I just finished the new chapter and I'm posting it before i head for bed. This chapter loosely follows an episode of Johnny Bravo where Johnny joins with the gang to solve a mystery. Enjoy and let me know what you think.
Chapter 6

“That was a great dinner Aunt Jebadissa,” Shaggy said, patting his full stomach before he let out a loud burp.

“Reah, rhanks Aunt Jebadissa,” Scooby added, running his tongue around his face and smacking his lips.

“Oh, you kids don’t have to call me Aunt Jebadissa,” Jebadissa Bravo said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Now that my good for nothing nephew Johnny is gone you can call me Jebadissa, or Ms. Bravo if you want to be formal.”

“Well we want to thank you for the dinner, and for putting us up for the night since it’s too late to find a motel,” Fred said, pushing his plate away when Jebadissa offered him more food.

“Believe me, you’re doing me a favor by taking the rooms,” Jebadissa said, “if you weren’t here then I’d have to offer my lazy nephew a place to stay – and I’d rather not have that lazy momma’s boy here any longer than I have to.”

“Johnny is full of himself,” Velma agreed, “with those muscles and crazy blond hair he sees himself as God’s gift to women. And he’s so arrogant he can’t even accept the idea that most women have absolutely no interest in a self-centered arrogant fool like himself.”

“I blame his mother for that,” Jebadissa said, “Johnny is her whole life and he has no idea that other women aren’t going to be that into him.”

“I know,” Daphne said. “No matter how many times I turned him down he kept coming on to me like he thought it was all a game.”

“Big blond and dumb isn’t as perfect as he wants everyone to believe,” Velma said in a whisper.

“What do you mean, Velma,” Fred asked when no one else did.

“You remember when Jebadissa was chasing us around as the ghost and Johnny and I ran into each other and lost our glasses?”

“I remember,” Shaggy giggled, “you ran right past me and Scooby before you and Johnny ran into each other. Then the two of you were crawling around on the floor and you were going ‘My glasses, my glasses, I can’t see without my glasses,’ and Johnny was going, ‘My glasses, my glasses, I can’t be seen without my glasses.’”

“I wish I could have seen that,” Daphne chuckled.

“Well what’s really interesting is what happened when I found Johnny’s sunglasses and he found my glasses. I put Johnny’s sunglasses on thinking they were my glasses and at first I thought I’d gone blind because they’re so dark, but just before we switched glasses my eyes adjusted enough that I could see and I could see Johnny wearing my glasses clearly.”

“What’s so strange about that?” Fred asked.

“You don’t get it, once my eyes adjusted to the dark lenses I could see everything,” Velma pointed out. “That means that Johnny wears prescription sunglasses, and the prescription is as strong or stronger than my own prescription.”

“That sounds like my nephew,” Jebadissa sighed. “In his opinion, anyone who wears glasses just isn’t cool, but someone who wears sunglasses all the time is super cool. So he hides the fact that he needs glasses by wearing sunglasses, and as long as no one knows they’re prescription sunglasses he looks cool.”

“Well kids,” Jebadissa said, getting up from her chair and stretching, “I don’t know about you, but after chasing you all over the house today, I’m bushed. I’m going to head for bed, you kids can stay up as late as you want. Don’t worry about the dishes, I’ll take care of them in the morning.”

“Scoob, is she really gone?” Velma asked.

Scooby paced over to the door and gave it a good sniff before he nodded, “She’s gone,” Scooby confirmed.
“Good, now that we’re on our own, why don’t we all go to the parlor,” Velma suggested.

“I’d rather go to our rooms and our beds,” Shaggy snickered suggestibly.

“Normally Velma and I would agree,” Daphne said, batting Fred’s hand away when he tried to sneak it under her skirt. “But tonight we have a couple treats for you boys, and since it involves all four of us together we thought the parlor would be more appropriate than our rooms – provided we had the privacy.”

“It must be something really special if you want all four of us together,” Fred said, letting Daphne pull him to his feet while he managed to place one hand on the red head’s slightly swollen belly.

“Very special,” Daphne agreed, leading the way to the parlor. Once the four of them were inside the small comfortable room she turned to Scooby. “Scooby, will you stand outside the door and make sure we’re not disturbed?”

“Rowkey,” Scoob agreed, but with a glance at the two couples that said he would have liked to watch.

Once the room’s only door closed behind Scooby, Velma direct the boys swing a couple of the high-backed chairs around so they were facing each other with just a couple feet between them. “Now, for the first treat of the night, we’re going to watch each other having sex.”

“That sounds like fun,” Fred said, turning to eye Velma before turning his focus back to Daphne.

“It sure does,” Shaggy chuckled, “at least I’ll enjoy watching Daphne - I don’t know if I’ll enjoy watching Fred.”

“I think you’ll be surprised,” Velma said, “I think you’ll find it more exciting than you expect to see Fred fucking Daph. But if we’re going to do this, we all need to get undressed, and you boys need to sit down on those chairs.”

“Right,” Fred said, removing his clothes as quickly as he could before he sat down in one chair and watched the two girls strip out of their own clothes. Daphne’s expanding belly was just visible under her fashionable clothing, but her three month pregnancy became obvious once she removed her clothes. Fred shifted his gaze to Velma as she pulled her bulky sweater over her head and dropped it to the floor. Fred realized that Velma’s heavy clothes disguised her pregnant belly better than Daphne’s fashionable clothes but he was still surprised at how much bigger Velma’s belly was since her pregnancy was only a month further along. He was also surprised when Velma removed her bra and her big tits bounced free.

“Wow, Velma, your tits are really getting big,” Daphne said in awe. “Under those bulky sweaters you’ve always been bigger than me, but it looks like your pregnancy has made you at least a 38 double D now.”

“At least,” Velma agreed, pushing her tits together and licking the nipples while the two boys watched, she noticed the way their erect pricks quivered as they watched the show. “And what about you? You’ve grown a couple sizes there yourself. What are you now? 36 C?”

“And still growing,” Daphne said, enjoying the boys reaction when she played with her own breasts.

“So, boys, are you ready for our second treat of the night?” Velma asked.

“There’s more?” Fred asked, his hands shaking as he reached for Daphne as she danced just out of her reach.

“We’ve just started, boys,” Daphne said huskily. “Fred, you remember the night you knocked me up? When you were tempted to shove it in my ass instead of my pussy?”

“I remember,” Fred said. “You said you wanted to make sure you were pregnant first, but you’d think about it after that.”

“Well, you can’t get more pregnant than Velma and I are now, so the two of us talked about it and decided to let you boys take us in the ass.”

“And for the final treat of the night, while you boys are fucking us in the ass, Daphne and I are going to play with each other. So you’ll get to watch some girl-on-girl action while you’re fucking us in the ass,” Velma finished.

“I don’t know about you, Vellma,” Daphne said, looking at Fred’s hard cock as it quivered in the air, “but I think the boys are as ready to go as I am.”

“I’m ready too, Daph,” Velma said, looking at Shaggy’s erect cock as he bounced up and down in his chair. “Did you remember to bring the lube?”

“Here you are, I brought a tube for each of us,” Daphne said, handing one tube to Velma while she kept the other one for herself. “Make sure you use enough, your ass doesn’t have natural lubrication like your pussy.”

“Right,” Velma said, stepping up to Shaggy’s chair and putting some cream on her hand before she started stroking his cock. Once she was sure Shaggy’s prick was well lubricated she placed the open tube to her asshole and gave it a good squeeze before tossing the tube off to the side. While Shaggy rubbed her ass and pushed the lotion deeper into her asshole with his fingers Velma straddled her lover’s legs and slowly sank into his lap while she watched Daphne do the same with Fred just a couple feet in front of her.

As Velma settled her round ass cheeks on Shaggy’s thighs and let out a slow sigh as her ass hole adjusted to Shaggy’s cock. She looked up at Daphne and realized that her friend was having trouble taking all of Fred’s cock into her ass and held herself three inches above her lover’s lap.

“It’s too big,” Daphne whined. “It won’t fit.”

“Relax, Daph,” Velma told her friend, “just relax and let it slide in.”

“I’m trying,” the red head moaned.

“Maybe this will help,” Velma said, she leaned forward and pulled Daphne’s face close and gave her a deep kiss. Daphne was so startled that she let out a little squeak and dropped the last few inches to Fred’s lap.

“I told you you just needed to relax,” Velma said with a grin. “How does it feel? Does it feel as strange to you as it does to me?”

“It feels different,” Daphne said, twisting around in Fred’s lap and setting his cock even deeper in her virgin ass. “But it feels good too.”

“I know,” Velma agreed, “it feels different from having Shaggy’s cock in my pussy, but it feels good too, just not as good as having him in my cunt.”

“Right again,” Daphne said, lifting her ass up from Fred’s lap and then sliding it back down again. “What do you boys think? Do you prefer our asses or our pussies?”

“Your ass is tighter than your pussy,” Fred said, “but I still prefer your pussy, especially since I can’t knock you up when I fuck you in the ass.”

“I have to agree with Fred on this one,” Shaggy chuckled, watching Daphne’s tits bouncing around on her chest as she rode Fred’s cock.

“Yeah,” Velma gasped as she rode Shaggy’s cock. “There’s something about the thrill of getting knocked up that makes a pussy fuck more exciting than an ass fuck.”

“Still,” Daphne said, “ass fucking is fun, and now it’s time for the show we promised you. With that, Daphne leaned forward to catch Velma’s bouncing tits and hold them steady so she could suck her friend’s nipples.

Velma gasped as Daphne sucked on first one nipple then the other. With Shaggy’s cock in her ass and Daphne’s lips on her nipples Velma could feel her orgasm starting to build in her pussy and decided to give her friend the same pleasure. While she couldn’t suck Daphne’s tits at the same time she realized that she could play with Daphne’s red furred cunt so she reached between her friend’s spread thighs to run her fingers through her wet pussy hair. Daphne caught her breath for a second when velmas fingers brushed her pussy lips and then started sucking Velma’s nipples with even more gusto as her friend started finger fucking her while she stroked her clit with her thumb.

The whole gang was so caught up with their orgy that they never even realized that Scooby had cracked open the door of the parlor and was enjoying the show his four friends were putting on. He was enjoying the show so much he never noticed Aunt Jebadissa until she whispered, “Now that’s one hot show.”

Scooby’s head snapped up at the sound of Aunt Jebadissa’s voice but she slapped a hand over his mouth before he could say anything. “Shh,” she whispered, “we don’t want them to know we’re enjoying the show.”

“Right,” Scooby agreed, settling down to enjoy the show with the older woman.

“You know,” Jebadissa whispered, “I could see something was going to happen the way those kids kept looking at each other and I was going to warn the boys to be careful or they’d knock the girls up, then I took a closer look and realized that my warning would be too late. The girls do a good job of hiding their pregnancies, but you can see it if you know what to look for.”

“Ror rhat to smell for,” Scooby agreed.

“As much as we’re enjoying the show I bet you’d rather have a hot little bitch to fuck,” Jebadissa said.

“Rah-ha,” Scooby agreed with a nod.

“While you’re in luck, Scooby. I’m taking care of my neighbors dog and she’s in heat right now. She’s out in the old barn, but I suggest you wait until your friends go to bed before you head out there.”

“Right,” Scooby agreed, turning back watch the end of the show.

As her orgasm drew closer Daphne sucked even harder on Velma’s erect nipple and was surprised to taste something spurting from her friend’s swollen breasts. Before she could say or do anything Daphne was overtaken by the orgasm that slammed through her whole body and she released Velma’s nipple as she screamed her pleasure and squeezed the other girl’s engorged breasts even harder. Even as she came down from her sexual high she could feel Fred’s cum dribbling out of her stuffed ass hole and noticed that his cock wasn’t shrinking the way it usually did after he shot his load in her pussy.

When she looked at Velma, Daphne realized that she and Fred weren’t the only ones to cum. On top of that Daphne realized that not only did Velma have cum dripping from her ass hole, she also had milk dripping from her nipple. “Velma, you’re lactating already?”

“Yeah,” Velma said, pushing her tits up so she could lick the milk from her nipples. “Even girls who aren’t pregnant can lactate if they play with their breasts enough, and believe me, I’ve been playing with my tits a lot since they started growing. But this is the first time I actually got milk.”

“That’s going to make your pregnancy even harder to hide,” Shaggy said, giving Velma’s tits a quick squeeze so a few more drops oozed out of her nipples.

“Well, we knew it was only a matter of time,” Velma sighed. “I guess it’s time to tell my parents about the baby.”

“Time to tell our parents,” Daphne said, patting her own baby bulge, “all our parents. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d feel more comfortable if we told all our parents together.”

“Good idea, Daph,” Fred agreed, “strength in numbers. “When do we tell them?”

“Well Wednesday night is out,” Daphne mussed, “both our parents have that long standing party they go to on Wednesday.”

“That’s strange,” Shaggy said, “my parents go out every Wednesday too.”

“So do mine,” Velma said, “you don’t suppose they’re all going out together, do you?”

“Now that would be strange,” Daphne said with a rueful shake of her head. “I say we get together with our parents first thing when we get back home, that way we have less chance to chicken out when the time comes.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Velma agreed.

“Me too,” Fred said.

“I’m in,” Shaggy chuckled.

“But that’s for when we get back home,” Daphne said, “right now I can’t help but notice that Fred’s cock is still nice and hard in my ass. Anyone else feel like another round before we head for bed?”

“I’m still hard,” Shaggy agreed.

“And I’m still horny,” Velma finished. “Let’s do it.”

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