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love my pet
As I sit on the sofa having my tea my mind wanders back to the day steve walked out on me, for the girl in his office mind you he is no great lose anyway he had a small cock and was useless in bed. It was then that i realized i was watching Bruno licking his cock clean it was always bright red and not a bad size i found my self thinking . This wont do i said to myself it is no good feeling sorry for my self he´s been gone 6 months now and good ridden´s i say i must get on with my life.
I get up from the sofa and walk to the kitchen while bruno stays licking his his now much larger cock.

I grab the bag of pony oats and pour some into my bucket Toby must think i have forgotten him i say to my self i must take him some water.
I leave Bruno still licking his cock while i head towards the stable Having both hands full i open the door with my foot toby turns to look at me as i enter, sorry Toby i have not been looking after you as i walk up to him and put the buckets on the floor in front of him.
He lowers his head and starts to drink sorry i say i have not been down much but i will start to come down every day. While i chat to him i can see how dirty he is you need a brush and wash, wait here while i go and get your brush and off i walk.
Toby is covered with dust and dirt after about 40 minutes of brushing i decide to give him a wash as he has mud on the inside of his legs.
I wet the sponge and start washing his legs I did not realize how dirty he was and this is going to take longer that thought.
Within 5 minutes my back was aching i have to find a better way of doing this i say to me self so i look around for some something to sit on or to lean against. The saddle i can put it on the floor and lean against It.
I put a small bale of hay to sit on and get nice and comfortable as i look up i see just how dirty he is at the top sorry toby i have neglected you as i start to wash the tops of his legs.

As i shift forward to wash his balls i drop the sponge and just use my hands so i don´t hurt him.
After 5 minutes washing his balls i find myself starring at Toby´s cock he seems to like what im doing because his cock is growing and getting bigger all the time so i turn my attention to now.
His cock it is inches from my face i have never really looked at it before wow i say to my self it is nice as i start to wash it my hand starts to work it up and down with out thinking as i smile to myself nice cock.
At that point i hear bruno barking so i get off of the floor and walk out to see what all the noise is about.
Bruno running round in circles chasing a cat it is one that i have not seen before but he is having fun.
I go back inside and continue washing tobys cock it must full size now i am impressed Tobythis is the first time i have ever seen him hard and very nice to.
I pick up the bucket and the oats head back to the kitchen were i wash out the buckets and put the kettle on.
I dont know why but i find my self thinking about Toby big cock why is it the two males in my life both have big cocks yet Steve had a small one life is not fare. I make my coffee and walk into the living room and plonk myself onto the sofa and bruno cuddles up next to me.
You are not going to leave me are you Bruno i say to him as i rub his tummy i can feel his hairy tummy as i read the paper. With out realizing it bruno has rolled on to his back with his leges in the air waiting for what comes next in his mind.
It is not until i feel a hot sticky something on my hand that i turn to look at bruno when i see he has a hard on it must have been me rubbing him near his cock that made him horny i smiled to my self while thinking at least i can get you excited.
His cock must be about 7 inches and thick to i think to myself why did not Steve have a cock like you my friend i found myself drawn

to it as my hand worked its way towards it what did it feel like i asked my self as i touched it with my finger tip it was very warm to the touch and bright red as my hand enclosed around it i dont know why but i just wanted a cock in my hand.
I could feel the heat coming from it it is so hot not like a mans cock my hand started going up and down up and down bloody hell i say to myself i am giving my dog a wank as i big smile comes to my face well at least i have a nice size cock in my hand for the first in a very long time.
As i pump his cock up and down i see a small amount of nearly clear liquid oozing from the top of his cock i new it was not his
cum because the same thing happened with Steve he called it his love juice.
Steve,s was a sticky salty sweet taste but there was never a lot just one or to droplets and that was a shame because i did like the taste.
I moved a little close to get more comfortable so i could see his lovely cock more closely and with out thinking my finger picked up a droplet of his love juice and put it into my mouth wow it tasted better than Steve´s.
This is not as salty as my hand kept pumping i could feel his cock getting bigger it was now much longer and thicker it is a lovely looking cock i was now wondering what it would feel like inside my now wet pussy i did not realize how excited i was.
when bang he cum his load and it came out in spurts and there was loads of it a all over my hand and arm it was like condensed milk.
After i cleaned him and myself i looked at the clock and said come on Bruno bed time Bruno had been sleeping with me since Steve left it started because i did not want to be on my own now it´s just habit.
I stretched out on my bed and puffed up my pillows i decided to read for a little while, a few minutes later Bruno jumped onto the bed, i was laying on top of the bed because it was middle of summer and to hot to get into the bed so all i had on was a T shirt i

had been reading for 10 minutes when i realized i had Bruno´s cock in my hand again it was the heat it gave off that told me.
I put the book down to look at his now steaming cock it seemed bigger than before and his love juice was already dripping out i wanted a close look it fascinated me so i rolled on to my side
facing his cock while my hand worked much slower this time.

I could not help myself but i wanted to lick the end of his cock i was like a moth to a naked flame so i moved even closer until his cock was inches from my face i stuck out my tongue to remove a drop of his love juice mmmmm it did taste nice so i moved just a little closer so i would not have to stick my tongue out so far.
His cock was now next to my mouth i could feel the heat coming from his now very large cock and his juice was coming faster now so i opened my mouth and pushed out my tongue to collect his love juice but i must have brushed his cock with my tongue because with one jerk half his cock was in my mouth filling it with his juice.

It was not as bad as i thought it might be his cock was like a hot poker and he was now pumping his cock in and out of my mouth and i like the feeling of it going in and out with each frust it went deeper into my mouth i could feel it hit the back of my throat all the time giving me his love juice the more he gave me the more i liked the taste mmmmmmm this was nice.
I could feel the heat on my lips from his thrusting cock as he started to go faster and faster i had to steady his cock with my hand so he would not pull it out in his excitement.
I could feel his love juice coming much faster now because i had to swallow more quickly as it filled my mouth but after a couple of minutes the taste started change is he about to cum i asked my self the taste has changed just a little and it seems thicker do i want him to cum into my mouth his love juice is ok yes i want to taste him, it

has been a long time since i gave a good blow job so why stop now.
So i decided that he would cum in my mouth and the thought of it excited me so with my other hand i started to stroke my clit it to was wet and sticky with my love juice.
He is about to cum i said to my self so i held his cock just as his cum hit the back of my throat in sharp spurts just like it came out of a water pistol.
It was much thicker than his love juice it was creamy like condensed milk as he filled my mouth with each frust i had to keep swallowing to make room for more i did not realize just how much cum a dog has and i wanted it all as his thrusts slowed so did his spunk, spunk i like that word i think it is better that the work cum.
As i let his cock fall from my mouth his spunk burst out like a tap being turned on it covered my face and onto my lips.
With out thinking i licked my lips like you do when you have sugar on your lips from eating a doughnut as i took his spunk into my mouth with my tongue.
What have i just done i think my self as i rolled over onto my back i was looking at the ceiling i was still playing with my pussy it was dripping i had not realized how horny it had made me ,my pussy was dripping even steve had never made me this wet.
As i started playing with my clit i felt a rasping feeling on my pussy it was bruno returning the favor so i said fuck why not so i let him carry on i cum 5 or 6 times it was the best pussy licking i had ever had and with that we both fell asleep.
As i woke up i could see the sun shinning through the curtains and bruno was not on the bed that was the best nights sleep i have had in months it must have been the pussy licking Bruno gave me last night.
As i got out of bed i looked at the clock bloody hell it is 10. Oclock i have never slept that late before so i quickly showered and got dressed and went down stairs just shorts and a T shirt its going to

be another hot day.
Bruno was already sitting on the sofa when i got down stairs but he jumped of and came to great me wagging his tail i smiled to my self.
Ok Bruno i know you are happy to see me but i need my coffee first as i rubbed his ears.

I washed the cup after my coffee and picked up me two buckets filled one with water and the other half full of oats and went off to see Toby.
As i walked in i could see he was happy to see me he could smell the water he must be thirsty because it is hot and dusty as soon as i put the water down his head was in it.
I cupped my hand to get some water and splash his back to cool him down a little it was then i noticed the saddle and the hay was still on the floor were i washed his cock yesterday and his lovely cock came rushing in to my mind.
So i waited until he finished drinking picked up the bucket and put it next to me while i made my self comfy under him, with my hands now very wet i start on his cock it did not take long for it to start to grow i was fascinated by the colors along his shaft pink black white nothing like Bruno´s his was bright red.
As i stroked his now large cock it was getting bigger with each stroke until it was right in front of my face mmmmmmmmmm it did look nice i said to my self.
Just then i could see a clear liquid start to drip from his cock i pushed my face closer and pushed out my tongue to taste it.
It is falling faster now onto my tongue like a slow tap i am surprised how nice it is it is not as sticky as Brunos but with a touch more salt but not unpleasant.
I start to lick his cock head taking in the clear liquid it must be his love juice i say to myself.
It is now getting faster i do not want to lose any so i open my

mouth, i can just open it wide enough to get his cock into my mouth but it is a tight fit.
His cock is not as hot as Bruno,s but it still feels nice cool to the touch.
I have to swallow faster and faster to keep up with the flow of his juice the more i swallow the better the taste, it is salty but sweet at the same time i must have swallowed two or three cup fulls.
And it kept on coming, but i must be carful to remove his cock before he cums i must try and cense it just before he cums.
I can feel Bruno trying to fuck my leg so with one had holding Tobys cock in my mouth trying to swallow as fast as i can i try to
push Bruno off of my leg i cannot speak because my mouth is full of cock.
I grab Brunos collar to try and pull him off my leg but that is when it happened Toby cum his lot into my mouth it was like being force fed a pint of milk it came bursting into my mouth i was forced to swallow or chock and it kept on filling my mouth and forced out my cheeks but i swallowed most of it.
I could not swallow it fast enough it kept filling my mouth i pulled his cock out of my mouth as his cock kept pumping his spunk all over my face i did not realize how much a horse would cum it was across between single cream and milk with a little bit of salt added not an unpleasant taste.

I swallowed the last drops that i had in my mouth his spunk was all over my face and T shirt i looked down at my shorts to see how wet i was i was so bloody horny i wanted to fuck Toby there and then but i needed a shower.

As i got up from the floor i could hear some one shouting my name shit i said it is jean i grabbed a blanket and started to rub my self down i could hear her foot steps getting closer i better meet her otherwise she will see Tobys spunk all over floor so i put the

blanket over my shoulder to cover my very wet T shirt and walked out the door to greet her hi sam she said.
Hello Jean i reply what are you doing here, well i was in the area so i thought i would stop and have a cup of coffee with you.
I walked up to her to greet her with a kiss i could see she had a strange look on her face as i stood next to her, what this white stuff
on your face she asked bloody hell i still had Tobys spunk on my face its cream i answer i was just eating a cream cake when bruno jumped up at me and pushed it into my face.
As she scooped some of with her finger its a runny cream as she pushed it into her mouth wow thats different she said as a big smile came to my face, come on lets go in and i will make some coffee.

Come on Bruno i call as he comes running up the path , as we walk into the living room sit your self down while i put the kettle on and get changed.
In the kitchen i shout tea or coffee ,coffee comes the reply ok i shout back as i walk back into the living room i see that Bruno has settled him self on the sofa next to jean while he starts licking his cock.
As i walk through i see Jean watching Bruno licking his now bigger cock wont be long i say as i run up the stairs. I quickly change my shorts and T shirt and run a wet flannel over my face with the picture of jean sucking Toby´s spunk from her finger.

5 minutes later i am at the bottom of the stairs watching Jean while she is watching Bruno lick he cock i say to my self i am sure there was a bigger gap between them she must have got closer to get a better look of his cock.
As i step into the living room she quickly looks up with a slight blush to her cheeks he has i nice cock dose´nt he i say as i walk past she looks at me with a smile i did not realize that dogs had such a big cock but why dose he keep licking it, well he cant use a

face flannel to wash it so unless i wash it for him he has to wash it him self.
Sorry the coffee will be another 5 minutes i will have to grind some more coffee as i walk to the door i see her hand start to move towards his now very large cock.
I quickly move back into the kitchen 5 minutes ok yes comes the
reply, push him onto the floor if he wont stop licking his cock, no he is fine comes the reply.

I slowly move to the crack between the door and the frame to watch Jean, Bruno stops licking for a moment to watch her finger move towards his now bright red cock.
Very softly Jean runs her finger down his shaft then up again she glances at the kitchen to listen for me so i move to the sink to make some noise and say few minutes yet dont hurry comes the reply i am ok here a smile spreads across my face.
I decide to have some fun with Jean dont worry if it looks like he is having a pee it wont be some times if he licks his cock for a long time his a juice trickles out that is his love juice.
Well that is what Steve called his clear sweet liquid which would seep out his cock if i played with it a few minutes before he cum.
I never new that, well i have never had a dog i don´t know much about pets she says, i move back to the sink to make more noise then back to the door i can feel myself getting wet just watching her stroke his cock.
I am starting to get very horny watching her finger go up and down then it is finger and thumb i can,t believe what i am seeing straight lased Jean wanking my dog.
Her hand starts to move faster she shouts out are you ok in there wondering were i am i run to the back of the kitchen to answer then back to the door just as Jean puts her finger into her mouth cheeky cow i think to myself she is sucking his love juice.
I shout i am coming now would you like some sugar ok comes the

reply as i walk to put the coffee on the table i look a Bruno cock it is bright scarlet i have never seen it that color before and it is huge wow i say he must like you to have a hard on like that.
Yes i must admit he dose have a very nice cock she says, and we settle down to chat.
The real reason i popped by was to ask you if you wanted to spend the afternoon with me walking around the the large car boot sale over at Oxhey
There is alway loads of stuff there while Jean was talking i noticed Jean was rubbing Bruno tummy.
I was watching her hand move around and around but then very
gently her hand would brush against his cock.
I decided is is time to have some fun with jean i said to myself so i looked at Jean and said i am wondering wether he has some dirt under his forskin that he cant get out.
That is why it is so red and he keeps licking it to try and get rid of it it looks quite sore.
Jean looks down at his lovely large cock we better take him to the vet then she say,s i will come with you, no it is ok the vet showed me how to do it rather than keep taking him back there i will do it when you have gone.
No its ok you can do it now he must be in pain, ok i will just get some luke warm water And some cotton buds, yes it must be uncomfortable for him i say as i walk to the kitchen with a grin on my face.
Is there anything i can do to help Jean asks mmmmm thats what i wanted to hear yes please it is always better with an extra pair of hands Steve would never help me i think it was because Bruno has a much bigger cock than him we both laughed.
I will just put this towel under him and if you can wet your hands and hold his cock for me to keep it cool while i use a cotton bud under his foreskin.
You want me to hold his cock i have never had a dogs cock in my

hand before wont i hurt it no just think of it as a mans cock you had had a few of those in your hand and we both laughed Wow Sam his cock is hot.
Yes keep wetting your hand then to keep his cock nice and cool while i use the cotton bud.
I was watching Jean when she said can i neal on the floor and do this it hurts back twisting like this, sure but you must be gentil with him, i will came the answer this will be better that i thought.
Keep his cock cool keep wetting it for me hold his sock with one hand and drip water over the top of his cock with the please it should was out any grit.
I start to move his foreskin up and down very slowly try blowing on it i tell her so she moves her face closer i can see the hint of a smile on her face.

I start to move his foreskin up i must wank him slowly so Jean dose not notice and hold a cotton bud in my other hand up and down after a few minutes wanking his love juice is now spurting out faster and faster it is nearly time for him to cum his load.
I can feel his balls start move this means it will not be long before he cums, Jean if i pull his foreskin out just a little will you look
down to see if there is some thing there yes of course ok now she pushes her face with in inches of his cock no i cant see any thing
she says.
Right i will have to try to make him cum just at the right moment plane B i could see Jean watching his love juice starting to come faster he is going to cum any second now.
Jean can you look one more time as i use this cotton bud with some water it might wash it out yes of course her face was right above his cock all it took was the cool water over his balls for him to cum his load straight up into the air like a water fountain straight into her face and as she opened her mouth to scream init went like some one had turned a tap on, there was a gurgling sound coming from

her mouth before she swallowed.
As it spurted 6 inches into the air and onto her lips as she pulled her face away, wow sorry are you all right i said as i started to laugh she looked at me what are you laughing at i said.
You do look funny with all Bruno`s spunk all over your face yes and in my mouth she replied as she started to lick her lips it looks like you have a tin of condensed milk all over your face.
This worked out a lot better than i had hopped it had made me so horny i could feel my pussy juice running down my leg.
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