I finally went back and edited this version so that it is easier to read. 18 chapters of this story total now posted. Enjoy the characters please.
It had all started so innocently, it seemed, when Theresa’s then 11-year old son had gotten out of the shower, concerned about the almost painful erection he had one morning. She had calmed his fears and let him know that his body was maturing and that getting erections was part of that. “But it won’t go away!” he had implored.

“Well, you can help it go away by finishing off so that your body thinks that time for sex is done”.

“How do I do that? … Finish off? I don’t know what you mean.”

Theresa’s husband Phil was often away on his regional sales job, leaving her to deal with tricky situations like this. She knew about young boys masturbating and she was pretty familiar with it herself, being alone in bed many nights. Theresa and her husband had started early with marriage and kids, so she was still a very nubile 35. She was always petite, at 5’ 4” and about 115 pounds, which lent a nice curve to her hips. Her B-cup-but-very-perky breasts allowed her to still turn heads in the grocery store. She explained to Jimmy that his erection was his body getting ready to have sex and that as he grew older he would have more control over them. His erection would go down eventually, but if he was anxious or uncomfortable with it, he could stimulate himself to give his body an orgasm, and that would end his excited state. He had not reached puberty so he wouldn’t ejaculate, but the climax would be there and he could relax afterward. Well, explaining turned into showing which turned into touching him … her thumb and middle finger around his small shaft to show him how to stroke his growing manhood. She remembered how it felt to have him shudder against her as he had his first dry orgasm with her hand around his cock. He was embarrassed and had felt that boyhood shame that comes with masturbation. It was several weeks before he confided in her that he could not relieve himself of the tension in his loins the way she had been able to that first day.

Theresa didn’t want to admit to herself the excitement she had experienced, grasping onto her young son’s dick. She tried to remain nonchalant as he asked her for her help in doing the deed again, while feeling a tingle in her own loins. Jimmy was determined, once he had decided things in his own head, so he was persuasive enough to get Theresa to come to his room after his next morning shower. Sure enough, he was sporting a woody to be proud of!
With a bit of trepidation and a feeling she was crossing a boundary she couldn’t take back, Theresa had him lie on the bed and take his boxers off. His thin, young penis pointed up at the wall at the head of his bed, where a Harry Potter poster hung. “Um, mom? This isn’t like gross or anything, is it?” Jimmy asked for reassurance.

“Honey, this is a natural thing, like eating and breathing. People need to make babies to continue the human race, and our bodies were made to make us want to do that. Your penis is hard because it is ready to go inside a woman’s vagina and give her your seed”.

“Seed?” he was confused.

“Seed is another word for sperm, which is in the semen that a man makes when he ejaculates”.

“I heard about that”, Jimmy said. “Guys call is ‘shooting a load’ or a ‘wad’, but nothing comes out of my penis”.

“It will, dear. Your body is growing up and your testes here”, she cupped his balls very lightly in her hand, “will start to produce semen”.

“That’ll be cool”, was all he could think of in response.

“So let’s get this boner taken care of”, Theresa said lightly, to try to release her own tension with the situation. She began to lightly stroke her son’s member as she had before. “What are you thinking of honey?” she asked him as he closed his eyes.

“Nothing, really … should I be thinking about something particular?”

“Well, you could think about a pretty girl you know. How her face looks, her legs, her, um, uh, her breasts?” Jimmy chuckled. “Some of the girls at school are getting boobs, but not like yours or anything”.

“Do you like boobs, Jimmy?”

“Well, sure, I guess. Sometimes when I see some nice boobs on TV or on the internet, I get hard like this. I’m not sure why.”

“You get hard like this”, Theresa said as she continued to stroke him slowly, “because you’re attracted to a girl or a woman. Your thingy is doing your thinking for you!”

Theresa tried to be subtle as she repositioned herself to give her naked son a better profile of her firm breasts. She continued to stroke him as she watched him concentrate, trying in his head to find something to help him reach a climax. When he closed his eyes again she was able to look at his nearly hairless pubic region while she pumped up and down on his dick, watching the head turn darker red. She stared at the action of her hand stroking her son’s dick: so lurid, so deviant, but also so exciting. Jimmy must have found some image to hit the spot because in a minute or two he shuddered and curled up around her fist, which was still clutching his member.

It was several months later, after these erection treatments had become a morning routine, that Jimmy first ejaculated. Theresa remembered clearly the first ooze of almost-clear semen that had come from her boys cock. She would come to his room wearing different clothing depending on how daring she felt and to assist Jimmy visually in his excitement. Some days it was just her night shirt and panties, but her erect nipples would poke through the fabric and help Jimmy reach orgasm as he stared at her teats, while resting his hand on her smooth warm thigh. She would sometimes feel naughty and enter his room in bra and panties, like she was in the middle of getting dressed, but it was done on purpose, to feel the stirring in her loins as she grasped her son’s dick. Black lace was one of her favorites, and the set she had left enough exposed that she was certain he could see her pubic hair through the fabric. Her ivory set left a bit less to the imagination, though Jimmy never said anything. Her pussy lips would swell up in anticipation of the jerk-off session and press against the sheer fabric. Her dark pink nipples were clearly visible as she sat on her son’s bed to minister to his cock.

Within a few more weeks he was ejaculating nicely and he was very proud as he covered his tummy and his mom’s hand with his cum. Theresa would wipe it up with some tissues, feeling Jimmy shudder again as she coaxed the last drops from his dick and wipe the head. Before she washed her hands she would inhale the aroma it had left there, which dampened her panties and made her want to masturbate herself. But she had three other kids in the family and she had to get them ready too. It was starting to frustrate her. At night, she would think of jerking off her son as she lay in bed when Phil was out of town. Her pink plastic vibrator taking his place in her hot, wet pussy. Visions of her son cumming would fill her head as she and the battery powered tool brought her to orgasm.

After 14-years of marriage and four kids, things had become rather routine with Phil. Sex was a couple times a month on weekends when he wasn’t out of town. They loved each other and he was a very good provider, giving Theresa a very comfortable lifestyle. Theresa was able to stay home and raise her kids, whom she adored, without worrying about finances. His job was a huge part of his life at this point and he had ownership stake in his company, so building new business was important to him. Theresa was not bitter or spiteful about her non-fulfilling sex life, but she could feel a bit of deviancy growing in her, wanting more. Her activity with her son was both the source and was becoming the outlet of that desire.

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