I show my mother how beautiful I think she is
If you don’t like incest this isn’t the story for you.

My name is Cody, I'm 16 and live in England with my mother. My dad left my mother shortly after I was born. He moved to France with his new, younger girlfriend.

My mother used to be a glamour model when I was younger; she quit when I was 10 to pursue her career in Health-Care. She was 5ft7 and had huge natural breasts. She was a curvy woman with black curly hair.
She told me about her past one night when I was 16. She told me how appeared in lad’s mags and things like that. She told me that she would do a lot of topless work because, at the time, she didn’t have many qualifications, and that was her only way of making good money.

After we had that chat I began to look at my mother in a different way. She had always dressed in clothes that showed a lot of cleavage, but I hadn’t really looked at her in a sexual way until after she told me about her modelling career.

The day after we had the chat mam went to work. I knew she would be gone for a good few hours so I loaded my laptop up. I was on the Google homepage trying with all my will not to search her name.
“This isn’t right.” I said to myself.

I put my hand on my laptop and went to close it, but I began to think about my mother’s tits, how big they were, before I knew it I had the biggest erection I have ever had. I slowly pulled my hand of my laptop and put it on my dick. I wasted no more time and began typing my mother’s name into the search engine.
I could not believe my eyes, there she was on my screen topless; I felt so guilty, but I was so aroused. She hadn’t modelled for a few years, so there wasn’t a crazy amount of photos of her online. I only found 5 in total, and only 1 was topless.

I began stroking my cock; my eyes focused to my screen, I didn’t take long before I came; the sight of my mother’s breasts was too much for me to take. I forgot to get tissues, I came all over my bedroom floor.
My mother came home from work later that day. She cooked dinner and shouted for me to come down. We both sat at the table in the kitchen and ate. I couldn’t help but notice she had her tits on display again, I tried not to look, really I did, but they were too big for me not to look. I would stare down at them every 4 or 5 seconds, anymore and I think mam would have caught me.

“I'm going to take a bath baby.” Mam said.
“Okay.” I replied.

I followed her up the stairs and went to my room. Whilst we were walking up the stairs I could not stop staring at her ass. She was wearing skin-tight blue jeans and a low-cut top. I was hard. I made a quick escape to my room before she could notice.

My desire to see my mam’s breasts in the flesh was too much for me to take. I opened my bedroom door and looked towards the bathroom - I hit the jackpot! She had left the bathroom door open a tiny little bit.
I slowly walked over and looked in. because of the layout of our bathroom I could only see her legs in the bath. The shower curtain was blocking rest of her body. I could have waited for her to get out of the bath, but that would have been too risky.

I slowly made my way back to my room and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. 15 minutes later I heard her come out. I slowly stepped out of my room and walked over to my mother’s room. Again she had left the door open. I don’t know what it was, but clearly my mother didn’t like closing doors.

She laid on her bed for about 5 minutes before getting up. She took her towel off. I was in a state of shock, I could not believe my eyes. Her tits were right in-front of my eyes. She reached into her draw and grabbed a bottle of lotion, she rubbed it all over her breasts, then reached down and put some on her legs. I have never been this turned on before, I was desperate to pull my dick out of my pants and wank it, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t risk my mam hearing me. I knew I had to get out before she saw me.

“Cody” my mother shouted. I thought she had seen me watching her, I panicked. “Cody” she shouted again, this time it was more of a relaxed tone. Just as I got inside my bedroom she stepped out of hers and shouted “Cody, come and watch TV with me downstairs.” I knew if I said no she would ask all kinds of questions, so I said: “Okay mam; just give me a minute.”

I went down a few minutes later to find mam wearing a very revealing nightie. I sat on the sofa opposite mam. It wasn’t long until I began looking at her body. The way the light from the TV shined off it made it glow.
Suddenly a lust came over me. I walked over to her my mother and sat beside her. I crabbed the TV remote and turned the TV off. “What are you doing honey?” my mother said.

I looked her in her eyes and said: “you know dad was an idiot to let you go, you know that right?”
She replied: “where did that come from?”
“Look at you, you’re stunning.” I told her.
“I have never seen a more beautiful, sexier woman that you.” I added.
I could see that she was a little shocked at what I was saying.
“Aw thank you baby.” She said.

I have never felt more confident in all of my life. I leaned over and told her: “If you were my wife I would never let you go, dad is a fucking idiot.”

She began to tear up. “I mean it.” I said.
“I’m so proud of you, the way you have brought me up has been incredible.” I told her as I was looking into her eyes.
She started to cry even more.
“That means so much to me.” She said.
“Do you know how sexy you are?” I asked her.
“Shut up.” She said in a laughing tone.
“You are.” I told her.
“No I'm not.” She replied.
“Yes, you are. Your body is stunning.” I said.
“I’m too old for anyone to look at me anymore.” She said.
“What?” I said.
“You’re stunning. I bet loads of men look at you, you just don’t notice it.” I added.
“You think? Don’t you think I'm too old?” she asked me.
“Too old, you’re only 46; you’re a MIL.” I said before I stopped myself.
“A MIL?” She asked.
“It doesn’t matter.” I said.
“Go on, finish what you were going to say.” She said.
“I’m a what?” she added.
“A MILF.” I said.
“What’s a MILF?” she said.
“It’s nothing.” I told her.
“Just tell me, I’ll only go and look it up later.” She said.
“It stands for…MOM I’D LIKE to FUCK.” I said.

She had a shocked look on her face.
She looked into my eyes and said:
“You’d like to fuck me?”

I didn’t know what to say. But I was feeling more confident than I have ever felt. I looked into her eyes and said:
“Have you seen how beautiful you are? Of course I would. Dad is a fucking idiot for letting you go.”
“So you really do think I have a nice body?” she asked.
“Yes, you’re perfect.”

She stood up and began to rub herself over her nightie.
“What part of my body do you like the most son?” she asked.
“Your breasts are beautiful.” I replied.

Slowly she pulled her nightie down and exposed her breasts. She began to rub her nipples and moan.
“Are you sure you want your mother?” she asked.
“Yes.” I replied.
“Things will never be the same after this, you know that, don’t you?” she said.
“I don’t want them to be. I want to be with you.” I told her.
“Come and make love to your mother then.” She said.

I pulled her down on to the sofa and kissed her. I moved down her neck to her breasts bringing her nipple to my mouth. I slowly began to stroke up the inside of her leg, which was moist with perspiration, lifting up her nightie and slowly getting closer to her pussy. I rubbed her pussy over her panties. “Take them off” she moaned.

I put one hand either side of her hips and slowly pulled her knickers down. They were dark blue and made from lace. There it was, my mother’s beautiful bald pussy right in-front of me.
“Taste your mother.” She said.

Her bright pink lips were glistening with her juices. The smell was like no other. I put my mouth over and began licking. I felt her hands on the back of my head guide me where to lick. Suddenly her hips began to shake, she began to moan louder and louder… “Right there son, lick mommy.” She moaned in intense pleasure.

I licked as fast as I could, the taste of all her juices was all over my face, I could barely breathe.
“Make your mother cuuuuum.” She screamed.

Her hips began to buckle, she began to push my face into her pussy harder and harder. She started to grind her clit across my tongue. “I’m cummmmmming.” She screamed. A couple of seconds later she came all over my face. “Come here, left me taste it.” She said. She pulled me up towards her and started to lick her juices off my face.

“I have to have you inside me.” She said.
“Fuck your mother.” She added.

I lifted her nightie over her head so that she was completely naked. I slowly opened her legs and lined my dick up. I looked into her eyes and grabbed her neck, slowly pushing my dick into her pussy.
I was finally fucking my mother.

I looked into her eyes and began thrusting; he breathing began to get heavier and heavier. Her big tits started to bounce up and down. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

She grabbed my ass and pushed me into her faster. I started to thrust heavily.
“My own son is fucking me,” She moaned. Adding: “Fuck mommy good, make me cum again. Please make me cum again my beautiful son.”

I started to thrust with everything I had. My dick was slamming in and out of her pussy. Mother began digging her nails into my back. She was screaming in pleasure. I could feel she was cumming. Her legs began to collapse, her hips were all over the place.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I looked down at her and she said “Cum for mommy.” I pulled my cock out of her pussy put her hand on my cock and told her to wank it. It didn’t take long before a thick ribbon of cum shot across her body. Most of it went on her tits and stomach, a little part of it went on her mouth. I laid on top of her exhausted. I didn’t care that she had some of my cum on her mouth I pushed my tongue into her mouth.
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