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The continuing story of a psychopathic father and his psychologically disturbed children
The following story is fiction and should not be taken literally in any way. This story deals with very dark and perverse subject matter, and I do not condone child abuse in any form. To be clear, while there are very sexual elements in this story, it is not meant to be spank material, but rather a hypothetical look at a psychopath and the depraved actions that cause severe psychological disorders in his children. Please consider the tags for this story before reading. This story deals with extremely disturbing concepts and is meant to be disturbing. If you do not have interest in these subjects, please stop reading now. I welcome constructive feedback about the story itself. However, any hate filled rants or personal attacks will be ignored. If you are looking for a cut & dry sex filled snuff story, this is not it. This story is long and in-depth. I tell you this, so you don’t waste your time.


The Family from Redgrove
Chapter 4


Abby was very impressed with the dinner Thomas prepared for all of them. She felt completely stuffed after her third helping. She never had such a fancy or delicious meal in her life. She had done all the cooking since her mother died, and she knew she was no expert at it. She suddenly had doubts about going to Cali. This was a strange family to be sure, but she wondered if she would ever be able to live in such an amazing house, eat such wonderful food or have such wild sex as she would have with them.

Baby Zander was not at the dinner table since it would raise unwanted questions about who the mother was. Abby knowing that he was having sex with at least one of his daughters was one thing, but seeing a baby that had certainly not come from his deceased wife was another. Liz had given Zander and Andrea some Benadryl to make them sleepy, and told Sasha to watch them, as she made sure all her siblings looked appropriate. All of Thomas’s children were dressed in actual clothes versus their usual ensembles and had removed their tails by the time Abby had come inside with their father. They all knew what to do even though most girls arrived tied up and drugged. Still this was not the first time someone showed up under more willing circumstances. Trish going out to his truck was the signal that they were ready for them.

Abby sat at Thomas’s right while Liz was at her left. Thomas excused himself and began clearing the Table, and Trish did the same. When they went into the kitchen, Abby felt a soft hand on her right thigh that was slowly making its way up towards her shorts. She saw that the twins across from her were staring at her in a somewhat uncomfortable way while Vicky at the other end of the table didn’t seem to be paying attention. She felt Liz’s finger start to make its way under the fabric of her shorts towards her moistening slit, she decided to reciprocate the action as she slid her own hand up Liz’s thigh and under her red tartan miniskirt. Part of her was freaked about what was happening, but she also wanted to be the crazy slut she had been told she was so many times over the last three years. She was a little surprised to find that Liz was also not wearing panties as her fingers brushed against her completely smooth mound. As she worked her middle finger along Liz’s slit, she found that she was already slick with excitement. Delving a finger inside her, she confirmed what she already suspected; Liz was no virgin. After discovering that she wondered if any of Thomas’s girls still had their cherries. She figured Vicky was still a virgin, considering her age. After all, He would have to be a complete monster to go after a girl that young, and he seemed too nice for that. However, the twins’ mischievous smile told her that they had at least some experience.

She was about to get a taste of their experience as both of the twins ducked under the table right before she saw Sarah’s head appear between her legs. At her right, Sheila showed up in front of her older sister’s waiting cunny. Sarah quickly undid the buttons on Abby’s shorts then slid them down her legs. Abby was feeling nervous about what was now happening. She had always been curious about lesbian sex, but short of making out with a girlfriend at school she had no real experience. It was all happening so fast, but she stopped worrying about it the moment Sarah’s mouth wrapped around her snatch. She was aggressive and clearly knew what she was doing as shivers ran up Abby’s spine. Sheila had started eating out Liz, and Abby had to admit that what she saw turned her on. Both Liz and her were building toward orgasm quickly. Liz gripped Abby’s hand tightly as she let out a high, crying moan. Seconds after, Abby convulsed with a powerful orgasm of her own. Her breathing was rushed as she came down from her high. However, she was shocked to alertness when she opened her eyes and saw Thomas and Trish standing at the other side of table completely naked.

“Hi daddy!” Liz beamed at her father while Abby suddenly felt very self-conscious.

“Well, looks like you all started the fun without us,” Thomas said while Trish hung off her father’s arm. He fingered appearing like this would cause one of two reactions. Either she would go along with things and have some kinky fun with them, or she would try to leave, and he would start his work early. As luck would have it, she wanted some fun first, as her look of surprise turned to one of lust while she licked her lips.

“We have a pool and a hot tub out back. I thought we could take the party out there for a while,” he said as the twins scooted out from the table and joined him. Abby reached down to pull up her shorts, but Thomas stopped her by saying, “you’re not gonna need those sweetheart.”

As bold as Abby was, she felt a little shy as she walked outside nude from the waist down. She felt less awkward though, as all the girls joined her and began stripping off their clothes. They all laughed and giggled excitedly, as they ran toward the pool and started to jump in. Thomas gave her a slap on the ass and asked, “You coming sweetheart?” With that, he went to the pool and yelled, “Cannon Ball!” as he leapt in. Abby steadied her nerves, stripped off her shirt and bra then ran to the pool and jumped in with the others.

She began to feel very relaxed and having a lot of fun as she splashed a played with the other girls. For the first time in a long time, she felt like a little girl. That is except for all the fondling and kissing she was doing with all the other girls. She even kissed Vicky, but that kiss was childish and felt almost innocent. However, those with the other girls were anything but innocent. She found herself watching intently as Sarah and Sheila made out passionately with each other. She also saw Trish carry Vicky on her shoulders as she jumped through the water, eliciting raucous laughter from the little girl. It became clear to her that those two were very close.

Liz had been being tossed through the air and into the water by Thomas, but now made her way over to Abby’s side. “You wanna get in the hot tub with me and daddy?” She asked with a sly smile. Abby nodded her approval, and they got out of the pool. Abby suddenly noticed that Liz had a lot of bruises and various marks on her body. She looked back and saw that Trish and the Twins had a few themselves and all of them had marks on their necks. Her first thought was that Thomas made those, but then thought about when her own father hit her. She hated him for it, but these girls all seemed happy, so she figured they must just like to play rough and pushed it out of her mind.

In the hot tub, Liz sat on Thomas’s left while Abby sat on his right. He brushed his hand over her wet hair then put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her against him. His arms were big and his chest was broad. She felt safe in his embrace. She began playing with his cock and wondered what it would feel like inside her. Her hand was joined by Liz’s as she asked, “How about we play a game?” Abby bit her lip, intrigued to know what she had in mind. “We take turns sucking daddies cock under the water. As soon as one of us can’t hold their breath anymore, the other starts sucking. We keep taking turns, and the first one to make daddy cum, wins!”

Abby liked the idea, but she wanted to know, “and what does the winner get?”

Liz looked at her then at her father with careful consideration before saying, “How about the winner gets… to be the first one to get daddy’s special treatment!” Abby had no idea what this meant, but Thomas realized that his daughter was daring him to put her on his table. She had a decided advantage over Abby with her ability to both deep throat and hold her breath for a considerable amount of time. He felt conflicted at the idea. On the one hand, taking his daughter apart in front of little Abby before doing the same to her would be an interesting experience. However, out of all his girls, Liz was perhaps his favorite play thing. She was forever trying to come up with new depraved things to have him do to her, and she was still nursing his only son. He had no doubt that he would one day take her life, but he had no intention of ending her before her time.

Abby thought the special treatment sounded like fun, so she eagerly agreed saying, “Sure thing, but I’m definitely gonna win.”

Liz looked to her father for approval. He wasn’t sure he liked the idea but said, “If that’s really what you want then fine.” Abby wasn’t sure why he seemed reluctant, but paid it no mind.

Liz asked Abby if she wanted to go first but Abby replied, “no way, you just want me to warm him up, so you can finish him off.” Liz just shrugged then dove under the surface and enveloped her father’s semi hard cock in her mouth. She knew it made no difference which of them went first. They would be at it for a while. In the end though, she was confident she could push him over the edge. She hadn’t come up with a way to make the treatment special for her, but her father knew she wanted something unique and believed that if he really loved her, he would come up with something worthy of demented glory.

Abby was speechless as she saw Liz’s head bob up and down for what felt like an hour. In reality, it had been about two minutes, but Abby knew there was no way she could hold her breath that long. When Liz finally came to the surface she was breathing hard but had a teasing smile that was certainly a challenge for her to try and do better. Abby accepted the challenge by immediately diving onto Thomas’s cock. It was more difficult than she expected with her head underwater, but she made sure to use every aspect of her skill to illicit an orgasm. To her disappoint though, she soon needed to come up for air. When Liz began her next turn, Thomas said, “I’m afraid your probably gonna lose this one. My daughter can do things I don’t think you could handle.” He saw that she wanted to know what he meant, so he took her hand and slid it flat to the base of his shaft where it met Liz’s lips.

She could hardly believe it; his daughter had swallowed his full length. “How is she doing that?” was all she could get out.

He gave her a half smile before explaining, “She is letting it slide down her throat. It requires a girl to relax her throat muscles and fight back their gag reflex. It takes a bit of work to master.”

Abby pouted as she replied, “I bet I can do it too; I just haven’t tried before.”

Thomas quickly formulated a plan as he said, “well, Liz is gonna come up for air soon if you want to try.” She gave a quick nod, showing her eagerness, right before Liz came up for air. As soon as she did, Abby quickly took her place. She gradually worked his cock farther into her mouth, but as the head made its way into the back of her throat she started gagging and quickly came up for air.

Liz giggled and told her, “well, that was quick,” then immediately went back down on her father. Abby felt embarrassed at her failure.

Thomas was breathing hard now, and she knew if she wasn’t able to do better on her next attempt, she was going to lose this game. “Mr. Stewart, when it’s my turn next, can you help me?” Abby asked in her sweetest voice.

He looked at her, intrigued by the request. “How would you like me to help you sweetheart?” He asked with his eyes closed, feeling he was getting close.

She leaned close to him pressing her chest into his arm as she said, “I can’t get your cock into my throat on my own. It wouldn’t be against the rules if you pushed it in right?” A wicked smile crept onto his face. He had planned to try and talk her into letting him do exactly that, but this little vixen beat him to it.

“Well, if you want me to, I guess I can do that. We never said something like that isn’t allowed after all,” he said with deep breaths just before Liz came up for air. Abby took a deep breath then went to work. He let her get his cock to the back of her throat then put his hand on the back of her head. He steadily applied pressure, forcing himself into her throat. It didn’t take long before she started to struggle, but he was too close, and in truth, he didn’t want her to lose this game even if she drowned on his cock in the process. She began slapping his thigh underwater, but he just grabbed her head and fucked her throat until his cock twitched, his balls tightened and finally ropes of hot, sticky cum shot directly into the drowning girl’s stomach.

The moment he finished unloading into her, he released his grip. Abby shot up with a rush, gasping for air. He expected her to be angry but she only said, “Holy shit! I told you I would win!”

Thomas laughed while Liz said, “hey, you both cheated!”

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2013-09-17 07:11:18
You my friend are a sick fuck, and so am I. I am looking forward to when Thomas takes Abby apart.


2013-09-12 21:56:31
Dear Anon23,

thank you for your comment. I am glad that you understand what I am going for with this. We often hear about psychopaths and some of the horrific things they do. I wanted to take a raw uncensored look at one while considering the implications of the psychosis his children would experience from being raised in such an environment. This is a horror story and is meant to freak people out a bit. If people do not feel at least somewhat appalled, either I did not do my job or there is something seriously wrong with them.

I am taking a break from this series for now because quite honestly I get pretty repulsed myself. I am putting effort into another series based on a true story for the time being, but I will continue this series soon.

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2013-09-12 10:16:41
JPP, enjoyed this story. It is well written and some material build on. Please keep posting more of it, it is a nice experiment in just how much, raw text can create, emotion wise and how it affects even hardened people on this site.

To people commenting, who are appaled ,

This isn't your typical sex story, it is more an experiment with how far stuff can go and a challenge to reach outside the already wide borders of comfort zones.


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2013-09-12 06:20:42
that was si swwet that they all had fun !

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2013-09-10 03:06:42
I picked thus series up under hitting your name on the fourth chapter. I am really sorry I did your just sick something real bad wrong with ya. Go get some help this just ain't right.

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