I write what turns me on.. and what i hope turns HIM on. Yes this is all fictional. I am posting them here because HE has instructed me to. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and it is always fun to hear how they affect you. PLEASE NOTE - read the themes - if they repulse you then STOP READING NOW - beacuse that is what the stories are about.. Doh
It had been a long week - I had to travel for work and the kids had been at my parents. I spend almost every evening tossing and turning thinking about my daughter, my own personal fuck toy, and all the things I wanted to introduce her to. When I spoke with the kids on the phone at night I could hear the longing in her voice. I was convinced that she was missing me as much as I was missing her.

The rest of the stories don not necessarially follow one another as a sequence in time - they are just snap shot fantasies... hope you enjoy them anyways =)

I got back into town Thursday morning and decided to surprise Aubrey. I made it to her school in time for her lunch and checked her out of the building.

"Daddy!" she called to me when she spotted me in the hallway and rushed to give me a hug. Obviously she had missed me too. She was dressed in her school uniform. The clean white button up shirt and the navy jumper, tall white socks and penny loafers. My mother had braided her hair this morning in addition to ironing her clothes. She looked clean and bright and innocent. As she hugged me tight I could feel her little breasts flattened against my chest, her nubs instantly rock hard. I held her tight to me, taking the opprotunity to give each nipple a quick pinch and flick.

"Hi baby! I missed you so I thought I would come take you out at lunch" I told her as we walked out of the building hand in hand and climbed into my truck. "I like your little skirt sweetheart. Now slide out of your panties for Daddy and get Daddy's cock out. We dont have a lot of time and I want to send you back to school with a present. "

Without hesitation Aubrey slid her panties down her legs and then undid my pants and released my cock, kissing and licking it as we drove a few blocks to a nearby park. "Oh baby, that feels soo damn good. Daddy missed you!" I parked in the shade in the back of the lot under some trees. The park was deserted at this time of day and I couldn't wait any longer. "Thats it baby, suck Daddy's cock, see how hard you make it? " I groaned in pleasure as I started fingering her pussy from behind. "Baby, you are already wet for Daddy! What a perfect slut you are! " I pushed Aburey to her first orgasm, enjoying the feel of her cunt contracting on my finger, at the same time she sucked on my cock. I was getting close to cumming, it had been a week after all. So I reached down and slide the seat all the way back, " Climb on Daddy's lap baby, put your knees on either side of me. There's a good girl. Now take your top off so Daddy can see your pretty little breasts" Aubrey quickly pulled her top off, sticking her chest out to display her small nubs as much as possible. "Good girl baby! Now I want you to lower yorself down onto Daddy's cock. A little lower baby.. ahh yes there you go.. Feel Daddy's cock sliding up and down your slit? It feels soo good baby. Now you hold still and Daddy will make you cum with his cock. "

I leaned the seat back and reached down to grip my cock, rubbing it up and down her slit, bathing it in her wetness. Fuck it felt good. And watching her little nipples harden into rocks only encouraged me to pinch and play with them with my other hand while I continued to use my cock to drive her closer and closer to her second orgasm.

"Oh Daddy! I am going to cum" Aubrey cried out seconds before I felt my cock bathed in a rush of fresh juices. "There's my Baby. What a good girl! Now Daddy is going to give you his suprise. Push down Baby! Push down on Daddy's cock!" I told her as I lined my cock up with her tight wet entrance. I cold feel my cock begining to enter her as she continued to bear down "ow Daddy. It hurts Daddy - I think it is too big."

"Shhh Baby, Daddy isn't going to put it all in. Just a little. I missed you so much baby. I want to give you a special present. Be a big girl. you can do this for Daddy. Just a little more sweetheart. Daddy is so close!" I watched her scrunch her face up some more and push down even harder until suddenly the head of my cock entered her little body"Oh FUCK baby!" I yelled as I began to cum. filling her pussy with the same seed that had created her. I grabbed her hips with both hands holding on for dear life, taking all I had not to surge up with my hips, piercing her virginity and fully seating my cock in my sweet Daughter.

As my orgasm subsided, I slowly rocked her hips on my cock, working just a little deeper into her cunt, using my seed as additional lubricant before rocking back to my original position, just my head held in her love tunnel. "Doesn't that feel good sweetheart? Daddy's cock stretching your cunt and filling you? Can you feel all of Daddy's cumm in your little pussy? Such a good girl! Daddy missed you! Now take your little fingers and play with yourself. Daddy wants to see you cum while you are full of his cock. "

I retained possession of Aubrey's hips, continuing to gently rock back and forth on my cock as I leaned back to watch her slide her fingers into her slit and begin to play with her clit.

"There's Daddy's little slut! What a good girl Aubrey! Come hard on Daddy's cock sweetheart!" I continued to encourage her as I watched her work her fingers over her clit, driving herself closer and close to her third orgasm.. "Oh Daddy!" she screamed out as I felt her muscles clamp down on the head of my cock. "Fuck baby! that is wonderful!" I told her, leaning forward to suck and bite her nipples, prolonging the wave of sensation on my cock.

Once her Orgasm had subsided, I lifted her off me and told her to put her panties on quick so my present didn't leak out. Once her panties were securely in place I leaned back again so that Aubrey could clean off my cock with her mouth just as I had taught her. She took her time, licking me from the base of my balls all the way to the tip and then back down, making little smacking sounds of enjoyment. Even though I had just filled her cunt with my seed, my cock was still at full mast and ready to go. I hadn't been this hard this fast since I was in highschool. But laying back and watching my Daughter enjoying the taste of my cum on her tongue, lavishing my cock with attention, her head slowly bobbing up and down in a lazy rythm, her eyes closed in contentment.....

"Ok baby, we have to get you back to school. But we can play some more later tonight. you can tell me all about your week with grandma and grandpa" Aubrey didn't look happy as I zipped my pants back up but I aassumed it was because she didn't want to go back to school.....

As we pulled up to the school, I pulled her close, kissing her and whispering to her that I hoped she enjoyed the feel of Daddy's present in her pussy for the rest of the day! As I watched her walk back into the school, I absently stroked my cock through my pants, convinced I could see trails of cum forming on her inner thighs...


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