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Revealing the greatest of all my secrets for the first time, how I met my lover.
I was enjoying the warm August night in my bedroom with my window wide open and quiet music coming from my laptop. The full moon spills its light dancing over my silky skin as I squirm around on my bed, fondling my left breast with my left hand while my right hand is in my panties, slowly massaging my lusty love spot with circular motions. My long, dark hair scattered over my pillow, shimmering under the rays of the moonlight. The big mirror on the ceiling above my bed watches down on me, letting me enjoy the sight of a gorgeous 23 year old angel teasing herself on purple silk bed sheets. I circle my areola with my fingers as I gently rub my folds, occasionally slipping a finger in between and sliding it up and down. I arch my back as I touch my throbbing candy, letting out a long, soft moan, with my eyes widely open, looking up into the mirror, squirming more intensely. Every night I play with myself before sleeping, just for fun, but I end up getting so worked up thinking about all of the nasty and dirty stuff I would love to for someone to do to me, with my fingers dug deep into my tight hole, fucking myself viciously as I twist and pinch my nipples, pushing myself over the edge, feeling my body stiffen and shiver as I shut my eyes and let out a violent cry out, trashing around my bed as my pussy explodes in an orgasmic seizure, spattering my juices all over my bed sheets. And every night is the same. I pant and shiver drifting into a dream, exhausted and breathless.

It was somewhere past 2am when my cellphone ringtone dispersed my dreams. Drowsy, I pick up my phone and look at the screen. Caller ID hidden. Nothing to be surprised about, I get those a lot. I usually never answer it though. But this time I did. The male voice on the other side sounded relaxed and soothing.

"Hello, Angela." - He replied.
"Hello, stranger with a hidden ID."
"I was just sitting here thinking about you"
"Oh, were you? That sounds like fun" - I replied, turning over onto my stomach. "So, is that why you called me, just to tell me you're thinking about me?"
"Well, that, and to check if you'd like me to come over"
"Why would I want a stranger to come over?"
"Well, we don't have to be strangers, introducing is quite easy, and getting to know each other is even easier."
"Why don't you then go ahead and introduce yourself, and we'll see about getting to know each other afterwards?"
"I was actually thinking of introducing myself to you in person."
"Maybe some other time, stranger, I'm not in a mood to get up right now." - I joke.
"Oh, no need to get up, I could just let myself in, I wouldn't want to bother you to get up. By the way, I love those panties".

I froze. He's watching me? I get up and turn to the window. The backyard is empty, I can clearly see because the lights by the pool are on. There's no place he could hide there. Maybe he's just trying to scare me thinking he's being funny.

"Where are you? How do you know what kind of panties I'm wearing?"
"I know much more than just that. Like the fact that you're not wearing a bra..."

So he wasn't joking. I ran to the living room where all of the remotes usually are, I grabbed the security system controller, and activated all of the locks and alarms around the house. I held my thumb on the alarm sounding button as I spoke to him.

"So I guess you've been enjoying the show then, stranger?"
"Oh, yes, very much. As usual."
"How many shows have you enjoyed so far?"
"Can't say I've been counting, but let's go with 20. To be honest with you, the last couple of times I've been wanting so much to join you, but I figured I'd talk to you a bit first."
"What makes you think I'd want you to join me anyway? If I wanted someone with me, I wouldn't be alone."
"The more the merrier, you know what they say. Should I get to the front door? Or would you open the backyard sliding doors for me?"

I checked the security cameras and saw nobody at the door.

"Listen, let's cut the crap. You've had your fun, now you can hit the road. Or I could just sound the alarm and call the cops over. I'll only do it if any of my cameras catch you, though. So, here's your chance to back off."

He hang up. What the hell was that about? I went to the kitchen to get something cold to drink and slowly headed back to my bedroom. I felt safe cause I knew the security system our house was equipped with is one of the best my dad had ever built. Last year he made a couple of millions on it, his company literally raised from the ashes after he bought it in auction 2 years ago.

I walked into the room and crawled back into my bed. It was still hot, so I turned up the AC a bit. The music was still going quietly as I started to slip into the dreamland again. I was sleeping lying down on my stomach when I thought I felt someone's breath on my shoulder. I opened my eyes and was just about to lift my head, when something pressed me against the bed. I instinctively opened my mouth to scream, but someone put their hand over my mouth and stopped me. I tried to get up and then I realized someone was sitting top of me, holding me pinned down to my bed. I was terrified. I practically couldn't move. Then I felt that warm breath on my shoulder again. "Hello, Angela" - He whispered into my ear. I recognized his voice, it was the same guy I'd talked to on the phone. How the hell did he get into the house? Thousands of questions flew through my mind in a split of a second, but I couldn't think.

He whispered again - "I'll move my hand from your mouth now. You can scream if you want to, but we both know there's no one around to hear it."

I knew he was right. Our house was almost a mile away from our first neighbor's house. He let go of my mouth. All I managed to say with my shivering voice was "Please, don't hurt me." He sighed into my neck and poured his warm breath over my skin again. Then he kissed my shoulder and started kissing my upper back, moved my hair to a side and kissed the back of my neck. I felt chills through my body, especially down my spine, and that's when I realized he was lying on top of me completely naked. I felt something getting harder against my butt, snuggled into my ass crack, between the cheeks. His right hand slipped under my right breast and started caressing it. I think I knew what his intentions were as soon as I realized he was naked, but I'd expected him to be rougher with me.

But he was gentle. He didn't inflict any pain to my body. He was careful and all he did was sliding his hands over my skin, feeling it, exploring. When he took my nipple between his thumb and finger I let out a quiet sigh. I tried not to show him I enjoyed it. His lips were dancing all over my neck and my shoulders all the time. I subconsciously parted my legs a bit when he started grinding against my ass slowly, almost insensibly. But I felt it. His cold hand slipped into my panties and rested on my left butt cheek. When he gently squeezed it, I gasped. He didn't seem to notice it, or he wasn't showing he did. By this time, I relaxed completely. He leaned his cheek against mine and whispered - "I'll get up and let you go now. Please, don't try to run or fight me."
I thought about how easily I could beat the crap out of him once he lets me get up. He seemed strong, but no too strong. I felt encouraged, I've fought on the streets for a few times, and proven my training to be useful. My Tai Chi instructor has always considered me to be his best student. I decided to not let him get his way with me, at least not that easily. As soon as he was up on his feet, I jumped up and threw a punch at his face, which he nonchalantly avoided. I started punching and kicking but that only lasted about 5 seconds before I got my hand twisted and pressed against my back, as he held me by my throat firmly, yet carefully not to hurt me. He leaned to me and whispered into my ear - "Truculent, I like that." I instantly replied back - "Please, don't hurt me. What did you expect, I wouldn't try? It wont happen again, I promise."

I still couldn't get to see him. Only when he laid me down onto my back and leaned over, I could catch a glimpse of his silhouette. The moonlight helped a bit. He was about 6 feet, athletic build, not older than 25 or so. He sat between my legs with his knees pressed over my thighs. He leaned down and smelled my neck, before letting out a light "mmmmm". He smelled nice, too. When he touched my cheek with his own, I could feel he shaved not so long ago, and I could smell his aftershave. Brut. He lowered his lips onto mine and gently kissed me. I couldn't resist kissing him back. He seemed surprised a bit when he lifted his face and looked at me. My eyes were slowly accustoming to the darkness and now I could see, still barely, his facial lines. I noticed the light smile on his face before he kissed me again, this time not hesitating to use his tongue a bit, as he started rubbing my left boob and my outer thigh. I replied with my tongue and squirmed just a little bit. He broke the kiss and moved his lips to my neck. That's when I saw the girl in the mirror on the ceiling, looking down at me, being kissed and caressed. I threw my head back a bit as he circled the tip of his finger against my left nipple and moved his right hand to my inner thigh, kissing his way down to my chest, between my breasts. The he traced back with his tongue, over my neck to my chin, gently bit on it then kissed my lips again, deeper this time. I slowly lifted my hands and I noticed he paid attention to them, probably being careful because I might have just grabbed something from the table beside my bed and hit him on the head. But instead, I wrapped my arms around his neck and spread my legs a bit. He moved down to kiss my chest again, and then he directed his lips to my right boob. As he kissed around my areola I sighed a bit, and when he kissed my nipple and flicked his tongue at it, I held my breath, letting out a long, shivering sigh after he took it between his lips and gently sucked on it. He slowly slipped his hand into my panties and slid it down my crack. Neither of us were surprised it was warm and moist already. He rubbed his hand against it before he felt my throbbing button, to which I responded with a loud, sharp gasp and a long moan, running my fingers through his hair as I shivered.

After a few minutes of having him sucking on my nipple and just touching my clit, I murmured - "Please..."
All he did was sucking on my erect nipple, and then he pressed his fingers against my clit harder, making me moan - "Mmmmmmmmm"
He started nibbling on my nipple gently, parting my folds with his fingers and slipping one of them in between, rubbing it up and down slowly, before he found my entrance and slid into it, pressing his thumb against my clit hard. I almost screamed out of pleasure. He started sliding his finger in and out of me slowly, before adding another one, then another one. I felt my pussy throbbing and pulsating, clamping around his fingers. Then he pulled them out slowly, keeping the tips inside, bit hard on my nipple and shoved them back into me, making me arch my back and letting out a long, loud moan - "AHHHHHHHHH" as he started thrusting his fingers in and out of me hard and fast. I was panting hard and couldn't get my eyes off the image on my ceiling, seeing myself wiggling and trashing with my eyes and my mouth wide open. I felt a strong orgasm building up and he saw it too. He pulled his fingers out of me and quickly positioned himself between my legs with his head dug into my crotch, his fingers spreading my pussy open for his tongue to ravish it. He sucked and licked me on the inside, rubbing my clit with his fingers and occasionally kissing and sucking on it. I moaned louder and louder. I felt the tingles flowing through my entire body, I felt my pussy starting to contract more often and more intensely, I felt my nipples stiffen, my breathe getting perforated more and more as he drives me crazy with his fingers, and right before I climaxed he covered my pussy with his open mouth and started sucking like a thirty beast as I scream out through a mind shattering orgasm like I've never had before, making me almost pass out. And he just sat there between my legs sucking the life out of me as I squirt stream after stream of my juices out, into his insatiable mouth.

For a few minutes I lay there panting, struggling for air, unable to do nothing more than whimper of satisfaction and exhaustion mixed together, while he was down there, happily lapping and sucking and licking me clean until I finally regained my consciousness. He then gave my sore clit the last lick and a kiss, before crawling up to me, kissing me tenderly and softly as we wrap each other in our arms, falling asleep with our lips pressed together...

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2013-09-20 06:34:33
To answer "How did you ever class this as young?" Well friend this is a new writer, her first story. I made the same mistake, with my first story. We don't realise that on this site, people seem to think young means only up to 12 years old. In real life young is a much broader concept.

Very good story, Dirty Little Angel. 23 is quite young to me at 65.

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2013-09-10 00:15:28
It's very irritating when you keep jumping back and forth between present and past tense. Leave everything in past makes for better reading.

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2013-09-09 22:10:29
How did you ever class this as young?

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2013-09-09 18:39:20
i loved this story. please, make a part 2!!!!! please!

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