to be mad at me, promise?" He asked.
"Mad at you about what?" Lee's eyes were full of lust as she stared back at him. She felt the same nervous knot begin to form in her gut once again.
"The guys are still here, they are in the living room."
"I'll send them home right now..........if you want me too. It's just that I a.......I don't know what the hell I'm thinking." Lee stood frozen in place holding Lacy's hands, his face flushed.
"Lee, what do you want me to do?" She was completely puzzled by the turn of events. She was having trouble sorting out the feelings that was going through her.
"Lacy, I don't know. Everything just seems to be so right, is right the word I want to use." He was shaking his head, trying to find a way to convey his feelings to her. "It's a moment that, that, that may not ever present itself again." He was searching to make sense of what he was feeling.
Lacy stared at her husband searching his eyes for what she was suppose to say, suppose to do. She felt a little upset that he was thinking such things, but at the same time she remembered what she had done just a few hours ago. Was there any difference? The only difference she could see was that Lee hadn't known at the time exactly what was going to happen nor how she would react when it did. Her actions were not that of a faithful wife.
She lowered her eyes to the floor. "What are they expecting?" She asked in a low voice.
"I don't know." His voice dropped also. "Lacy, maybe this isn't right, maybe I'm opening us up for something we don't want to deal with or can deal with. There is one thing for sure, I don't know what I'd do if this destroyed the most important thing in my life." He paused. Lacy looked up at him again. She smiled weakly at him. Taking a deep breath, she spoke, again in the soft voice. "If you think it's something you want, I'll do whatever you say. I doubt if many couples have this conversation, but maybe just the fact that we can express ourselves says something about how we can communicate about how we feel. As long as we can do that we can work through anything." She let go of his hands, turned and walked to the bathroom. "I am going to freshen up a bit, if your still here when I get back, then we'll go to bed." She smiled at her husband. "If your not here, I'll come out and join you."
She walked into the bathroom and closed the door. Staring into the mirror, she raised her trembling hand and pushed her bangs to the side. She listened for the bedroom door wondering if he would send them home or if he would stay in the living room and wait for her. She really didn't know which she wanted. Should she put something else on, what she was wearing left nothing to the imagination. Her breasts stood proudly under the shear material of the negligee. She watched her nipples grow taut under her own gaze. Turning away from the mirror above the sink, she looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the door. The light fabric did nothing to hide the tuft of dark hair above her womanhood, even with the shear panties she wore.
Taking a deep breath, she stepped to the door and opened it. Her body trembled when she realized Lee wasn't in the bedroom. "Oh my god." She mumbled to herself as she walked slowly to the closet and pulled out a long robe. It was light also, but at least it covered her so no one would immediately see everything. Her knees felt weak as she slipped the robe on then slowly walked to the bedroom door. "Please let this be the right thing to do." She said as she reached for the knob.
The hallway leading to the living room was not very long, five, maybe six steps, Lacy was taking those steps just as slowly as she could. Her entire body was shaking, her breathing ragged as she neared the doorway. She could hear soft voices coming from the room, she wondered if they would immediately whoop and holler. When she stepped into the doorway, her eyes automatically searched for a spot on the floor she could stare at. She didn't know if she could look any of them in the eye.
The living room wasn't that big, she could still see all four men, she smiled weakly at them and stood almost paralyzed with uncertainty what to do next. She caught a glimpse of Lee sitting at the small bar that separated the small living room from the dining room where they had played cards. He smiled at her then nodded his approval.
"Damn, Lacy you are the most beautiful creature I have ever seen." Harry said in a low voice, glancing at his three buddies as he spoke.
"At least." Carl added. "Lee, you are the luckiest man on earth."
"You guys are getting pretty close." Lee said, from his vantage point at the far end of the room.
"I guess we are." Andy smiled at Lacy as she took a step into the room.
"So what shall I do?" She asked, her voice cracking slightly. She knew they could make out the outline of her body. She wondered though if they could see the sudden wetness that was seeping from her lovebox. Just entering the room with the men, wearing what she was wearing excited her.
"Take the robe off, honey." Lee said, not moving from the stool. His eyes darted to each of the four men as he spoke.
Taking a deep breath, she untied the light rope belt that held the robe in place. As it began to separate she knew they could see the puff of dark hair under her shear clothing.
"Oh shit, look at that." Carl squirmed in his seat. Lacy let the robe slowly slip from her shoulders.
Her hard nipples poked the light material of her negligee, she could feel the flimsy fabric of her panties soaking more as the men stared at her full luscious body. She moved to the center of the room and slowly turned a full circle for the men. Each if they wanted, could lean forward and touch her, none did at that point. They just stared wantonly, devouring each of her womanly charms with their eyes.
"The teddy, take the teddy off, baby." It was Lee again, his voice nearly choked with lust, Lacy looked over at him and smiled. She could tell he was getting as turned on as she was. They would both try to understand why, tomorrow. Crossing her hands in front of her, she took the lower edge of the flimsy little gown and pulled it up over her head.
She felt a hand on her backside, just above her ass. As her arms extended fully to pull the light material completely from her body, the hand slid down and patted her cheeks, first the left, then the right. Her body trembled at the touch. She tossed the teddy on the sofa between Carl and Bob, then pirouetted once again. The hand on her butt didn't move. As she turned she noticed it was Andy, he smiled warmly at her as her movement swept his hand across her hip, then the thick tangle of hair on her tummy, before stopping once again on her soft ass.
Carl reached his hand up and Lacy bent slowly until it captured one of her swaying breasts. His fingers pinched her hard nipple lightly. From behind her Andy's hand slid from her buttocks to the soft tender flesh of her thigh. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh." She moaned, biting her lip. Bob reached up and stroked her other breast, his rough calloused fingers scraping across her hard nipple. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm."
She was staring directly at the two men as they continued their frontal massage. Looking past them she watched her husband get up from where he was sitting and move toward the group. His eyes were locked on his beautiful wife. He seemed to be silently trying to ask her if everything was ok. She knew he was concerned about her by the way he looked at her. She nodded slightly, letting him know it was ok.
At that moment she felt Andy’s hand slide across her panty covered womanhood, his finger bumped her engorged clitoris. "Unhuhhh, yes." She moaned, pushing her hips lewdly back on the exploring hand. Lee came around the couch, Lacy stood straight up as he did. She turned and threw her arms around him, kissing him deeply. Her breasts crushed into his chest, her hips humped his hard shaft. All hands left her body. The four men watched intently as Lee reached down and cupped her asscheeks pulling her more securely into her hardness.
"Are you ok?" He asked as the kiss broke.
"Unhuh." She answered, still rotating her almost naked midsection on her husbands hardness as the four men watched.
"How far do you want this little game to go? They all know it's going to end when you say it's over." Lee's hands were kneading the soft flesh of her ass as he talked.
"A little further?" She questioned her husband, looking for a sign that he didn't want her to continue. He only smiled and kissed her again. As the second kiss ended, he let go of her ass and backed away from her. "Take your panties off, then let each of them feel you, ok."
"Ok." Lee moved back to the bar and sat down, his eyes devouring the scene before him. Lacy looked at the men. She could see the hard lumps in each of their pants. Putting a thumb in the waistband of her flimsy panties she slowly rolled them down. As she bent to push them past her knees she knew Harry and Andy had a clear view of her drenched pussy.
"It felt good through the panties, I bet it feels even better now." Andy said, reaching out and letting his hand slide across her beautiful ass, then down through the wet folds before him. Two fingers slid easily into her.
"Ohhhhhhh yes." Lacy groaned rotating her hips further back to trap more of the invading fingers. Andy pulled both fingers from her, then slid them back in until they were fully embedded in her. As his fingers slipped from her the second time, she stepped forward in front of Bob, spreading her legs enough to give him full access to her pouting cunt.
His hand slid between her legs, his fingers grazing her throbbing clit before disappearing into her hot wet opening. Once again she looked at her husband. She could see him breathing deeply as he watched his friends finger his beautiful wife. Lacy could feel her knees growing weak as Bob slid his fingers back and forth inside her. Her juices leaked onto his hand. When he pulled his fingers from her drenched gash, he brought them to his lips, licking her juices from them.
"You were right Andy, good enough to eat." He grinned up at the pretty woman as she moved over to Carl. When he reached between her legs, his fingers also grazed the hard love button. Lacy felt her body began to convulse slightly as a slight orgasm washed through her body.
"Oh yes, I'm cumming." She moaned, forcing his fingers into her deeply. She bounced up and down on the invading fingers as she covered his hand with her pent up passion. The moment was too much, she fell forward into Bob. His mouth opened to accept the surprise gift of her heaving breast. Her hot nipple felt as if it would burn a hole in his tongue as he sucked her into his mouth. His fingers were busy working what he could of her orgasm from her.
She regained her composure enough to push herself back up, she now looked at her husband with glazed eyes. Carl pulled his fingers from her and offered them to her. Grabbing his hand with both of hers, she sucked his fingers into her mouth hungrily licking her sticky liquid from his fingers.
Harry was the only one left that hadn't had the opportunity to feel her up. She turned and on wobbly knees walked over to the last man. She stared down at him as she approached. Sometime since she had turned her back to him, he had pulled his hard manhood from the tight confines of his slacks. His thick slick shaft stood up proudly as she approached. She could see the large purple head throbbing, leaking pre-cum droplets.
Her mind was ablaze now at how good it would feel to have a nice hard cock jammed deeply into her. She was still aware of her husband also sitting across the room. Did he want her to go this far? Had she taken things past what he wanted? She turned half around and looked at him. Her eyes ablaze with lust. If he didn't give her the go ahead she would stop. He smiled at her and nodded.
Turning back to Harry she took the last step to him. She straddled his legs, staring lustfully in his eyes as she did. He slid down in the chair enough to make her access to his hard prick easier, then slowly put his hands on her hips. Reaching down, she grabbed his hot cock at the base and slowly began to sit down on it. Her entire body shook as she felt the first strange cock since she had been married.
She lowered herself slowly until she first felt the large throbbing head touch her drenched lower lips. "This is going to feel so good, so good." She whispered as she closed her eyes and slowly worked the strange cock into her hot pussy. He was no more than half in when she erupted in a second, much more intense orgasm. Letting go of the base of his shaft she put her arms around his neck and nestled him fully into her. Her breasts crushed against his chest as she hugged him and began bouncing up and down on the hard meat lodged deeply into her.
Harry worked his hands up and down over her soft buttocks, helping her bounce on his hard rod. He could feel the envious eyes of the other three men as the beautiful woman bounced up and down on his ready to explode manhood.
"Oh baby, I’m gonna cum." He said, forcing himself deeply into her.
"It's ok, Harry, do it." She moaned, still trying to impale herself further onto him. She wiggled from side to side, her eyes tightly closed as he pushed into her one last time. She could feel his hot meat twitch as the first shot of hot cream shot deep within her. He continued plunging until the last of his seed was gone. His hands released their grip on her soft fleshy ass and he laid his head back on the chair. Lacy kissed him, then slowly dislodged herself from him. Glancing over at Andy, she saw her second hard cock of the night. She didn't look back at Lee this time for approval.
Standing up she felt the rush of Harry's jism spill from her as she moved over to Andy. She sat down fully on his long slender love stick and began immediately working his shaft up and down inside of her already drenched pussy. Andy sucked one of her tits into his mouth as she pummeled up and down on his hard cock. She felt her body begin to slide into another orgasm as Andy groaned and from the feel of his sudden spearing of her hot cunt knew he too was shooting deep within her. Neither man had lasted very long, just long enough for her to feel two strange cocks and want the other two.
Her orgasm subsided in unison with Andy's. She slid from his wilting prick and stood on unsteady feet. Turning, she saw the other two men were ready for her. Each had their cocks out and smiled lewdly at her. Lee was watching the action, not moving from his perch on the barstool. His forehead was beaded in sweat as he watched his now wanton wife move over to take the last two loads. Carl's cock was much the same as Harry's, thick and not too long. Bobs cock was the biggest of the four. She was going to take them in good order.
As she moved toward Carl, he slid from the couch and lay flat on the floor. His hard pole sticking straight up from his midsection. Lacy stepped over him. The accumulated cum seeped from her hot pussy, a few drops falling to Carl's stomach as she straddled him and sat down. Her pussy was gaping and hot. She knew she would have no trouble taking the last two men. The first two hadn't lasted long enough to make her tender. She doubted the other two would either.
She felt Carl's thick prick split her gaping cunt and once again sat down fully on it. The different angle gave her more of his cock and deeper than the first two. She rode him, sitting upright. His hands worked her breasts and nipples over as he stabbed into her again and again. Lacy's entire body was on fire, she bounced on the hard prick several times before he too gave way to the built up lust he had been working on all evening.
As he exploded inside her, she wiggled from side to side trying to lodge even more into her molten love channel. She turned her head to the side, staring at Lee as she felt Carl begin to soften inside her. She rose from the now flaccid shaft, turned toward her husband then got on the couch. She leaned forward so her breasts hung over the back of the couch, her hot pussy was exposed to the men behind her. She felt the accumulation of juice leaking from her onto the couch seat. Bob stood and moved behind her. His large thick pole bouncing up and down as he did.
She stared intently into her husband’s eyes as the last man of the evening moved in to take her. "This is so incredible, thank you honey." She moaned as she felt Bob's large hot rod rub against her thigh before finding her well lubricated cunt. She wiggled her ass at him, still not losing eye contact with her husband. She wanted to watch his reaction as another man took her. His hard thick pole slid easily into her wet hole, taking it slow, savoring each delicious inch of her hot pussy.
As he pushed into her, he grabbed her hips and rubbed them before finally pulling her entirely onto him. Lacy moaned loudly when she felt his hard shaft hit bottom. It was such an incredible feeling, watching her husband watch a man fill her completely. Her pussy melted around the large organ grabbing it as if she were grabbing it with her hand. Bob moaned as he felt the muscles of her womanhood tighten around him. Lacy's breasts swayed forward, then bounced into the back of the sofa with each lunge of the hard spear deep within her. When his pace picked up, she knew he too would soon scald her insides with his hot liquid. In a frenzied motion she pushed back hard, wanting desperately to cum one more time.
Lee got up from the barstool and moved over in front of Lacy, then dropped to his knees. "You are so incredible, baby." He whispered, kissing her as his friend continued his assault on her hot pussy. "I have never seen anything so erotic in my entire life. Does it feel good baby?" He asked, between kisses.
"Oh Lee, it is so wonderful." She moaned, pushing back again on the hot shaft that was searing her. "I'm cumming honey, I'm cumming again, and I’ve lost count, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god, yes." Her body began to shake as Bob shoved deeply into her one last time before his cock exploded. He held her hips tightly to his midsection as his load shot from him.
She kissed her husband one last time as her last orgasm shot through her body. He was getting what she had left, he himself growing weak kneed as he once again began to work his now spent cock in and out of her a couple last times to make sure she too was finished. He then backed away, his cock slipping from her overflowing pussy. The mixed cum of the four men seeped from her, while she continued to kiss her husband and hold him tight. She made no move to cover herself from the staring eyes of the men behind them.
Finally she let go of her husband and stood up. Her legs ached, but it was a good ache, a fulfilled ache. She didn't bother with the little bit of clothes that she had been wearing. She went to each man and kissed him.
She then slowly walked to the bedroom and laid down stomach first on the bed. Her thoughts were nothing but good thoughts, she felt no shame, no remorse. Lee had been there with her, they shared the experience together. She was just drifting into a light slumber when she heard the door to the bedroom open. She felt the bed move when Lee got on it and she knew what he was going to do. Pushing her buttocks up, she moaned as she felt her husband’s hard cock at the entrance of her well-used pussy. As his throbbing manhood slipped into her, she knew this would be the best of the night. A moan escaped her lips as he filled her completely, then lightly slapped her ass. The lust in her body immediately began to build once again, tomorrow she would rest, and for now it was time to thank her husband for the most erotic night she would ever spend.


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