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Harrision. Chapter 1. How Rape Turned Consensual.

Chapter 1:

I watched as 22 year old Laura Sherman exited Yorkdale Mall. She was with her boyfriend Mike. But I didn't pay any attention to him; my eyes fell on Laura. She was a beautiful girl with very pale skin. Her hair was completely blonde and in a ponytail which always bounced around as she walked. Her light blue sweater and jeans made her the center of everyone's attention. Her butt always shook up and down as she walked catching all the men's eyes. She was in everyone's opinion, an average girl blonde girl with blue eyes. To me she was my high school crush who disappointed me at Prom. I have to get back at her, but not today or some day this week. She's going to be spending this week vacationing with her boyfriend and his family to Paris. This was the last time I would see her for a week. I'm going to miss her.

My name is Harrison Morgan. I'm currently 23 years old, blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm sex addicted, wanting to always have sexual intercourse with a variety of woman. I've found out by myself that I am indeed a psychopath. I'm a nice and friendly guy, having lots of friends in University. But nobody knows about my Dark Passenger. I know how to control my sex addiction; I learn about a woman, and when she is vulnerable, I get her. It started when I turned 18, and I still do it today. Nobody knows.

My first rape was with a woman named Kelly. It happened 5 years ago. She was a mother of two daughters; Aged 8 and 6. It was Friday night when I was ready to begin. Her husband named Jason was at an all boys party' at his friends house so I felt this was the perfect time to complete my task which I long awaited doing. I waiting until exactly 12:00am. I crouched outside Kelly's home, watched as Kelly went into both her daughters room and put both girls to sleep. She then went into her room and hopefully fell asleep as well. It was Friday night, tomorrow Kelly doesn't have work so I don't have to worry about her waking up for work all tired.

I entered through the kitchen window of Kelly's home. This was the first time I broke into someone's home. I put my night vision goggles on even though I knew everything about her home. I looked around nervously. I was scared not knowing if I should continue. But I took a deep breath and started up the stairs very quietly. The home was quiet, dark, and appeared to be very clean. I went to her daughters room first, just making sure they were asleep. Of course, their usual bedtime was at 9:30 so at midnight, they were obviously sound asleep. I then entered the "Mommy" bedroom. It appeared like she was sleeping. Nervously, I crouched and quietly walked to Kelly's bed until I was standing right beside her. In one swift move, I covered Kelly's mouth with my left hand. She awoke and tried screaming but my leather gloves stopped her voice. I then injected a needle onto Kelly's neck which contained M99 Etorphine Hydrochloride which knocked her out cold.

So far so good... Mom's unconscious, kids sleeping, Daddy's not home. Perfect.

I walked and closed her bedroom door, locking the door. I then closed her bedroom window. I took off all her clothing. Then I laid Kelly on her back on her bed. I began tying her hands to the top bed posts, followed by her feet on the bottom. I made sure I taped her mouth shut. I used ammonia capsules to wake Kelly up when all felt right. Her light blue eyes glowed as she looked around her bedroom. When she saw me, she started panicking. But having her tied up, there was nothing she could do. All she could do was violently shake her head. I waited until she calmed down. She was crying and I think I knew why.

"I'm going to give you two options. You're tied up, and I'm going to rape you. I'll give you a choice. Understand?"

Kelly being sobbing more but this would never break my heart. She gave it one final push to try to break free of the rope; unsuccessful. She then nodded as if she agreed with what I said.

"Your daughters are safe and sleeping. All I want is to have sex with you." I walked towards the side of Kelly's bed. She stared at me trying to figure out what I had done to her daughters.

"All I want is to fuck you in your pussy. I'll be willing to give you two choices so listen up. Choice One; I will fuck you in your pussy, but I will wear a condom and I will untie your legs. But you can't do anything stupid. Choice Two; I can rape you right here and now, unprotected and violently in all your holes. Try your best to resist but it won't work."

I then asked Kelly, "Do you choose choice #1?" Kelly nodded. I began by nodding my head as well to initiate the agreement. I kept my clothes on protecting my DNA from touching her bed sheets. I had a pocket in front of my penis which I opened. When opened, my penis popped out all erect and wanted to fuck anything! I then got on-top of Kelly's bed and went in between her legs. I took out a condom from my bag and showed her me putting it on my pecker. She watched. I then began untying her feet from the rope until they were free. She didn't kick me or anything which made me glad. She did move them as to get feeling back of her feet.

Kelly was 33 years old, a blonde girl just like Laura but she was much older. Her tits were much bigger and her nipples were dark brown. She had blond hair which reached up to her boobs. Her pussy was really pink. Her skin was perfectly clear and clean. There was lots of pubic hairs blocking my way beside her pussy. We both stared at each-other as I rubbed my condom cock around her pussy lubricating the way. My now erect 6 inch uncircumcised Penis entered Kelly's sweet cunt. Her pussy was really tight for a mother of two. I quickly let out a moan and I guess she did as well after I was completely inside of her, my balls hitting her ass lightly. I slowly started pushing my pecker in and out of her pussy, speeding up each time. We both started moaning as pleasure filled my body starting from my penis which eventually reached my brain. It felt so awesome. Hard work pays off. Kelly wasn't crying, but had her eyes closed and moaning under that tape which covered her mouth. The bed making loud noises, the moaning, and the sight of a beautiful woman was to much for me.

After a couple of minutes, I felt my penis start to twitch and I knew what was to come. I pushed penis all the way inside Kelly's pussy and came inside of her. I let out a loud groan as my balls became small. I felt semen pushing to come out, spurt after spurt fighting to come out of my penis into Kelly's awaiting pussy. Kelly and I; our hearts beating really quickly as we both reached orgasm.

I pulled my penis out of Kelly's pussy forgetting that I was wearing a condom. I had expected her to resist being raped by me but she didn't fight back which surprised me. All my sperm was inside the condom. I removed the condom off my penis and realized not only was sperm all inside of the condom, but Kelly's juices was dripping from outside the condom. She must have came as well. Happy of what I had done, I cleaned up the scene, putting the condom and tissues inside my bag as I got away from between Kelly's legs. She could still kick me or try to hurt me but she never did. She stared at my movements.

"Jason is cheating on you right now, you know that right?" I asked Kelly as she stared at me. When I said that, she started crying again and began shaking her head. I smirked. "Ask your best friend Jen, your husband invited her to the all boys party tonight. They met for coffee yesterday at lunch to discuss the plan, 11:25am, to be exact." Kelly continued to shake her head. I took out an envelope from my bag. I put the envelope in Kelly's cabinet, hopefully she'll remember to read it tomorrow.

I approached Kelly and stood beside her. I injected Kelly with the horse tranquilizer again to put her to sleep. I took off the ropes tying her hands to the bedpost. I then removed the tape from her mouth. I stared at her one last time before putting her blanket over her. I opened her bedroom window, opened her bedroom door, and I took a picture of her as a trophy and left just like that through the kitchen window.


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