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By Blueheatt


__This started when we were little. My sister and I were only a year apart. We shared all secrets with each other, but sex ones were the most exciting. We excited each other with sex stories from other and older girls. This excitement turned to sexual arousement as we got older. We enjoyed telling these and making each other get all horny.

I’m Dawn, and my sister is Dana. We first heard new stories from our older brother Ron by listening to him talk to his buddies in his room. There were pipes going through our closet to his room in the old house. By opening our closet door, we could hear them. We heard things we had no idea what they were talking about….at first.

As we grew up Dana told me that Ron had grabbed her and felt her titties. I was envious and she showed me what it felt like. I wanted him to feel me, but nothing happened. We heard thru the pipes him talking about wanting to feel our naked tits, feel and lick our pussy’s and have sex with us. We both got real wet with him talking about having hot sex with his sisters.

One night I was asleep with my sister and I woke up to the bed moving. I was facing my sister and opened my eyes a little. My brother Ron was on top of her and he was moving up and down on her. He was having sex with her and yet nothing for me.

The next night Dana and I talked in bed she told me they had sex. This was the first major event in our sex lives. She described it in detail as I got real horny. As she talked I slipped my finger in my panties and rubbed my pussy. It was one hot story and she stopped . (“…are you fingering yourself Dawn?”) she asked. (“…I said yes. Your story is making me horny.”) She started doing the same. That was the start of us telling sex stories to each other and both fingering ourselves.

Today we’re in our 20’s and still do it. Phone sex our way to get hot and finger ourselves.

I’m divorced and she’s living with a guy. About once a week, more or less, we call and tell each other the latest sex events in our lives. As soon as she or I call we put our hands in our panties and get ready. We go in the bathroom, or someplace alone. We’ve become custom story tellers to each other. We know what makes us hot and go into detail about the real intense sex parts. We can tell by our breathing and reaction when we are about to orgasm, and really pour on the intense details.

We make certain sounds on the phone that let us know were getting ready to have awesome orgasms. When we call and say: “I’ve got one.”, we know to get ready for a hot sex story It means get your panties off, or go somewhere private even stop the car and park somewhere.

I had good hot one up for her that I knew she’d get real hot over. Sneaking and having sex with my ex-husband I told her. I knew she had always had the hots for him, and now I was fucking him again. She wanted him to have sex with her, but so far….they hadn’t hooked up.

She got all excited as I sexually teased her about the up and coming story. I stalled a few days to make her extra horny. She first called me and said, “Lets make a deal. You set me up with your ex, and I’ll…. (giggle) …you better hold on Dawn….

I’ll set you up with… Ron.”

She knew damn good and well I had always wanted to have sex with Ron. I said: “…Dana you got a deal!, but be careful, you know his wife hates us.”

Dana had been sneaking sex with Ron for long time. His wife was a real bitch and didn’t like Dana and I at all. Ron and Dana liked quick sex, sneaked and risky. A quick fuck in the back seat of his or her car, behind the grocery store or where ever they could sneak one in. I was so envious but we just never did hook up.

We picked a night and she got ready for my ex’s hot story. (I hyped it up….oh….just a little bit, just for fun.)

“Dana, Berry came over to get some papers and we talked about how good our sex life had always been and how we missed it. We decided it didn’t have to end and he came over and sat on the couch with me. We talked about you, and our new boyfriends and girlfriends. He now admitted that he like you Dana, and ’if’ you two ever got together, that would be hot. I heard her sigh as she was fingering herself.

Barry and I ended up kissing and we got ourselves all hot. He already knew how to turn me on good. He knew I went crazy when he licked my pussy and fingered my back hole as the same time. I knew how to make him cum in my mouth, which he loved. It was so hot to have a guy who already knew me and make me climax to damn good. He kept sucking on my clit, and fingering my pussy and back hold, all at once. As I moaned and started to climax, he let go shots of cum and filled my mouth. Oh my god Dana, Berry is so hot at sex, he’ll make you loose your mind.

“Damn you Dawn, your going to make me rub a blister on my clit!” We both giggled. It’s so cool to have a sister to have phone sex with and make ourselves so hot and turned on. “I’ll hook you up with Berry and then you can pay me back by telling me how it went, Dana.” She said: “I’m gonna have Ron fuck your brains out Dawn!”

I had some plans for Ron I would tell her about later. He liked quick fucks and risky?…Ok,…I’m going to make him cum in his pants just thinking about me before I’m done.

I called Ron up and said I need a ’private’ talk about mom and dad with him. He said to come by tonight. I parked in his driveway with my van. I went in and ’the bitch’ was watching TV. We went out in my van to talk private in the back. He said he talked to Dana about us hooking up for some hot sex sometime. I started my ploy.

“Oh she did, did she.” I pulled a shocked Ron on top of me. “You had all this time to get with me and you never did, but you had sex with Dana.” I put his hands on my bra-less tits as he looked all around to make sure no one was looking. I unzipped his pants. “Now you think you can just start feeling my tits, and trying to have sex with me?” I had his hardon out and my skirt up with no panties on. I rubbed it on my pussy as he nervously giggled. “What makes you think I want to have sex with you Ron?” I pushed his hardon in my pussy and began fucking him. He whispered: (“shhhhhhh Dawn! My wife is home and in the living room!!!”)

He liked risky sneak fucking….he was getting it now. (“…damn you Dawn, we’re going to get so busted!!!”) I had him now and he was so hyper from now fucking me and the risk, I pulled my next little trick. I slowly started pushing my finger just in his ass. He gasp and started fucking faster and deep. (“…oh my god Dawn, I my balls are going to explode!!….oh jezzzzzz.”)

He shot a load in me that shook the van. His ass puckered around my finger like a vice. More big blasts of cum shot in me and he tried not moan out. I worked my finger like I was fucking him in the ass. He squirmed and panted. He sucked my tits and moaned in them. It was like he couldn’t stop slow fucking me and moaning.

At last…I was having sex with him and it was beautiful. Sneaking it and risk was an added bonus.

I told my sister how it went, detail by detail. She got so horny she said: “Hook me up with Berry, I’m dieing over here!”

I got with Berry and told him everything I knew that turned my sister on. Ever little detail. Rubbing her clit while her was fucking her, massaging her G spot, licking her ass and her pussy back and forth. All things to drive her wild.

Dana called……

“Let me tell you about your ex-husband, sis…..You set me up with him and tried to make me go crazy, didn‘t you. I spent all night with that…that...animal! He seemed to know everything that makes me climax through the roof! Are you happy now Dawn?

(She could hear me giggling)…I’m still quivering inside from him. Well…. you can just find yourself another ex-husband!, because I’m keeping yours!”
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