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i got fucked in the ass by my younger foster brother
My name is Steven. I am currently 18. But at the time of my store I was ten. The men on both sides of my family have extra large cock bobbing between their legs. I use to live with my dad, before I went into foster care. Of course my father got me back. But my story tacks place in the small time I was in foster care. My father was a nudist. We were very close and he taught me about sex at age 8. I was used to seeing large cock all my life and often thought about scooping on up a sucking it deep down in my throat. When I was ten I was 5’4, 182 pounds, black hair, and blue eyes. My cock was 5 inches soft, and 12 inches hard. My ball sacks would hang lower and you could hear the hit off my soft dick when I walked. When I when into foster care, I was places in the home of a single foster mom, her name was Cathy. She stood a 6 foot tall, and was round 60 -64. She had a hearing aid, but never really used it unless she was watching TV. Many kids had been placed with Cathy. But only one other boy was placed with her when I was there. His name was Randy. Randy was 8. He was 5 foot tall, with black hair and brown eyes. Randy and shared a room. Cathie’s room downs the hall from ours, but you couldn’t really here anything from either.
One or two days after I got placed there, I was on the computer watching gay porn. Randy had gone on a play date with one of is friends. I had turned on son gay porn, and was jacking off. I was full dressed, with my cock sticking out of my sweat pants. Randy had came in all cool. When I saw the door, Open I exited out of the video and hid my cock. I looked and saw Randy.

‘Hay Randy back so soon.” I said calmly
“Yea, my friend John bit his sister, so he couldn’t play today.” He said as he went to his bed and laid down
“That sucks, but biting your sister is bad or something.” I said as I went to my bed, laid down, popped my legs up and crossed one over the other perking it in the air.
I started to rub my cock, through my paint as Randy started talking.
“What were you doing on the computer when I came in?”
“Um I was watching cat videos on the net. Why do you ask?
“No reason I’m just board.” He said standing up and stretching, then sitting down.
He went on” Steven can I ask you something?”
I said” Sure Randy, I want us to be like real brothers. Go ahead.”
He started “can I….. Can... I want to see you cock.”
My jaw dropped. I sat up and said” sure, but why?
He said “I looked up boys private parts online, and I found something I want to try, but I don’t want to say anything to my friends, because I saw what happens when boys ask boy to kiss them, not pretty. I can only imagine what will happen to someone ask to see anther boy’s meat stack.”
I gripped my pants and launched both them and my boxer to my ankles. Now Randy’s eye popped out of is head and is jaw dropped lower than mine.
“That’s a fucking huge cock.” He yelled it.
As he yelled I picked my pants up and covered myself, hoping Cathy would not see it.
Randy looked at me and said” Don’t bother she doesn’t care if we walk around naked. As long as our piss hits the bowl we’re good. She doesn’t care if I curse here, as long as it stays here. She did tell me to keep my cloths on until you settled in though.”
I said” she doesn’t care? What about fucking her, Does she care for that?”
Randy said ‘care for it, she wants it. When it’s just me and her she sucks my cock, and let me lick here pussy. It’s tight because never had kid. But she doesn’t let me fuck her pussy because, it’s only 6 inches hard, and I don’t have sperm to shoot out all over her.”
I dropped my pants again, the removed the rest of my clothes.
I asked “do you know what porn is?”
He said “I will as soon as you tell me.”
“Ok stripe down and I’ll show you and I’ll fuck you too if you want.” I said with a smile
He said “can I suck you manmeat?”
I replied “only if I can suck your”
He said “ok, but I also want to fuck you ass, but don’t even think about fucking my ass because, the answer is no. then he stripped down. I looked at his hard dick. It was about 6 inches long. It was cut and had no hairs. I loved the site of it. It stood straight out, with a little curve at the tip. He walked over butt naked. He knelt down and took my cock with his right hand and his with left hand. He started to jerks off. I brought up some gay porn, on the computer. I then felt Randy’s young mouth touch my still rock hard cock head.
I said “Don’t go passed what you can take, ok.”
He lifted his head and said” Are you sure; most guys would want me to gag it.”
I said “I’m not into gagging my year little 8 old brother, on my mass dick. That’s just sick and mean. If I had to gag the cock i was sucking, I would say fuck no and walked away.”
He said” that you, you’re a good brother.” Then he started sucking my rock hard dick again.
After about five minutes of him sucking, I lifted his head and said” sit on my lap and jack your cock, and I won’t fuck you in the ass. You were right I am way too big. I would cause you to bleed t death.”
He stood up and turned around, and sat on my lap. He said. “I feel your cock lying between my ass, it feels great. “ I leant forward and played the porn video. Randy started jerking off.
Without a second thought Cathy walked. She said, I going to work, you boys try and make sure you don’t download any of that Porn to the PC. Oh and Steven when your all done don’t forget to clean up you load.”
The she walked away and close the door.
Our eyes met as we looked at each other, we both bent in and kissed. But it was only on the lips. I felt as Randy picked up his jerking. He body moved back and forth as he watched the gay porn I choose. He was jacking my cock, still lying between is ass cheeks. He moved back and forth, and then I let out a small moan. I whispered in his ear “that feels great, but I’m about to blow, do you still want to fuck my boycunt?”
He bent forward and stopped the porno and looked at me and said” yes, I want to fuck your tight boycunt long and hard.”
He got up walked over to the middle of the room. I went over to him and got on my knees, then spread my legs wide apart, showing my ass hole. He knelt down and put his cock inside me. He pumped back forth careful to keep at least his head in me. It was really painful, at first but I got use to it. then I start pumping to. I would pull forward, at the same time he would pull all but his head out. Then I would push back, at the same time he would shove the rest of his cock in. he was going all the way to his hairless base. I heard our ball sacks clash together. I loved it, and want to let Randy to blow his hot load off in my mouth. But he had no sperm. After about 10 minutes I asked’ do you think you blow a wet load this time or no?”
He said “maybe, speaking of which I going to blow something.”
I said “hurry, I want to suck it off. Put it in my mouth.”
Without a word he ran over and shoved his cock in mouth. I willing took about 4 inches. I bobbed up and down, loving every second of it. Randy threw he head back, moaning. Then he put his hand around head, as I suck him. Then he lead me up and over to his bed. He stretched out on his back. I kept my head on cock and stretched out below his still sucking his manmeat. He lifted is left leg up, I took my tow fingers on my right hand and plunged them in too Randy’s tight little boycunt. I started fucking his ass fast and hard, he started moaning.
“yes, oh yes, oh yes Steven fuck my ass.” He said as he put two of his in with mine. That took him over the edge; he blew at least 20 loads of boyjoice in my mouth. I drank all off it, and loved it all. I felt the goo flow down my throat. Then he lifted me up, then he moved down and started fucking my cock.
I felt as he went up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, again and again and again. Every five or so minutes he came up for air. Then he started up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, again and again. After he came up for air the fourth time, he started jerking me off.
He said” why didn’t you come up for air?”
I said” because I was breathing threw my nose. And I loved the taste of your cock to much; I wasn’t really thing about as much as I was that assfucking you gave me.”
He went back to sucking my cock. Then I blew my load in his hot, wet mouth. I shot off at least 30 wades of hot, wet, gooey, yet runny, white salty-sweet sperm in him. But he couldn’t take all of it. I watched as streams flowed out his mouth, then down to his chest. I removed his head, and said
“You don’t have to swallow it all; you didn’t need to have taken any of it for that matter. But tell me did you like it?”
He said “Yes, I did. I loved every drop.”
He stood, went over to his dresser pulled out are and said “ Cave this and told me to use to use it when I shoot man loads all over myself.”
I watch as Randy wiped himself clean in a sexy way. I leant forward and slurped up his now lump cock. He got hard in my mouth. He put his hands on my head and helped me take all of his rock cock. I started jerking off. He blew his hot load within five minutes. I drank his entire load. He shot like 3 times, so it wasn’t big. I stood up and, he bent down on his knees started sucking my cock. He sucked me off I around ten minutes. I shoot of ten or so times and he drank it all against my advice.
He stood and said”I loved that, thank you Steven. Can we do this again?”
I said” Randy, we did a lot of things in the past hour and yes will do them again but, I will get in your ass when your older. Ok”
He held his ass and said” I look forward to it”
He turned around bent over and spread his ass. I bent don’t and started licking. I took a globe of cum that was hanging off my cock and spread it on his ass. He reaches one hand and said”here is some of mine.” I took the globe and spread it on his ass two. I mixed his sperm with mine. Them I moved the spread out globs right on his ass. I took one lifted it and moved it to his ass. I dipped it in and out of the center of his ass.
I then got in front of his and said” eat this for me you sexy cum lover.”
He titled he head back and opened wide I placed the globe of cum in his mouth and he swallowed. I went back to his ass . I dove in and scooped up the boyjoice that had just about dried. He said “ I can go any more are you hard or no.?”
I looked down and to my surprise I was not. I said” no, I’m not hard but I am warn out you want to go to bed bud.
He said “yea, I do. Will you sleep with me tonight? So if I get hard in my sleep I can just fuck your ass in my sleep?”
I said” sure, and don’t be afraid to blow you load in my boycunt.”
He got into his bed. I walked over and turned out h light and found my way to his bed. I got on to his bed a fell asleep.

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2013-09-23 00:23:04
Boy Boy Is Wrong And Nasty
Jesus Loves You

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2013-09-11 08:34:55
boy/boy is so fucking hot hot

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2013-09-11 08:17:40
it was ok it made me think of when my older cousin had me sucking his cock Iwas about 9 and he was 14 I think

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