This is just the beginning. There WILL be a Part 2. Let me know what you guys think!
I walked into my homeroom, Algebra II AP, and sat in the back left corner. Soon after my two best friends, Andrew and Natalie, sat behind and next to me. "Hey it's been a while since I've heard from you two," I said to them.

"Yeah well I've been busy most of my summer. I was in Florida and I was getting ready for cheer practice" Natalie replied.

"And you Andrew" I asked him.

"Eh same old stuff. Camping and Football practice. My summer is always the same."

"Yeah I know how you feel," I began, "as much as i want to pig out on junk food, I can't. If I do, I won't be able to run as goog and I'll barely make the Cross Country team."

"Whoa hold on a sec," Andrew said, "YOU Allen Lockwood not make the Cross Country team!"


"Allen you can run two miles in 9:30! You can make the Varsity team with that time."

"I can?"

"Yeah!!!" Both Andrew and Natalie said at the same time.

"Alright then. I guess I will..."

Soon after that, school officially started. And for the first day of school, things went by pretty normally. I was surprised no one gave me any shit for being gay. Last year, I was called a faggot wherever I went. I guess Andrew had enough of it, so he knocked out the guy who started it. Soon after, no one dared to even mention I was gay. Andrew has been my personal body guard since then.

Andrew and I, in case you're wondrering, have known each other since Kindergarten. Ever since, we've been close friends. He's like the the brother I never had. We've told each other everything. Every secret, and every crush we've shared with one another. Andrew was actually the first person I came out to. I expected him to be disgusted and ddisappointed, but he wasn't. He actually excepted who I was. He even said he suspected I was gay, by the way I acted. I couldn't blame him, I was pretty obvious.

And yes, people have thought we were secret lovers. But then Andrew started going out with other girls which convinced everyone that we're only friends.

Even though we're only friends, I have to admit Andrew's pretty damn hot. He's got a build, and he's pretty buff. Both of us stand at 5ft 10. We both have the same humor and personality, which makes us good friends. We both are equally smart which is why we're in a bunch of classes together.

Also, he's pale and has very dark hair. I, however, have a good tan and bronze colored hair. People always ask how I'm so tan. I like to say it's natural, but really it's from running shirtless in the sun for miles. But anyways, Andrew has dark blue eyes, while I have fun emerald-green eyes. I enjoy the fact that because of Andrew, I'm also friends with a lot of jocks. They all think I'm weird because I can run a mile in 5:00. They all say I'm the only white guy that can outrun a black person. Racist jerks.

Anyways, it was now 6th period and I have English 10 Honors with Mr. Sohinski. I didn't know whether to be happy or nervous having him for English. Mr. Sohinski was my coach for Cross Country last year. He's very young, about 24 or 25, and I must say he's really attractive. Last year in CC (cross country) I noticed he really liked to stare at me. While I would run, he would catch up to me and start a conversation. Once i'd go back inti the locker rooms, hed go in as well and we'd both shower together. Not ever did I look at his naked body (although it was very tempting). I thought that if I did, he'd see me looking. However, I did look at him shirtless and every time i did, my dick would twitch.

He has a nice eight pack with hair leading down to his crotch. Even though he watched me every day of every time, I sorta liked it. It was like I WANTED him to stare at me. I liked the fact that his eyes were on me. I knew he was attracted to my young, twink body. I had a six pack that I knew he couldn't resist.

As I walked into his classroom, I immediately noticed I was the first one inside. "Allen Lockwood, " he said, "it's been a while since I've seen you."

"Yeah once summer came my dad, Mom, sister, and I left River Valley and went up to Malibu."

"Malibu... I love it there. So relaxing and beautiful."

"Yup. Once we got back I started running again. You know just keeping myself in shape."

"Really? Well Cross Country will be starting next week if you're interested."

"Oh I'm looking forward to alright. I cant wait till it starts."

"Good. You're an amazing runner. We need you on the team."

"Yeah I can run two miles in 9:30. I was thinking about going for Varsity this year."

"Go for it. With that time you can definitely make it."

"Yeah well I'm really intersted in Cross Country" I said looking at his crotch grinning.

He walked towards me and asked, "are you sure you're interested in Cross Country?"

"Yeah. I want it so badly." I said rubbing my dick.

He got closer to me that our chests were against each others. "Are you sure you want Cross Country....or me?" He asked in a flirtatious way.


"Same here."

He leaned down and kissed me. I liked the way his warm tongue rubbed against mine. His breath was minty fresh, and he was hugging me close to his muscular body. I could feel his muscles while I kissed him. I grabbed his round ass. My dick started to become erect. As if he knew, he grabbed it and rubbed his warm hand on my dick. I felt him becoming erect too. I've always wondered how big his cock was, and now was my chance to find out. Right as I was about to grab his cock, the school bell rang. We broke apart and I sat down in a desk directly in front of his.

For the next hour, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. He's so damn hot. His muscles and biceps are so big it looked as if they were gonna rip out of his button up shirt. Whenever he turned around, I checked out his round butt. His voice was so deep and manly. There was something mysterious about him, which made him attractive. I wanted to know more about him. I also wanted to know what he looked like fully nude. But what I really wondered was how big his dick was. He's probably hairy. I mean, I've seen him shirtless before and he's a hairy guy. All these thought about him naked made my dick become hard again. When he sat down at his desk, he witnessed my erection. He smiled.

The school bell rang. Finally, I had him all to myself. Right as I was going to say something, Andrew said "lets go Allen. My mom's already here."

Of course. Andrew happened to be in this class too. I should've known. I got up, packed my stuff and left with Andrew. Before I left I looked back at Mr. Sohinski. He winked at me and gave me a sexy half smile.

That night, the only thing on my mind was Mr. Sohinski. I imagined him naked and on top of me. My was rock hard and throbbing. I jacked my self off fast and hard. I pretended Mr. Sohinski was the one jacking me off. I sucked on my fingers, getting them soaking wet. I took my wet fingers out of my mouth and jammed them inside my tight hole. Again, I pretended Mr. Sohinski was fingering me. I moaned out his name. I felt myself cumming already. Before I knew it, two hot loads of my creamy juice shot onto my chest.

I laid there on my bed. I started to realize I've been fantasizing about other guys, especially Mike Kresovich and Jordan Johnston. I've been craving the thought of another guy fucking me senseless. I wondered what it was keeping them all back. Then it hit me. I'm too innocent, too naive. At school, I'm a smart, athletic gay boy who never gets in trouble. I have a big, strong jock (Andrew) who guards me. If I'm gonna be taken seriously, I've gotta cut loose.

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2013-09-09 07:56:54
One of the best intro's to a story I've ever seen! Sounds like a great beginning to a long and healthy story. Keep it up!

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