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First, let me apologize for taking so long to revisit this story. I really struggled with certain aspects of it, and had to set it aside to finish the Chris and Christie series. After some time away, I think that I've come back with a better handle on the characters involved.

Last we left off, Allison has started acting in a very possessive way towards Mark, after several weeks of pretending to be an unwilling participant in their sexual acts.

Mark awakened the next morning to Allison’s mouth on his cock. He looked down at her in shock. She had never initiated sexual contact between the two of them previously; this was a whole new thing.
She looked up to see him staring down at her incredulously and gave she him a sultry stare as she pushed herself up on all fours and really started getting into it. She was naked and swinging her hips around in a slow circle while she pumped her arms up and down, swallowing his cock on each downstroke.
Holy shit. Mark thought. She is one sexy bitch.
He was mesmerized by the sight of her heart shaped ass tracing a hypnotic pattern through the air.
Allison grinned; she knew that she had him exactly where she wanted him. As he clenched his teeth and dropped his head back on his pillow, she let his cock drop free from her mouth, hopped off the bed, and sauntered out of the room.
What the fuck????? Mark thought in frustration. Then it dawned on him, Allison was back to her old tricks, trying to provoke him. He calmed himself down, trying to get his erection to go away, but he knew that it was no use.
He hopped up and pulled on some underwear before heading to the kitchen. Allison was there, stark naked, finishing her breakfast.
“What took you so long? Your food got cold.” She went to the counter and grabbed his plate, bringing it towards the table when she dropped it. The plate broke on the floor, leaving a mess of bacon and eggs splattered across the kitchen.
“Oopps.” She said with a mischievous smile. “And that was the last of the food. Looks like you go hungry.”
Mark stared at her impassively. “You better clean that up.”
“Why? It was your food.”
“Then it’ll stay there.” He replied, and went to the pantry, finding some Pop-Tarts.
Allison pouted at his back. He wasn’t playing along, this wasn’t fun.
As Mark busied himself at the pantry, he grinned to himself. Alison was going to have to do a lot better than that. At least she wasn’t trying to kiss him, or do any girlfriend-type stuff. That had seriously freaked him out. As he turned back around, he was treated to quite a sight: Allison was down on all floors, cleaning up the mess she had made with her ass saucily tilted towards him, displaying her pussy and her asshole. As she worked on the floor, she made sure to accentuate her movements so that he couldn’t help but be drawn to her.
Mark steeled himself and exited the kitchen, finishing his food.
Allison heard him leave, and gritted her teeth in frustration.
What the hell was he doing? She had left him with a huge boner, she could still see it when he came into the kitchen! She decided that some direct action was necessary.
When she finished cleaning up the mess, she headed to his bedroom. He was in the shower, with his work clothes laid out on the bed. She smiled and reached down between her legs and started playing with herself.

When Mark hopped out of the shower, he checked his watch. Running a little bit late, shit. He hurriedly finished brushing his teeth and headed out to his bedroom, where he grabbed his clothes and pulled them on before heading out the door. As he was driving to work, he noticed something odd.
What the hell was that smell? It was … him???? No, his shirt. He grabbed it and pulled it up towards his nose and took a deep whiff. What the hell? It smelled like … he could recognize Allison’s body lotion, and … pussy?
Holy shit. What did she do?????
He grabbed his phone and called her.
“Yes???” She was asking for it for sure, that little innocent tone, hinting at a bit of naughtiness.
“Allison, is there something wrong with our washing machine? My clothes smell funny.”
She giggled on the other end of the line. “Check your camera.” And she hung up.
Mark scrolled through his phone and pulled up his camera feature. Sure enough, there was a new video, shot that morning.
As Mark pressed play, he almost swerved into oncoming traffic.
On the screen was a bald pussy. A pair of fingers came into view, and began dipping into the pussy, spreading its’ juices all along the outer lips. Then a white shirt appeared on the screen, and was rubbed along the pussy. After about 30 seconds, the angle changed, and he could see Allison’s face on the screen.
“Think of me at work today.” She said, and blew a kiss at the screen.
Mark gritted his teeth and sped along the road, his mind racing.
As soon as he got to work, he raced into the employee’s entrance and checked in just in the nick of time. He was positive that everyone could smell what was on him, but no one seemed to notice anything. The only problem was, Mark could still smell it, and it was getting him aroused.
As he walked to his post, he surprised by Julia walking up behind him and wrapping her arms around him.
“Hey!” She exclaimed. “I wanted to say thanks for taking me out last night.” She told him. An odd look crossed her face, and Mark panicked. Oh shit, she can smell Allison.
“Yeah, I had a really good time, thanks for going out with me.”
She didn’t seem to be paying any attention to what he was saying, but was instead peering at him, her face locked in a mask of concentration.
“Hang on.” Mark said. He ran to one of the kiddie pools and whipped his shirt off, dipping it into the water and wringing it out. He returned to Julia, pulling the wet shirt back on.
“Sorry about that. My step sister sprayed me with her perfume on my way out the door, that smell has been driving me nuts.”
Julia smiled at him. “I thought you smelled a little different.” She eyed Mark’s lean body through the wet shirt. “So I guess we should have a wet t-shirt contest for the guys. A little equal opportunity eye candy, hmmm?” She raised an eyebrow at him, and Mark grinned. Maybe Julia really could offer him a way out of his mess with Allison.
“Want to do something after work?” He asked her.
“I’d like that.” She replied. “See you then.”
Mark spent the rest of the day with a grin on his face. So he had a date with Julia after work, then home to give Allison a good fucking. The best of both worlds.
Since it was the Fourth, the water park closed early and there was a fireworks show. Julia decided that she wanted to hang around and see it, and Mark was agreeable to that idea.
As the show wound down and everyone headed to the exits, Mark took Julia by the hand and led her to the staff locker rooms.
“So what are we doing in here?” She questioned him, leaning up against the door frame and folding her arms across her chest.
“I just need to grab my stuff. Did you want to grab something to eat?”
She grinned at him. “Oh, so you didn’t have any nasty intentions by bringing me in here?”
“Disappointed?” Mark countered.
She smiled and looked down as Mark walked towards her.
“Maybe.” She smiled demurely.
Mark looked her up and down. She was smaller than Allison, and where Allison was a blue eyed blonde, Julia was a Eurasian beauty, half-Thai, and half-Caucasian. Her Thai heritage could be seen in her facial features, dark complexion, and her tiny frame, which sported large boobs that were almost oversized for her small body.
He put his arm around her waist and pulled him towards her, bending down and planting a firm kiss on her lips. She moaned and melted into him, running her slender hands up and down his lean back. One of her hands dipped down to cup his ass, and she pulled him tightly against her, rocking her hips against his leg. His cock was trapped between their bodies, pressed against her stomach. There was no way she could miss his growing erection. She wiggled against him, causing his cock to twitch and she broke off their kiss, laughing.
“Now about that food you promised me.” She said, looking mischievously at him while she lightly ran her fingernails along his shorts, tracing the outline of his cock.
“Let’s go.” He said, and took her by the hand to his car. They went to a nearby Chili’s, and Julia smiled at him.
“I would have been satisfied with In-n-Out.” She told him.
“Hey, I’ll remember that for next time.” He told her.
Over dinner, the two of them relaxed and chatted about all sorts of things, but Mark couldn’t stop staring at her lips, dreaming about having them wrapped around his cock.
About halfway through dinner, his phone started buzzing.
Allison. He ignored it, but she kept texting and calling, until Julia finally looked down at his phone.
“Aren’t you going to get that?”
“Naw, it’s juts my step-sister. She’s being a pain in the ass.”
“Well maybe it’s an emergency.” Julia reasoned.
“Fat chance.” Mark replied, but he picked his phone up anyway.
“What’s up?” He asked, a little more harshly than he intended.
“When are you coming home? I made dinner.” Allison said.
“I’m having dinner with Julia right now.” Mark responded. “I’ll be home later.”
“But I made you dinner.” Allison repeated, sounding hurt.
“I didn’t ask you to do that, I’ll be home later.”
“When?” Allison asked.
“Later. Now leave me alone.” And he hung up on her, looking annoyed.
“That wasn’t very nice.” Julia said across the table.
Mark shook his head, irritated. Shit, Allison is really getting on my nerves.
“She’s just being a brat. She’s always like that.”
“Do you have a picture of her?” Julia asked.
Mark scrolled through his photos to one of Allison, and passed his phone across to her.
Julia’s eyes widened. “Wow, she’s gorgeous.” Something about the way she said it caught Mark’s attention. He took a closer look at Julia.
Her lips were slightly parted, and he could see her run her tongue across her teeth. Her cheeks were a little flushed, and her breathing seemed to have quickened.
Interesting …
He reached across the table and took his phone back.
“Easy girl. It almost looks like you’d rather be out with her than with me.”
Julia laughed. “Hey, I like hot girls.”
“Really?” Marks’ interest was piqued. “How much do you like them?”
Julia grinned. “It’s college, everyone experiments.”
Mark grinned wolfishly. Julia was a year older than him, and attended the local university from out of state. She had a luxury apartment off campus, and drove an expensive SUV. Mark had her down as a trust-fund princess, who would never have to work a day in her life, pursuing her Mrs. Degree in college.
It seemed that she was also pursuing a few other things.
Their conversation during dinner took on a more sexual bent, and by the end, Mark was straining to keep his erection from bursting through his shorts.
There was nothing overt about what Julia said, but her sly double entendres couldn’t be missed.
As they headed back to the water park to pick up her SUV, she turned to him.
“I think I left something in my locker, do you mind coming in with me to get it? I don’t like being out at night alone.”
Mark looked around. The parking lot was dark and deserted, definitely not a place that she should be by herself.
“Sure, no problem. Better safe than sorry.”
They unlocked the gate and headed back into the employee locker area. The female section was partitioned off from the men’s, but they both shared an expansive entry way. Mark waited just inside the door frame as she headed back deeper into the locker room. He waited for several minutes, and when she didn’t reappear, he wandered in after her, calling her name. As he neared the lockers, she answered him.
“Coming, took me a minute to find it in the dark.”
Mark leaned against the doorway, and she turned sideways to squeeze past him, pushing her ass up against his groin as she did so. He took advantage of the opportunity to wrap his hands around her waist and pull her in tight to his body, leaning down to kiss her neck. She sighed and tilted her head back, giving him more access, and he began tracing kisses down to the nape of her neck. His hand reached up to her large breasts, cupping and lifting them, as her hand worked its way back to his groin, and started massaging his cock through his shorts. After several minutes of this, he brought his hands down to her crotch and began rubbing his hands up and down there, pushing her ass back against his groin. She turned to face him and pulled his head down to hers to share a long kiss. When she leaned back, her eyes drifted down and she looked away.
“It’s getting late, we should be going.”
“Stay for just a little longer.” Mark pleaded with her.
She smiled demurely and protested. “I have to go …”
Mark leaned down and kissed her again while grinding his hips against hers. “Just a little while longer.”
She returned his kiss and was soon humping her hips up against him, her hands trailing down to his ass and pulling him tightly against her.
As Mark placed his hand on her ass, he decided to push things a little, and tried slipping his hand down the back of her shorts. Julia stiffened a bit, but soon started swaying her hips back and forth, while Mark enjoyed the warmth of her soft ass in the palm of his hand.
She eventually pushed him back away from her, and grabbed his wrist, pulling his hand out of her shorts and off of her ass.
“Okay, I really need to get going. Thanks for dinner. Can you walk me out?”
Mark adjusted his shorts, trying to hide his raging erection, but he soon gave up.
“Yeah, let’s go.” He muttered, and began walking out.
As they got to her Escalade, she turned to face him.
“Mark, I really like you, but what happened tonight can’t happen again. I hope you understand.”
“Of course.” Mark said, trying to act the gentleman, despite his desire to mount her right there in the parking lot.
She gave him a quick peck on the cheek and climbed into her SUV.
As soon as she pulled away, Mark was in his car and headed home. Allison was going to get a real good fucking tonight …

As Mark headed home, he took a look at his phone. Allison had called three more times, and sent several texts.
He called her back, and she answered on the first ring.
“Where have you been?!?!?” She demanded angrily.
“I told you, having dinner with Julia.”
“This entire time??? I’m not stupid Mark, you were fucking her, weren’t you?!?”
“That’s none of your business.”
Allison switched gears, her voice taking on a pleading tone. “Mom and dad are coming home tomorrow; I wanted to spend time with you.”
“And I’m on my way home right now.”
Allison switched gears on him once again, her voice changing to a snarl. “Be sure and wash that whore off of you first!” And she hung up.
Mark was troubled by her behavior. Allison was either the world’s best actress, or she was falling for him.
She could just be bat-shit crazy. He thought to himself as he pulled into the driveway.
Taped to the front door was a note that read: Your dinner is on the table.
Shit, I’m not hungry. Mark thought to himself. And she’s probably going to throw a fit if I don’t eat. Allison’s behavior was getting tiring. It was too difficult trying to sort out what was real, and what was staged for his benefit. Even under normal circumstances, Allison was a brat. He was tempted to just tell Allison that it was over, but how would she react? She could easily claim that he had been raping her, and that wasn’t a chance that Mark was willing to take. Plus, he had a raging boner that Julia had left him with, and Allison was the perfect solution.
He sighed and entered the doorway, heading for the kitchen. Finding it empty, he went to the dining room, and was greeted by quite a sight: their large dining room table was lit by a single bulb in the overhead lighting, which cast a soft glow on just the half of the table facing him. In that soft pool of warm light lay Allison. Her legs were encased in white stockings, and she wore white high heels, with nothing else. Her knees were pulled back and spread out to the sides of her body, exposing her glistening pussy, which she worked with both hands. One hand was rubbing her clit, while the other dipped in and out of her hole, her fingers coated with her juices.
Mark paused and took in the sight. Allison was a beautiful young woman, and to see her in this display of naked glory was enough to supercharge the libido of any red-blooded male. And quite a few females too. Mark thought as he briefly wondered what Julia would make of this spectacle.
He walked towards the table, and could see the rest of Allison’s body bathed in the soft light. Her C cup breasts spilled to the sides of her chest, her bright pink nipples jutting out from her silver-dollar sized areolas. She had done her hair in a fancy upswept design, and her body was lightly dusted with body glitter. She’d fit right in at any of the upscale men’s clubs. Mark thought to himself, briefly wondering if his step-sister had a future as a stripper.
He found himself thinking of her Senior Prom, and wondered if she had fucked her date. If she had, that kid was incredibly lucky. After being left high and dry by Julia, Mark’s cock was straining for release, but he knew that he had to play this cool, and make Allison work for it.
“I thought you said my dinner was on the table, Allison. I don’t see anything worth eating.”
She moaned in response. “You know you want it. You can’t resist it. Look.” She straightened her legs and placed her hands on the inside of her thighs, drawing them in towards her pussy before she spread her pussy lips wide open for him, showing him her hole. “All this is here for you, just waiting for you to fill it up.”
Mark ran his hands along Allison’s legs, making her shudder.
“Have you cleaned yourself up?” she asked him. “I don’t want any trace of that slut in the house.”
Mark grinned as he stepped forward between Allison’s legs. Her eyes were closed, and she had a blissful look on her face as she continued playing with herself while he traced his fingertips along her thighs.
He undid his shorts and let them fall to the floor before pushing himself balls deep into Allison’s pussy on his first stroke.
“I didn’t wash at all. She came all over me. Her cum is still on my cock, and now it’s inside you.”
As she moaned with satisfaction, Mark smiled and began taunting her.
“Shit Allison, after what she did to me tonight, why am I even wasting my time with you?” He stopped pumping and stood still, folding his arms across his chest.
“Prove to me that you’re worth it. Get me off, right now.”
Allison looked up at him, perplexed. “What? What do you mean?”
“I mean make me cum. Now. You have five minutes.” Mark looked at his watch and started the timer.
“Are you kidding me?” She asked. She was expecting him to come home and fuck her brains out, not to be made to do all the work.
“4 minutes, 50 seconds. If I don’t cum, then you don’t either.”
She started to back away from him to switch into a position that allowed her greater control, but he stopped her.
“From where you are right now.”
Allison’s eyes grew wide, and she began frantically bouncing her hips up towards him, while grabbing his ass in her hands, pulling him deep inside her. Mark enjoyed watching her breasts bounce wildly around as she pushed herself against him.
Allison’s face was locked in a grimace of concentration as she arched her hips up and down. This position was a difficult one for her, her legs were hanging off the end of the table and her ass was starting to get sore from pushing her hips up and down. Mark just stood there with his closed, his face impassive and his arms folded across his chest.
Allison didn’t know how hard he was working to keep from cumming. Julia had left him high and dry, so he was primed and ready from the time he walked in the door. The mere sight of Allison lying nude on the table had him leaking pre-cum.
The two of them were engaged in a battle of wills, Allison trying her hardest to make him cum, and Mark doing his absolute best to hold back.
Finally, his timer beeped, and Mark opened his eyes. Allison fell flat on the table, exhausted. Her hair was disheveled and her face was flushed from exhaustion. Sweat glistened on her chest, and her breasts heaved up and down in time with her ragged breathing. Mark shook his head in disappointment and looked down at her sadly.
“You couldn’t even make me cum. You had just one thing to do, and you couldn’t do that right.” He shook his head, sighing in resignation. “I don’t know why I waste my time with you, when Julia is so much hotter.”
Allison’s pushed herself up off the table, slapping Mark across the face. He stared at her in shock and disbelief.
“Fuck you, Mark!” She hissed at him, her eyes flashing with anger.
He stared at her for a moment before he wrapped both his hands around her neck, and began jackhammering into her pussy.
Allison shrieked, and then started groaning as Mark tightened his grip. When her face started turning red, he released her throat, and she collapsed back on the table. He placed his hands on the tops of her thighs, and started pulling her into his powerful thrusts. Her round breasts jiggled up and down, and her face had an expression of ecstasy. It wasn’t long before Mark could feel himself on the edge. He wasn’t worried about getting Allison pregnant, her mom had put her on birth control a couple of years earlier to help clear up her complexion, but he wanted something different tonight.
He pulled out of her and started working his hand up and down his shaft. Allison opened her eyes and looked up at him just as his first blast exploded out of his cock and hit her square in the face. Her expression was priceless, and Mark grinned to himself as his next bursts of semen landed on her tits and stomach.
“Clean yourself off, you look disgusting.” He said, and he turned and walked away.
He showered and climbed into bed, thinking about how much longer Julia was going to hold out on him. He figured that the famous “three date rule” wasn’t going to apply with her. As he was drifting off to sleep, he heard Allison’s voice.
“You were mean.”
He looked up to see her standing next to his bed, her arms folded across her chest and staring down at him.
“What?” He said blearily.
“You were mean tonight.” She repeated, and looked away. “I didn’t like it.”
Mark remained silent, unsure of what to say. Allison eventually filled the uncomfortable silence. “What you said hurt my feelings. Don’t do it again.” And she climbed into the bed with him, but stayed as far away from him as she physically could.
Mark was puzzled. She was okay with all the abuse he had given her so far, but something he had said hurt her feelings, and that wasn’t okay? He fell asleep more confused by her behavior than ever.

Mark awoke the next morning with Allison by his side. He rolled over and headed to the bathroom. As he finished emptying his bladder, he looked down to realize that he had a serious case of morning wood. He looked back out to his bed, where Allison was still sleeping. She was wearing a nightie that came down just below her ass, with a pair of panties that accentuated her delectable derriere.
Mark glanced down at his hard on.
Why not? He thought to himself. Their parents would be returning today, he didn’t know when he’d get a chance to fuck Allison again, and Julia was making him jump though hoops to get into her pants. He looked around the bathroom before settling on a jar of Vaseline. Not ideal, but it was the best he had. He scooped some out of the jar and ran it up and down his cock before walking out to the bed. He pulled Allison’s panties down, and pushed some of the Vaseline into her asshole. She stirred a little, and Mark climbed onto the bed behind her, placing the head of his cock at her sphincter.
He pushed forward, and his cockhead, aided by the greasy lubricant, popped right through. He rolled Allison onto her stomach, positioned himself on top of her, and began pumping in and out of her clenching asshole for all he was worth. It didn’t take long for her to awake.
“You sick fuck.” Allison moaned sleepily. “Raping your sister in her ass while she’s sleeping.”
“Step-sister.” Mark corrected. “And you can’t rape the willing.”
He secured her arms behind her head in a half-nelson, and buried his dick deep in her bowels.
“Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!!!” Allison was really getting worked over, and it had her little pussy boiling.
“Even if I hadn’t done this, you’d be climbing on top of me, wouldn’t you Allison?”
She shook her head no, but Mark knew the truth. He grabbed her by the hair and yanked her head back as she shrieked in pain and pleasure.
“Tell the truth Allison, you’d have climbed on top of me, wouldn’t you?”
Allison couldn’t take it and cried out. “Yes! Yes!”
“And why is that Allison? What would make you mount my cock?”
Allison remained silent, and Mark shoved a little deeper on his next stroke, making her cry out.
“Say it, Allison.”
“I’m a whore.” She moaned. Mark grinned to himself and started rolling his hips, planting his dick as deeply into her as he could, making her shriek every time he bottomed out in her ass.
“I’m a whore!! I’m a whore!! I’m a whore!! I’m a whore!!” She cried in time with his thrusts.
Mark enjoyed the feeling of control he had over Allison in this position, but it also limited his movement. He lay flat on Allison’s back, leaned his head next to hers, and concentrated on bouncing his hips up and down off of her ass cheeks. He was only able to pull back a few inches while still maintaining his hold, but he still thrust into her with everything he had.
She shrieked and moaned at the abuse he was dealing out to her tiny asshole, crying and whimpering as he savagely pounded into her.
After several minutes, he released his hold on her arms, placed his hands on either side of her head, and pushed himself up onto his arms. This position gave him a little more leverage, and he took full advantage of it, pulling back until just the head of his cock was still inside her, and then thrusting forward with all his might. After just a few of these strokes, Mark threw his head back and shouted, coating Allison’s colon with his jizz. Allison screamed loud enough to bring the house down around their ears as she felt Mark explode inside her ass. She could never actually feel him cum when he was in her pussy, but when he came in her ass, she could feel everything.
Mark fell over on his side, spent, and Allison curled up in a little ball before pushing herself up out of bed and limping to the doorway. She looked back at him, splayed out and exhausted.
“You could never fuck that whore the way that you fuck me. Don’t you ever say that I’m not hot.” And she walked out of the room.
Mark chuckled to himself and headed for the shower.
The rest of the day, Mark busied himself with cleaning the house, making sure to erase all traces of what he and Allison had been up to. No way was he letting her mom wash their sheets, God only knew what evidence they had left behind.
Allison finally reappeared as the sheets were in the dryer. She sat down gingerly with a thoughtful smile on her face.
“What time will they be back?”
“I’m not sure.” Mark replied. He reached into the freezer for an ice pack and passed it to her.
“Thank you.” She said, as she rolled a hip up and reached under her robe, placing the ice pack onto her abused anus.
She looked at him hopefully. “Do you think that we’ll have time …?”
He looked away. “I don’t want to take that chance.”
Allison had a pout on her face, so Mark sighed to himself and tried to reason with her.
“Allison, I don’t even want to think about what would happen if they found out about the two of us, especially not if they walked in on us. And as loud as you get, I don’t think we’d hear them getting home. Hell, a marching band could go through, and we’d never hear it.”
Allison still wasn’t satisfied, but she at least seemed to accept his answer.
“I’m going to go lay out.” She announced.
“Not in what you wore the other day.” Mark said. “Your mom would have a heart attack if she saw you in that.”
Allison smiled and headed to her room as Mark continued to clean up. After twenty minutes he was back in his room playing video games.
He texted Julia, thanking her for the previous night, making sure to keep his chances with her still alive, even if she was trying to avoid getting physical with him.
Not long after that, his phone rang. Julia.
“Hey, what’s up?”
“Nothing. I just wanted to say thanks again for dinner.”
“No problem. I was hoping to do it again soon. Maybe In-n-Out next time?” He suggested.
She laughed at that. “Yeah, I could for that. See you at work tomorrow.”
“See ya.” Mark said, and hung up.
So they had managed to avoid the awkward conversation about how their date had ended, that was a good sign. Maybe he had a chance of getting into her pants after all …
His phone beeped with a text from Julia.
You still aren’t going to get what you want.
Shit. Oh well, at least Allison was still available.
His phone rang again, this time from their parents. Mark spoke briefly with them, and headed outside.
At least Allison had not worn the child sized bikini from the other day. Instead, she was wearing a pair of Aviator sunglasses, and nothing else. The top half of her lounge was tilted up at a 45 degree angle, allowing her to catch the suns ray’s to maximum affect. It also allowed her breasts to hang at just the right angle to maximize their size. Mark grinned to himself as he walked towards her. As he stood in her sun, she shaded her face and cocked an eye at him.
“Your mom just called. They’ll be back in an hour.”
He dropped his shorts and straddled her chest.
“Get to sucking.” He said, his cock bobbing directly in front of her face. Allison had given up all pretense of being forced to participate in their sexual encounters; she merely opened her mouth wide and took him in as deep as she could. Mark placed his hands on the top of the lounge and steadied himself while Allison bobbed her head back and forth on his shaft. She placed her hands on his ass and started pulling herself as far as she could onto him. As his cock bounced against the back of her mouth, Allison tried to relax her throat muscles enough to take him in, but she was unable to do it. After several failed attempts, Mark smirked down at her.
“Julia was able to deep throat me on the first try.” He taunted her.
Allison slapped his ass with one of her hands as she pulled her mouth back off of his dick and glared up at him.
“Watch it.” She warned him.
Mark grabbed her face in his hands and forced her mouth open before stuffing his cock back into it and jabbing hard against her throat.
“Who gave you permission to speak, whore? Your mouth is only to be used for sucking my cock.”
He pushed her head back against the lounge, and began insistently pushing his dick as far into her mouth as he could. Allison began gagging, and was afraid that she was about to throw up when suddenly her epiglottis closed, and his dick was down her throat. He kept it there for several seconds, and when Allison started to choke, he pulled back out.
She looked up at him and smiled, then descended back down on his cock, taking him all the way in, her nose pushed into his pubic hair. She repeated this several times while Mark looked down, enjoying the visual it presented him, and it wasn’t long before Allison had him ready to cum. Without warning, he began sending streams of semen down her throat and into her stomach, grunting as Allison moaned. She let his dick slide free of her mouth and looked up at him with a pout.
“I didn’t get to cum.”
“Who cares?” Mark asked rhetorically as he climbed off of her and began pulling his shorts back up.
“MmmaaAAAaaarrrrrrrkk.” She whined at him as he turned to go inside. “You can’t leave me like this.”
He turned back and smirked at her. “Watch me.” And walked back inside.
“Asshole!!” Allison shouted at him as he laughed to himself. He knew he was playing a dangerous game with her, but he was determined to remain in control.

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2015-12-23 15:16:30
I chuckle at some of the comments here discussing if women get off on being raped. My ex is of the firm belief that every single woman who indulges in any sort of porn is being coerced by some deviant male or males. Public comments by Alisha Klass and Stoya among others that they enjoy their work, including anal sex, only elicits a response they they are obviously brainwashed idiots who can't think for themselves.
Obviously the truth must lie somewhere in the middle, with some women sitting at both of the very extreme but opposite ends of the line. Of course what makes it hard to comprehend is the changing feelings of the subjects, as shown by the varying reactions of Allison in this story.

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2015-01-22 18:50:01
Just finished reading part 2 and it's just as good as the first part keep up the good work. Thank you for posting these hot stories. Keep them coming.☑️


2013-10-14 01:54:24
I used to have a gf who enjoyed being taken, as part of some sexual fantasy or erotic memory from a past lover, so i get why your female character would enjoy it... But i am enjoying this back and forth power struggle - although if my step-sister had willingly climbed into bed with me, i doubt i would have had to force her to open her legs for me. Keep up the good storytelling :)

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2013-10-14 01:51:47
I used to have a gf who enjoyed being taken, as part of some sexual fantasy or erotic memory from a past lover, so i get why your female character would enjoy it... But i am enjoying this back and forth power struggle - altgough if my step would have willingly climbed into bed with me, i doubt i would have had to force her to open her legs for me. Keep up the good storytelling :)

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2013-09-26 21:01:49
There are many different school of writing the most popular is write what you like about another is write what you know. There a small school of thought write what scares the holy shit out of you. Even though Mark started out dark I think he beginning to see and feel that he did wrong but now is trapped. This series could be a redemption and or a continuing fall into the pit of darkness. So write it as you want to be. I have read the Chris and Christie series as well well for those tell you that romance can not come from rape as or return to the other style re-read it folks the C and C there was two and an almost 3rd one in it. mike Raped Christie, Christie raped Chris and Eddie and the frat boy could of raped Christie, would have in the real world since college rape of that sort is very unlikely to be reported or properly investigated by the authorities.

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