I never got the chance to see my mom that often so when she came i loved it, she would always stay at my brothers house because she lived several miles away. She was a fairly attractive lady considering she was 40. she has dark brown hair about 5 ft 8, she had 36 dd breast that didn't sag, a flat belly, and a nice round butt. it was only recently that i started having the occasional wank over the thought of touching her in a way that a son should t. i'm a 17 year old lad, i'm 6 ft, i'm not a big build but I've got a muscular body and and i've got about a 8 1/2 inch cock.

I got a text off her saying "i've arrived are you coming to see me" witch i replied "yes ill be about 10 mins". so i went round and saw her, she was wearing a pair of tight legging and a tight top witch showed off her amazing breasts. she got up to give me a hug and for some reason my in stinks just kicked in and a grabbed her arse and squoze it and it felt great. she looked at me and laughed it off and as she walked away i couldnt help but stare at her amazing arse bouncing infront of me.

We sat down and spoke for a while and it started getting cold and as i looked at her my eyes went down to her tits and i could tell she wasnt wearing a bra because her erect nipples were poking through her tight top. i got up and went to the toilet and i was walking off she slapped my arse and laughed, and i could feel my cock getting hard so i walked a bit faster to the toilet. i pulled out my cock and gave it a quick tug over the thought of grabbing her tight arse. i sorted my dick out so it didnt look like i was hard and walked back into the living room.

"your brother will be back soon so do you wanna help me cook the dinner" she said, "ok" i replied and she got up and walked into the kitchen and i followed her in. she bent over to reach into the fridge and i got a good look at her arse. i so desperalty wanted to pull down her bottoms and slam my dick in her but i resitsted the thought and walked on. i was cutting up some carrots while she washed up and the water blasted out of the tap and soaked her top half. she looked at me and i could see her full breasts through her top. i passed her a towel and watched her pat her tits to dry herself and they bounced as she did it. she looked at me and noticed me staring at her and she smiled so i quickly looked away.

i was stood infront of the cooker stiring the food that was in a pan and she noticed i was spilling it over the edges so she stood behind me and grabbed my hand to help me navigate properly i could feel her pressing her tits on my back. she moved to a different counter to do something else and she was moving her hips side to side and my dick was desperetly trying to get out it was that hard so without thinking i stood behind her with my crotch against her arse and she carryed on moving side to side. i then pushed into her and reached my hands onto her tits and grabbed them. she didnt do anything so i pulled down her top and tucked it under her tits and rubbed them and then started kissing her neck, i pulled down my tracky bottoms and slid my cock inbetween her legs.

all of a sudden we hear the front door open so i pulled up my trousers and my mom pulled up her top, and she kissed me one last time before my brother walked in. i went into the living room and sat down, "hey honey how was work" my mom said to my brother, "it was fine" he replied "what have you two been doing" "just making dinner" she said looking at me and winking. we sat down and had dinner all the while i was staring at my moms tits without my brother noticing.

After dinner it we watched tv and the time flew past and now it was nearly 8 oclock and nearly fully dark outside. "im gonna get my pajamas on " my mom said so she went into the bedroom and came out in a red onezie, she stood in the door way of the living room and unzipped it to show me that she was naked as my brother had his back to her. "im gonna get in the shower" said my brother. my mom sat down next to me and started feeling my hard cock through my trousers as my brother walked out the room. as we herd the shower turned on i lent towards her and kissed her, as i was doing that i zipped down her onezie and felt her breasts. she then pulled it down to her waist and pulled out my cock, she laid back and i pulled her onezie off her and lifted her arse so her fanny was in my face, i then kissed her fanny then slid my tongue into her going as deep as i could, my mom started making moaning sounds as i swirrled my tongue around inside her. i was licking her out for about 2 minits and then she said " im going to cum" "go on mom cum for me" i replied and without any hesitation i could feel her juices on my tongue. at this point i could here the shower turn off so i pulled my tongue out and did up her clothes and put my cock back in my trousers. then he walked back into the room.

It was about half 10 and my brother said he was tired so i went home so he could go sleep and my mom went to bed aswell. i got half way home and i got a text off my mom saying " hes asleep so come back round for your turn ; D" so i turned round and went back to my brothersbut this time i went round the back and snuck through the bedroom window. my mom was lying down with her back to me so i stripped naked and got in behind her and to my relief she was naked aswell. i pressed up against her and put my arm around her and glided my hand down and stroked her fanny. my dick started to get hard so i pushed it inbetween her legs and took long slow strokes. she then slid down the bed and started rubbing my cock, then she spat on it and rubbed up and down very slowly then started licking the tip of it. i then felt her warm mouth stroke up and down on my dick. i was about to cum so i pulled her up and kissed her. i told her to get on her hands and knees and i started licking the rim of her arsehole and then spat in it. i got on my knees and rubbed the tip of my dick around her arsehole and slowly pushed the head of my dick into it. i pushed it in a bit further and then all the way in and then pulled it out and then back in, i then started pounding her nice arse then i lent over her back and started grabbing her tits witch were swinging. i grabbed her waist and pounded her like hell. " make sure you cum inside me, i want to feel your cum dripping in my hole" she said and without saying another word i shot my large load inside her.

We then laid down and i held her as close as i could and placed my still hard dick inbetween her arse cheeks and fell asleep. the next morning i woke up before anyone else got dressed and left.



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neat story.................

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Very poor English skills.

Very poor writing skills.

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Instincts not "in stinks" lol

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I hope English is your second language.

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Witch is a person. Which is what you want. (one or the other).

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