Mom and son's activities are exposed and expanded
As the months moved on, after he was 12 and his cock was getting a bit more girth and his pubic hair was filling in, Jimmy began to ask for additional help some days: after school, after dinner, at bedtime, depending on how he felt. Eventually, and partly because of the danger and excitement of it, Theresa would jerk him off on the sofa as they watched TV, sharing a blanket to hide their act from his 10-year old brother Sam and his two sisters, Missy, almost 9 and Susan, 11. She’d keep tissues with her so she could wrap them over his dick and jerk him right there in the family room.

But the other kids weren’t oblivious to the subtle movement of the blanket and the look on Jimmy’s face. They would stop watching TV and begin to watch the show happening on the sofa. Sam would sometimes be leaning against Theresa’s left side while she stroked Jimmy with her right hand. Sam could hear her breathing change and feel the movement through her body, but he didn’t quite get it. He would get a boner himself but not be sure why, there was also a light aroma which seemed to come from his mommy that he hadn’t experienced before.

After this had gone on for several months, and Jimmy did less to hide the look of pleasure on his face, Susan was eventually bold enough to come right out and ask one night “Mom, are you rubbing Jimmy’s penis?” She stopped suddenly, turning flush and guilty looking. “Um, uh, well, yes dear, I am” she admitted, shocking herself. She didn’t think she should lie to her young kids, and it was actually exciting to admit it to them. “It helps him feel better when he gets erections, which I think you know about too, right Sam?”
Sam nodded and touched the tent-pole he had in his pajamas.

“What’s an election?” asked Missy.

Theresa laughed lightly, “Erection, dear. Well, the easiest way to explain would be to show you … would you mind Jimmy?” Jimmy was a bit flustered after being discovered and his cock had gone partially limp, but he agreed it was ok. Theresa pulled off the blanket and exposed her son to his brother and sisters. He had gone soft, but the excitement of having the girls see him soon had blood pumping back into his shaft, making him stand back at attention.

“It’s getting bigger!” exclaimed Missy, staring at an erect penis for the first time in her young life.

“And now I’ll make him ejaculate, or cum, to use the common term” informed Theresa as she once again set to stroking her sons cock. The kids stared in rapture at the site, feeling very naughty. Susan felt a tingle between her legs and Sam popped his own woody out of his PJ’s so that it could be free.

“Why, that’s a very nice erection there Sam” his mom said proudly.

“Thanks mom, it gets so hard it hurts sometimes”.

“That’s why I do this for Jimmy, so that he can relax. Boys get erections when their bodies are ready to have sex with a girl. This penis would go into a girl’s vagina and shoot out sperm, which is how babies are made.”

“Where would it go?” asked Sam, confused.

Susan had absent-mindedly started rubbing herself while watching her mom jerk off her big brother. She snapped back to attention when her mom said “Honey, since everyone is getting a bit of a lesson here, would you mind showing them?”

“Showing them what?” was all she could sputter out, but she continued to rub herself.

“The thing between your legs that you’re paying so much attention to right now”.

“You want me to show them my coozie?”

“Only if you’re comfortable doing it, dear. You are staring at your brother’s dick while I jack him off, you know.”

“Mom, that is so hot when you talk dirty like that.” Jimmy chimed in. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard or had this feel so good.”

“Would you like to see your sister’s pussy, Jimmy?” Theresa breathed naughtily.

“Oh god, yeah. Please Sue, can I see your pussy?” He pleaded.

This exchange had Susan even more aroused than she had been. She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her pajamas and pulled them down shyly, looking around the room at her mom, sister and 2 horny brothers with raging boners. She then sat down in the armchair which was at an angle to the sofa and hesitated before removing her panties. There was a darker patch of purple in the gusset of her lavender underwear. “Oh my, Sue, I think you’ve gotten a bit wet”, her mom said as Sue spread her legs slightly. “Girls get wet in their vaginas when they get sexually aroused, just like boys get erections”.

“Really?” said Sam. “That’s pretty cool. Can we please see your pussy, sis? I’ve never seen one before, have you Jimmy?”

“Only some pictures” Jimmy admitted. His mom had slowed down her action on his cock considerably because she could sense his building excitement.

“OK” said Susan. “But nobody better laugh at me or anything”. Theresa could sense the shyness and awkwardness of a young girl with her body and wanted to be as supportive as possible. “Sweetie, you are a beautiful young lady, and no one is going to laugh at you”.

Susan picked up her hips and slid her panties over her knees and then past her ankles. She slowly parted her knees to expose herself to her family. Her young vulva had the first hints of fine blond curls above it and her labia were noticeably engorged from her heightened level of excitement. Her inner lips were shining with moisture.

“Oh god”, grunted Jimmy and leaned forward as he came instantly, spurting most of his cum onto his chest after the first glob had landed right on his lips! Theresa jerked him feverishly to finish him off, her right hand getting a dose of his cum while she squeezed her left breast in excitement. Jimmy quickly cleaned the semen off his lips with his finger and licked it in his rapture, then scooped a bit off his chest for another taste. “That was the best one ever, mom”. Then to his sister “Sue, your pussy is gorgeous. It made me cum so hard when you just spread your legs like that.”

Sue blushed further with the attention, and her nipples were poking firmly through her pajama top. “Looks like your titties are excited too, dear” Theresa noted. “Do you want to learn to masturbate too like I did for Jimmy?”

Susan was still staring at the remaining cum on Jimmy’s chest, along with Missy and Sam. She snapped back to the present to ask “you mean to touch myself, or would you touch me?”

“Whichever you’d be more comfortable with, sweetie. But take off that jammy top so we can see your beautiful titties.”

As Susan stripped off her last shred of clothing, her brothers and young sister took her body into their gaze. She was lean and already athletic looking, with the flawless skin tone that only a young girl can possess. No hips to speak of but impossibly perfect budding breasts with an eraser-like nipple pointing out of each. Her pussy was now drenched with her fluids and her light scent began to fill the room. Missy reached out with a finger and rubbed one of her nipples, giggling.

Sam had his pajama pants off and was now on his knees on the sofa, stroking a steady rhythm on his dick the way he had just watched his mom do to his brother. Missy was wearing only a t-shirt and panties, which she quickly discarded so that she could compare what was between her legs with her sister.

“You are beautiful, sweetie” Theresa encouraged her oldest daughter. “Boys are gonna line up for you and daddy will have to fight them off!” “Is that boner feeling good Sam?”

“Uuuughh” was all Sam could say as he slumped down after achieving his first orgasm.

“Well Sue” continued Theresa, “a girl can feel just as good as that either by herself or with a partner. Give me your hand, sweetie”. Sue stood up and her mom grasped her right hand. Theresa had Sue hold her index and middle fingers out as she moved her hand down to touch her swollen labia. The squelching sound of her juices was so erotic that Theresa felt weak. She then guided Sue’s fingers around her outer and up through her inner lips to get a feel of the geography. The boys stared as the petals of their sister’s flower opened to her touch. When she pulled Sue’s fingers up to her clitoris, she pushed against her to apply some pressure. Sue’s reaction was immediate and satisfying. She leaned against her mom and dug her fingers into her shoulder. Theresa reacted instinctively and clutched her daughters left breast in her right hand, lightly pinching the nipple between her fingers. Sue began to rock up and down, riding the fingers that her mom clutched to her pussy.

Missy was gently exploring her own sex as she watched her sister being assisted by her mom to finger herself. Theresa leaned in and gently pulled her daughter’s nipple into her mouth. She felt a thrill shoot through her by committing this incestuous act, and Susan arched her back, pushing her pelvis harder against Theresa’s hand.

Jimmy once again had a raging boner but just wanted to be close to the action to see it, so he hugged his mom while tentatively reaching his hand to her breasts to feel their shape for the first time.

Theresa did not start or complain when Jimmy grabbed her tits. It was more of a “Thank God” feeling in her head. Her panties were drenched in the excitement of exploring sexuality with her kids and she didn’t know what she’d be able to do to satisfy the state that her body was now in.

“Oh god, Oh god, Oh god” grunted Sue as she rode her fingers and her mom’s hand to climax. She fell back into the armchair and pulled her cute legs up to her chest, her adorable alabaster fanny sticking out to them, the lips of her swollen pussy beautifully visible from behind.

“That was soooo cool!” said Sam. “So where she had her fingers, that is where a penis would go?”

“Yes Sammy, we were just rubbing the lips of her vagina and her clitoris, which is really very sensitive, and how women get a lot of pleasure from sex. The vagina itself is inside the lips. It’s like a tunnel that goes inside a girl.”

“I still don’t get it” Sam complained. “I didn’t see anything there on Sue that a penis could go into”.

Theresa could tell that Sue was in no condition to help out with this explanation, plus she was a raging bundle of sex energy at this point and wasn’t exactly thinking straight, so she said “Alright, I’ll show you, Sam. Missy, can you go into mommy’s underwear drawer and bring me the plastic thing that’s at the back of it?” Missy, her own pussy open and on full display to them as she sat cross-legged on the floor, hopped up and ran to her mom’s room. In a minute or so she returned holding Theresa’s vibrator and a puzzled look on her face.

“Ok boys and girls, what happens here stays in this room. You tell NO ONE about what we did and what I’m about to do, got it?” Heads bobbed up and down eagerly around her.

Theresa stood and unbuttoned her jeans, drawing them and her sopping panties to the floor. Her excitement was obvious by the odor of her sex and by the wet patch on the crotch of her underwear. She leaned back on the couch and spread her legs to about 45 degrees, giving all her kids a glorious view of her hot wet snatch and neatly trimmed bush. Her inner lips were engorged and protruding; moisture glistened from her clit down to her asshole. “You kids have made me so horny, look how wet my pussy is!”

They were all in rapt attention as she drew the length of the rocket-shaped vibrator along her slit to lubricate it. After a few strokes it was slick enough for anything so Theresa gently moved the tip between her lips a few inches below her clit. “You see guys, right here is the opening to a woman’s vagina. Sue and Missy, you can find yours with your fingers if you’d like, just be gentle and slow”. She eased the vibrator in a few inches and pulled it back out, her muscles flexing around its hardness. One more swipe of juice from her lips and she slid it into her hole until only half an inch or so was exposed.

She stopped to breathe as her pelvic muscles clutched the plastic rod. The kids were staring with amazement, Sue with her middle finger inside her twat, Missy squatting on her hand on the floor and the boys wondering what fantasy world they had entered.

“Does that hurt, Mom?” ask Sue.

“No dear. The very first time you take something big into yourself it can hurt, or be uncomfortable. The important thing is to be ready for sex and to relax. If you aren’t wet like I am, or if you’re tense, it won’t feel good at all. Now, can you boys take off my shirt? I am so fucking hot!”

Their mom using the F-word in front of them shocked them to attention and excited them even more.

Theresa left the vibrator sticking obscenely out of her cunt while she put her arms up to allow Jimmy and Sam to pull her shirt over her head. “Jimmy, there is a clasp at the back of my bra, open it up so that my tits can get some air, please.”

She breathed out the dirty words to her young kids as if it was natural as anything. Her gorgeous breasts came out on full display, nipples sticking out half an inch from her pert, beautiful mounds. She then leaned back on the couch, moving the vibrator in and out of her pussy for them all to see. She did not even bother turning the vibrator on. Her senses were so acute right now that she knew she wouldn’t be able to handle it.
“You are friggin’ hot, mom” said Jimmy. His dick was as hard as it had ever been and was twitching up and down with anticipation
“You’re beautiful mom” said Sue, “that looks so cool what you’re doing”
Theresa was at a height of excitement she had never felt before … and it was due to her children!

“I’m glad you think so, Jimmy, because you’re gonna shove that dick of yours inside me. Sammy, Missy, can you suck on mommy’s tits? I am so worked up I just need to have you guys all on me. Sue, come over here and stand close so I can touch you”.

“Sure mom” were the replies as they set about their tasks. Sue moved in next to Theresa’s right leg, where she could feel the heat coming off of her mom. Missy and Sam kneeled on the sofa cushions on either side of her so they could pay attention to her breasts and Jimmy stood in front of his mom’s opening trying to figure out what to do next.

Theresa put the vibrator aside and gave her son a few pulls just to feel his hardness again. “Line it up and ease it in, Jimmy. You can do it” his mom coaxed. Theresa then ran her right hand up Susan’s ass and hip, rubbed both of her breasts gently before bringing it down to her young snatch. She inverted her hand and found her daughter’s opening with her middle finger. Sue’s eyes rolled up and she rocked with weakness against her mom.

After a few misplaced thrusts Jimmy entered his mom and his world changed. Nothing had ever felt like this, could feel like this. He started slowly in and out, glad that he had just shot a load 10 minutes earlier, or he would have certainly cum within seconds. Then his mom surprised him by clamping on to his dick with her vaginal muscles. “Oh, g-god … wow” was all he could say.

Sue was in another world with her mom’s hand in her twat and Jimmy was concentrating mightily to try to make this last as long as possible. The levels of stimulation that Theresa was feeling were like nothing she had ever felt before. She felt so kinky, so dirty, and so alive. She needed something to push her over the mountain she had been climbing for the last half hour. “Sam, can you reach in and rub mommy’s pussy right above where your brother’s dick is?”

Her nipple popped out of little Sammy’s mouth and he leaned in close to have a good look. He watched his brother’s penis moving in and out of his mom and put his fingers on the pink flower petals above it. His touch was greeted with an audible gasp from his mom. “Oh god, yes Sam!” she blurted, “rub me there, son, rub me there”.

The tiny fingers of her 10-year old son on her clitoris had the desired effect. It only took a few more seconds before her whole body went rigid; her legs grabbed hold of Jimmy’s backside and pulled him into her completely, locking him in place. Her pelvis and stomach lurched up and down with the most earth-shattering orgasm of her life. “Aaaaaaarrgghhaaaaa”, she shouted/grunted, as she pulled Sue and Jimmy into an intense and forceful hug.

“Oh My God! Oh God! Holy Shit, Fuck, Fuck, Fuuuuuuck” she said as she came down from her climax.

Jimmy had pulled out of her and she just held Sue’s naked body tight against her own. Her body convulsed a few more times as she settled back from the mountain top and held her legs tight together.

Jimmy had just been so close to finishing when he pulled out that with just watching her cum, even without touching himself, he began to spurt semen onto his mom’s belly. Considering this was his second cum in 15 minutes and the first time in his life he had done it twice in such a short span, he still produced several good-sized globs. Sam was very much aroused and curious, so he scooped up some of Jimmy’s spunk from his mom’s tummy and brought it to his nose to sniff it. The whole family looked at him as he licked it from his fingers with a look on his face that was just in awe of the whole situation.

“That was absolutely amazing, kids” Theresa gasped out as she regained her breathe and her head stopped spinning. “I know this was something really unusual for you all, and believe me, it was for me too! Like I said earlier, you tell NO ONE about this, right? Not even Daddy, for now. Does anybody have any questions?”

“Uh” Jimmy began, “if I had, um, cum, uh, inside you, would we have made a baby?”

“You’re old enough to make a baby, if that’s what you’re wondering. But no, you wouldn’t have given me a baby because I take a pill which regulates my periods and stops me from getting pregnant. You four kids are enough for me! Susan has had her period, so she actually could get pregnant but Missy couldn’t because she hasn’t had one yet.”

“What’s a period?” enquired Sam.

“A period is what happens about once a month in a girl’s menstrual cycle. Her body releases an egg each month and builds up a lining inside her womb for that egg. If the egg is not fertilized by a man’s sperm, her body pushes it out. The lining is made of blood vessels and such, so during her period a girl bleeds out of her vagina.”

“Ooooh, weird!” said Sam, “and this happens to you too Sue?”

“I’ve just had two periods so far, but it was over a month between them” she responded, surprised at how easily she could tell her little brother this, due to the intimacy they had just shared.

“Well, we need to get cleaned up!” encouraged Theresa. “You see sex is a pretty juicy thing, literally!” The kids laughed. “How ‘bout we get in the shower, since we’re all naked anyway?”

The only two with a stitch of clothing on were Sam and Missy, who quickly discarded their pajama tops. Theresa led them into her master bathroom where she had a monstrous walk-in shower with 2 hand-held nozzles, one of those huge rainforest shower-heads and even a bench seat on either side.

Theresa found herself and her four children in a situation she could not have imagined before today, and would have thought herself a pervert if she had. All five of them naked in the shower, exploring each others’ bodies with their hands as they washed off the semen and vaginal juices of a sex session like no other. They spent the next half hour in there, during which time each of them had at least one more orgasm, including little Missy, lying on the bench watching a live sex show with her little hand stimulating her cooch to a feeling she hadn’t known existed.

More to follow ...

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