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By Blueheatt

I started off by telling her she had led me on. Walking around all sexy, with no bra. “Your just a little prick teaser. Shaking your sweet ass at me. Now

your saying stop? What a bitch.” She got real excited and squirmed underneath me. “It’s not my fault I really turn you on, is it?,” she said.
“ Get off of me mister!, my husband will beat you bloody!”

“But he ain’t here lady, and your just begging for a good fucking.”

“What’s the matter, can’t you get any pussy at home?” “Doesn’t matter, I got you now!”
“You wouldn’t dare lay a hand on me, you bastard!”
I held her wrists, and kissed her with firmly, as she

tried to turn her lips away. She gasp for breath as I stuck my tongue in her hot mouth. She gasp again and said, “Damn you, your tongue makes me hot, stop it!”

I said, “ I’ve kissed passed out girls, that kissed better that you, bitch. Now do you want to try that again?, are you a real woman, cause you kiss like a fucking fish.” She struggled to get away,

so I kissed her real hot this time. Now her tongue met mine as she moaned and gasp for air. She panted, and whispered: “Don’t you ever, EVER, kiss me like that again! I don’t want to get all hot, and wet.”

Let just see what’s under this sweater.”

I pulled up her sweater and she covered her tits with her hands. I looked them over and started kissing around them. She was breathing real heavy now. I told her to move those hands, I was going to suck her nipples. She squirmed and was panting. I gently

forced her arms behind her head and said for her not to move them or I would tie them back there. She smiled and said, “Get off me, my titties aren’t for you”. I said her tits weren’t bad, but I’d seen better.
“Don’t even thinking about sucking my nipples mister, with your nasty lips.”

“I’m going to lady, whether you like it or not! I ‘might’ let you play with my hair while I suck them, but don’t try to do more than that.”
She brought her arms down and ran her fingers through my hair, as I sucked and nibbled her firm nipples. She closed her eyes and moaned, felt my hair and

face, squeezing her tits, and pushing them up to my mouth. She softly moaned, “stop it you bastard.”

She whispered: “You could use a haircut, maybe I could trim it for you.”
“Leave my fucking hair alone, bitch.” She held my head and squirmed.

“Your too strong, I can’t move your head off of my titties.” she moaned.
“Your not going to do anything else are you?, don’t take my pants and panties off, I might scream.” I held my hand over her mouth, I put my eyes right at her panic looking eyes, and said: “Go ahead, scream all

you want. Why are squirming so much?, are you getting turned on little bitch girl???
I could tape your mouth shut, so don’t fucking fight me. When does your old man get home, anyway?” I let my hand up just a little. Now she whispered breathlessly:

“He gets home at 6:00, and If he catches you fucking me, he‘ll go crazy, and beat you up!.”
“Did you plan on fucking him tonight.”

“No, he’s always tired.”

I told her: “ YOU take off those pants and panties and make herself useful“. She said: “What!!! You want me to take my own clothes off so you can rape me!!!!!!” I said: “That’s right lady, and take them off slow, so I can watch you strip.”

She stalled, then slowly started to take her pants off. I said, “Aw shit lady, your to slow, you don’t even know how to strip for a man. I un-did her pants button and zipper, and jerked her pants off. I jerked her sweater off over her head. I looked at her with nasty lust, and pulled her little pink panties off slowly with my teeth, to her delight as she shivered.

Damn she was really getting off on this.
“Hell, you could use a trim on that bush lady, maybe I’ll do that right now.”

“You better not! My husband likes my full bush.” I got down and started licking her pussy. I hear a quiet little, “please stop.” I raised up and took one of her hands and put it on her clit, and said, “Here, rub this, because I’m getting ready to fuck you.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”
“I’m doing it bitch, open those legs wide, then wrap them around my back, don‘t just lay there like a dead fuck.”

“Your nasty, don’t hurt me please.” I reached down and un did my belt, button and zipper and pushed my paints down some. My hard on was maxed out by now. She whispered: (“Oh my god…your huge!.“) She held it, feeling it all around and the head. I looked at her face and whispered:

(“I’m going to fuck you hard, you WILL fuck me back, don‘t just lay there”) with that she whispered…(”are you going to cum deep in me?, oh, please don‘t. ”)

I said: “What makes you think you can even make me cum lady?” She continued feeling my dick, balls, pubic hair and stroked my dick. I started kissing all over her face and neck. Now she was starting to gasp for more air. I was so hot I was light headed. It was a

beautiful sight to see her beautiful body twitching with legs wide open for me. I let my dick just touch her clit and she went crazy. She whispered loud, “Don’t you dare fuck me!, and don’t cum in me!” I reached down and shoved my dick in her and started

fucking her like crazy. I sank it in deep and touched her cervix. She moaned loud and started mega kissing me.

“Ohoh..oh oh oh oh oh she cried, louder and louder. “Don’t you dare cum in me, you rapist you!” I felt her wrap those beautiful legs around my back and

her arms around my neck pulling me tight as she could to her. She dug her heels into my butt cheeks and pulled as hard as she could, as I touched her cervix again. This caused her to pump me wildly, humping my dick like a mad woman and growling

….”You bastard! fuck me fuck me fuck me, but don‘t you dare make me cum!” I said, “Shut up and fuck me harder, bitch!”

The feeling of my dick sliding in and out of her sweet pussy was almost more than my poor mind could take as the veins in my body all bulged. I felt a massive load of cum waiting to start up my dick. Oh god she was beautiful and wild, and the most sexy

woman alive, and I had my dick in her. I reached down and rubbed her clit with her, which was big and pulsating now. With the other hand I reached around her and moved my middle finger down her butt crack till I felt that little back hole entrance, and massaged it. This caused her to buck her pussy up and yell with pleasure.

The last thing I remember was us cuming at the same time and her saying as her body arched back

“…AHHHH..YOUR MAKING ME CUM!!! YOU BASTARD!!.. ARGGGG” as she drove my dick in her as hard as she could and squeezed her pussy tight around it. We both yelled as I came…and yelled gibberish moans into the room. We both started moaning as we said…” OH MY GODDDD….DAMNNNN!!!!!!!!…FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!”

I flooded her pussy with a mega cum that flowed and filled her up and overflowed out of her pussy in mega blasts. Instantly we smelled our sex as it flowed between us. Her pussy just kept squeezing my dick as I still pumped cum in her like my dick had a mind of it’s own.

We were both spent beyond belief. We laid on the couch in a pool of our cum. We were gasping for air…and then she took a big gulp of air

and….stopped. I was still trying catch my breath and I thought, oh shit, did I killed her?. She lay limp, a spent mass of woman on that couch. I panicked for a second, but her pussy still kept pulsing and squeezing my dick, so I sighed a big relief knowing she was alive.

I looked at this beautiful woman’s body, all damp as she lay there like a little girl asleep. She had passed out, overwhelmed. I tried to sit up but I was just to weak.

I just lay there feeling her soft body under me, and enjoyed the time. I don’t know how much time had passed when we woke up, me still inside her, my dick jumped each time I tried to move.

Her pussy still trying to squeeze my dick with weakness. I kissed her soft lips as she started to come out of it. Slowly she opened her sweet eyes and gave me a weak smile

and wrapped her arms around me and whispered…”…oh god you beautiful man. I have to have you”…and drifted out again.

When we came out of it somehow, she told me that was the hottest she’d ever been in life, ever! She wanted to have me play rape her any time I wanted

to. Just stop by anytime and take her. Walk in and lay her on the floor and fuck her good, just like a real rape might be. She said how for months she fantasized about making love to me, and rubbed her


I told her, her voice was so special , and had captured my attention. She admitted she used words to get my attention, and hoped I caught the drift. The other lady’s on the radio also caught it

and just had to make those little remarks to let her know they knew what she was up to.

I told her how I had dreamed about her and how I wanted to make love to her so bad. I said when I got home, I just had lay on my back and stroke my dick with both hands. I would shoot my cum way in the air, while pretending I was fucking her.

As I keep talking about how hot she would make me, she interrupted me with a hot kiss, and her tongue went crazy in my mouth. We got so hot again and I just had to kiss her nipples and go down for a lick at the beautiful clit again.

I said we have to go now, but that next time I want more time to make her cum over and over again. She kissed me panting and said she wanted me to force
my hot dick in her mouth and let it shoot hot cum down her throat.

She made me promise to go to the local private dance coming up in a few weeks, and dance with her. I said, “ I might just have to “ rape” you after the dance?” She smiled so coy, and with a evil grin…

she said, “ RAPE ME!!!!, Ohhhh!, why you disgusting son of a bitch,

you wouldn’t DARE! You filthy bastard! How dare you talk to me that way!, my husband ‘might’ be at the dance
and he’ll…”

…..I grabbed her and kissed her long and lusty….I said: ”9 pm?”…she held me oh so tight, with a smile on her face and she said: “9 pm…. you better be there.”….

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