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“The Girls Next Door”

By Blueheatt

___I’m Ted, Millie, is my mom, Vicky, Brenda and Mindy are all young cross dressers. Vicky and Brenda have cocks, Mindy has a pussy.

I’ll tell the story but each person has their own point of view (pov) I’ll let them all tell that in their own words.

__There were strange things going on with the two young teen girls next door. I’m Ted and they sure got my attention. My mom, Millie, thought they looked real pretty but the one dressed slutty and acted real sexy around her. She like them both but the one, Vicky seemed like she was trying to get mom sexually aroused.

She figured Vicky might be in the experimenting stage that girls sometimes go through. Mom kind of enjoyed the attention. She said young teen girls at that age were into fads and showing off their new hot bodies and this was just probably a passing trend.

Mom and I were close and she told me privately that Vicky was indeed starting to arouse her. Vicky knew the right things to say and the way she put her arm around mom was giving mom warm spells. She said she was enjoying it more and more.

I kidded mom by saying…’Mom are you into young teen girls?’….She blushed and said…’Well…. this Vicky is different. There is something about her that I can’t really describe. She has a way about her that….well… sure is making me horny.’

I said I’d help her out because I’d like nothing better that to get Vicky in my bed. Mom said the way she acts, you should have no trouble at all.

Mom was a good looking redhead with a hot body. I don’t think mom had ever been approach by a female that had the hots for her before and she was very unsure how to handle it. I told her young teen girls today are way different than when you were a teen. They get into everything. Girl on girl, threesomes, foursomes, you name it and girls today don’t hold back.

Mom stared into space and said she wished she’d had that kind of freedom when she was a teen. Mom had a sexy body and great tits, but she dressed plain and I had seen her naked a few times and wished she wasn’t my mom, and I fantasized about having my face in that red/orange bush of hers.

I was planning on how to fuck Vicky and mom was actually helping me.

Mom’s upstairs bedroom window was right across from Vicky and Mindy’s bedroom window. One evening mom came and got me all excited. “Come and look Ted.” We went in mom’s bedroom with the light out. Vicky and Min had their blinds open and mom said: “Look what their doing”…..

Vicky and Min had on sexy looking nighties on and were dancing together. Not just regular dancing, but sexy rubbing together dancing. They were feeling each others butts and tits. Mom’s eyes were wide open as she’d never seen such a thing before. I said “Mom, their playing Lesbo’s, you know girl on girl sex.” Mom was getting all aroused watching them. She said: “I’ve never seen girl on girl sex before, it this all they do?” I said to just keep watching and we’ll find out….then mom held my arm…she said: “Is this as exciting to you as it is me?” I said: “Oh hell yes, those girls have young sexy bodies and I’d love to get that Vicky in my bed. Mom squeezed my arm and giggled. I had on short pants and she glanced at my bulging hardon.

I had never seen my mom sexually aroused before and she began breathing hard and her hands went up and down my arm. I don’t think she realized she was doing it. She had on her robe and leaning over I could see her complete nice tits. I had three girls now making my cock bulge.

Vicky and Min looked at each other, smiled and kissed. Mom said: “Oh my god, their kissing!”….
“Yes mom, and don’t be surprised if they do more than that.” I said.

We watched them start feeling each others tits and feel their butts. They slowly laid on the bed and all you could see was Vicky’s naked ass going up and down on Min. Mom ask how they could have sex with neither one having a penis. I said probably by rubbing their clits together….or maybe using a strap on cock.

Mom was very naive and had been sheltered as a young girl. She didn’t have to work so she was not exposed to today’s modern world of young people. She didn’t even know how to turn on a computer.

I explained in detail all about girl sex to her. I said: “You’ve rubbed your clit before haven’t you?” Mom turned and put her face in my shoulder and said: “no,…. my mom told me bad things would happen to me if I ever played with my vagina.”

Mom was pushing her pussy against my leg. I said: “Oh mom, your missing out on some good feelings.” She said she was finding that out now. She admitted that Vicky had put her leg up against mom’s pussy and pushed and rubbed up and down on it, and it felt wonderfully exciting.

So it now came out that mom and never fingered her own pussy. My mind was going crazy with my desire now to be the first one to finger my mom’s pussy.

Our resistance was nowhere to be found as she and I started rubbing my leg on her pussy. Her hands were shaking a little as we slowly moved her pussy around to my front. My hardon now rested between her legs. Her arms went around me and her nice tits were now moving up and down on my chest.

Mom started slow dancing with me as she rubbed my chest. Mom had me when she was 15 and I never knew my dad and she never had a date after that. Her parents had her ‘fixed’ after that. She never talked about my dad…but I did notice one thing about mom. She kept me supplied in a man cologne …it was the same cologne that her dad wore…….

Vicky had triggered some longings mom had and now I guess I was her release for those stored up feelings she had.

Mom’s back was to the window as I watched Vicky get up off of Min.

That’s when I got the shock of my life…..

Vicky stood up with a hardon sticking out.

Min was sucking on it and jacking it. Vicky was ether a ’Vic’, a guy or Vicky was born with a cock. I stopped dancing and mom turned around to look out the window. Mom whispered: (“…oh…my…god… is that one of those strap on’s you talked about?”) I said no mom, Vicky has a real cock.

We stood and watched Vicky and Min as Min sucked on the cock. Vicky grabbed Min’s head and began to fuck her mouth. Soon cum came running out of Min’s mouth.

Mom had just witnessed her first live blow job. They then turned out their light and that was the end of it.

We stood stunned and then returned to our slow dancing and let our hands do the talking.

I can only speak for myself, but when this ever happens to a guy it has your stomach churning with the tension. I was waiting for mom to stop and act like it never happened…..she didn’t.

She slowly started feeling me all over my body. My hands wandered inside her robe and for the first time I felt her sexy body. My cock was trying to rip itself out of my pants. Mom slowly started to feel it and started rubbing her pussy on it.

I wanted to feel her beautiful tits as she shed her robe completely. I gently started feeling her tits and then her hard nipples. She gasp and pressed her pussy hard on my cock rocking back and forth on it. She then began to undo my pants and pushed them down. My cock sprang out between her legs onto a very wet pussy. She kept feeling it and rocking back and forth on it.

Without a word being spoken…we both knew what was going to happen. She pulled me down on her bed. She held me so tight I had to strain for air. My cock head ended up at the entrance to her bright red bushy pussy. She clamped her hands on my ass and began to pull hard on me, driving my cock in her warm pussy. She began to moan as we slowly began to fuck. Her legs went wide and then she hooked her heels around my legs.

How can I explain what it felt like….you just can’t. As a young boy seeing her naked those few times started it. This was better than I had ever imagined. Her hips moved so smooth and natural as she pulled me in deeper in her pussy. I was holding and squeezing two of the most beautiful tits in the world. She was squeezing her fingers tight in my ass cheeks with each stroke. Her labored breathing in my ear was awesome.

Her tiny moans became steady pulses and louder as I had to fuck her faster. She was cuming, I could just tell. When she started raising her pussy up with each slap of our bodies together …I had to cum…my body jerked as did hers when we came together. I’ll never forget the sound of her long moan as I shot everything I had into her hot pussy. Her pussy surrounded my cock and squeezed tight as the cums just kept coming.

We lay as our spasms took over and pleasured us. It turned into the most peaceful time of our lives…we stayed locked together as we fell asleep…..

Millie’s point of view……
Well my life had certainly had gone from zero excitement to 100%. I had only had sex once in my life. It was the only time my daddy paid attention to me. He crawled in my bed in the middle of the night and began to make love to me. It was so exciting as he felt my body, sucked on my little tits and put his finger in my vagina. He put his cock in me and made it feel so good. He said never to tell mom or anyone…ever. Soon I got pregnant and had Ted. Ted and my mom will never know that my daddy is Ted’s real father….

That was the end of my sex life, until now. Ted has not only answered all my questions, but showed me what I’ve been missing. I want now all I can get. Vicky has aroused me and I want the thrill that comes with having sex with a girl with a cock. My Ted is helping me get all my curiosities filled and having wonderful hot sex with him is only the beginning. I want to lick Mindy’s pussy for some girl sex with her. I want Vicky’s cock to play with and in my pussy. I’ve never been this excited before, and I’m loving it.

----- the next day------


__I answered the door and there stood Vicky and Min. I looked close now…..Vicky was all female…except….what mom and I had seen. I knew now she wanted to get that cock of hers in my mom.

I invited them in and said my mom was gone, but I wanted to have a talk with them. I put my arms around both of them as they smiled with their sweet young faces. I pulled both their pussy’s tight into my legs. Vicky jumped back a little and gasp while Min pushed her pussy tight against my leg. I led them both upstairs to my room.

“You girls are hot and beautiful. Vicky, you really like my mom. How would you like to have sex with her?” They both gasp and looked at me stunned.

I said: “Let’s make a little deal. I know what’s under your skirt Vicky, and it turns me and mom on. Min, you’ve turned me on from the first time I saw you.” Both girls began to smile a little now as I still had my arms around them. “Vicky, I think I can arrange for you and my mom to spend some time alone. Min, while they are alone you and I can be alone…..

Now….IF….you both agree, no one will ever know what mom and I know about Vicky and you Min and what you do in your bedroom at night. Do we have a deal?” The girls smiled and whispered to each other. They both said: “Oh hell yes…when do we start?”

I said: “Mom actually won’t be home till late, so we can start….like…now? Min let’s show Vicky how much we like her, Ok?”

Without hesitation Min turned to Vicky and began feeling her up. I joined right in. Vicky was breathing hard as we felt her tits and over her now stiff cock. She said: “I wasn’t expecting this…you got me so really horny already…my cock is so full of tingles… I….a…”

She stopped talking as Min and I began kissing her. We kissed her neck and face. I had one hand under Min’s sweater feeling her tits and one under Vicky’s shirt feeling her tits. They both were feeling me and each other as we all kissed and slowly laid down on my bed.

This was going to be every ones very first threesome.

Vicky was in dream state and Min was all fired up two cocks to play with. I ran my fingers thru Vicky’s hair, she gasp and asked: “Do you like my hair?” I said that I liked everything about her.

She like it when I grabbed two handfuls of her hair and tongue kissed her. She asked: “Do I really turn you on?” I took her hand and put it on my hardon rubbing it on hers. Min was undressing us all this time and soon our hardons were rubbing bare skin to bare skin. We stroked each other as we rubbed ourselves cock to cock.

I asked Vicky how she like to have sex best. She closed her eyes and said that her and Min like to go 69.… but she said her big dream was this: To someday have a guy take her from behind, and at the same time pinch her nipples while she was cuming…while… she was going 69 with a pussy to lick. She said “Min knows what I like.” Min was feeling both our cocks and I asked her what she liked best. She said she’d someday like to go 69 with a girl and also have two cocks in her at the same time.

We never heard mom enter the house downstairs, but she sure heard us.

Mom and I had just had our first sex she was hooked and horny all the time now.

I remember we were in the garage…. when I told her my plan to get the girls alone and see if I could talk them into a threesome. I would use Vicky’s hot draw towards my mom as bait to get them to go for it.

Mom told me this was all so new to her and said having sex with a young girl with a cock was really turning her on. She wanted to try out all these new things and… Her hand started feeling my cock gently. She slowly unzipped me and got on her knees. My cock got rock hard instantly as she pulled it out and played with it like a new toy. We had watched Min sucking on Vicky’s cock and now she had to try it.

She held my legs tight and took my cock all the way in her warm mouth. It was hot to see my own mom so horny and enjoying sucking my cock. I reached down in her blouse and felt her nice full tits. I ran my fingers through her red hair as she deep throated me. I couldn’t even warn her I had to cum, and right now. Her fingers dug in my butt cheeks as my cum shot in her mouth. She swallowed it down as fast as I shot it out. She swallowed every last shot and then looked up at me and asked if she did it right. It was her very first time to ever give a guy a blow job. I leaned over and said: “Vicky’s gonna go crazy over you.”

I was now laying on top of Vicky’s smooth young body. Our cocks rubbed together with Min’s hand feeling both of us. I turned Vicky over and pulled her smooth white ass up to me. She was breathing hard and rocking back and forth anticipating what was going to happen. Min was on her knees in front of us all naked. She took my head and rubbed my face on her tits. Vicky pulled her pussy to her mouth and started licking her.

There is nothing like sucking on a young girls tits and fucking her ‘sister’ in the backside. Min’s knees began to buckle as she laid down while Vicky started licked her wet pussy. Vicky and I both began to lick Min’s pussy as I felt both their tits. We didn’t realize how loud the moaning was.

Mom had quietly come up the stairs and was peeking around the corner of my bedroom door, she just had to find out what all the moaning was about, then….she had to watch.

I ask mom later what her reaction was seeing me fuck Vicky from behind and us both licking Min’s pussy.

She got a little red in the face but told me: “I got instantly wet and my pussy was twitching. To hear you guys moan and fuck was something I thought I’d never see or hear. I saw Vicky’s hardon and I wished I could suck on it while all this was going on. I wished it was my pussy you and Vicky were licking on….but I also knew that I wanted Vicky’s cock in me as soon as possible. She is so sexy looking and such a turn on to me, I was going to make that happen, I just had to wait. I wondered what it was like to lick a pussy and Min’s was being licked as I watched. I had to try a 69 with her. All the things I missed out on as a teen were coming forward to be satisfied.”

Vicky’s body felt so good under me as I pinched her little nipples and pushed my cock deep in her ass. Min was squirming and pulling on our hair as she was having orgasm after orgasm with us both licking her clit. I grabbed Vicky’s cock as I was about to cum. About 5 strokes and she shot cum out her cock as I shot cum deep in her ass. Vicky squealed, shook and kept shooting cum.

We both collapsed as Min squirmed and fingered her own clit. Mom said she orgasmed too, from watching it all….

Mom said she quietly went back down stairs but she was very shook up. She hoped that I had arranged for her and Vicky to get together and the sexual tension was making her pussy wet constantly. The picture of us all fucking played over and over in her mind. Seeing Vicky’s cock being jacked off and cum was what made her orgasm. The mental picture of Vicky fucking her was causing her pussy to twitch every time she thought of it.

When the girls and I came down stairs mom was in the kitchen putting stuff away. The girls of course didn’t know that mom and I had just started having sex together. Vicky was very hot for mom now and went right in the kitchen. I took Min down the hall to give them a little time alone. I stood behind Min as we peeked to watch them. I ran my hand down inside Min’s jeans to feel her smooth sweet young pussy. She took my finger and rubbed it on her wet clit.

We watched Vicky come up behind mom and hug her as they talked quietly. We could see Vicky’s cock bulge rubbing on mom’s ass. Her hand came up to feel mom’s tits. Mom’s face was as red as her hair as she reached back to feel Vicky’s bulge. It was great to watch as Min and I got hot feeling each other. Mom was melting as Vicky was super charged and wanted mom real bad. Vicky led mom to the living room couch. Vicky sat down and had mom get on her knees in front of her. She lifted up her skirt and took out her cock with mom’s help. Mom wasted no time in putting her mouth on Vicky’s hard cock.

Mom was oblivious to anything but sucking on Vicky’s cock. Min just walked over and sat on the couch too.

Vicky giggled as she held mom’s head. Min started holding moms head too as they now both began to work mom’s head up and down on Vicky’s cock. Min was very horny now and got behind mom and felt mom’s tits. She put her head next mom’s and licked on Vicky’s cock while mom sucked. They were working and waiting for Vicky to cum big. Vicky leaned her head back with her eyes closed. I wanted some of this action and kneeled by Vicky and pinched her nipples while I tongue kissed her. She reach in my pants and pulled my cock out. She leaned over and started sucking my cock. She began that same moaning style before she cums…mom reached under Vicky and held her butt cheeks tight as Vicky’s hips began to lift. Min held Vicky’s balls tight.

Vicky began to tremble as her moan started in. She stuck her legs out straight and stiff. Mom began a long moan. Vicky was jerking as she flooding moms mouth with cum….watching that… I erupted cum Vicky’s mouth.

When Vicky said: “Min knows what I like”, she was right. They worked as a team. Min and mom licked on Vicky’s overflowing cum , then Min raised up and licked on my cock and balls.

Vicky whispered to me: (“You gotta fuck Min now.”) She pushed me back as Min got me on my back and got on top of me. She was a like little wild animal putting my cock in her pussy. She couldn’t fuck me fast enough. Vicky smiled and played with my balls as I held Min’s butt cheeks. Vicky watched and then got up and put her cock in Min’s ass. Now I had two wild women on me and here came mom. Mom was all hyper and got up, put her knees on each side of my head. She lowered her pussy down. Min and I started licking her pussy. Now it was mom and Min’s turn to cum.

Min’s point of view…..
Now I was really getting what I wanted. Ted’s big cock in my pussy, Vicky’s cock in my ass and Millie’s pussy to lick. I loved the feeling of two cocks in me with three people feeling my tits and body. This was my first time to eat a pussy and Ted and I had Millie moaning and twitching as it was her first time to have her pussy licked. All of our moaning and breathing got louder as it built up and up. I shuddered as I climaxed when I felt 2 hot blasts of cum going in me, Ted’s and Vicky’s cocks pounded my body as we all groaned with the pleasure. Millie shook as Ted and I both sucked on her clit. Her wet pussy rocked on our tongues as she squirmed….

The girls knew that mom and I saw them in their bedroom window….so they said to be sure and watch tonight. Mom and I agreed and that night we got all ready. When they turn on their light, there was Vicky, Min, dressed like a guy, and a third girl cross dresser. We learned later her name was Ben or Brenda. She a very sexy looking boy/girl. She had short blue and black hair, a hot body with beautiful legs, a hot ass and tiny tits.

Min put a collar on Vicky and a leash. It looked like they told Vicky to take her clothes off. She did. We could tell she was on all fours on the bed. They had her doing dog commands. Sit, roll over, shake hands and the last one looked like they told her not to move. Min and Brenda started feeling her up and jacking on her cock. Brenda pulled on the leash and had her suck on Brenda’s cock while Min got under her and sucked on Vick’s cock. Mom laughed and said what crazy teenage girls, treating her like a dog you can have sex with.

While Min was on her back sucking on Vicky cock, Brenda started taking Min’s pants down. Now Brenda started fucking Min’s pussy.

Mom and I were getting real hot watching all this. I was behind mom and took her finger and mine and showed her how to rub her clit. She reach around and squeezed my cock and then inside my pants to jack on me. I rolled her hard nipples as we watched.

We watched Brenda switch from Min’s pussy to Vicky’s ass. Mom started to squirm and whispered: (“…I have to try that with Vicky.”)

Vicky’s point of view…..

Brenda was my best friend. I met her in a store that sells sexy women’s clothes. I was in the changing booth and she peeked and spotted my cock lump in my panties. She stepped in and said: “CD?” She was beautiful and had a nice lump in front. We talked and soon we were feeling each other up. We left and went to the lady’s room to continue. She sat on the seat in the stall and let me play and suck on her now big cock as she did mine. Tonight was our first private time together with Mindy joining in and Ted and Millie watching in our window. We gave them a hot show to get Millie ready for us to get together. I wanted to fuck her so bad, but right now Brenda and I wanted to ass fuck each other. I like to fuck guys and girls both, and Millie was the first grown woman I had ever gotten so damn horny over. I couldn’t wait to put my cock in her pussy.

It was all set for tomorrow night…but things got changed around. Mindy was suddenly hot for Brenda to fuck her and Brenda was hot for her. After our little doggie games I figured why not do both. I got Mindy on her back and Brenda and I started in on making her all hot. I got Brenda on top of Min and they started fucking while I fuck Brenda in the ass. I worked out great. I was fucking Brenda’s sweet ass while she fucked Min. It was a ’Brenda Sandwich’ as we all fucked each other. We all knew Millie and Ted were watching and that just added to the big high we were all getting.

As our bodies all slapped together, Brenda was about to cum so I pinched her nipples. Min squeezed Brenda’s butt cheeks as the mass cuming began. I pounded Brenda’s ass hard as I shot big hot loads in her. She pumped her overflowing loads in Min. Min went crazy with us squeezing her tits and Brenda tongue kissing her. She squirmed, moaned loud and pulled our hair. Min did the one thing I love…pinched my nipples hard as I kept cuming…..

I looked over to see Millie and Ted in their window. Ted was behind her as they rocked back and forth. I couldn’t wait to get my cock in Millie tomorrow night…
Tonight was the night we all waited for. Vicky and mom together to do as they wished. They both had mental plans to go for a sexual high, and it was going to happen. Mindy and Brenda had locked on to each other and were doing their foreplay in my bedroom. They liked for me to watch them and even join in the foreplay….but my real desire was to hook up with Vicky and mom, for a threesome. Mom and Vicky were in her bedroom with the door open. I was watching both of them and then Brenda and Min. starting to get wild. Brenda had never had sex with a girl yet, and she was making the most of it with Min. She now had a pussy and an ass to fuck….and real girls tits to play with and suck on. Watching two girls feel each others tits and asses was real hot to watch.

I stepped over to watch Vicky and mom laying in bed, fully clothed. These two were in another world of passion. Feeling their bodies, tits, cock and pussy under their clothing. A new thrill for both of them. Vicky dream was about to come true as they whispered and kissed. Vicky started slowly kissing down on mom. Mom dress buttoned down the front and Vicky took her time with each button, kissing and licking all the way. She squeezed mom’s tits and sucked her nipples. Mom was moaning and playing with Vicky’s hair with a euphoric pleasure look on her face. Vicky began to lick around mom’s pussy. Mom was squirming and enjoying every lick. She started moaning…”…Vicky…put your cock in me …hurry… I want to feel it.” Vicky started putting her cock in and the dual moaning began. Mom was pulling on Vicky’s ass and feeling it. Watching Vicky’s ass was and invitation. I dropped my shorts and climbed on top of Vicky. She moaned: “Yes….Ted…fuck me in the ass…do it now…” Mom squeezed her ass with each stroke as my cock went deep in Vicky’s ass. Vicky was ecstatic with the new feeling of getting both pleasures. I felt both Mom’s and Vicky’s tits as we all began to rock together. Vicky reached back to pull on me to deep in her ass. I had seen Mindy pull her hair as she got ready to cum. I grabbed a hand full and pulled hard. She gave out a long moan and she fucked mom real fast and then her body went stiff as she shot load after load in mom. Mom grabbed her hair too as we all came together. I love to hear mom and Vicky moan together in long pleasure moans. Vicky spanked my ass hard and bucked her ass back and moaned…”…more, more Ted!….”

Oh those girls next door….
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