The family has grown up a little bit and has been finding new ways to explore their sexuality
By the time Jimmy was 14 his voice had already deepened considerably. Susan was almost 13 and her body now had a few curves to give her a very feminine shape. She was two inches taller than her petite mom and her breasts were larger; she was definitely going to be at least a C-Cup, perhaps a D. Theresa had put her on the pill a short while back, to help with some severe cramping that she’d been experiencing. Sam had finally ejaculated for the first time last month to his great relief; he was beginning to wonder if something was wrong with him! His fears were unfounded. Missy still had yet to have her period but already had perky breast buds protruding and she knew more about sex than any kid her age at school!

When Dad was away on business, TV nights were not your normal affair in their household. Theresa and her kids made sure that ALL of their school-work and household chores were done or they would not have their fun time. Their deviant behavior had actually resulted in the kids all doing very well in school, because if any of them fell behind, missed an assignment or failed a test, there was no “Movie Night”, as they had come to call it.

Their family room had become their sexual playground. It was a comfortable place for all of them; there was plenty of room, and it was where they had experienced their sexual awakening together. Theresa limited their “Movie Nights” to Fridays or Saturdays when Daddy was away. It gave the kids something to look forward to, and assured that they would be in bed at a decent hour for school during the week.

Theresa picked out a movie from the selection she had purchased at the adult book store off the interstate. She tried to find ones that weren’t too crude or disgusting, no bondage, bestiality, pissing, etc., but they were still plenty explicit.

Jimmy and Sam cam in wearing just boxers and t-shirts, Sam laughing because he already had his dick pulled out through the flap. Susan liked to wear light cotton flannel night pants and shirt, with nothing underneath so that she could freely get her hand in her twat while getting warmed up. Missy was just wearing panties and nothing else, her adorable little nipples hard as rocks. Theresa put the movie in and sat down in the middle of the large sectional sofa they had recently gotten, Sam and then Jimmy on her left with Susan and Missy snuggled up in the L-corner on her right. Theresa was wearing a mid-thigh, loose-fitting night shirt and a sexy thong-style set of black panties, which she expected to get the opportunity to show off.

As the movie started, little Missy finished disrobing by pulling her panties off and tossing them on the floor. She then leaned against Susan in the corner, with her legs facing her mom and brothers. With knees bent, she leaned her left leg up against the back of the sofa and she let her right leg fall flat to the cushion, her feet together. She pretended to do this randomly or without thinking, but it gave her quite a charge to expose herself to her big brothers. Her little cunt opened like a pretty pink flower to them and they immediately got stiff. Susan draped her left arm across her chest and began to gently caress her small breasts and nipples.

“Wow, it’s getting hot in here already, huh kids?” asked Theresa. There was no need to vocalize a response.

As the first sex scene of the video started on the 60” High-Def TV, Sam pulled off his shorts so that he was unrestricted to move his dick about and Jimmy followed suit pretty quickly. Missy was absent-mindedly stroking her pussy lips while she watched a woman begin to suck an enormous cock onscreen. Susan began working herself under her loose PJ bottoms, still holding her little sis’s tit. Theresa was so much more excited by what was going on in the room than with the movie. She could feel her panties dampen as her children fondled themselves. Jimmy and Sam switched from their own to each other’s dicks, Sam using his left hand for Jimmy, Jimmy using his right hand for Sam. They had done this a few times before and enjoyed each others’ touch. Theresa stared at her two sons pulling on each other’s shafts sitting next to her on the sofa; the experience seemed unreal, but oh so erotic and exciting. She was feeling herself get worked up the way she had when this had all started, and it made her want to throw a little caution to the wind.

After a few more minutes of watching the kids masturbate themselves and each other, she stood and hiked her night shirt up over her hips so she could kneel on the sectional facing Missy’s open crotch, her bare ass cheeks and thong put right up near Sammy’s face. She spread her knees slightly for balance, but also to open her crotch to Sam’s view. Reaching back trough her legs she rubbed two fingers against her lips and clit, inches from Sam’s bugged-out eyes.

Leaning forward toward Missy she whispered “Can I please lick your pussy, sweetie?” Missy was probably the least inhibited of her kids, even though she was the youngest, and had accepted the family’s sexual revolution in stride. She was already moistened from her own touch and she simply nodded to her mom. Theresa got in close and breathed in the light aroma of her daughter’s pre-pubescent sex, then gently reached out her tongue to cradle her daughter’s innocent labia.

“Oh my god, mom!” exclaimed Susan when she saw what she was doing. Missy groaned and grabbed her mom’s hair with both hands as she drew her knees up alongside her head.

“It feels amazing, sis” assured Missy to Sue.

Sam wanted to see what was going on but his mom’s very beautiful ass was in his way. His left hand was still on Jimmy’s dick and his right arm had ended up underneath his mom’s legs, so he leaned in and pushed his nose and mouth right into the patch of thong that he knew covered her pussy. He inhaled her pungent aroma and pushed his tongue into her panties, feeling the lips beneath. Theresa’s already wet snatch released more juices at his touch and she moaned aloud into her daughter’s sweet pussy.

The movie was all but forgotten by this time, as Jimmy, who had been watching all this action, called out “I’m gonna cum! Pull me harder Sam”. “Me too”, replied Sam, “oooh fuck, Mom’s cunt is right in my face!”

Jimmy and Sam climaxed together, shooting streams of warm jizz skyward. They both tried to see if they could hit their open mouths, but so far Jimmy was the only one who succeeded at that regularly, and he did again now. Missy cried out and squeezed Theresa’s head between her knees, paradoxically needing the stimulation to stop and not wanting it to.

Theresa’s head emerged from Missy’s snatch, “Don’t you have a filthy mouth there, Sam? Where did you learn to talk like that, young man?” she scolded teasingly, knowing full well it was from her. “You know what you need to do with that filthy mouth? You need to finish what you started! You made mommy’s pussy very wet and it needs some attention.”

Susan was working herself steadily with her right hand and clutching at her tits with her left. Missy could tell that she hadn’t had an orgasm yet so she figured she could help out. She pulled up Sue’s top and began alternately sucking on her beautiful boobs. Missy loved Sue’s boobs and hoped that hers were as nice some day. Missy’s sucking, the two fingers she had buried in her hole, and watching Sammy kneel down on the floor in front of mom’s waiting snatch were enough to send her over the edge and she bucked back and forth with a powerful climax.

“Have you ever eaten pussy, Sammy?” his mommy asked.

“No, mom, never” her little boy responded, as if in an interrogation.

“Well you’re going to now, son”

Theresa hiked her nightshirt up far enough over her hips to spread her legs wide on the sofa and enticingly reached down to pull the black thong to one side of her gash. Once again she had found herself supremely aroused, drench in her own sex juice, and seriously needing attention.

Sam looked in to the chasm of his mom’s sex, steeled his courage and plunged his face forward into the breach. He first of all just smeared his lips and nose around her cunt, holding his breath in his naiveté like he was under water. “Easy there, buddy, you’re doing fine, just relax and breathe” his mom told him, placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Now use your tongue and take a nice slow lick of mommy’s pussy, just like it was an ice cream cone”. Sam complied and got his first good taste of his mom’s twat. Then he relaxed a little, put his hands up on her thighs and tried to get comfortable with this new-found treasure.

“Sam’s doing to mom what she did to you, Missy” Susan declared, once again amazed at the things this family would do to each other.

“And he’s doing a very good job of it” commended Theresa. “Who else would like to give it a try?”
Three hands went up in the air and Theresa couldn’t help but laugh.

“Ok, Missy, how ‘bout you give it a try on Susan, since she’s never had her cunt licked. Jimmy, you can take over for Sam in a minute or two, because I think he’s enjoying himself right now”.

Sam gave an “uh-huh” in response as he began to explore his mom’s crotch more acutely. He licked the soft inner flesh of her thighs where they met her vulva. He licked down at the base of her vagina, where he knew her tunnel was and found a puddle of wetness there waiting for him to consume, which he was then eager to do. He then kissed mommy’s clitoris, which he noticed was sticking out from the little hood that normally covered it. He did it gently and tenderly because she had said it was very sensitive.

Theresa enjoyment built and built through his ministrations. She wanted to let Jimmy have a try but her baby boy sucking on her clit, on top of what she had been watching her kids do, was just too much and her first orgasm rocked her body.

Sam could actually feel his mom’s orgasm through her twat. It pulsed in his mouth as he held the top of it in an open kiss. “Don’t move, Sammy …. Just … don’t … move” Theresa urged as her pelvis continued to spasm and her toes curled into fists involuntarily. “Ok, now just ease back off of mommy”, which he did.

“Whew, you really got me going there son. Jimmy, you’re going to have to wait a few minutes for me to recover”.

Meanwhile, Susan had removed her PJ’s and was laying back on the sofa with Missy between her legs, trying her best to treat her sister to the same feelings that her mom had given her. Missy was a quick learner when it came to sex and she soon had Susan gripping her head with her beautiful young thighs, her butt arching off the sofa with the force of her cum. She fell off the sofa in a heap with her naked sister, who burst out laughing, thrilled with the pleasure she had been able to give Sue.

“Wow, that was a good movie, huh?” laughed Theresa to her kids. “Jimmy, if you don’t mind can we put off you eating pussy to another night? I’m kind of spent after what Sam did to me.”

“Sure mom, no problem. Besides I just came again watching Sue and Missy.” Sure enough, there was fresh cum on his hand where he was clutching his cock, which he proceeded to lick off.

“So you like the taste of your cum?” Susan asked.

“Well, it’s not really the taste that I like, I just think it’s really erotic when I can jizz in my mouth and I’ve kinda gotten used to it, so I lick it up first then wash up.

“That is pretty hot”, Sue responded. “Maybe next time I could taste your cum?”

“Sure, why not? Sammy’s getting pretty good at making it too, now.”

“All right, since you’ve been such a good sport, Jimmy, I’ll let you fuck me again next time” his mom boldly declared. Theresa really got off on talking like a dirty slut around her kids.

And they all loved it when mom talked dirty, so there was laughter and smirks around.

“OK, let’s hit the showers!” mom commanded and “Movie Night” came to its close with the clean-up phase. The shower left them all sexually sated and scrubbed and ready for bed, dreaming of the next movie.

This is what I've got written so far and it's my first story here. Thanks for the comments and ratings. Will work on further chapters soon.

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