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Time on My Hands pt 2

A baby's cry is heard from the maternity room. An old man slumps in his seat in the waiting room... The torch has been passed, the tiny babe slides its hand into its diaper and grasped the appendage it found there. A satisfied smile is seen on his face. The date 1865 3 June.. I was born just after the end of the Civil War Or should I say re-born.

The babes mother carries out her side of the deal and names the child, 'Joseph Lee Murphy.' He weighs in at 9lbs 6oz..

Nothing exciting happened for the first few years except being breast fed. I really looked forward to meal time.

At seven I was chastised for eating the pussy of a nine year old girl. She was switched severely and no-one would believe her when she said it was my idea. They caught us to quickly. I had planned on screwing her. Her 11 year old sister was looking at me slyly, I winked at her and ran my tongue over my lips. She smiled and turned away

A week later while playing in the woods I heard my named called I looked over my shoulder and spied the 11 year old Sally Mae she was carrying a towel. She said, “Joe, I am going to the creek to wash off. Do you want to come with me?”

I smiled and said “Un huh.” and stuck out my tongue. We walked down the trail to the creek she kept asking me about me eating her sisters pussy. Did I like it, did Mary Like I? Would I do her? I didn't say anything I just flicked out my tongue.

We reached the creek. It was small and not over 6” deep It had a sandy gravel bottom. And we all enjoyed playing in it. Sally began removing her knee length dress which was all she was wearing. She had very light hair beginning to sprout around her pussy, and I had not even noticed she had half lemon sized tits with perky nipples on them.

I had seen her pussy before she didn't even own a pair of panties and neither did the other girls. I had seen all the girls pussy's but it seemed like they were more conscious about their breasts.

I am seeing some blank stares may be I should explain...

My Mother had received a million dollars to have me and raise me til I was 10. She had bought the plantation of a tobacco farmer seven miles from Chapel N. Carolina. She owned seven thousand acres but no slaves. She did hire sharecroppers and treated them fairly. The War was trying on a lot of people all of the menfolk had went off to the war. With the exception of the youngsters. They had to step up and fill a mans shoes but that was not enough. Only a few came back from the war

Momma decided to take in Orphan girls and they earned their keep working with the share cropper kids as Overseers. It was working out well I had talked Momma in to talking with the Scott Law Firm. She did and they represented her and helped her invest her money and handled all her business. She also started a School for the younger girls.

There was always girls running around from 5 to 18 wearing the same sack dresses and no underwear. They never learned manners so when they picked something off the ground they squatted... and my prying eyes was always there to look up their dresses. Oh and the variety there were white girls, Indian, Chinese and colored, There was Blondes and brunettes and Red heads with all colored eyes. Their builds were all different and as I was to find out they all tasted different.

Now back to Sally

I was fascinated by her tits, I saw Mommas big old tits but rarely got to see nice fresh ones. Sally was about my height so I leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. I heard her indrawn breath, “Ooh Joe … that feels so good !” Her Tits may be half lemon sized but they didn't taste lemony. They were sweet and succulent more like peach than lemon.

After a few sucks I dropped my pants and we walked into the creek and squatted down. Her pussy opened up like a delicate flower. She lay back in the water her pussy still winking at me. I slipped my arms under her legs and lifted her pussy to my mouth.

She gasped when my tongue grazed her button I think she had the beginning of an orgasm. I licked and sucked every inch of her pussy I pushed a finger into her pussy and it slid right in … she was no virgin... But I knew that... she and her sister had only been with us about 6 months and I had over hear he telling that both of them had been raped by Ex Union Soldiers even after 6 years they still roamed the country raising hell. There had been 5 of them and they kept them for a week. They had stopped at a barn one night and put them in a horse stall after they finished raping them. There was a loose board and they managed to squeeze through and escape.

They traveled for weeks when one night they over heard some folk talking about Mommas place. A month later they found us and Momma took them in. Sally told me it felt so good... me licking her pussy... she had had the itch for months. I stuck my tongue in deep and swirled it to both sides then curled two finger inside her and rubbed her clit until her hips were bouncing so hard she was splashing water every where. Then her legs shot out straight and she climaxed. Her legs began to bounce up and down on my shoulders and squeezing my ears till they began to hurt.

“Joe put it in please … Fuck me... please , I could get a hard on and I could stroke inside and it felt damn good but I was still to young to cum...I was almost eight so maybe soon. To make Sally happy I stuck my pecker inside her and I went through the motions till she exploded then she threw her arms around me and thanked me.

I knew I was getting close my whole body throbbed and tingled and I felt my pecker pulsating but nothing came out.... But Soon.

We washed up and dried on her towel and she went back first. I sat there and thought awhile...

I still had the power to control women though I rarely used it...with all these females it just wasn't needed. I did occasionally use it on Momma, I remembered her breastfeeding and I liked to slip into her bed and feast.

Later that evening after supper one of the 16 year old colored girls was cleaning off the table and she reached over my shoulder... I reached my hand under her dress and drove my finger knuckle deep in her pussy, She froze, then she started to move I exercised my control quantitatively all the girls stopped all movement. It is all right for Joe to touch your body... all parts of your body. He loves you all and would never harm you..
I removed control and Lucy settled down on my finger I edged my thumb around till it was on her clit and she began to gyrate on to my fingers she began to sweat and rub her hands inside my shirt. Mary crawled under the table pushed my loose shorts out of the way and slid her mouth over my cock. She took it all in her mouth which wasn't difficult since I haven't had my growth spurt as yet. I slipped my left hand under the table and stroked her face.

Lucy continued to grind on my right hand faster and faster then she collapsed almost hitting her head on the table. Momma walked back in to the dining room , “ What is going on in here.”

“Momma I will tell you later... OK. “

Mary ran her tongue over the seam from the base to the tip and I had a release... I felt Mary jump back. I felt of the end of my cock and was a bit shocked it was wet and sticky. “NO SHIT” I had actually cum. “WOW1” Mary crawled out on the other side of the table.

I helped Lucy up she looked at me and smiled and thanked me. HUMM I wasn't sure if she was thanking me for getting her off or for helping her up.... Maybe both.

And time passes

A little over a year later I was nine and I was cumming at will. This was my last year before I re established my self in my empire. I was feeling lonely and slipped into Mommas bed. I snuggled up to her and played with her tits and sucked on them. Momma began to wake up and I said, “Its just me Momma.”

I think she was dreaming for she reached over and took my hand and moved it down to to her very, very hot pussy. At first I drew my hand back then I had a thought Momma had not had sex as long as I could remember. I slipped a finger inside of her I could hardly believe how hot she was. I was still sucking on her nipple. I felt her hands on my shoulders and she begin to push. Not away but down. I realized what she wanted and allowed her to push my face into her crotch.

I placed my lips on her clitoris and ran my tongue over it. I could feel her shudder . She moved her hands to the back of my head and pushed my face deeper into her pussy I licked and sucked and she curled and crawled and pressed, Her first climax happened within two minutes of my first touch on her clitoris. After that every 4 to 5 minutes apart she was soaked in sweat and couldn't stay still.

I started to lick my way up her stomach , I had had part of my growth spurt I was packing a 5” rod and I felt like she needed it. She wanted me to keep licking but I pushed upward till my prick touched the lips of her pussy I eased in her and her eyes burst wide open I continued to slip into her.
She was very tight and very hot I had popped a couple of cherries this past year but they weren't as tight as Momma. Slowly I pushed and she kept gasping at every inch I finally was as far in as I could possibly go. She gyrated her hips, howled and had another climax. I continued to stroke into her. She was very hard to hang onto. She was slick with sweat as was I and she was moving in Ecstasy I felt my climax coming on I drove deeper and faster. She manipulated the muscles in her pussy and that was all I needed I burst forth only to be met with another from her.

I fell forward and she slid her arms around me and whispered in my ear “Thanks

It was only then that I realized I had not used any control on her. She cuddled up and went to sleep. I got up and covered her with a sheet I stepped out of the bedroom and found 15 of the girls in the hallway I looked over the landing and could see the rest of the girls down stairs.

I looked them over and asked “And to what do I owe this audience?” all the girls smiled and patted me on the back and all offered their thanks. I was confused what was going on.

Lucy acted as spokes person, “We have been worried about Momma she never has men friends. And you are always playing with us girls. You are blind you think no one sees but she watches your every move. When you play with one of our pussies she plays with hers. We thought maybe she liked girls but that didn't work either,”

“We only hoped that what happened tonight would actually happen. She was in need and we thank you. We are always available for you.”

The time has come

Today 1875 3 June Today I am 10, the girls have hitched up the Carriage. Two Moons the Cherokee and Amy Li the Chinese were my escorts to the train depot in Chapel Hill. All the way I would have pussy to play with.

Before I left Momma hugged me and told me I could still come home occasionally. “There is nothing that says you have to leave for good. All the girls are used to you fucking them. They are going to miss you … I need you too... ever so often.”

“Momma I will be home often after I get things set up like I want them.”. Before I could get in the Carriage I had to kiss all the girls and they all held their dresses for me to finger them, All thirty-one of them. Momma raised her dress too. After I climbed into the carriage I smelled of my fingers then licked them clean.

It was seven miles to the train depot, we played all the way. Two Moons was driving the carriage. I wore no belt my pants were held up by a tie attached to either side of the opening. Amy Li untied my waist string like she was opening a Christmas present. As soon as it was untied my pecker leaped out... Amy smiled raised her dress and backed up till she could guide her pussy on to my cock Then she sat in my lap driving it deeper into her.

She leaned back and tilted her head so I was just barely able to kiss her..... The wagon wheel dropped in then out of a hole in the road. Ooh that sensation was darn near overwhelming I leaned back and slid my hands onto Amy's small tits and let the bumpy road get us off. In only a matter of a few minutes it succeeded and Amy was going wild I had not been close till then. Amy was gyrating on my cock and the bumps was causing her to move up and down and occasionally side to side. Was more than I could take and as Amy climaxed I flooded her with my juice.

We didn't move for a few minutes then Amy stood up and poked Two Moons in the butt and said, “Your turn.” She climbed on to the Carriage seat and took the reins from Two moons who climbed down into the carriage seat.

Two Moons was the exact opposite of Amy. with the exception of their hair. Both was waist length and coal black. Both were plaited in a single pigtail..There the resemblance stopped Amy was short Two was tall. Amy was Petite while Two was big boned but not fat. Amy has tiny titties Two has cantaloupe sized Boobs. When Amy smiled it seemed secretive but when Two smiled you expected her to burst out laughing in the next instant.

She was smiling now... she stepped in to the floor of the carriage went to her knees, grabbed my cock sucked inside her mouth. In an instant if regained its vigor... Two sucked and licked for awhile until she was satisfied it was big enough. Where Amy had backed in and sat on my lap Two Climbed astraddle... she loved to kiss while getting fucked. She sunk her pussy onto my shaft, slipped her arms around my neck and after I latched on to her nipples she pulled me in for a deep kiss.

Again the road was doing most of the work. I Lay my head back after the kiss Two was kissing on my neck . I placed my hands under her hips at first and held her hips still and bounced into her . Then I held her hips from above and the road bumps really did their magic. Two Moons wiggled and twisted and kissed on my neck. I rolled her nipples around and mashed her tits. The carriage wheels traveled over six or seven potholes that threw us from side to side It was enough to move us both to climaxes She bathed be and I filled her. She lay her head on my shoulder and I hugged her to me and we rode this way until we were a half mile from the Depot.

We would have to cross the creek bridge about a 100 yards from the depot. We stopped there and washed up. While we were washing 4 boys about 16 to 18. Began to make fun of us by calling us names. Like trash and the girls whores. We walked out of the water, Two Moons made the offer to scalp one of them. Amy Li offered to cut off their balls.

I just smiled at how dumb they were, they planned on attacking someone they knew nothing about. Such as we trained daily in the martial arts. No real discipline just the use of a persons leverage against them self.

They decided we were easy prey but the final straw was when I told the girls they could have the 2 little ones. I will take the 2 big dumb ones.

Naturally they charged the first one grabbed for Two, She leaned Backwards. Causing her opponent to miss. She continued over onto her hands and flipped her legs on over. Her feet landing alongside his neck. She twisted her body causing him to flip and land on his back with the breath knocked out of him..

The townie charging Amy was shocked to see her doing cartwheels toward him...He stopped just in time for Amy's heel to meet is forehead with enough force to knock him unconscious. That put him out of the game.

The 2 I had chosen for myself were charging side by side. I rushed towards them, just before they reached to grab me I dropped to my knees and slid between them. My arms were straight out and bent at the elbow. The forearm facing forward with the fists doubled . When I was near enough to their charging bodies I thrust my fists forward....The screams could be heard for miles as my fists met little resistance when they connected with the bullies balls.

We got into the Carriage and made our way on to the Depot. Standing on the depot porch were two women one Blond the other Brunette. Their looks were a mixture of danger and mystery and Beauty all rolled into the same packages. The Brunette was carrying a large Manila envelope. She stepped toward me and in a sultry voice asked, “Joseph Lee Murphy ?” I nodded.

She handed the envelope to Amy Li, “ This is for Mrs. Murphy.” Amy took the envelope and Two Moons asked me if I was going to be alright and again I nodded.

I looked at my new escorts and asked if they had some cash for me. The blond opened a wallet and fanned it wide. I pulled ten Tens out and handed it to Two Moons. “Fill the list Momma gave you and get a few bolts of cloth for new dresses for every one.”

I pulled out two hundred more, one hundred for doc Hainey. And the other for the shoe maker to come out in August for winter shoes for all. And then I took five hundred more for them to add to Mommas account for expenses.

The Blond said, “Your Momma didn't need the money she is worth over a million so why did you do that?”

I looked at her and smiled at her and answered, “ Just because I can.”

The Ladies finally introduced themselves the Blond's name was Ash and the Brunette was named Ember. I said goodbye to Two and Amy and they headed on into town to do the needed shopping. My new Lady friends directed me to a Red and Blue Caboose. We climbed up the steps to the covered porch on the rear. I didn't know it at the time but this was a special car. I was 15 feet longer (this included the 5' Porch ) than the normal Caboose. The nice thing about it … It is mine.

An hour later I had completed a hot bath and was smelling pretty nice. Ember and Ash had washed me... All of me. I was going to enjoy this Caboose it had 2 berthing areas with full sized beds . There were also 2 fold down single beds along the walls There were comfortable chairs and a dining room table. There was cooking facilities if we wanted to use them. I had decided we would eat in the dining car. Or have a tray delivered.

Momma had taken all my measurements and sent them to Scott Law Firm. I opened a closet . It was loaded with clothes in my size three drawers with underwear and socks. There was even shoes and boots in my size. I donned a Robe and went out on the porch and relaxed in one of the chairs..

The door on the depot opened an Ash came out heading for the Caboose. Ash saw me and smiled, “ The Train will be here in about two hours and an hour after they will hook on to the Caboose and we will be on our way. Three hours later we will arrive in Raleigh. Then they shuffle us on to the North bound track. We layover till the next morning then 10 hours to Richmond. Not sure how long we lay over there I think it is just long enough to change engines and to stock up. Then 24 hours we arrive in DC..

I lay down to take a nap sometime later I was jolted awake by the train coupling with the Caboose. Seconds later we began to move forward and I herd voices I looked out and saw Ash speaking to the Conductor. She noticed me awake and told me that the Conductor had told her a meal would be served in an hour.

I dressed and the three of us made our way to the dining car where we had a meal and explanation of why we were going to DC. Ember Tried to explain but I was being obstinate. Mr Scott is in DC representing a group before Congress on import export. He was representing my Company.

“And why are we going there?”

“Mr Scott though you would like to observe.”

“ Send a Telegram to Mr. Scott. Tell him I wish to read up on the Company before I stick my nose into the operation. We will remain in Raleigh, Ash you will accompany the Caboose to DC so Mr Scott has it for his return home.”

“Ember I need you to find me a home... I assume you will stay there too.”

“ Mr Scott has already acquired a house for you and Ash and I both have rooms there.”


We arrived in Raleigh and the Caboose was shuttled to the Northbound siding. Ember arranged for my clothes to be delivered to the house. She hired a Carriage and we went to Scott, Scott & Scott Law office. Ember was accosted by a young gentleman with an arm load of papers . While she spoke with him I went ahead and entered the office.

In the front office was a desk 6' by 4' in size … Behind that desk perched an imposing Red Head with extremely large breasts and a very tiny waist. I stood just inside the door. The Red Head took one look at me, her nose went up and and a sultry voice with and edge came out of her kissable lips.

“What do you want, This is a Law office not an Elementary School. She lifted her hand fingers pointing downward. She moved the fingers back and forth and said Shoo, Shoo, Out.” Yeah like I was not as tall as she was. At 10 I was 5'6''.

At this point Ember entered the room and smiled., “Roberta may I Introduce Mr. Joseph Lee Murphy II, without whom... this Law Office would crash.”

Roberta rushed around her desk and threw her arms around me gave me a big hug and apologized. This hug brought my face into her cleavage... I was in Heaven.

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